Culligan Replacement Cartridge Reviews! A Complete Buying Guide

Is your water hard? Do you like to solve the problem? Do you like to improve the taste of drinking water in your home? There is a residential water treatment solution named Culligan. It has over 80 years of experience.

The filter can solve even the toughest and most normal water issues. The manufacturer is ready to carry out the industry-leading technology and knowledge at your house.

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1. Culligan FM-15RA Replacement Filter Cartridge

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In a previous time, the filter arrived in its package. They arrived in great shape no doubt. However last time I have got the filter in a box with 2 other heave items.

The reality is that these 2 items caused stern damage the water filter. I have got it into 3 pieces. For this, I have acquired an opportunity to see how the filter is operated and manufactured.

This is a super filter. It can remove chemicals from water. It is very simple to set up but somewhat slow.


Pros & Cons of Culligan FM-15RA Replacement Cartridge


  • Water will taste great. The filter works well initially, fills 1/2 gallons in approximately 1-2 mins.
  • Easy installation


  • With lesser use, it is Difficult to judge if it is still functioning

2. Culligan Certified WHR-140 Replacement Filter Cartridge

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The Culligan Certified WHR-140 Replacement Filter Cartridge is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste, and odor. It also features a Santoprene rubber seal to ensure a leak-free fit. This cartridge is compatible with all Culligan US-EZ-1, US-EZ-3, US-EZ-4, and US-EZ-5 systems.


  • Patented filter media bacteriostatic, the growth of bacteria for a fresh shower experience.
  • Simple to install the cartridges in Culligan shower heads
  • Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI standard 177

Pros & Cons of Culligan Certified WHR-140 Filter Cartridge


  • Most beautiful at reducing scalp itching and baldness
  • Reduces oil and scale for softer, cleaner, hair and skin
  • Requires less than 5 minutes to replace the filter.
  • Does Not markedly lower shower strain


  • It says filter life of around 10,000 gallons or 6 weeks

3. Culligan US-EZ-4 EZ-Change Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System

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The Culligan Drinking Water Filtration System ensures fresh and clean water for your water faucet. The filter comes with a twist off mechanism, a handy twist on, simple to install and change.

The filter is very useful to remove odor, bad taste, harmful particulates which are present in water. The capacity of the EZ-Change Undersink Filter is 500 gallons. It has got NSF certificate after completely testing.

As the filter ensures fresh and clean water for the family, we are healthy. You can directly connect the filter under the sink. The other thing is that it removes the foul smell and nasty taste of water.

Moreover, the filter removes chlorine odor and taste, class III particulate and so on. The water will be tasty and maintain fresh and pure smell. The Culligan EZ-Change Under-Sink Drinking Water Filtration System is problem free to set up.


  • 2 years limited guarantee
  • Capacity to clean about 500 gallons
  • Double water shut off
  • Removes odor and bad taste from water
  • Characteristics twist on and twist off the system to change the filter easily

Pros & Cons of Culligan US-EZ-4 System


  • The filtered water tastes good.
  • The water flows quickly.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Tall faucet makes it effortless to fill bottles.
  • Will no more purchase plastic bottles.


  • Don’t arrive with all the 1/4 inch to hose fitting.
  • Enjoy clean, fresh and great tasting water direct from the faucet
  • Changeable cartridge for FM 15 A Culligan Faucet Mount Filter
  • The filter cartridge is hassle free to set up, does not need any tool
  • Every FM 15 RA filter cartridge filters up to 200 gallons, lifetime 2 months for clean and fresh drinking water
  • The filter can reduce chlorine, atrazine, lindane, particulates class I, lead and turbidity. At the same time, it can also remove odor and bad taste.

4. Culligan CW-F Sediment Replacement Cartridge

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The filter is super for well water where it can filter algae and some other bio- growth except clog rapidly.

Some other non-cord wound whole house water systems are not able to do such type of job. You can spend a month and more between the filter changes by the filter.

On the other hand, non-cord wound lasts only for a few weeks before getting biofouled over the surface. The other thing is that it causes more differential pressure transversely the filter.


  • Removes rust particles, silt, and fine sand
  • Capacity 12,000 gallons and lifespan only three months
  • Super for well water application
  • Polypropylene construction and long-lasting wound
  • Filters fine residue filtration: sand, dirt, rust particles, silt and scale particles

Pros & Cons of Culligan CW-F Cartridge


  • Pretty great customer testimonials.
  • Promoted ten-micron filtration.
  • Filter life up to 3 months or 12,000 gallons.


  • The right diameter steps less than promoted less than 2-1/4″, meaning that the filter press is about 3/8″ thick!

5. Culligan S1A 20 Micron Sediment Replacement Cartridge

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If you consider the microns of the filter surely the filter is great. 50 microns filter permits more sediment whereas 10 microns filter needs to be changed frequently.

My business is campground bathhouse. I used the filters for my house. The result is very good. Water is of superior quality.

It does not cost more. Amazon brings them in Subscribe and saves the program. The sediment filter makes it very simple to ensure the desired amount of water.


