Boston Fortis Portable Outdoor Water Purifier Reviews

If you have a desire to spend a night on a camping trip or a day hiking for few hours, you need a water filter. To face such situation you have to bring a huge amount of water with you.

Or sometimes you need to drink water from somewhere which causes your illness.

You may be attacked by bacteria, parasites or dehydration. Even sometimes you may face with death for the unpleasant symptom of diseases.

You need to carry a water filter with you. The filter gives you pure and drinking water for less than 20 dollars. For the system, you may have to spend more than 200 dollars.

Boston Fortis Explorer Pro - Multifunctional Portable Outdoor Water Filter Purifier

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Your experience will be completely changed if you use this filter. You will get clean safe and pure drinking water.

The other name for water is life. For your survival, there are no other alternatives to pure water. This filter will give you full support of clean water.

There is a hand pump with the filter to draw water from the various sources. Then water is sent to the media filter which removes all types of pollutants.

The water enters inside an output tube next to the water bottle, cup, cooking pot and even your mouth. Pump filters demand some effort to complete the process.

But with your system, you can use water of lakes and streams to make it drinkable with little effort. The filter helps the users to generate fresh water if you like a gallon or multiple gallons.

If you use the filter for the first time, you will get it is very easy to use. You just need to elevate pouch from a stream or pond and permit gravity to bring water down.

The merit of the filter is that it can remove 99.99% of protozoa and bacteria from water. You can able to purify up to 3 liters of water for your need.

The only drawback is that you have to stand near the water source to collect water for a long time.

You have to submerge the collection bag to fall water. Therefore some hard or shallow water sources may be difficult to use.

The third type of water filter may be considered as a survival tool for an emergency period. It works for life support when your primary filter is damaged, dirtied or stops working.

The primary filter set up straight into the water which is drawn up. It is normally entered through the purification media by suction.

The filter can filter much amount of water prior demanding maintenance. It is used to fill cooking pots, bottles and so on.

Why do you need the Best Backpacking Water Filter

If you are outside of your home, it is very difficult to get pure water for drinking. Getting a pure source of water is very difficult in some cases.

Why do you need the Best Backpacking Water Filter

So for such situations, there are no other ways except using a water filter. Freshwater is not always safe and drainable. The reason is that such water contains bacteria as well as viruses.

These are responsible for your illness. When you use such pollutant mixed water, you are at the risk of health hazard. If you are outside for hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping, you need to bring a water filter with you.

The filter gives you drinkable and pure water that is out of pollution. Sometimes in a natural disaster, there is a shortage of drinkable water.


  • There are lots of emergency features with the purifier. The names of the feature are whistle, compass, flashlight, fire-flint and mini- knife.
  • The other features are triple stage filter, manual instruction, carry bag and tubing.

Reliability & durability

  • Maintenance of the purifier is very simple.
  • No tool is needed to clean the purifier.
  • Pro gives odor free, safe and fine tasting water with heavy and frequent use.
  • The outer part of the pro is made from Military Grade BPA free ABS materials.

Advanced technology

  • The flow rate of water is super fast up to 500 ml/ minute
  • The life of the filter may be expanded beyond 500 gallons by simple maintenance.
  • New advance 3 stage filter along with filtration of 0.1 microns

Why You Choose Boston Fortis Portable Outdoor Water Purifier

The Boston Fortis Explorer Pro is a very effective water purifier today. You need no other tools to set up the purifier. The water you get is good tasting and odor free.

Why You Choose Boston Fortis Portable Outdoor Water Purifier

Moreover, it is very safe for you to drink. There are 3 filtering stages with the filter. The filter is tested as well as certified by NSF. It can remove up to 99% of bacteria from water.

The purifying unit comes with a whistle, compass, knife and flashlight. All are very essential for camping, explorations and backpacking.

The flow rate of the filter is 500 ml per minutes: size is 6.6×3.1×1.8 inches. This filter comes amid detailed manual. Finally, the unit is very lightweight.

Boston Fortis Explorer Pro in action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Boston Fortis Portable Outdoor Water Purifier

Does it take away viruses?

There are laboratory reports that it can remove virus disease. The filter fails to remove chemical up to 0.1 microns report which is found in online.

Does it slay viruses?

The filter eliminates up to 99.99% of rust, sand, insects, suspension sediment. It also removes microorganisms, odor, germs, chemicals, bacteria, and pesticides.

What do you think is the best way to sanitize the hose? May it be boiled?

I have used water and a solution of bleach. Its hoses are thin. Boiling for a long time may diminish the integrity and cause brittleness.

Finally The Boston Fortis Water Purifier

Boston Fortis Explorer Pro is completely free from BPA. You can use the filter directly as any water source. This is very simple to use and needs low maintenance.

All parts are dishwasher-safe and you can clean it very easily. There are 3 stages of water filtration system.

The system’s name is ceramic fiber, carbon fiber, and kinetic degradation fluxion. The flow rate of the filter is ultra fast up to 500 ml per minute.


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