Top 4 eSpring Reviews with Replacement Cartridge

Only someone who lives in an area where water isn’t that clean knows the value of a good water purifier. I mean, if you aren’t able to drink a clean glass of water, what can be more miserable than that? 

Therefore, it’s an absolute necessity for folks struggling with impure water to buy a quality water purifier.

Now, we are here to review a few products made by a renowned brand. In this review, you are going to know both the good and bad stuff about these top-products on the market. Once you are done with our eSpring reviews, you can make an informed buying decision easily.

eSpring Reviews with Replacement Cartridge

Check out the units we are eager to talk about. All of these have some great benefits to offer.

1. eSpring Water Purifier Below Counter Unit with Auxiliary Faucet Kit

This product that we are reviewing comes from a brand with a good reputation. The Amway eSpring water filter has three distinct qualities that set it apart from other units. These are technology, value, and most importantly, certification. 

Let's start with the certification first. See, a user will have a hard time differentiating between cups of pure water from the ones with less pure water. That's because we are dealing with microscopic stuff over here. Therefore, it's important to know what the people of authority say about the purifier.

Now, this model over here is certified by NSF and Water Quality Association. We are talking about leading authorities over here. So, you are assured that this device will do the job of purifying water, alright. Moreover, it comes with a UV light that will destroy pathogens like nothing else.

Manufacturers claim that the unit should fight off over 140 waterborne pathogens. That should be brilliant. Lastly, the unit comes with remarkable value. The cartridge will serve the purpose for one year. That means you can have about 9,000-10,000 bottles of water before it lets you down.

What’s also cool is that it doesn’t require any special tool for changing the cartridge. It comes with anAmway water filter faucet. So, if you’ve had enough with the bitter taste and unpleasant smell of the water, it’s time you tried this excellent purifier. 

Pros & Cons of eSpring Water Purifier Below Counter Unit with Auxiliary Faucet Kit


  • Certified by leading certification associations
  • 10,000 bottles of water before the cartridge needs replacement
  • No special tools needed for changing the cartridge
  • The UV light destroys harmful elements efficiently


  • Too expensive for some

2. eSpring Water Treatment System

This time we are talking about a complete water treatment system. Incredibly, this Amway eSpring water purifier comes with a carbon-block technology. What's also amazing is that it doesn't bother you with the wires, since there is none involved, to begin with.

The brand has also done a great job with UV-light technology. Such a feature is expected to kill almost 100 percent pathogens with ease. Another worth mentioning thing is that the cartridge is easy to change. Besides, you won’t have to change it before a year.

Yes, we are talking about 1320 gallons of purified water. Moreover, the LED readouts do their job perfectly when the filter needs replacement. Now, how much is this purifier going to cost you each year? Well, you don't need to spend more than 15 cents on a gallon from the second year of using the purifier.

Now, some users aren’t happy with the price of this unit. They want the price to be much lower. Also, there’s an issue with the automatic shut-off mechanism. Users have found it to be faulty on several occasions.

We’ve also come across a customer review, where the user claimed that the water didn’t taste pleasant.

Pros & Cons of eSpring Water Treatment System


  • UV-light technology for the removal of almost 100 percent pathogens
  • 1320 gallons of water before needing to replace the cartridge
  • Carbon-block technology for enhanced purification performance
  • 15 cents for each gallon, which isn’t too much


  • Unpleasant taste for some
  • Automatic shut-off mechanism doesn’t work properly at times

3. Amway eSpring Filter Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge UV 100186

Now let’s talk about a replacement cartridge for your Amway water filter. This unit will only go with the product made by the brand. You got to check out the UV bulb introduced in it. This guy does all the hard work when it comes to purifying the water.

What’s great is that you don’t have to change the cartridge much too often. It should serve the purpose for one year before needing replacement. And that’s about 1320 gallons of use. The cartridge also comes with carbon-block technology to keep your water clean.

The UV light will keep over 140 different pathogens away. So, you can be assured of the purity of the water. Moreover, when it’s time for changing the cartridge, you will find the smart chip of the cartridge sending the message to the LED readouts.