  • The lifespan of the filter is four months
  • Medium fine residue filter: silt, dirt, sand, scale particles and dust particles.
  • Well construction to increase efficiency
  • Removes medium sediment such as sand particles, rust, and silt.

Pros & Cons of Culligan S1A 20 Cartridge


  • The S1A Fundamental Whole House filter helps reduce rust, sediment, scale, dirt trail sand and sand out of the water source
  • This leaves your water cleaner and tasting better.


  • Nothing to worry about

6. Culligan RC-EZ-3 EZ Water Filtration Replacement Cartridge

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The Culligan produces simple ice maker or drinking water replacement cartridge. The lifetime of the filter is 6 months and capacity is up to 500 gallons.

The specialty of the filter is that it can ensure clean, super tasting water for cooking and drinking. The cartridge features with a twist on the twist-off system and has rapid connection fitting.

The RC-EZ-3 basic filtration cartridge the is comparable with Culligan US-EZ-1-3 and 4 methods.

Do not use a mess of changing the conventional cartridge and give up the demand for wrenches, towels, buckets and other tools. Installation hardware and tubing are added to the system.


  • Ensures great tasting and clean water for cooking and drinking also
  • The RC-EZ-3 filter cartridges remove chloride, particulates class I, cyst, atrazine, lindane and turbidity, lead and other things like odor and bad taste of water.

Pros & Cons of Culligan RC-EZ-3 EZ Cartridge


  • Simple to Use
  • Effortless to change
  • Makes water taste great
  • Has a free battery


  • Nothing to worry about

7. Culligan CW5-BBS Sediment Filter Cartridge for Whole House System

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The filter completely removes lime stain and scale on sinks and appliances. I can surely say that it is very good for water heater also. Normally one unit filters water. After using only 3 weeks, the filter seems to spend a lot of life. The Culligan CW5-BBS sediment filter cartridge is a great option for those looking to filter their whole house water supply. This cartridge is designed to remove sediment, dirt, and other impurities from your water, providing you with clean, fresh-tasting water for your home. This filter is easy to install and replace, and it will help to keep your home’s water supply free of contaminants.


  • Five microns heavy duty sediment filter cartridges
  • A whole house filtration of super sediment particles
  • Polypropylene wound and very effective for well water
  • Wonderful for fresh and pure water to drink, after 5 months replace it

Pros & Cons of Culligan CW5-BBS


  • Wonderful at eliminating particulate iron
  • It works great. Have utilized whole house filter methods
  • Reduces rust, sediment, scale, dirt, rough sand, sand, fine sand, extra fine sand, and silt.


  • With lesser use, it is Difficult to judge if it is still functioning

8. Culligan RFC-BBSA Sediment Replacement Cartridge

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We normally use this manganese filter for our heavy sediment well. This is a crazy amount of stuff to filter out.

When we change the filter, it is very disgusting. We are changing it every few months.

The filter reduces odor and bad taste of water. Moreover, it removes silt, rust, scale, and sediment. The capacity of the filter is 10,000 gallons and lifetime is 6 months.


  • Certified material from NSF having 25 Micron rating
  • Removes silt, sediment, scale, and rust. Moreover, lessens odor and chlorine taste
  • Level 4 Premium Filtration
  • Fits Culligan HD 950
  • Capacity 10,000 gallons and lifetime 6 months

Pros & Cons of Culligan RFC-BBSA Cartridge


  • The Culligan RFC-BBSA premium heavy-duty replacement cartridge reduces chlorine taste and odor and Nice (25-micron) sediment
  • Reduces, silt, scale, and rust.


  • Nothing to worry about

9. Culligan R50-BBSA Sediment Replacement Cartridge

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We have bought it from Subscribe & Save. It saves our money. It works well. We have got very fresh water.

After setting the filter for few months, we have got black soot like substance in water. We have sent it to the Health Department.

The water we get is pure and safe enough to drink. There is no risk of using this water. The well diggers suggest us to change the filter after every one year to get fresh water.


  • Size – 4.3 inch x 4.3 inch x 9.75 inch
  • Removes rust, scale, and sand. Filtered coarse sediment filtration.
  • Level 1 Basic Filtration. The lifetime of a filter is six months or 24 thousand gallons
  • Super for well water application and high flow water.

Pros & Cons of Culligan R50-BBSA Cartridge


  • This filter cartridge is excellent for high-flow and well-water software and contains a filter lifespan of around six months or 24,000 g.
  • Significantly increased water pressure and water flow
  • Fantastic filter for a Sensible price


  • Nothing to worry about

10. Culligan FM-R3 Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge

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The Culligan Faucet Filtering device is a supertype of the filter. I have used it and got a wonderful result.

The taste of water is great. I have used it to make Keurig coffee maker. The result is great as I have got zero problems with chemical build up. The filter lasts for a longer time.


