CamelBak Relay Pitcher Filter Reviews! BPA Free Smart Countertop filter

The CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher is a very popular filtration pitcher. It is very useful for you. Its design is very attractive so thanks to the designers.

The top doesn’t fall off as we try to pour it. The system has spill-proof fasten lid which breaks on 2 sides. When the faucet dishes out water, it filters water very quickly. The company says that the filter is 10 times quicker than the other filters in the market.

CamelBak Relay Pitcher, Charcoal/Clear

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You may dispense water out of the relay for more bonuses. It filters water for the second time for having activated carbon. The filter is pleated that ensures more filtration area. The lifespan of the filter is 4 months.

The remarkable speed made us fail to remember how much time the Brita takes to fill up the pitcher. Our previous Brita leaks carbon bits into our water.

The pitcher is very useful in the home, but we think something from other points. We fill up the pitcher from some clean stream.

The pitcher filter ensures clean water for the users in our campers. So there is no reason to buy bunches of bottled water. Use the filter and remain hydrated.

Features of CamelBak Relay Pitcher

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  • The design is slim enough to put in refrigerator doors. It has space saving quality. Capacity is up to 10 cups.
  • Made from BPA free and durable Tritan
  • Double filters technology filters water with great speed
  • Spill-proof locking lid along with filter replacement dial
  • Dishwasher safe as well as backed by Camelbak’s gives your Barkey lifetime guarantee. The unit is effortless to clean



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  • Very Fast Filling: This is the speediest filling water filter pitcher found on the market. Takes no more time to filter water. Thanks to the twice filter method.
  • Good Design – The pitcher is slim to look at. The design is ergonomic. You can fill water without spilling it. One can pour water except spilling it. You can store water beside the crowded refrigerator without facing any problem.
  • Filter Change Notification –There is an indicator with the filter that tells you the time to change the filter



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  • Filters Only Chlorine, Taste, And Odor –The filters remove chlorine along with odors and foul tastes from the water. Most of the filters are more effective to remove other compounds from water


The Relay Delivers Clean Water In A Jiffy

When I read about CamelBak’s relay for the first time, I come to know about it. It seems to me that they are an observer of my kitchen.

They attach all the frustrations that we faced for our previous refrigerator water filtration system. This is colossal. The lid may not seal well.

When you attempt to pour water, it spills very easily from the pitcher. Before that, make the pitcher empty. The filter is very slow this is the most attractive thing.

For a greater thing, these are minor issues. If your family is going to drink more water same as my family. You have to use a remarkable and efficient user-friendly alternative. Choose a CamelBak Relay.

The relay was a great project at CamelBak. They spend more than 3 years to develop a category.

The products crossed the boundaries of the company’s remaining products line. The manufacturers listened to the complaints of the users and tried to solve all.


In this water pitcher filter, there is an uncommon type of cartridge filter. This filter is the only filter on our list to complete our jobs. The cartridge of the filter is efficient. It filters water without spending time.

The cartridge filters can remove chloramines, chlorine, smell and bad taste from water. We have listed some other types of water filters. These filters are capable of removing various types of contaminants.

Filters CamelBak Relay Pitcher

The only difference between this model and other model is the consistency of the filter. Other filter models use a tall and thick cartridge filter, but this one applies a smaller filter.

The main component of the filter is that it uses a non-woven material. The filter removes big particles, dirt, sand, silt, debris, rust, etc.

Water passes through a non-woven material then reaches near the activated carbon filter. It goes very quickly through the filter as it is not thick enough.

The filter contacts with many substances and removes those from the water. It removes chloramines and chlorine when contact with the filter. The filter contacts with odor and bad tastes.

Some other filters in the market are very effective to remove pollutants. People like to use these filters instead of using other.

It is used to remove heavy contaminants from water. This filter removes all types of contaminants from water except chlorine. The model is just for you.

Filter Longevity

The manufacturer wouldn’t give more filtering capacity. It ensures that the filter lasts up to 4 months.

As the filter eliminates dust, silt, rust, debris, and chlorine, we trust it. This is a non-woven material which needs changing prior the activated carbon changes.

CamelBack water pitcher filter has more filtering rate. It lasts longer than any other filters in the market. It can remove few pollutants from water. Therefore it may be a problem for most people.


The pitcher has a maximum capacity to clean water up to ten cups or 0.62 gallons. This is a medium capacity filter. You have to wait for the whole day to fill water. This is up to your water consumption.

Pitcher Capacity CamelBak Relay Pitcher

The pitcher has a very wonderful slim design that aids you in manipulating it easily. You can keep it in your fridge to have a perfect design.

Nevertheless, the filter is very simple to change. You can buy it by spending little money. You can buy 3 filters from other manufacturers for the same amount.

When one lasts for 4 months, the 3 will last up to 12 months. Meaning that you can use the filter for one year. Click here to know how the pitcher filter works.

Why You Like CamelBak Relay Pitcher

CamelBak relay preserves about 10 cups of fresh water sacrificing useful fridge space. The space saving and ergonomic design adjust inside the refrigerator doors.

Communication goes from the valve to your fridge in a crack. The system is very easy and quick. You may use the filter for making morning coffee, washing vegetables and fruits. The filtered water is dishwasher safe.

Finally The CamelBak Relay Pitcher

The pitcher is a big one, and its capacity is 10 cups. It holds more water for thirsty people. The filter has a space-saving design, but still big. I can fit the filter into the door of the fridge.

The water has an appetite taste. Independent tests express that the filter eliminates 97% of chlorine and odor.

People who are looking for great tasting water can use this filter. They can satisfy the desire. CamelBak is a very useful filter, and there are no other contestants on this filter.

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