Nuvo H20 Reviews – The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Nuvo Water Treatment

Home water filtration is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps you and your family drink healthier, taste better, and feel better. Given so many water treatment systems available, how do you decide which one to buy? Nuvo H20 is a leading brand in water treatment, and it’s got a solution for any household problem, from water softening to purification and more. In this review guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right Nuvo H20 system for your needs and budget, as well as how to find the right Nuvo H20 dealer for you.

Did you know that a whopping 85% of the USA has hard water? That means an overwhelming population suffers from ashy skin, spotty dishes, brassy hair, and staining on tiles and ceramic. What’s more, it takes 29% more energy to heat hard water than soft water. Hard water also decreases the lifespan of your appliances!

Even the city of Las Vegas has hard water, meaning it’s not an issue for only the rural population to lose hair over – literally! Yet only 30% of those affected use water softening systems. If you are part of the remaining 70%, our Nuvo H2O reviews are for you!

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What is Nuvo H20?

Nuvo H20 is a top-of-the-line water treatment system that delivers the ultimate in functionality and utility. It makes it easier to filter and clean water at home, and it keeps the water safe with its disinfection and UV-reflectivity filters. The 7 in 1 set has features like wireless Internet, smart reminder alerts, auto water shutoff, easy-to-use, and more. It is trustworthy and easy to use.

Who Needs a Nuvo H20 Water Treatment System?

Customers who want to soften their water but don’t want the mess and hassle associated with water softeners will appreciate this product. This product is a salt-free water softening system that can be installed in minutes.

How Does Nuvo H20 Help You and Your Family?

Nuvo H20 is a premium brand of water treatment products that has been in business for over 30 years. Nuvo H20 has developed high-quality water treatment systems and household products that go well beyond standard filters and membranes. Water Systems offers powerful, state-of-the-art systems that help you positively impact your environment and water quality.

Nuvo H20 is also a leader in water treatment in the United States, offering patented products that have transformed how consumers access clean water. They believe their products provide a step-up in quality and performance without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Nuvo H2O Reviews

With all systems on the market claiming to do the same job, it gets difficult to figure out which ones might suit you best. That’s why we’ve reviewed the products down below to help find the best Nuvo water treatment system for you!

1. Nuvo H2O DPHB Home Water Softening System

The first water softener on our list is an excellent option for homes with up to three residents, depending on water usage. It is suitable for homes that are between 1,000 and 2,000 sq. Ft. With dimensions of 5” x 5” x 24” and a weight of 8lbs, the product is compact and fits easily into almost any corner of your house.

This water softening system does not add any salt or medicine to the water to correct the pH; instead, it uses the power of citrus and chelation to do so. As a result, the water becomes safe for everyone to consume and use in everyday household tasks. The product and process are approved by FDA and NSF.

Not only does the chelation process prevent scales from forming, but it also helps to remove existing scale build-up. Once you have installed the system, you can use the water to remove scale build-up and to stain from clothes, utensils, glasses, walls, etc. that were previously affected by hard water.

Moreover, the system is eco-friendly. It does not require any electricity to run; neither does it waste any water in the process. No by-products, such as fumes, are released during operation, so the environment both inside and outside the house remains healthy.


  • Eco-friendly; no waste of water; no electricity needed
  • Salt-free
  • Compact size
  • Comes with manual and tools needed for installation
  • FDA and NSF approved


  • The cartridge needs to be changed frequently
  • Not suitable for water with a pH below 7.2

2. Nuvo H2O DPSB Studio Water Softening System

Fond of living life on the go? Our next model is well suited for you. This water softening system is exceptionally compact and an excellent option for homes or studio apartments below 1,000 sq. Ft. (with 1-2 occupants) or RV’s – see? It helps you fight hard water problems, even on the road!

The eco-friendly system also does not require any electricity to run; neither does it waste any water during the chelation process. Unlike mainstream water softener systems, this product does not add any salt to soften the water. Instead, it uses a unique technology capitalizing on the power of citrus to adjust hardness.

Omitting the use of salt also means you do not need to lug bags of salt anymore, all you have to do is replace the easy- to remove- cartridge. Besides preventing hard water build-up, the product also eliminates the previous scaling. You can start cutting down on the expense of commercial-grade scale removers.

Your purchase will include all the tools required for easy installation, such as the mounting bracket and backplate, screws, and a housing wrench. It also consists of the manual for set up and maintenance.


