Best Portable Water Filters

Would you like to get a lucrative water filter for your hiking, outdoor adventure camping or hunting? We have compared and tested various water filters systems with expensive review and came across the top appliances for commercial and personal use.

At the time of traveling, backpacking, camping and hunting the portable water filter is a must to get clean drinking water.

For most outdoor knowledge, clean water is not very easy to get, or it is difficult to carry necessary amount of water you needed. The company may be understood the problems, and for this reason, they have made different portable water purification system.

The company has fantastic and versatile alternatives for you. They give buying details with the effectiveness of various systems and precautions to treat water. Purification is a must as it aids you to ensure pure drinking water got in nature. Water carries impurities which are very harmful to health complications as ingested.

If you like to buy a purifier, you have lots of things to consider for the backward country. Below there are four that are very important to consider.

Best Portable Water Filters 2018 – Comparison Chart


Weight and size are important factors to consider. What is the way to fit the filter for the pack? Would it weight down? If you are supposed an ultra light backpacker, you have to sacrifice the motion of purifying instead of weight. If you are a traditional hiker, you should be aware of the weight of your purifier and how many spaces will it get up of your backpack.


How much time does the filter take to purify water? It is an important question as you should know how long time does it take to purify one gallon or a liter or an ounce of water will take? Most of the water filter can purify 0.85 liters of water per minute. The heavier filter can do more than that.

Removal Abilities

What is the job of a purifier? What type of stomach turning, nasty bugs can it eliminate? The salt of the water filter can handle protozoa, bacteria including cryptosporidium and giardia. Some very expensive models have the power to remove viruses, though this is not very common.


Believe it or not, that is up to you. There are lots of types of water pure fryers in the market now. The naturally found type is pumped action model, but lots of backpackers like to buy SteriPENs. It uses the ultraviolet light ray to decontaminate gallons of water.

Still are there some factors to consider before buying? You need to consider the price of the unit. The amount of exertion is necessary to pump water.

Are there more factors to consider before buying?

If you give more attention to the four factors, we have confidence that you will be able to purchase the best water filtering system. You have to consider all these to have your style and need.

What types of water filter or purifier do I require?

What types of water filter or purifier do I require

There are three major categories of contaminants, and we need to discuss more these:


Arsenic, Lead, chlorine, and iodine come to mind. These things are common in tap water than river water. If you like to travel abroad, you need something that can help in such case. Dust and dirt are common things in the water.

Every filter will do that well no doubt. I am not sure filtration system will reduce all chemicals. But carbon filtration is the common things to handle these, and it is very helpful.

Bacterial (and bacterially-sized things)

Bacteria are very common biological contaminants, the most important things to filter when you are traveling another country or hiking on your own.

These things are microorganisms out, and they can cause illness. If a filter could handle bacteria, it can handle other contaminants as well.


The virus which is the smallest organisms in the earth bypass through most filters. Viruses are very rare and only found in rural environments in the developing countries. You need not viral filtrations if you are hiking to Western Europe or North America. Still, if you can do it, this is an excellent idea.

You would like to buy something that can handle the mentioned three things. From my knowledge, I think these are the best water purifier on the market today. There are some cheap alternatives in the market, but they would not work well like these.

Criteria for Evaluation

Suppose, you are evaluating the different treatments. The most crucial features you need to consider is the effectiveness or reliability. The reason is if the system does not work, it is useless to carry it.

Different treatments used for various hazards. It is important to the system will be treated for. The next important feature you need to consider is the weight of the filter. If you like to travel a backcountry, lightweight or compact design is fit for you. You can not bring heavyweight with you.

We should also consider how much time the filter needs to drink water. This is the place where we see the great differences between methods. We have to evaluate how well the system can purify large quantity of water. Hikers or groups need a lot of water at the base camp, and they can choose the best method.

Ease of Use

We measure the using system and how intuitive the system is and how many steps are needed to set up and treat water. We also consider the frequency and the complication of the backflushing process. The chemical system does not need any maintenance normally need to add water.

The Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration Bottle is considered the easiest backpacking water filtration system. Just fill up your bottle then drink. LifeStraw and Sawyer Mini is the same type of straw filter.

This can help you to drink water directly from creek or stream water. Or you may collect it to the bottle and then drink it with the straw filter. The Platypus Gravity Works is the runner-up for easy use.

The way of filling up the bag with dirty water, attaching with the hood, and waiting for the filter is very painless. It has three second back process which involves inverting the clean bag over the dirty bag for a moment, no complicated disassembly. Same as the MSR AutoFlow is easy to use gravity filter.

