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On your appliance, two things can build up the limescale that is Magnesium and Calcium. If they store the appliance, they can do damage to the appliance of your home. So think about limescale on your water heater and pipes. You will be educated after reading the article on Nuvo h20 reviews.

Nuvo H20 Reviews – Comparison Chart

Check NowProduct DimensionsItem WeightEditor's Rating

Nuvo DPSB Studio Water Softener

5 x 5 x 14 inches5.8 pounds4.3 out of 5 stars

Nuvo DPMB Manor Water Softener

8 x 8 x 29 inches14 pounds4.5 out of 5 stars

Nuvo H20 DPHB Water Softener

5 x 5 x 24 inches8 pounds4.6 out of 5 stars

I am now telling you about only one product. The product helps to reduce the lime build-up on the appliance and at the same time softens water.

Nuovo has made a softener called nuvoH20. It does not require any salt or electricity or magnets. It never wastes water.

How to manage it?

I would not tell you about the product. I only tell you that the product has taken its position on the web as the manufacturer thought about the environment and removed hard water issues from the water.

You do not believe me. But the reality is that Buono has made a new softener named nuvoH20.

How NuvoH2O Works

This is the view of the NuvoH20 is that hard water means the water in which there are magnesium and calcium. It can be stored on any surface through it goes. With the passage of time, it can build upscale or crusty deposits can make havoc. Meaning that this will clog up or corrode the plumbing system and your water-based appliances.

To combat this, NuvoH2O has got FDA approval, food-based chelate named as Citrine to retain these “hard” minerals soluble, and saves them from storing scale build up on the plumbing.

The company demands that the system is very eco-friendly. It developed more than 30 years ago, and since then they are trying their best to upgrade the standard of the system. It may ensure 30% more life of your home appliances in your home.

NuvoH2O water softener eliminates the build upscale and resists to happen it in future.

The design is very good

It is four times less than the comparable systems. It does not need electricity to operate. The taste of water is not affected by it.

The price of the softener is comparatively reasonable than the other brands in the market.

Nuvo H2O Best Salt-Free Water Softener?

There are some aspects you need to consider. You need to think about the size. They are fit for both the big and small families. In this softening water system, no salt is required as sodium is a great factor here.

The water that you get from the Nuvo is softened rather than conditioned. It resists the buildup and lowers the alkaline level. The system made critic acid rather than soft water, instead of sodium.

Nuvo H2O Best Salt-Free Water Softener

The Nanotechnology is applied here that changes the structure of the water. It saves you from changing the filters frequently. I used the product.

I confidently say that the product has shown me the greatest performance.

It removes the hard to spot from water at the same time water becomes tasty and better. Most of the review of the Nuvo H20 is positive.

Still, there are some negative reviews of the product. In their house, there was a high level of hardness, but they overcome the problem by using NuvoH20.

The reason of hardening is storage of magnesium and calcium to the flowing system for a long time. The scale builds up may cause clog or corrosion of the plumbing fixtures or home appliance.

The Nuvo H20 has come to solve this problem. There is a process called chelation that makes the referred element soluble to remove the formed scale.

The installation of the filter with the softener is simple. It may take on about an hour to do so. You may take help from the manufactures professional to install it.

They offer good customer service if you call them. In the packing system of the softener, there are the details of the system with the manual book.

The design is very good. So you can set it anywhere you like. It does not require floor space, calibration, drain or electronics.

Why Do You Choose NuvoH20

Experts say that softening is impossible without salt. Sodium is must soften water. NuvoH20 makes conditioned water instead of softening water.

Why Do You Choose NuvoH20

It reduces the PH and saves the appliances from build up. It creates citric instead of sodium.

Most of the customers who are suing NuvoH20 are happy with the result. The performance of the softener is very good. Most users found that there is no hard spot of water, and the taste of the water is very good.

Only some users found that the Nuvo H20 has no effect on water. They had water hardness level is very high in the past.

The Nuvo helps to get good water which is very useful for the health. There is no smell in the water or bad odor with the water.

In this water softener, there will no need of salt. It also does not require magnets or electricity. It does not waste water. The reason of hard water is the mixing of magnesium and calcium in the water.

With the passage of time, hard minerals gradually form crusty deposits and create scale. The result is the clog of plumbing fixtures of the home appliances.

Buy the best one Nuvo softener for your home use. With the softening water system, the hard minerals of the water become soluble.

