PUR Classic Pitcher Filter Review – Upgrade Your Water Game

When we make a tour in different places, we meet various water sources at RV parks and campgrounds. Sometimes we get fresh and pure water, but sometimes we don’t get pure water.

We are responsible for buying large packs of bottled water or jugs. We like attaching these inside the fridge instead of filtering from the tap.

It is not wise to keep up these habits for a long time. We suggest using a Pur 11-cup filter pitcher depending on sweet home’s testing and recommendation.

PUR CR1100CV 11-Cup Classic Water Pitcher Filtration System

The pitcher is very comfortable to use. It has a big reservoir, produce nice tasting and dirt-free water.

There is an LED light with the pitcher. This will warn you the time comes to change the filter. Each of the Pur pitchers lasts up to 40 gallons. I have confusion about its accuracy.

PUR Classic Pitcher Filter Review

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  • Dimension of the pitcher is: 10.62W x 11.25H x 6.62L Inches
  • Certified that it can remove 95% of industrial pollutants, 96% of Mercury and 94% of definite pharmaceuticals.
  • Thumb indicating manual lid opening
  • Remove Chlorine (odor and taste)
  • Effortless fill lid is thumb- set off for simplicity.
  • Added 1 BPA free water pitcher who holds eleven 8 oz. glasses of water. 1 pitcher gives up to 40 gallons of clean water.

Pros & Cons of PUR Classic Pitcher Filter


  • Cost is reasonable compared to other brands which I used before
  • Filters are better than Brita apparently view of thesweethome.com review
  • Big size is a plus for me, haven’t filled it now and then


  • When the battery dies LED is useless. There is no alternative to replace the batteries.
  • Handle breaks when the pitcher is fully encumbered. I use 2 hands to remove any problem.

Why Filter?

Pur water filter removes different pollutants available in tap water. Health Merits: human body consists of about 60% of water. All of Pur systems depend on it to do its function well. Our environment:

Superior Filtration without the wait

As the demand for natural resources is growing day by day, we are trying to make a difference.

You will get about 400 gallons of water by moving from bottled water to Pur faucet filtered water. It means that thousands of plastic water bottles will be useless in your home.

How our Filters Works

MAXION Technology is PUR’s special formulation system. It blends ion exchange materials and carbon for removing almost pollutants.

Pur Classic

Clean and fresh drinking water is the precondition of good health. PUR water filter turns normal tap water into fresh, clean and good tasting water.

Pur activated carbon filter is made from coconut shells that are heat treated with steam. This system makes pores in every grain of carbon.

Besides, it creates space and tiny tunnels 1000 sq meter of surface area/ gram of carbon. This is about 2, 00,000 sq ft of crannies and nooks to trap the pollutants of your tap water in every faucet filter.

Why You Choose PUR Classic Water 11-Cup Pitcher Filter

PUR has great ability to remove 96% of Mercury as well as 95% of some industrial contaminants. This filter is uncommon, and there is no other contestant on this filter. The filter reduces chlorine (odor and taste) and 94% of particular pharmaceuticals.

Why choose PUR

Finally, you can get great tasting and clean water. The filters leave some useful fluoride in water for you. It is made with LED filter life indicator. The indicator will tell you the time to replace the filter.

MAXION Technology is PUR’s special formulation method that is used to mix ion substitute materials and carbons. This helps people more for removing almost pollutants. Clean and fresh drinking water is considered the requirement of good health.

PUR water filters turn standard tap water into clean, fresh and good tasting water. The filters can do it by using Maxion technology.

PUR pitchers with MAXION Filter Technology are certified to reduce the following harmful contaminants:

 Contaminants Reduced
 Potential Health Effects
Microbial Cysts: Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia
 Short span of gastrointestinal sickness
 Human and animal fecal waste
 Metals:  Cadmium, Mercury
 Kidney injury
 corrosion of ordinary deposits;  deterioration of household plumbing  systems
 Industrial Chemicals: Tetrachloroethylene, Carbon  Tetrachloride.
 Liver Problems: augmented the possibilities  of  cancer
 emancipation from  chemical plants or factories
 Herbicides/Pesticides: 2, 4-D
liver, Kidney or adrenal gland problems
 Run off from herbicide for using row crops


It is not a must to remove contaminants and other pollutants from water by using the filters. This isn’t a good idea to use unknown or unsafe quality of drinking water without enough disinfection.

Systems which are approved to reduce cysts can be applied to disinfected water. This process can hold filterable cysts. A person who needs microbiological purity water he should consult with the doctors or physicians.

Pur Water Filter Pitcher + Filter Review: How to purify tap water

PUR Classic Pitcher Filter FAQs

Question: What is the meaning of the lights of my pitcher indicate?

Answer: Pur water pitcher will give you 40 gallons of fresh water for your family. You can get clean water up to two years by using this pitcher. The light of the filter will be aware you the time to change the filter.

It also measures the amount of time the filters added to your pitcher. After water is poured from the pitcher, the light will flash six times. The light remains inactive until you pour water into the pitcher for the next time.

You have to change the light after replacing your filter. Greenlight implies that the filter is working. The yellow light warns you to change the filter soon. And the red Light warns you to change the filter just now.

Question: is The flow of water through my filter slow?

Answer: The flow of water becomes slow if air pockets or bubbles have trapped inside the filter. To solve this problem, we suggest you remove the filter from the unit. Hold the filter upside down to a little angel.

Then stir it form five to six seconds prior returning it to the accurate position. You may hear the carbon particles moving inside.

It may compact the contents of the filter and remove the air pockets trapped inside. These air pockets can resist the flow of water. It may restore the performance of your unit.

Question: how can I become aware that the filter needs to be changed?

Answer: It depends on the hardness of the water. One should change the filter after using 40 gallons of water or after every two months that comes first. The unit features with LED indicator that will tell you time to replace the filter. It may turn from green to yellow for red when these filters need replacement. When you use the unit, the light may flash. The yellow light indicates that you should replace the filter soon. The Green light indicates that your faucet filter is working well. The red warns you that you must change the filter very immediately.

PUR classic filter

Final Thoughts

PUR’s MAXION™ Technology is hitting the retail shelve in the new line of the pitcher. US water quality is making news headlines at present. On its journey of a long way, water passes local treatment facilities. It is not as clean once it enters to house faucet.

There are more than five millions of lead pipes in the USA, and these are 100 years old.

The main cause of water pollutants is the aging infrastructure for your home. At the time of making the journey, it chooses hundred of undesired contaminant.

The leading filters of the PUR industry are reducing contaminants in drinking water. Suppose Pur’s faucet mount filters removes over 60 contaminants.

Some important pollutants are agricultural pesticides. Other pollutants are heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, industrial pollutants, chlorine taste and odor. Finally, it leaves clean, dirt free and great tasting water for you.


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