The Pocket, the mini works, the Hyper flow are losing points for difficult maintenance routines. The MSR Hyper flow is easy to pump water, has complicated backflush system which involves small valves.

Users need a black flush of the MSR after eight liters that are very often. The Pocket and the Miniworks are intuitive- normally open up and scrape clean the ceramic filter- but the system that also requires being finished fairly, may be a pain.

Just press a single button. When you finish it, the scene smiles at you. The main drawback is you need to replace batteries frequently and needed to be monitored again and again.


Best Portable Water Filters Reviews 2018


SteriPEN Ultra Handheld UV Water Purifier

 SteriPEN Ultra Handheld UV Water Purifier

This is very important to know that SteriPEN only kills the microorganisms with UV light in the water. But this can not remove them from the water.

They are saving, but you will drink with it. Meaning that it can not remove metals, chemicals, particles, and some other things.

It is possible to combine all these things in carbon filter bottles, which can remove only particles and some chemicals. Therefore, combine them at the same time give an advanced complete system.

You should use clean water as the UV rays will get blocked by the sediments. Normally do not like to use it for muddy water.

You need not use any filter for muddy water, but some other filters will clean it. This may damage the lifespan of the filters, but drinking muddy water with using SteriPEN may damage your lifespan.

The SteriPEN that its battery has long life duration and can clean 100 liters with 4 AA lithium batteries that are cheaper with rechargeable.

Feature of SteriPEN Ultra Handheld UV Water Purifier

  • UV light can destroy the ability to reproduce germs that may make you sick. The SteriPEN can destroy 99.9% viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.
  • You will be able to know everything from the simple OLED display- lamp, treatment, and status of battery: USB rechargeable from a solar panel, computer, and wall.
  • Water Quality Association: SteriPEN has tested and given certified by WQA against US EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Standard


  • If you like to purify water, press a switch and softly disturb water with a rapid stir
  • Low power indicators permit you to learn when the battery requires recharging; if changed you may treat 50L
  • Little size container- applied it to cups, water bottles, mugs, and canteens


  • Worked great without the charger cover, and not possible to pull back on although this is a not a great deal


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Eco Vessel Insulated Portable Water Filtration Bottle

Eco Vessel Insulated Portable Water Filtration Bottle

The Aqua Container Insulated Filter Bottle is a kind of bottle that keeps water cold and filters it as you drink it. This type of sustainable plant-based filter attaches to the straw top. So in every sip, you will get clean water to your mouth.

It can remove 99.9 % of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and the activated coconut shell carbon removes sediment, dirt, and chlorine. Mira Guard antimicrobial technology keeps the filter free from mold or keeps the filter clean.

It does not matter if you like to use tap water and river water for drinking. You will get fresh water at last. The Eco Vessel uses highest quality and premium without steel to produce our bottles.

So, the vacuum seal insulation technology confirms that water will remain cold and no sweat over the bottle. The top straw above makes easy drinking if you go on the golf course and the trails, at the gym or around town. It finishes tight to save leaks and spills.

Features of Eco Vessel Insulated Portable Water Filtration Bottle

  • Features great performance insulation and filtration
  • Built to perform in any climate
  • No hassle drinking
  • You can choose the BPA-free bottle
  • Handy and simple to carry


  • Super product
  • The water bottle is price friendly
  • Keeps water cold for a long time inside the heat.


  • None

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Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is the thinnest and the second generation most versatile filtration system for Sawyer. The weight of the system is only two ounces, and you may keep it on your hand palm.

The size is compact. It can filter water like the Sawyer PointOne filter. The Sawyer Mini is perfect filtration system for the kids while they go abroad for traveling where there is no trusted tap or bottled water.

The filter can remove seven logs of bacteria and other harmful bacteria that cause Cholera as well as E. coli and six logs of protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

The removal rates are more or sometimes equal to other filters. EPA removes ten times more Protozoa than the Sawyer Point One Filter in the water.

Add the Mini to the drinking pouch, add straw to drink directly from the source of water, connect it with the hydration pack tubing, or screw it with the standard disposable bottles.

Features of Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

  • Portable and Small.
  • The price is more. The fundamental price is not more.
  • Very lightweight. It does not take on long treks. People who like to carry it for a long distance many consider every ounce.
  • Lights are long lasting and multiply the many price folds


  • Low weight and portability, tiny size
  • Comparatively cheap to purchase and preserve handy in car and backpacks etc.
  • Excellent for short tours and emergency period
  • Super for rapid sips since you live in an area with more water sources and would not like to carry a lot
  • Fine inline on a platypus or CamelBak for long travel since you like to wash easily or disinfect the bladder next time
  • Simple to drink from a usual water bottle or soda bottle having dirty water fully.