  • Environmental-friendly; no electricity needed and no waste of water
  • Salt-free
  • Extremely portable – suitable for RVs
  • FDA and NSF approved
  • Comes with manual and tools needed for installation


  • Small cartridge capacity
  • Not suitable for water with a pH below 7.2

3. Nuvo DPSB Studio Salt Water Softener

Nuvo H20 is the best water softener that requires 1000 square feet of space. It can make a great taste of the water.

The chelation method aids to maintain the Ph level of water. After the process, you will get very natural water.

In the system, GPM is 12, and one-inch ports confirm the consistency of the remaining drop pressure at the time of running it.

It can offer you 25000 gallons of water. There are 10-inch salt-free replacement cartridges. The water you get from the process has a good amount of sodium.


  • The NuvoH20 never wastes water. Besides, it does not require electricity and has recycle-friendly components, making it healthy for your family and the environment.
  • You need not add salt. You will just replace the filters, and it will take only sixty seconds. One filter will last for six months.
  • It uses 4x less electricity, so it saves the current bill and saves the space of the floor.
  • Water Stream: 12-15 GPM Using 3/4-Inch Vents (no Modification to Present flow)
  • Employs 10-Inch Salt-Free Replacement Cartridges, Eliminates present destructive scale


  • Sometimes it requires more time to clean the appliance

4. Nuvo H2O MHP-42516 Manor High-Performance Water Softener Replacement Cartridge

The NuvoH2O Manor Salt-Free Water Softener is the first and only system that will soften your entire home’s water supply. A single cartridge replaces your existing water softener and attaches directly to your water supply line.

For homes that can’t use salt-based softeners due to the presence of water softeners, well water, or reverse osmosis systems.

The Manor System provides healthy, clean water for you, your family, and your pets–all with no salt, no mess, and no waiting.

5. Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System

You know that your water is hard and not suitable for the plumbing and appliances in your home. You know also that you need to soften the water in your home. The Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System makes it simple to soften your water. The system supplies clean and soft water directly to your home’s plumbing.

It includes a patented automatic brine injector with automatic shutoff and bypass valves. The Nuvo H2O has a durable stainless steel head, a fully adjustable pressure tank, and resin tanks rotated for easy installation. The system is self-cleaning and very easy to maintain.

It replaces existing water softeners and provides soft, safe drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing dishes without salt, electricity, or chemicals.

The DPHB-A system replaces an existing water softener and provides soft water for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning dishes, and laundry — without salt or electricity.

Considerations to Make Your Pick

Before you make your purchase, you should really read through our buying guide. We can 100% guarantee the knowledge you gain from here is going to help you out in the future.

Family Size

Your choice in water softening systems will depend on the number of people in your family. Most models are advertised based on how many months you can go between replacing cartridges – however, you should focus on the amount of water (usually in gallons) one cartridge can soften.

Nuvo H2O Home and Studio systems are suitable for houses with 1-3 residents, four at most. For larger families with higher water usage, the Nuvo H2O Manor Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System is a great option!

The Extent of Hardness Removal

The hardness of water varies from place to place. If yours is on a lower scale, purchasing a light to medium-duty water softener (such as the Nuvo water treatment system) will suffice. However, for extremely hard water, you would need a heavy-duty softener, preferably one that uses salt.

Additional Contaminants 

Some systems help remove additional contaminants from water, such as chlorine, clear-water iron, and sediments. If these contaminants are your concern too, opt for a model that handles it for you!

Salt or No Salt?

Systems that use salts are believed to be better at ‘softening’ However, which option you should choose will depend solely on your preference. Besides the extent of the hardness of water, several other factors can be taken into account while making this decision, e.g., if anyone in the family is on a low sodium diet or not.


To minimize the usage of energy in your house, you may opt for models that do not require any electricity to operate (like the Nuvo water treatment systems reviews above). If you’ve made up your mind about purchasing an electronic model, you will find several energy-efficient options too.

Controls and Features

It is essential to find out certain features of the system before purchasing it, such as how long it takes to complete one cycle, how long the system takes to recharge, or how much salt is needed to restart the system (for salt-based softeners only).

How Can You Find The Right Nuvo H20 Dealer for You?

Telling the truth, the best way to locate the best Nuvo H20 dealer for you is through a referral link, where you share this article. Click the share button at the bottom of this article and enter your email. You’ll receive a link to share with friends, family, and colleagues and even be entered to win a few fabulous prizes! This is the best way to find your own Nuvo H20 dealer.

How Does Nuvo H2O Work

This is the view of the NuvoH20 that hard water means the water in which there are magnesium and calcium. It can be stored on any surface through it goes. With the passage of time, it can build upscale or crusty deposits can make havoc. Meaning that this will clog up or corrode the plumbing system and your water-based appliances.