It helps to prevent saving deposit in the way to the water. There will be no scale or residue to the way of the flow of water.

Best Nuvo h20 Reviews – Top 3 Products


Nuvo DPSB Studio Salt Water Softener

Nuvo DPSB Studio Salt Water Softener

Nuvo H20 is the best water softener that requires 1000 square feet spaces. It can make the great taste of the water.

The chelation method aids to maintain the Ph level of water. After the process, you will get very natural water.

In the system, GPM is 12, and one-inch ports confirm consistency of the remaining drop pressure at the time of running it.

It can offer you 25000 gallons of water. There are 10-inch salt-free replacement cartridges. The water you get from the process has a good amount of sodium.


  • Water Stream: 12-15 gpm Using 3/4-Inch Vents (no Modification to Present flow)
  • Ability: roughly 25,000 gallons (average Yearly water use of a family of two)
  • Employs 10-Inch Salt-Free Replacement Cartridges, Eliminates present destructive scale
  • Other products can prevent scale buildup but do not remove the current scale. No damaging salt prevents the hassle of continuous salt replenishment


  • The NuvoH20 never waste water. Besides it does not require electricity and having recycle-friendly components, makes it healthy for your family and the environment.
  • You need not add salt. You will just replace the filters, and it will take only sixty seconds. One filter will last for six months.
  • It uses 4x less electricity, so it saves current bill and saves the space of the floor.
  • It has 90 days cash back warranty and lifetime the product guarantee


  • Sometimes it requires more time to clean the appliance

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Nuvo DPMB Manor Salt Water Softener

Nuvo DPMB Manor Salt Water Softener

The size of the machine is 8×29 inches. The system is perfect for keeping a small space.

You can install it easily without having previous knowledge.

The water flow rate of Nuvo H20 is 15 to 18 GPM and 1.5 inches’ ports, does not change the water.

The cartridges remove debilitating scale from the pipes and remove salt from the brine tank.


  • Water stream: 15-18 gpm using 1.5-Inch vents (no modification to present flow)
  • Ability: roughly 65,000 gallons (average yearly water use of a family of 6)
  • Employs WH42416C Salt-Free Replacement Cartridges, Eliminates present destructive scale
  • Other products can prevent scale buildup but do not remove the current scale. No damaging salt prevents the hassle of continuous salt replenishment


  • Uses WH42416C Salt-Free Replacement Cartridges, removes existing harmful scale –
  • Saves the environment and health as no salt is used here as the other softener. There is no harmful effect of it.
  • Some other product may prevent build up and fails to eliminate remaining scale


  • The price is high enough; you need to consider the service

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Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener

Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener

This is an eco-friendly device for hard water. The design is very slim, and weight is light. The equipment is simple to install or carry.

There is a manual installation guide with the device to aid you to help the installation process.

The NuvoH20 give 20-inch cartridges to control the destructive effect of limescale.

The Nuvo can operate 2000 square feet household areas. The rate of flow of water is 12 to 15 GMP. The capacity to soften water is 500000 gallons.


  • Water stream: 12-15 gpm using 1-Inch vents (no modification to present flow)
  • Ability: roughly 50,000 gallons (average Yearly water use of a family of two)
  • Employs 20-Inch Salt-Free Replacement Cartridges, Eliminates present destructive scale
  • Other products can prevent scale buildup but do not remove the current scale. No damaging salt prevents the hassle of continuous salt replenishment
  • The Science Behind NuvoH2O (before “Troubleshooting- Why is my nuvoH2O system leaking?”)


  • The first result is hard surfaces. The cleaning system is very easy. After a month there will be no hard water resins into the bowels of your toilet.
  • The 2nd result is softening fabrics from dryer or washer. The clothes feel more full bodied.
  • The 3rd result is fresh skin without using excess water. The body feels good after quick clean


  • On the outside of the filter, there is a slimy green or gray mold like substance.

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No-salt water purification appliances are mainly utilized for descaling. Crystallization pubs the minerals out of clinging on the pipes. Do not expect 100% elimination of mineral ions from A Nuvo H2O version. The buy is solely suggested for water descaling.

The Nuvo H20 unit comes with an ergonomically stable and streamlined structure which makes it exceptionally acceptable for condos and little apartment owners. You may effortlessly fit it in too tight places.

Softening water with no salt isn’t referred to as water softening. What a salt-free system such as NuvoH2O does is water restoration.

