iSpring Water Filter Review! A High Capacity RO Water Filtration System

It’s nearly impossible to find 100% clean and safe drinking water everywhere. The water that we have at our disposal is usually full of deadly contaminants like viruses and bacteria.

Most of the filters on the market can’t provide water that is absolutely free from contaminants. They also fail to remove the bad stench that makes the water seem too disgusting to drink.

We understand the struggle of finding the best water filter. Therefore, we’re presenting the perfect water filtration system that we’ve selected through extreme research.

Read our iSpring water filter review to find out why this is the ideal solution for you.

Overview of iSpring Water Filter

iSpring RCC7 is a groundbreaking water filtration system and the ultimate water softener. You can confidently drink the water filtered by this system as the water is guaranteed to be as clean as possible. In fact, it traps out 99% of the 1,000 different contaminants, including lead!

This innovative purifier offers safer and healthier water completely free from those stenches. With its capability of enhancing the taste of water, you’ll have water that feels easier on your tongue.

What makes this filter stand out is its state-of-the-art 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. This highly powerful system effectively removes the majority of the contaminants, leaving only the smallest bits, which aren’t all that harmful. With the NSF certification, its purifying ability is guaranteed to be top-notch!

It’s made to be super convenient to use. You won’t have to hire specialists to set it up. It’s so easy that anyone can do it! The iSpring RCC7 manual that comes with the product contains all that you need to know to operate it.

As it is built with the highest quality components, you’re offered reliability and low maintenance for a long time. Even with all these amazing features, it won’t scratch your wallet or bank account as it is extremely affordable.

1. iSpring Water Filter

Key Features of iSpring Water Filter

5-Stage Filtration System

This unit’s 5-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System effectively filters out most of the contaminants. Let’s dive deeper into how it works.

At the very first stage, the high capacity polypropylene sediment filter keeps out the large contaminants like dusts that are up to the size of 5 microns.  On the second stage, the GAC filter is tasked to deal with the rest. It excels at removing the chemicals, especially the organic ones like chlorine.

Now, on the third stage, your water begins to really get cleaner. The OTO carbon filter traps out more chemicals to make the water tasteless and odorless. This is where the contaminated water loses its bad smell and color. So, the water becomes drinkable.

The fourth stage is where the heart of the filtration system, the Reverse Osmosis filter, gets to work. It leaves out extremely small contaminants down to 0.0001 microns and only allows water molecules to pass through.

We've reached the final stage, which is known as total polishing. It will make sure the dissolved solids don’t flow out of the faucet, so you only get to drink the safest and cleanest water!

Premium Construction and Design

This robust item is built with only the most premium components. As a result, you’re given outstanding durability. It will last for years to come without any issue. Additionally, it removes the need for frequent maintenance as well.

With the see-through 1st stage housing, you’d be able to properly inspect the system anytime you want! It features a brushed nickel all-metal faucet, which boasts an attractive European-design and feels quite sturdy. If you’re tired of getting inferior quality water filters, you’d definitely appreciate this one.

Ease of Installation

It’s designed to be super easy to install. Anyone can do it themselves without requiring help from the specialists.  All the parts that are needed for installation are provided with the water filter. Besides, the clear and well-written instruction manual offers a step-by-step guide that can be followed by just about anyone.

If you still find it hard to install it yourself, professional help is just one call away. So, you won’t have to be stuck at all!

Effectiveness in Contaminant Removal

It’s impossible to list all the contaminants that it can remove. This filtration system can trap out more than thousands of disease-bearing impurities. To name a few, it effectively removes all types of inorganic pollutants like arsenic, magnesium, lead, cadmium, etc. The majority of the organic contaminants are eliminated as well.

Pros & Cons of iSpring Water Filter Review

  • Removes odor and offers great tasting water
  • Purifies water in five functional stages, ensuring outstanding purification
  • Boasts premium and high-quality build to make it last for years
  • Removes most of the major contaminants and offers pure drinking water
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Filters don’t last that long
  • Some people found the instruction manual to be slightly vague

iSpring rcc7 filters states

  • Stage 1 filters – 1x Sediment Pre-Filter (93023) – return Every 12 Months
  • Stage 2 filters – 1x Carbon GAC Pre-Filter (OCB934RO T33) – put back Every 12 Months
  • Stage 3 filters – 1x Carbon Block Pre-Filter (OMB934-5m) – reinstate Every 12 Months
  • Stage 4 filters – 0x (RO Membrane 555693-00 Sold disjointedly or with substitute Kit YSM-ISPG-RCC7) – substitute Every 24 Months
  • Stage 5 filters – 1x Inline Carbon Post Filter 2″ x 10″ (CL10ROT33-BB) – swap Every 12 Months

Ispring rcc7 water filter

iSpring RCC7 is made in the USA, WQA has a gold sealed certificate, the result of NSF standard 58 ensures premium material, excellent performance, solid construction, and most useful technology- avoids up to 88% of 1000+ pollutants like lead fluoride, chlorine pesticide, drug, and fertilizers.