There’s another thing about this cartridge you should find impressive. It’s the fact that the UV bulb doesn’t remove magnesium and calcium. For, these are the minerals you want in your water. However, installation of this device won’t be a breeze, since the instruction isn’t that clear.

Pros & Cons of Amway eSpring Filter Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge UV 100186


  • Reduction of over 140 pathogens from the water
  • UV bulb leaves some beneficial minerals behind
  • LED readout lets the user know when it’s time to change the cartridge
  • Carbon-block technology for cleaner water


  • Instructions should’ve been easier to understand

4. eSpring Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge

This is another replacement cartridge for the eSpring water purifier you might have. The good thing about this unit is that you don’t have to replace it too frequently. It will be cool if you change it once every year. And that’s about 10,000 water bottles. Crazy, isn’t it?

Now, there’s an integrated technology that will keep you alert about the right time to replace the cartridge. And the purification system is expected to reduce over 140 different pathogens. However, you won’t lose the beneficial elements like magnesium and calcium.

As for drawbacks, some users have complained about the filters being a carbon one, rather than a UV one. They think that a carbon filter shouldn’t cost as much as the unit does. Also, we found a user unhappy about the fit of the unit. 

So, if you can get past these facts, the cartridge can be a good option for replacement.

It doesn’t involve a too complicated changing process. And you are getting a long-lasting unit, considering that it serves the purpose for a whole year.

Pros & Cons of eSpring Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge


  • Does the job for a year before any replacement is needed
  • Reduces numerous pathogens excluding the beneficial minerals
  • The user is informed through the LED readout of the purifier when it’s time to replace the unit


  • Not a UV filter, according to some users
  • Too pricey, considering it’s a carbon filter

How to Choose the Best One

A few factors are important to look at when you are choosing your water purifier. Let’s go through them briefly.

The Type of Filter
There are different types of filters available in the market when it comes to water purifiers. We've talked about the UV filter in our reviews. This type of filter has a great benefit. That is, it doesn't remove the beneficial minerals from the water.

Then there are other types of filters, such as UF, RO, and EAT. As for the UF (Ultra Filtration) filters, you will be amazed at their ability to remove cysts from the water. However, they won’t be the most efficient against the virus.

Reverse Osmosis technology is the best option when you have too much magnesium and calcium in the water. It will make the water soft. And if your water has below 500 ppm TDS, then buying an EAT filter will be the way to go.

Electrical or Non-electrical
Electrical units come both with and without storage. You will find most of the UV and RO units to be electrical. This type of filter has a connection with the supply of water.

On the other hand, non-electrical units are suitable for easier portability. You want to choose such a unit when you have an unreliable water supply.

Measuring the TDS
Before buying a water purifier, it is recommended that you measure the TDS of the water. This way, you can choose a type of purifier that will be suitable for the water in your house.

How Good is The Filtering? eSpring Water Purifiers

I have been using this system for a month now. I have believed and seen that it is hundred percent differ in quality of water than the other filters.

The filter is made with cutting-edge technology. Consequently, the taste and smell of water are different from other filtration systems. We are now living in torrential rains flooded regions.

We decided to invest money for the Amway eSpring Water Filter. Our piping system is lasting for a long time. Some may have cracked since the soil is dislodged.

The final consequence is brown and murky tap water. The taste of this water is horrible. The eSpring may have passed a hard time to reach the water in acceptable level. The system cleans water at a surprising level.

The water is clear as like the ice and has no aftertaste of it. We have used the filter for a year, and we are afraid. We are happy to see the filtered water of the eSpring.

Need not hesitate to alter the filtered cartridge for 365 days ahead of great filtering. It is very worth the investment knowing which may not end up in glasses. The eSpring system is approved by the stamp of white men having white coats.

The filtration system has got the certificate of NSF International. NSF is an international water testing service which is based in Michigan, USA. The filtration has got the certificate of the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal.

