Waterchef u9000 Review – Features, Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

The WaterChef U9000 is a type of under sink water filter made to filter out lots of common contaminants. It is an online system which indicates that instead of reserving water in a reserve tank, it filters water directly from your line when you need it.

What are the special features of Waterchef filtration system? It is the long time guarantee of the filter. Very few filtration systems have only long time warranty.

The average length of warranty period is 1-3 years. WaterChef is very confidential in this regard. The system lessens all these and eliminates them. This also lessens sediment that may aid to improve the lifespan of the appliance and normally develops the taste and look of the water.


WaterChef U9000 Premium Under-Sink Water Filtration System

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It provides filtered water to the dedicated faucet. The device can filter water from your fridge by a simple refrigerator installation kit. It is significant that the WaterChef U9000 can filter hot water to the level of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees) Celsius.

The faucet has the flow rate of .65 GPM. Some have stated that the flow rate of water is very slow. They desired to have speed up.

Features of WaterChef U9000 Premium Under-Sink Water Filtration System

  • The taste is very good, and the performance is very superior.
  • Influential Big BlockTM Filtration Technology
  • The capacity is 1000 gallons.
  • Intelligent MonitorTM (need not guess to change cartridges)
  • Has got a certificate from NSF International- ANSI or NSF standard is 53 and 42.

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Pros of WaterChef U9000

  • Exceptional cartridge filter – There is three ply pre-filter in this water filter for removing water contaminants and retains significant electrolytes in the water.
  • Economic and long-lasting cartridge – Do compare to faucets and filters are needed 25 replacements in a year. The capacity to replace water 1000 gallons before replacement.
  • Produces natural water – At the time of removing contaminants from water, it recalls some necessary minerals. The water becomes great testing for adding more minerals.
  • Nature-friendly – If you use filters for longer time, meaning that you need fewer filters. When to use a water purifier, you require less amount of plastic bottles.
  • Intelligent monitor – There is a LED light which indicates that you reach the time to replace the filters. So you should not worry to replace the filter. The indication will alert you to change the filter.
  • You will find the LED indicator in its faucet – There are three possible LED lights in the faucet. The green indication is the symbol of normal operation. The yellow light indicates that the filter reaches 10% lower level from the normal level. If you see the light, buy a new filter for your backup. The third red light is the symbol of changing it very quickly.

Cons of WaterChef U9000

  • The WaterChef has no capability to remove mercury from the drinking water

What is Special in WaterChef U9000 Filter? 

One benefit of just using a cartridge to clean your water would be that you do not need to replace a lot of capsules every couple of months, saving you both money and time.

This program’s cartridge may filter up to 1,000 gallons of water, so it’s going to last about 12 months until it must be replaced.

This is significantly more compared to filters on a lot of similar systems which needs to be swapped every 300 to 500 gallons or every six weeks. This unit includes a notification system that will say if the cartridge is about to be changed.

Design and Maintenance of WaterChef U9000

Refrigerator filters, faucet filters, and pitcher filters may seem very simple to install and use. But the reality is opposite; they require lots of maintenance. The main problem is that they are very small and they need constant replacements. Some need to replace at least 25 filters per year.

However, you will not face this problem if you use the WaterChef U9000 Premium under Sink Water Filtration System. The reason is that the cartridges of the filters are made to last at least one year.

Besides, you should not think more about the overuse of cartridge or replace it permanently. The unit is designed with very precise filter monitor that present the capacity of the filters is lower than 10% or when it goes to the full capacity and is a must to replace instantly.

The unit has a very compact design and features with a modern stainless steel finish. One may think that the design is not an important thing as it will sink under water. It will not take more space, and you can use it in a short space.

Moreover, the system comes with premium grade designer series faucets. The single temperature faucet comes with solid forged brass construction. All are designed with a reliable ceramic disc valve, a spout having an aerator tip that confirms a steady stream as well as a convenient led indicator which presents the results of the filter monitor.

