Brita Atlantis Pitcher Reviews! BPA-Free Pitcher Filter That Reduces Chlorine Taste

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher is a nice water filter by which you can get great tasting and pure water. The main feature of the pitcher is that it removes odor, taste and chlorine from water. Water is completely free from BPA.

Moreover, the filter reduces copper, mercury and cadmium from water. It has a sticker that will tell you the time to change the filter. Another important feature of the pitcher is that it has a very handy gripper.

Brita Atlantis Pitcher Reviews

Brita Everyday Water Pitcher with Filters

The gripper will help you to pour water very easily. There are lots of benefits of using Brita 6 cup water filter. It saves space in your kitchen.

One filter can save the use of plastic. There is no other alternative of Brita filter. The pitcher comes with a flip top lid which you can open and close very easily.


  • The gripper is comfortable. Easy filling lid and BPA free pitcher.
  • Filter alter tells you the time to change the filter
  • The filter removes mercury, cadmium, chlorine taste and copper
  • Space-saving six cup water pitcher with flip top lid

Pros & Cons of Brita Atlantis Pitcher


  • Pours Fast –Quickly pour water and fill well same with the other models. The capacity of the pitcher is very low. Therefore you need to fill it several times of the day.
  • Filter Change Indicator –The pitcher uses a sticker that alerts you to change the filter timely. It is a good way to track the longevity of the filter. You have to see the sticker every time when you use the pitcher.
  • Easy Filter Change –There you will get the complete instruction to change the filter. This is a great advantage no doubt. You will face no problem to replace the filter ultimately.


  • Lid Falls Off –The only demerit of the filter is that the lid falls off from the pitcher. So at the time of filling it, be careful.
  • Small Pitcher –The capacity of the pitcher is very little. You may able to filter only 0.375 gallons at a time. This is a problem for people with big households.

Why You Choose Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Filter

Brita comes with many features. It removes copper, mercury and cadmium. All water is free from BPA.

The taste of the water is appealing. There will remain no odor of water. The flip top gripper is very much useful for the users to make the filling process easy. The pitcher saves the use of the plastic bottle.

Brita water filter

When one uses this filter pitcher, he is completely free from tension. The pitcher is very helpful to remove odor, taste and zinc from water. Its comfortable gripper aids more to fill the pitcher very easily.

Come here and test the water. You would never forget the taste. Not only that, it saves space in your kitchen.

What Do The Others Say About Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

The product is near your hand in a wonderful package. Its top cap is fragile but may not break down at the time of using it. There is a manual with the pitcher where you will get the complete instruction of using it.

Brita filter

The drinking water you get from the pitcher is fresh and germ-free. You will get no residue in water. The filter may seem annoying.

However, this does not matter at all as you get fresh and clean water. Therefore this is a good filtrations system for quenching good tasting water.

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Video Review

Final Thoughts

The pitcher is made of coconut based filters so you get no pollutants in water. This filter can remove mercury, copper and cadmium from water.

Moreover, water will be free from chlorine taste and odor. You get a warning from the indicator when the time comes to change the filter.

Remove the filter timely and enjoy great tasting pollutant-free water. Don’t worry about water. Bring a Brita water pitcher in your home and drink pure water happily.

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