The product has received a gold certificate of WQA. Individually tested and got certificate against US legendary brand, has authentic, high-quality certificate RO system, it has guarantee water safety, fit for your health and affordable price.

Genuine Cartridge set with low price, gradient sediment filter, beautiful coconut carbon, 0,0001 Micron RO membrane, provide a guarantee and the cost is very low.

Details of the best ro sy;stem

Lavishness stylish EU-style Faucet

There is a brushed nickel having stainless steel and ceramic valve, this replaces the tiny goose-neck faucet to add a beautiful look to your kitchen.

Nourish Water Adapter (AF3M3Q2V)

There is a 3/8 inch adapter which makes the installation very easier by adding the cold water shut off valve to the nearby lieu of hard to reach kitchen faucet stem at the end of the deeply concealed opposite of the counter.

Reserved Tank Valve

Some customers demand that it should have six rounds of Teflon tape for the seal. The new one is better and lasts for a long time.

Habitual Shut-off Valve

There are some complaints that this fails to stop water when the tank is full. So the new one is better and longer lasting.

The fifth stage (T33)

There are complaints against odd smell in the water. The new product is built with a high grade of carbon, and this has stronger absorption quality.

RO is covering

This is made from an improved 3M material, and there is a sharper cutting machine. The result is more potential quality and rejection rate.

Water Detector/Flood fear

This work like a smoke Detector but has a detected water by the sensor probe.

User Handbook

There are updated parts list and detailed figure as well as fast forward eight steps for installation instruction. There is also enriched paper version of the YouTube of the installation videos.

ispring rcc7 water filter – System impression and requirement

First Stage

five microns ten inch high- Has a capacity polypropylene sediment filter in transparent housing removes dust, sediment, particles, sand, and rust. It has a certificate of NSF/ ANSI standard.

Second Stage

Has a five-micron ten-inch Granular Activated Carbon that avoids chlorine tastes, smells, cloudiness, and colors. A complainant with NSF/ ANSI standard.

Third Stage

five microns ten inch Carbon Block (CTO) that eliminates residual color, tastes & odors, besides compounding pre-filters’ good organization and makes bigger membrane’s life. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.

Fourth Stage

0.0001 microns High Rejection TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane, the heart of the RO system, produce best quality drinking water in the bottle up to 75 gallons every day.

Fifth Stage

1 micron 10 inch Total Polishing Inline Carbon that takes away any possible residual tastes and smells of the tank Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.


Premium gallon pressurized tank 3.2.Certified to NSF/ANSI standards.


Free from Lead, gooseneck faucet long reaches Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.


Food Grade 4-color tubing set Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.

Installation Hardware

Tank Valve, Drain Saddle, Feed Water Adapter, three spare O-rings, Teflon Tape, Two Wrenches, User Manuals and two additional Elbow Fittings.

Plus Features

pre-installed Automatic Shut-off Valve and the Check Valve does function at the same time to close the system automatically at the time of storage tank is filling up.

ispring rcc7 installation

Step 1: Install Feed Water Adapter (AFW)

1.1    Shut off the Coldwater Line via the cold water supply valve beneath the sink. Open the kitchen faucet to give up the pressure and be sure water has stopped prior proceeding to the following step. Get a bucket or a towel to hold water drips.

Detached Kitchen Faucet Connector (KFC) pipe from CWSV.

1.2    See O-ring inside AFW female end and wind it into CWSV. Use pliers and wrench to tighten it.

1.2    Bend KFC onto the male end of AFW. Move the handle of AFW to cross position. Start CWSV slowly, notice and fix any leaks.

1.4 Add the 1/4 inch Red tubing to AFW.

Step 2: Install Drinking Water Faucet

2.1 Since there is no kitchen sink with the existing half inch hole, you must drill it once again.

Wipeout clean and dry the area.

2.2 Take out the blue protection film from the plate, slip this on the faucet thread and finally slip on the black rubber washer. Enter the faucet thread portion of the hole. Optional plumber sealer or glue may be used.

2.3 Beneath the sink, tauten the back rubber washer, notice washer with a nut.

2.4 Trip the compression fitting nut as well as a collar on the blue tubing, press the insert into the tubing, enter it to the faucet end and then tighten up the nut. Drag the tubing to see if it is safe.