The various ranges of faucet finishes are great for people who like to add the appliances with the kitchen décor. One can buy the unit with a refrigerator kit that permits you to use the same cartridge for the sink and your refrigerator.

Uniqueness of WaterChef U9000

WaterChef’s Designer Series Faucet is a single temperature, premium grade faucet which has good brass construction, a ceramic disc valve, a spout having aerator tip for steady stream and for the benefit of LED indicator built exactly the faucet base ring.

The faucet has very versatile design and has the right choice of premium finishes. Select the polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze finish.

How Does WaterChef U9000 Work?

waterchef u9000 filter

The WaterChef U9000 is a single activated carbon filter. It is a common type of water filter is available in some filtration water osmosis water systems.

The carbon has a good surface area which can make large quantities of water very rapidly.

The quality of the filter is very good, and the size is very attractive. You need to change it once a year or after every 1000 gallons of water.

There is an indicator light that will tell you the time to change the filter.

So you should not worry about changing it. If it shows green signal, the filter is fit. When you show the red sing, you can change or replace the filter.

The yellow sign indicates you should give order a new one.

Why Do You Choose WaterChef U9000

The filter along with the unit can be rated as 1000 gallons of water, and it will remain for a year. You have no scope to guess anything. There is a digital indicator that will count the number of gallons flowed by the filter.

The indicators will show you the sign of changing the filter. The filter will work most for you. It means that you are not drinking dirty water and leave your health to danger.

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What is Special in WaterChef U9000 Filter?

Waterchef U9000

The filter has got both NSF or ANSI certificate. Surely the filter has used high-quality materials and removed all the contaminants from water. Other good features are a list of compounds of WaterChef. Almost all water filters remove chlorine. Like some other filters, only the WaterChef can remove chlorine from water.

Warranty of WaterChef U9000 Filter

The WaterChef U9000 offers you a lifetime warranty. This is the prime warranty of this brand of conformity. Be unhappy to know that they will give an only one-year warranty. For any reason, if you are dissatisfied, they are ready to refund you all cash within 60 days.

When you like to talk about WaterChef, you can do this by email or by the telephone number. Their interactions with the customers are very attractive. If you ask them some question, they will try their best to give a lot of answers with details. However, the company has no direct chat system with the customer.

Waterchef u9000 installation instruction

  1. Select a space beneath the kitchen sink to keep the base. The base must be located in the area where the Faucet must be installed.
  2. Apply the open ended wrench then unthread the compression nut add to the top of the shut-off valve situated on the remaining cold water supply line. (fig.L)
  3. Strand the 3/8” T- Valve to cold water deliver a line, tighten by the open ended wrench. After that thread the compression nut to the top of T Valve and again tighten. Finally, press the Red Tubing to the Outlet Connector adds with T valve.
  4. Move opposite end of Red Tubing to Red Intel connector situated to the top of the lid assembly.
  5. Detect an area to the cabinet wall to raise the Intelligent Monitor. Adjust Intelligent Monitor with the wall to use the Velcro Adhesive Strips gave.
  6. Press the Blue Tubing from System Faucet to the Outlet connector situated on Intelligent Monitor.
  7. Use the other piece of Blue Tubing given, press one end of Tubing to Outlet Connector added on Lid Assembly and the other end of Tubing to the Intel connector situated on Intelligent Monitor.
  8. Put in Cable Connector in Cable Port situated on Intelligent Monitor. After that keep Batter Shuttle in Battery port added on the intelligent monitor. (fig. R). The LED monitor set with the System Faucet flashes green, red and yellow five times. It resets the rated ability counter to 0 gallons.
  9. Please do not alter batter shuttle unless the time comes to replace.
  10. Filter Cartridge. Alter battery shuttle prematurely can result in the loss of information.
  11. Start the flow of cold water supply to observe if there is any leak with it.
  12. Turn on the faucet system. Water starts to fill the filtering housing.
  13. When water starts to flow from the system faucet, its green led indicator to start flashing to refer peak operational performance. Be sure to see that all hose, housing, and clamp connects are tight and do not leak.
  14. 11. Permit the system to flush into the water sink for fifteen minutes. It removes any fine; black carbon sediments remain in the manufacturing process, eliminate trapped air and condition the Filter cartridge to use normally.

