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Further we have a very delegate and smart team to research water characteristic and filter efficiency. Our team also tries what is the best filter for consumer and which should we go for different water condition.

Why We Are Here 

Here waterev.com our team believes that fresh and access to healthy clean water is essential for having a healthy and prosper life. Its also known that human should drink 2 litters of water every day and it became 16 litter those are living in warm climate. Again, the quality of water is also very important.

But water is not safe today and it is getting polluted day by day. We need whole house water filter for our home use and water treatment system filter for municipal.

Our Journey

Our daily lives are more complex and changing continuously than ever before. Everybody learned that a high premium anything gradually makes everyone live comfortable and organised.

You can have brewed coffee in the morning or instantly chilled water drinks for guest refreshing. In addition, we value convenience that is more ever before.

Since We Started

We started our journey since 2012 locally but started 2015 world wide through online.

Our analysis

There are many types of filter available today and those have different purpose of use. Besides they have many different advantages. Here in waterev.com we tried to analysis different type of filters and their cartridges to determine which is better for different supply water.


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