  • Utilizing a usual bottle to move, may not work well either. You may just destruct the bottle.
  • Have an unscrew or screw the filter just now at water’s edge and attempt not to fall it or give a chance to go to the lake or river

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Platypus GravityWorks Filter System

Platypus GravityWorks Filter System

The Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter is a kind of kit that has all the components of gravity-based water filter system. There is housing, water filter, a handy house shut off valve, four-liter platypus hydration reservoirs to hold dirty pre-filter water, along with clean post filtered water.

If you buy it, you will get all the necessary components to it. The gravity-based filter works by using gravity force dirty, unfiltered water by a passive water filter to a clean water container.

Water bubble may be seen between the reservoirs and the hose, may cripple the flow rate. If you like to filter a lot of salty water, the filter needs backflushing. Take much care otherwise clean parts, and dirty water may cross contaminate.

Gravity filter system is a good filtering system. If you want to filter a large amount of water at one time and would not like to pump it through a filter. You have to wait for sometimes to kill the microscopic bad stuff of water.

If I mean large it is six liters for two people or 24 liters for eight-person scout troop; you can be sure that everyone will get pure drinking water. For myself, I like to use three liters as I set up camp for breakfast and dinner.

Features of Platypus GravityWorks Filter System

  • Weighs just 10.75 oz. (305 g)
  • Quick filters four liters in 2.5 minutes
  • Proprietary Platy zip reserve water even in a challenging situation
  • Backflushes maintain performance well without additional tools or parts


  • Normal to use and very rapidly filters water
  • Not very light since the Sawyer Squeeze filter though Platypus system does work easier
  • The power is wonderful for groups as compared with 2-liter version.


  • Not at all

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MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter

MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter

This is a lightweight system. It can filter 1.5 liters of water per minute with fewer attempts and requires no pumping. Just fill and lift up the reservoir and the polymer and the gravity fibers in the filter remove 99.99% protozoa and bacteria.

The fibers are more brittle than the other types of fibers. The cartridge is kept in a protective rubber shell, drop tested to 7 feet, carry a spare cartridge for long trips, and it will be light small and relatively less expensive.

Features of MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter

  • The 4L collapsible reservoir is designed from polyurethane-coated Cordura
  • Features a clear viewing port graduated to 4L and a roll-top closure
  • Hoses are silicon.
  • Hollow fiber uses Polymer fibers to make a high surface area filtered which can flow water through 0.2 microns.
  • Nominal 1500L filter confirms clear water; reduce its useful life to 1000 to 1200L.


  • This is a super unit for backpacking
  • Within a matter of minutes, you will get 4 liters of pure water
  • Very easy and great tasting water.


  • No

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Portable Water Filter Filtration Straw Purifier Survival Gear, Etekcity

Portable Water Filter Filtration Straw Purifier Survival Gear, Etekcity

This handy mobile straw can securely filter to 1500 gallons of water using three filter stages, eliminating damaging contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metal beams, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, natural, and insect pollutants.

In the case of an emergency or some other natural disaster, maintain the Etekcity Personal Water Purifier available to get instant access to secure, drinkable water.

There is no water set or water storage required. Just immerse the straw into a single body of water that is fresh and have a sip!


  • Reputable accessories
  • Filter longer
  • Preparedness


  • Mobile, lightweight – good for backpacking.
  • 3 Phase filtration makes water resistant.
  • Can fill containers to carry with you instead of needing to drink straight from a water resource.


  • None up to now will update if I encounter any.

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Katadyn Vario Water Filter 

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

The Vario Double Technology Filter combines human efficacy with the most natural possible handling. The technology contains three filter amounts: a high-energy glass fiber filter, a ceramic pre-filter which may be adjusted separately by the cloudiness of the water, also active charcoal to removing odors. Replaceable carbon core reduces compounds, pesticides, and poor taste.


  • Double pumping modes
  • Removes particles
  • Acceptable for backpacking
  • A natural turn participates a ceramic pre-filter for a long lifetime in filthy water or even a pleated glass fiber filter from ordinary conditions


  • It may pump quickly and with just patient work. The bidirectional pump actions can move the water, mainly if you have it set up to skip the ceramic disc.
  • The charcoal piece eliminates most disagreeable flavors. Mind you, even if the water smells dreadful, to begin with, you are restricted with everything the charcoal may perform.
  • Fantastic directions, packaging, adequate transport bag, a tiny tube of silicone lubricant is a great touch from a respectable firm.