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User Review on Waterchef u9000

The working system is very simple. Water goes from the house supply line to the big canister, though charcoal and the paper filter. There is a monitoring device that keeps tracking the flow of water aim at filter replacement.

The details of the systems are most impressive, and the tank filter is a solid stainless having sealing system. The device is safe and apart from the faucet to allow for smaller faucet base.

The three led lights detect the filters’ status. The green light will indicate that the filter is a good condition.

I am happy to have a new filter with the small amount of money. It will last for a long time and love it might easily last me 12 to 18 mo. I need to change it if I see any drastic change.

Product info

Part Number        U9000-BN

ASIN                      B004USLKLG

Item Weight        9 pounds

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On Waterchef U9000

Question: when does the filter cartridges of WaterChef U9000 System require to change?

Answer: WaterChef offers various kinds of filters for your water. The designs are very attractive, and their performance is very good. It can refine up to 1000 gallons of water with one filter. So the people of four member’s family can use it very easily by spending a penny per day.

You should have only one cartridge per year. The system will give you the chance to do other work for your busy life. There are some thirsty people in your family and they can enjoy great tasting water by replacing the filter.

Question: What is the way to know the time to change the filter cartridge?

Answer: The U9000 system has an electronic Intelligent Monitor which tracks the amount of water passes through the filter. It will alarm you when you buy a new filter. The unit will give you a signal and you will be sure the time to change the cartridge comes.

Question:  Water chef replacement cartridge, What is the reason to change the cartridge?

Answer: WaterChef system has got a certificate that it can reduce contaminants presented on the data sheet. Each filter can capture limited contaminant. The water that is flowing through it is still very tasty and fresh.

At the point, the performance of the filter will not good and replace the filter. If you do not change the filter, it will not function properly. No need to change if there is no change of taste and odor. You can change the filter suddenly or seasonally as it may up to the condition of the water.


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Final Verdict

The WaterChef U9000 is the most popular and one of the best water filtration systems in the market. The system reduces the number of contaminants from water. Moreover, it adds back to necessary elements. Besides that, the unit uses a cartridge which will last for up to 12 months.

Furthermore, the filtration system covers a lifetime warranty and has a very attractive design. No doubt, the WaterChef U9000 is a very powerful system which gives few standout features which you normally do not find in some other same type of under the counter filters.

  • Sarah Von says:

    The WaterChef U9000 recently added new WQA certifications for Mercury and NSF/ANSI Standard 401 (which includes emerging contaminants such as BPA, DEET, estrone, and pharmaceuticals).

    The performance data sheet now lists 75 contaminants that the U9000 system is certified for.

  • Jacica Meron says:

    Well, very informative article. Carbon water filter is getting popular day by day. However, what is the significant difference between the carbon filter and the RO filter?

    I am using a RO filter about three years and now I am thinking about other easy option.

    • Sarah J. Gregory says:

      Thanks Jacica Meron for you complements and question.

      The significant difference between Carbon filter and RO filtration is the containing the high-quality filtration membrane. And, the size matter among them.
      Activated Carbon Filtration (Carbon filter) is very effective at reducing or removing the different type of impurities and contaminants like sediment, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, poor taste and odor from water.
      And sometimes its also remove the suspended solid particles. It’s an ancient technology but very good. Besides Reverse Osmosis filtration is one of the latest technologies in water purification process.

  • Wilma Shields says:

    The WaterChef U9000 is a powerful under-the-sink water filter and can remove maximum bad impurities from water. This model can filter more than 50 contaminants that may be lurking in your drinking water and adds back in essential minerals.

    Also, it has large water filtration capacity like 1000 gallon, economic and long-lasting cartridge, intelligent monitor and has led indicator. Moreover, it has lots of user-friendly benefits described in this post. You can check those all for your better understanding.

    Finally, worth reading and go ahead with more research.

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