Step 3: Install Drain Saddle

3.1 Select a spot with the drain pipe which is very convenient for setting up the tubing and drain saddle. Horizontal pipe is suggested to minimize the dripping sound.

3.2 Make a 1/4 inch hole with the drain pipe; stick the black humid pad round the gap.

3.3 Cut the black tubing and somewhat to create a 45-degree angle. Slide the plastic nut and face plate on the tubing.

Enter the tubing to 1/4 inch hole in the drain pipe, set up the back plate and tighten two screws with hexnuts since the tubing stays in the gap.

3.4 Tighten the nut of the Drain saddle with the hand. Draw the tubing to notice if it is safe and secured.

Step 4: Install the Vertical Filters: Stages 1, 2, and 3

4.1 Be sure the O-ring is placed inside the groove on the top of the filter housing. Food grade silicon jelly will be used to aid the O-ring seal better and stay in place.

4.2 Filter cartridge is kept in shrink wrap. Note the indication sign on the sticker prior removing the wrap.

4.3 While you keep the filter cartridge into the housing, be sure it is in the middle, and the knob is protruding from the beneath of the housing adds to the central hole of the filter.

4.4 Screw the housing, with filters added to the housing caps. The cap holds a center knob that may be inserted into the center hole of the filter cartridges. Bend the housing in a clockwise location by hand and utilize a wrench to tighten it up to about 1/4 – 1/2 turn. Please do not over tighten. It may create a leak and make it tuff to unscrew the housing at the time of replacing filters.

4.5 To install GAC and CTO filter strictly follows the instruction from 1.1 to 1.4. Note: the 2nd stage GAC is the only filter which must move in a particular direction. Be sure the end with the rubber washer faces up, so adding with the housing cap.

Step 5: Install Tank Shut-off Valve (TSV)

5.1 Wrap ten to fifteen turns of Teflon tape clockwise to the metal thread on the top of the tank.

5.2 Screw Tank shut off valve on and use hand to tighten it. Over tightening is not allowed.

5.3 Add the yellow tubing to the rapid Fitting of TSV.

User Review on Ispring RCC7 Water Filter

The water tastes good. The customer support is great

The system is now with me for three months. At first, I faced problem to install the system. The valve that is provided with the system did not match with my plumbing.

The valve was 3/8 inches, but I need 1/2  inches. Tried to install but failed. I contacted the customer care, and they gave me another set that supported both  1/2  and 3/8 inches. I was unlucky as it did not work.

The inside valve was small and cannot install. I again contacted the customer care and explained the problem. I had not got an answer for a day, and I was bit nervous. But on the following day, they sent me another small valve, and it was fit.

The water I get from it was excellent. The customer support is great, and I am very much happy with it.

User review of iSpring RCC7 ro system

Great price, easy to install and looks great.

By watching the video, you may only install it. Tubing is color coated, and units are labeled. It is pretty quick enough.

Try to get the best quality product, and now the taste of water is very great. The faucet is attractive and made well. It is a great one so I am happy with the unit.

I had broken a piece during shipment, and the Alica with Spring suggested that there are spare parts with the system. I installed the new one and got enough water. So thanks, Alicia.

Why Ispring Water Filter is Different

The iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Below Sink Water Filter is the greatest top select as it is the way to get pure water.

The beneath sink water filter utilizes reverse osmosis adding with carbon filtration to ensure fresh water for beneath the kitchen sink.

This can clarify 75 GPD and hold brushed nickel complete and visible through the housing. The procedure cleans up 99 percent from 1000 impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, fertilizer, pesticides, and lead.

Watch iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water Filter RCC7 installation

iSpring Water Filter Review FAQs

1. Does it remove the uncomfortably bad stench from water?

With its carbon-based filters, most of the chemicals that cause the smell in water are removed. As a result, you’re offered odorless water.

2. How often should I change the filter?

The answer depends on the quality of water that you frequently purify using the filter. You’d have to change it frequently if it is used to clean heavily contaminated water.

3. Are fluorine and sodium get completely removed from the water?

Thanks to the 5-stage reverse osmosis filter system, it removes fluorine and sodium by 99%!

4. Can I install it by myself?

Of course, you can! It’s super easy to install.

5. Does it provide water that is as safe as bottled water?

Yes, the water that you get from this filter might even be better than a lot of bottled water.

Final Words

If you’re tired of drinking unsafe water and constantly falling sick, allow this wonderful and innovative water purifier to change your situation. Our iSpring water filter review should help you out in understanding what makes it so great already.

You'd drink the cleanest and the safest water, which is also healthier! Once you get used to this, you won’t be able to return to mediocre purifiers!

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