How The eSpring Water Taste Test​

How The eSpring Water Taste Test

The performance of the eSpring water filter is brilliant. It leaves the clean and pure water. I like to offer credit for the performance of the unit. I have got a chance to test the eSpring filters in 2 individual residences.

One of the residences has spiteful tasting tap water. The taste and odor of both residences are indistinguishable by the quality filter.

Is the eSpring filter the topmost water filtration system I have got? The system is very much same as the others after a certain position. The taste of water is similar to the other filters. Hence it is a tuff race to call. I don’t like to use other filters on the eSpring to enhance the taste of water.

When I compare this one with other, I can say I have a lot of experience with this filter. The taste of water of the eSpring purifier is that same as other best gravity water filters. In a certain level of your taste buds fail to make a clear difference between water from top graded filters.

The reality is there are some differences between water. In such case, UV filtration aids the eSpring to be the excellent one. The carbon block filtration system of the unit is no other than scoff at. To know more check out amazing videos of eSpring water filter.

Here a guy pours a can of coke into eSpring that he has rigged up by a hand pump. After pumping the coke well, clean and clear water will come out from the other side of the filter.

eSpring Water Filter Easy Installation

eSpring Water Filter Easy Installation

Setting up the Amway eSpring may seem somewhat confusing for the first time. But the process is very simple no doubt. The ease of set up is more facilitated by Amway’s superb documentation. It comes with an eight-minute video. This video will give you the procedure for installation.

Most of the installation revolves the diverter valve. The system permits you to pass water through the eSpring unit straightly. Amway takes necessary measures to adjust the diverter valve.

Benefits of eSpring Water Purifiers Technology

Effectiveness: eSpring has got the approval of NSF International for reducing individual contaminants. The ultraviolet light management system is used in the whole world. The eSpring™ system is very effective. It removes more than 140 potential health effect pollutants from drinking water. On the other way, the UV light damages more than 99.99 % of waterborne diseases causing viruses and bacteria.

Innovative technology: Patented eCoupled™ wireless power technology conveys electricity through water, air, and plastic components. It fails to pass electricity without electrical connections to light the UV lamp. The performance of the unit is reliable and efficient. The unit performs well for having intelligent wireless power system. The standard development team added this technology in 2000. Only this water treatment system has this technology.

Ease of use: Smart electronic monitoring system warns the users to change the filter cartridge. The system is operating very well and giving clean and high-quality water in every used. Amway is the water treatment system which combines ultraviolet light. It has a carbon block filter along with electronic monitoring technology.

Personal attention: The eSpring Water Treatment Systems are sold to knowledgeable Amway business owners who give more attention to the product. The product is not available in the retail stores. Asking for replacement filters are convenient and very simple. Amway stands beside an eSpring system ensuring industry leading warranty.

How to change Amway eSpring water filter Cartridge at home

eSpring Reviews FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding eSpring filters:

1. How much water will be purified by the eSpring purifier before changing the cartridge?

It’s about 1320 gallons of water, which is about 10,000 bottles. So, if you have a family of about five members, then you can use the cartridge for 1 year.

2. How many pathogens will the eSpring purifier remove?

It removes over 140 pathogens that make the water bad in smell and taste. The carbon-block technology, along with the UV light, sees the job done.

3. Will there be any minerals left in the water?

Yes, the products we’ve reviewed will leave magnesium and calcium among the minerals in the water. This way, the nutritional value remains good.

4. How much will an eSpring purifier cost me every year?

From the second year of using your water purifier, you will have to spend 15 cents for each gallon.

5. What type of filter does an eSpring water purifier have?

The filters in these units are UV ones. This type of filter does a good job of removing pathogens and making the water smell and taste pleasant.

Final Words of Recommendation

We tried to keep our eSpring reviews as informative as we could. Now it’s your turn to be smart in choosing the right product.

And if you aren’t sure about it, I would recommend the eSpring Water Purifier Below Counter Unit with Auxiliary Faucet Kit for you. For, it is certified by recognized associations.