  • It may refuse to Begin pumping.

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Water Filter Straw with .1 Micron Purifier for Camping & Hiking

Water Filter Straw with .1 Micron Purifier for Camping & Hiking

The Water Filter Straw is a 7 inches mobile water filter straw that’s intended to transform dirty or polluted water to clean drinkable water for camping, traveling, and survival.

Water can flow through the base of the filter and then in the hollow fiber films. From there it travels through the coconut activated carbon and to the mouthpiece – leaving you chemical and BPA free, flavorful tasting water.

Among the advantages of this filter is that you don’t need to put your mind in the water to utilize it. The straw was altered so it could connect to some 28mm water bottle.

At this time, you can accumulate raw water on the move, and join your straw to it once you are ready to consume. Though this filter straw was supposed to purify water, it is considerably more sophisticated than those filters intended for tap water.


  • Removes Contaminants and Dirt from rivers, Ponds, Lakes, creeks, mud puddles, and third world tap water
  • This filter may float right onto to some standard 28mm water jar
  • Your straw includes a carabiner, signaling mirror, tourniquet/expansion tube, keep whistle, and compass


  • We have gone from a 9 inches straw to some 7.5 inches layouts for easier movability.
  • A mirror is located within the top that may be used for indicating.


  • None

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Water Filters

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Water Filters

Number of people

At the time of choosing the water filter, you have to consider the number of people who desire to use water. For large people, a big or heavy filtration is needed while for few people a simple filtration is a must.

Lead-free elements

Lead is considered common metal contaminant. It is tasteless and odorless. It can contaminate water as it is rusted and old. If you consider the health issue, you need to avoid it. The reason is that it has adverse effects.


At the time of buying the treatment system, you need to consider the weight of the system. It is an important thing. It is up to the need for the different uses. For different uses, you have to use different weights.

For using in long distance, light and small chemical methods are fit like the Aquamira bottle. But for international traveling, a highly effective or heavier method like the kata dan water purifier is suggested.

Micron size

If you have a desire to buy a filter, you need to consider the micron size. In his filter media, this is a size of the pore size. If the size is lighter, there are more pathogens the filter can remove.

The smallest bacteria are in size 0.2 microns. So the filter must be about that size lesser than the filter is very effective.

Durability before Maintenance

If you like to have a pump filter for your filtration method, you should make a plan to utilize it on a multi-day tour. You need to consider a pump that is simple to maintain. Meaning that you can service it yourself without the need of a technician when it gets clogged.

Ceramic filters require being rubbed. This is very a simple task. The process will be complicated if the pumps are left overnight. Pump filters are simple to remove clogs.

Electronic treatment means using ultraviolet purifier is a different concern. Battery life and bulb life. Ultraviolet lamps are very outstanding and Las around 7000 to 8000 treatments. Battery needs to be changed after 60 to 100 treatments.

Durability before Maintenance

Water Pressure & Supply

Ultraviolet Filters and Reverse Osmosis demand pressurized a supply of water. The shortage of this requirement can ruin the power of hooking the equipment up to the supply of water.

Carbon filters are mostly portable and do no require constant water pressure and supply.


Taste is not a great factor to consider before buying the treatment system. There are differences between different treatments methods.

The presence of chemical treatment may affect the taste of water slightly. Iodine has a very unpleasant taste, but the taste-neutralizing tablets are important in stabilizing it. Chlorine dioxide does not keep any unpleasant to water but has a pool like the taste.

Many filters remove chemicals and heavy metals from water and improve the taste of water. The Striping is one of the systems that do not alter the taste of water at all, positively or negatively.

Which Would I Buy?

So, crunch time —if I like to purchase a water filtration system for my upcoming trip, which one is fit for me? Need to consider all things. I will go to drink safe as well as need to consider longevity, price and partially.

I could live with the slowish flow rate if it is an only problem. It would not be the sexiest travel accessory I would ever own. This is not the best concern.

I would like to spend some months or years somewhere the quality of water is dubious. I need LifeSaver instead. For long lasting cartridges, it is essential to pay off more price. The cartridge will last for a long time and never be a bad thing.

Are The Filter Easy To Use?

There is nothing confusing about portable water filter in the market. Though the process of filtration system is complicated, all the products have very simple instructions. The principal thing you have to do is that you need to pour water into it and wait then drink water directly from the product.