Rather than sodium or salt or power or magnetic field, it utilizes citric acid to balance the pH level of their water and cope with scale build-up. The mechanics NuvoH2O engineers known as the chelation procedure.

Strict nutritional supplements are made soluble by FDA approved meals established chelating agent Citrine. It binds the nutrient ions together, preventing them from changing into crusty deposits round the hidden field of the pipe or pipes fittings.

NuvoH2O gets the leading potential of 60000 gallons, perfect for households with 6 or more individuals. Throughout the chelation process, that the last result is soft, fresh and clean water that’s ideal for both housekeeping and intake purposes.

Nuvo h20 replacement cartridge

A Nuvo H2O replacement cartridge may last up to 6 months and very easy to change. Nuvo offers various types of cartridges, and they have to be chosen depending on the size of your dwelling space.

The types of cartridges are a manor, home, and studio. Studio cartridges are great for one to two people or one to two bathrooms. The manor is perfect for six people or 4 or more bathrooms.

Home offers the largest types of replacement cartridges that are fit for home having six or more people or 4 or more bathrooms.

Nuvo water softener installation

Many homeowners can do it by themselves with the help of some additional parts. Good news is that the setup will take less than an hour up to how pipes are configured in your house.

Customers pay less than 150 dollars for rapid installation and more dollars where many pipes need reconfiguration.

For our compact design and innovative, no by-pass loop or no electronics or drain requirements, the system is located in some places where other softeners may not go like condos, little utility rooms or even outside.

Troubleshooting- Why is my nuvoH2O system leaking?

We suggest calling our technical support or customer service department to troubleshoot the issue: Moreover here are some tips you have to try first:

  • The softener must not be leaking in the “off” or “softener” location.
  • When the system turns to bypass, water can come out of the black cap. It is a normal issue. Water pressure is getting free that enables you to replace the cartridges and unscrew the collar.
  • Since the nuvoH2O system is leaking from side port, they are overtightening during installation. Make contact with the technical support: Skype number +356 35500949 for technical help.
  • Be confirm, all packaging round the softener cartridge is removed. If not, it may cause leaking from the collar.
  • While the black cap is leaking to the softener or off position, the O-ring inside the blue hood cannot be seated accurately.
  • While installing the L-bracket with the manor head, the white inner piece can have dropped downwards. Push the white inner piece upwards and tighten the code to the middle of the black cap. Be convinced the black o ring is seated properly to the top of the white inner piece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Nuvo H20 Reviews

Question: What is the system to install the nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softeners?

Answer: Many house owners can replace the parts by themselves. In the instruction list, we are showing you the way to install the parts. Within less than an hour, you can install the parts of the system. It depends on the pipes of your homes.

The design of the system is very good. It does not require electricity. There is no by-pass loop or drain is required. Their system needs the only small place to keep it. Customers say that they have to pay 150 dollars for the installation whereas some needs replacement.

Question: How much do I need to replace the cartridge of the nuvoH2O?

Answer: The whole house cartridge need to treat for six months and the cartridges for three months. It is up to the size of the appliance and on the water use. We have made more convenient methods to replace the cartridges. Within the time, you will see the qualitative differences of water. Besides, it shows you that the current cartridge is expended.

Question: Will the nuvoH2O help clean the white chalky substance from the inside of my dishwasher and the spots from the dishes?

Answer: Yes. Using high heat for dishwasher accelerates the building of scale that corrodes and clogs your appliance, fixtures, and pipes and makes everything look unattractive. The nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softener prevents scale formation and removes existing scale. Besides, the system keeps mineral from interfering with acting with dishwashing detergent as hard water needs more detergents to make proper lathering as well as cleansing along with causes wearisome soap foam. Many people like to install small nuvoH2O Studio system beneath the kitchen sink treat water for the dishwasher directly.


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Final Verdict

At last, the Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System is a good system for your home.

It is a great water softener system.

Many customers are satisfied with the result. There are lots of features with the new water softening system. It can handle 5000 gallons of water in a year.

The softener is environmentally friendly.

We are like the people who have purchased it. We are pleased with the service of the product. It develops the taste of the water makes it drinkable.

If we use hard water, there is no need to think about the skin problems. In the new products, people would like to know details about the product. The filters will last for a long time than the other filters in the market.

The Nuvo H20 is the best product in the market and best for you if you do not consider the other issues.

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