  • Replacement cartridge 3 pack is great to use in Culligan Faucet filter models fm-100-w and fm-100-c
  • Ensures fresher, purer and great tasting water by removing chlorine taste, lead, lindane, odor, atrazine, sediment and turbid. The filter has got a certificate from wqa after testing.
  • Give 200 gallons of water and very simple to change the cartridges to get clean and fresh water.

Pros & Cons of Culligan FM-R3 Replacement Cartridge


  • Culligan filters have been exceptional
  • Better Flow
  • Perfect substitute for your Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Mount Water Filter with Life Indicator


  • Nothing to worry about

11. Culligan PR-1 Water Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Well, water is a must to filter out at every house. The Culligan system is a great type of filter.

We have been using it for seven years. I can surely say that I suggest it for others. The filter is very simple to use, and the price is very reasonable. At first, you have to prime your cartridge before use it.

Read the instruction comes with the box. After setting up brew a full pitcher worth of water near about eight times.

The system will remove any funky flavor from the water. My father has bought one for us. We like and love our water. No need to drink tap or bottled water.


  • Removes odor and bad taste
  • Level two additional filtration
  • Odor and chlorine taste
  • The filter free of copper, mercury, sediment, Zink, and particulates class V along with cartridge change Reminder Sticker

Pros & Cons of Culligan PR-1 Cartridge


  • Reputable Filter for Home Drinking Water Supply
  • Easy installation


  • Nothing to worry about

12. AQUACREST 1000R Replacement for Culligan Water Filter Cartridge

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Greatly adjust with Culligan SY1000 under sink filtration system. The filter is very simple to install. There is no leakage here.

Follow the instructions, and you can set it up within few minutes. Flow water through it for five minutes to remove dust wash out.

The filter has nothing wrong with it. The water comes out of the filter is very sweet. AquaCrest water filter greatly reduces harmful pollutants from water.

Moreover, the carbon components of the filter contribute greatly to reduce odor and chlorine taste. After all, the quality of the water is mostly improved.


  • Developed coconut carbon block is great for improving purity.
  • Very simple to set up
  • Uncommon filtration capacity
  • Great result for up to six months, capacity 500 gallons.

Pros & Cons of AQUACREST 1000R Replacement Cartridge


  • Advanced substance for refreshing water
  • Easy operation wizard.
  • Optimum results for up to 500 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first will Change based on water quality.


  • Nothing worries about

Why Culligan Is The Best

Problem Water Solution Center

Be sure from where you like to begin? Explore Culligan’s solution Center and know more about this problem of water in your state and city. Read some helpful articles on this matter, and it will give you the answer to your questions. check their history.

Free In-Home Water Testing

Receive the first stage of better water testing that has free certified water standard analysis from the Culligan. Then gather the necessary information for customized water conduct solutions.

Water Softening

Hard water is a great problem for your house. Use sophisticated technology to solve your problem to lessen water pollutants, limescale buildup, soap scum, itchy and dry skin.

Water Filtration

Enjoy fresher and cleaner water from each faucet in your house with the help of home water filtration. Try to get the topmost customizable solution which can solve your toughest problems like cloudy, smelly and poor tasting water.

Water Coolers and Water Delivery

Get the opportunity of filtered, fresh, on demand hot, room temperature and cold water in your home by the help of our bottle free and bottled water coolers.

How to Replace The Culligan Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

From the year 1930s, Culligan has been making filters. They have name and fame all over the world in this field.

Culligan is now one of the biggest manufacturers in the world having a hundred dealers. It does not matter at all if you collect water from a municipal or well. This type of filter will remove all problems of water.

Culligan water filter replacement cartridge

Usual maintenance of the Culligan system having a periodic replacement of the filter gives great tasting water.

Step 1

Stop the supply of cold water in the filter by dragging the spigot handle in the under sink cabinet. The filter is added in a clockwise direction by the hand.

Step 2

Expose the cold water tap of the sink as long as water stops draining from the faucet.

Step 3

Keep a towel under the filter cartridge of the under sink cabinet to hold water which can spill if you take out the cartridge.

Step 4

Move the whole filter cartridge by hand. The reason is to keep the arrow to the filter point from the Locked state to unlocked state on the head of the filter.

Step 5

Slip the filter cartridge with the downward to free it from the head of the filter and abandon it.

Step 6

Slip a new filter cartridge upward up the filter head with keeping arrow position unlocked on the filter head. Use hand to turn the cartridge until the arrow point goes to the locked position.

Step 7

Move cold water supply backward by turning the spigot handle to a counterclockwise direction. Move cold water tap on the sink; keep it open to run water for ten minutes to flush out the system.

Culligan Replacement Cartridge Reviews video:

How To Replace A Filter Cartridge

Final Words of Recommendation

If a house is running well for safely treated private well or in your water there is debris content and high minerals; you will get lots of these minerals, sediments and even iron in your bathing, drinking and cooking water.

This type of water must be needed to filter well. In a previous time, many people had bought Whole House Water Filtration system and installed it to serve the purpose.

We are running behind one of these properties and found it is a must to change the sediment cartridge. We have decided to face the challenge. As for the first time, we tried it, we have taken the pictures of our exploration.


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