The portable alternatives such as LifeStraw are great in a sense, and it is very simple sucking from one end and let the filtration do work for the other part. The semi-complicated part about a portable filter is changing out the filters. But anyone who has changed the filter before, it may classify as simple.

How Do You Clean A Portable Water Filter?

If the question is cleaning water filter, there is some misconception in this regard. Most of the portable filters are self-cleaning; need no additional requirements to filter our more materials. Portable water filter has specific housing, has no replaceable filter having self-care indications which are different from the normal brands. It is very natural for pump style filters and put a solution for the product then pump it out.

Now the portable pump filters start to stray away from the place and have customer satisfaction solution to rinse the product. The other thing you have to think more about the portable water filter is when you like to change the filter. It takes seconds of rinsing warm water inside and need no special solution to complete the job.

Consider the Source!

If you like to select the best-filtered bottle water for your need, you should consider the source of may select water bottle having a design with a filter. As your desire is to have filtered water for you and your regular tap, you can go for mill filtered water. That is the best thing for you.

Consider the Source

If your goal is to get a bottle of filtered water from any source that is considered clean drinking water, you will go to a more heavy duty. A low-end filter will do a great job to take away undesirable taste from water, or take away some quantity of bacteria from water; they are not the good way of filtering water from potential sources.

If you have any confusion about a health issue, drink water from the best filtering bottle that you get easily.

Your desire is to have fresh or filtered water. For this, you can collect water from any source that is not considered as drinking water. You would like to have good water than that.

Be sure before buying your water filter is made to filter tap water or can filter water from other sources. It is advice for you to test the water of the tap from outside. You can test water from river, rain or some other same sources. If you like to use only for tap water, then contact the manufacturer for more information.

The Future of Water Filtration

This seems that water protection or disinfection from the lead infiltration odd with each other. The pH level must be below eight. But pH level needed to lessen lead solvency of the plumbing system is eight or higher.

The Future of Water Filtration

Water treatment ensures disinfected or clean water for home by the plumbing system. The water may be contaminated by lead as it passes through the plumbing system. The solution is to remove lead from the plumbing system, a deed that revolutionizes the plumbing industry.

The major concern of water for the present time is disinfection byproducts and lead. Lead is the main treatment concern for the municipal water treatment plants. You should not consider independently water treatment issue and water quality.

Chlorine is the byproducts that can affect the future of water filtration. This is from the study indicates that Chlorination of water results in the formation of THMs. THMs is a harmful chemical that creates a reaction between natural organic material and chlorine. The famous or well known of the THMs is poison chloroform.

This poisonous gas is harmful to respiratory system if inhaled. This is the most important reason for the installation of shower filters or the whole house filters. In future, some other byproducts of chlorination will be found, and the use of chlorine to disinfect will be prohibited.

Undoubtedly we can say that the treatment and filtration will remain for a long time in future. The best way to develop water is the transformation of water filtration technology from the municipal water treatment plants to the whole house water filters or the combination of the two.

You are now traveling. You have come to a stream crossing where you have the chance to refill water. The next source of water is six miles away from here. You will fill your belly with drinking and fill your bottle with water. You will bring it to the next source of water. The water will take the time to treat thoroughly.

best portable water filters

In such case, the Katadyn Micropur Chlorine dioxide tablets will take about four hours to purify water. There is no time to spend to make water pure with using tables as it will take longer time.

The Aqua Mira will take only one hour time to treat water fully. The chlorine dioxide system kills most of the pathogens from water within 15 minutes. This time is also precious as it will cut off the time of hiking hours.

The common systems are the Aqua Vessel, the Straw filters and the Sawyer Squeeze from where you may drink directly. The flow of water little bit slowly from this filters.

The pump that can filter a liter in less than a minute is preferable. They may treat the great amount of water.


Everyone these approaches, when done correctly, will purify your drinking water. Filters, nevertheless, are a category of bodily “displays” in a variety of types that filter out pathogens as they force water.

Which kind of purification and, farther, which filter you select is completely based on your degree of comprehension, risk tolerance, budget, and tastes. Drinking unpurified water is a superb way to wind up very harmful or contracting parasites – not I haven’t done it myself, but I still advise against it!

You have a desire to buy a good water filter for your house; you have to consider the things mentioned above. There are various types of filters, and their aims are also different.

So you must not be misguided by them. You should not go astray by their directions. We have lots of filters with reasonable prices. All of the commodities are well tested and suggested for human use.

The company like to give their customers the most portable water filter to ensure fresh water for their choice, taste, and performance. The team is beside you to give all types of supports you need while you are dealing with the water filtration system.


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