To combat this, NuvoH2O has got FDA approval, a food-based chelate named Citrine to retain these “hard” minerals soluble, and save them from storing scale build-up on the plumbing.

The company demands that the system is very eco-friendly. It developed more than 30 years ago, and since then they are trying their best to upgrade the standard of the system. It may ensure 30% more life of your home appliances in your home.

NuvoH2O water softener eliminates the build upscale and resists to happen it in the future.

Nuvo H20 Reviews

Is Nuvo H2O Best Salt-Free Water Softener?

There are some aspects you need to consider. You need to think about the size. They are fit for both the big and small families. In this softening water system, no salt is required as sodium is a great factor here.

The water that you get from the Nuvo is softened rather than conditioned. It resists the buildup and lowers the alkaline level. The system made critic acid rather than soft water, instead of sodium.

Nanotechnology is applied here that changes the structure of the water. It saves you from changing the filters frequently. I used the product.

I confidently say that the product has shown me the greatest performance.

It removes the hard-to-spot from water at the same time water becomes tasty and better. Most of the review of the Nuvo H20 is positive.

Still, there are some negative reviews of the product. In their house, there was a high level of hardness, but they overcome the problem by using NuvoH20.

The reason for hardening is the storage of magnesium and calcium in the flowing system for a long time. The scale builds up may cause clog or corrosion of the plumbing fixtures or home appliances.

The Nuvo H20 has come to solve this problem. There is a process called chelation that makes the referred element soluble to remove the formed scale.

The installation of the filter with the softener is simple. It may take on about an hour to do so. You may take help from the manufactures professional to install it.

They offer good customer service if you call them. In the packing system of the softener, there are details of the system in the manual book.

The design is very good. So you can set it anywhere you like. It does not require floor space, calibration, drain, or electronics.

Why Do You Choose NuvoH20?

Experts say that softening is impossible without salt. Sodium must soften water. NuvoH20 makes conditioned water instead of softening water.

It reduces the PH and saves the appliances from build-up. It creates citric instead of sodium.

Most of the customers who are suing NuvoH20 are happy with the result. The performance of the softener is very good. Most users found that there are no hard spots of water, and the taste of the water is very good.

Only some users found that the Nuvo H20 has no effect on water. They had water hardness levels is very high in the past.

The Nuvo helps to get good water which is very useful for the health. There is no smell in the water or bad odor with the water.

In this water softener, there will be no need for salt. It also does not require magnets or electricity. It does not waste water. The reason for hard water is the mixing of magnesium and calcium in the water.

With the passage of time, hard minerals gradually form crusty deposits and create scale. The result is the clog of plumbing fixtures of the home appliances.

Buy the best Nuvo softener for your home use. With the softening water system, the hard minerals of the water become soluble.

It helps to prevent saving deposits on the way to the water. There will be no scale or residue to the way of the flow of water.

Nuvo h20 replacement cartridge

A Nuvo H2O replacement cartridge may last up to 6 months and is very easy to change. Nuvo offers various types of cartridges, and they have to be chosen depending on the size of your dwelling space.

The types of cartridges are a manor, home, and studio. Studio cartridges are great for one to two people or one to two bathrooms. The manor is perfect for six people or 4 or more bathrooms.

Home offers the largest types of replacement cartridges that are fit for homes having six or more people or 4 or more bathrooms.

Nuvo water softener installation

Many homeowners can do it by themselves with the help of some additional parts. Good news is that the setup will take less than an hour up to how pipes are configured in your house.

Customers pay less than 150 dollars for rapid installation and more dollars where many pipes need reconfiguration.

For our compact design and innovative, no by-pass loop or no electronics or drain requirements, the system is located in some places where other softeners may not go like condos, little utility rooms or even outside.

Troubleshooting – Why is my Nuvo H2O system leaking?

We suggest calling our technical support or customer service department to troubleshoot the issue: Moreover here are some tips you have to try first:

  • The softener must not be leaking in the “off” or “softener” location.
  • When the system turns to bypass, water can come out of the black cap. It is a normal issue. Water pressure is getting free which enables you to replace the cartridges and unscrew the collar.
  • Since the nuvoH2O system is leaking from the side port, they are overtightening during installation. Make contact with the technical support: Skype number +356 35500949 for technical help.
  • Be confirm, all packaging around the softener cartridge is removed. If not, it may cause leaking from the collar.
  • While the black cap is leaking to the softener or off position, the O-ring inside the blue hood cannot be seated accurately.
  • While installing the L-bracket with the manor head, the white inner piece can have dropped downwards. Push the white inner piece upwards and tighten the code to the middle of the black cap. Be convinced the black o ring is seated properly to the top of the white inner piece.

nuvoH2O System Installation & Cartridge Replacement Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the water softening process?

Water is softened mainly by chelation. This is a process where hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium are ‘bound’ to chelating agents or resin beads.

2. Are water softening systems difficult to install?

These systems are not difficult to install; however, certain advice must be followed to make sure the system works after installation. For instance, the Nuvo H2O water systems need to be kept away from light and heat to prevent the system from malfunctioning – so it is more about small tips than complicated instructions.

3. What sort of maintenance is required for these systems?

The cartridge in Nuvo models needs to be replaced, while some models need to be recharged, and some others require being supplied with a certain amount of salt regularly to keep functioning. While every type of water softener requires some level of maintenance, it’s nothing you’d have to break a sweat over!

4. Is it safe for children to consume treated water?

Absolutely! Water softeners do not add any medication or harmful elements to your water. In fact, they make water healthier for consumption and use all around the household, by all the members. Moreover, water softeners even improve the taste and appearance of water, so children are more likely to prefer it after softening!

5. How much do water softening systems cost?

The price tag will vary heavily with capacity. There are models like the Nuvo H2O water softener studio system that are suited for RVs. On the other hand, there are commercial options such as reverse osmosis machines from the range of Nova water systems that are fit for hospitals, offices, etc.

However, we can assure you that regardless of the price tag, you will be saving a significant amount of money if you install a water softener. You will end up spending less on cleaning products, electricity, appliance repairs and replacement, beauty products, and even your water bill!

6. How long does a Nuvo h2o cartridge last?

As a part of the company’s premium line of h2o products, Nuvo H20 cartridges can be used for over 35,000 gallons of water. Activated carbon filters remove most contaminants from the water without any maintenance. A single Nuvo H20 filter can provide 5 liters of purified water per day for a family of four and 2 liters for each individual. If your water usage exceeds these amounts, you can replace your Nuvo H20 water filters whenever needed. However, NuvoH2O water filter cartridges last about three to six months, depending on the location and uses of the water filter.

7. Does Nuvo H20 remove iron?

Yes, nuvoH2O is unique in its ability to prevent scale buildup. And yes, it removes existing harmful scales from your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Iron in water isn’t always bad, but it can be seriously damaging to health when it reaches dangerous levels. There’s also a misconception that different treatments remove different iron. Studies have shown that those using Activated Charcoal have significantly lower iron levels in their water than those using ultra-violet light.

8. Does Nuvo h2o work on well water?

Absolutely! Nuvo’s four-step water filter system works on any well water, producing the most desirable taste and quality. And how can you trust Nuvo’s water quality? The experts drink Nuvo H20 water every day, with no problem.

9. How do Nuvo H2O Water Softeners differ from the rest?

Nuvo H2O has different models, including tankless and stationary ones that can install under your sink or other supply. Nuvo H20 systems are compatible with residential and commercial water systems, so you can find one that is ideal for your needs and budget. You can find water softening systems that work with both hard and soft water, as well as those that work with both hard and soft water only. All Nuvo H2O models are available in tankless and under-mount models, the under-mount being more convenient to install.

What is the Nuvo H20 Hydrolution System?

The Nuvo H2O Hydrolution System makes it easier to achieve the right balance of hardness and softness in your water.

10. Do you think Nuvo H2O softened water tastes safe to drink?

nuvoH2O water filters are incredible. They pump out clean and delicious water from the well. Your nuvoH2O cartridge is FDA-approved. You can drink it with no worries!

The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (USEPA) uses an eight-part test for different softeners to determine whether water is safe for consumption. According to the FDA regulations, ‘softening water’ is a filter conditioner that removes hardness, so ‘softening water’ is considered safe. FDA requirements require a softener to operate for at least four hours without a loss of pressure or circulation. Microbiological tests must reach a minimum level of 0.1 g/L of coliform bacteria. A ‘no coliform’ reading is not mandatory, but it is considered a safe rule of thumb.

Final Words & Recommendation

Water softening systems are extremely important for the overall health of you and your family. Consuming hard water is not only unpleasant for the taste buds, but it also hurts your body too. Along with your health, you can save your clothes, appliances, glassware, and even the structure of your house!


With the Nuvo H2O reviews, we hope you will make the right call and have a softening system installed. We promise you will never look back from these simple systems once you’ve gone a few days hard water and hassle-free!



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