Versa Flow Water Filter Reviews! Has High Flow Rate Filtration Capacity

It easily adjusts to a way of life and may be screwed on a plastic bottle, used in line with your hydration pack, utilized as a gravity system or bucket filter, or may be used as a straw so that you can drink straight from the water resource.

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The Versa Flow water filter is among the lightest and most convenient private water filters on the marketplace. Weighing in at only 2 ounces, you do not need to be worried about adding additional weight to your pack or attempt to discover a dedicated location for this. It will fit almost anywhere. This water filter is ideal for biking, camping, traveling, and emergency attentiveness.

HydroBlu Versa filter

Though it’s lightweight, it’s significant in features. Most of the filter is created to exacting standards and exceeds EPA criteria for filtration. The Versa Flow includes numerous tiny tubes known as fiber. Hollow fiber functions through size exception. Some producers filter the water through the crux of the mucous capsules, but this limits water flow since so much water may fit through the center launching.

We purify water throughout the exterior of the tablets by bending the hollow fiber. If the center of these tubes become clogged out of sediment onto the competitor’s filter now, you can use the screen. If you regularly backflush the screen, you may use it almost forever. This means no extra filters, pumps, iodine drops, capsules or batteries to buy again.

Versa Flow Water Filter Reviews

Last update on 2024-07-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Additionally, it eliminates 99.999 percent of protozoan cysts, such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other protozoa.
  • exceptionally versatile water filter adheres to standard plastic jar with inner 28 millimeter threads, may be utilized inline on hydration (Camelback) packs, either gravity or bucket system, or used as a straw to drink straight from the water supply
  • Makes it perfect to use in almost any survival our outside diversion scenario.
  • The Versa Flow may be washed by back flushing to increase the durability of this filter
  • Filter capacity 20,000 liters


  • Must have for your prepper
  • Fantastic product for a fantastic price
  • Easy and powerful


  • Nothing to worry about

Chemical and Ultra-Violet Water Purification

Chlorine dioxide drops, or pills are a fantastic option except for the waiting period until it’s possible to absorb the water. A lot of individuals also have revealed that the tablets didn’t necessarily dissolve as anticipated. Ultra-violet water treatment alternatives depend on if the UV lamp is functioning and if your backup batteries (that aren’t standard) remain great.

HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter System

But the compound or UV remedies filter out the water, leaving unappealing floaters on your jar. When a water supply is stagnant, then you’re still left with the unpleasant swill of drinkable but unenjoyable water. This is a deal-breaker for me personally.

Weighing in moist at about 3 ounces, it’s the lightest authentic water filter available on the industry and is exceptionally flexible in the way you decide to utilize it. It surely works, but most Sawyer users will inform you the way the comprised bags have neglected.

Gravity-fed Water Filters

Sawyer, the Platypus, along with many others sell a gravity-fed system using the filter between the “filthy” bag along with the filter bag. As opposed to relying on mechanical grinding to provide pressure to the screen, then gravity may do it with less strain on the physical elements if you’re ready to wait somewhat longer. But, the two Sawyer and Platypus’s options are amazingly pricey for a 2L setup.

The healing factor is just height in almost any gravity-fed water method. The width of the tubing or the total amount of water, in concept, doesn’t make a difference. Increase height to improve stress. This is the power which will push the water throughout the Sawyer.

How to Use The Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter

Start out by finding the base of the squeeze bag at which the tote part ends, and the growth baffles begin. Reinforce all four corners using a duct tape that will work as a reminder that this will be the filthy reservoir.

How to Use The Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter

Then drill a hole on both sides of the tote through the front and rear growth baffles. Fit either side of a grommet through a hole match another side of the grommet on where it stems in the bag and then give it a few whacks with the grommet tool to flex the grommet fit. Repeat three times.

Last, thread the nylon rope through the grommets. You also ought to place grommets in your clean tote, if your cluttered bag becomes endangered and you want another tote to suspend.

Next setup the inflow tube. I opted to utilize the 5/16 “outer diameter tubing instead of the less costly 3/8” outer diameter tubing since it is less than half of the weight (1.7 oz).

Cut a five-foot segment of this tube, set the tube segment using a tube clamp, then plug one end into the Sawyer filter and the other close into the blue inline adapter out of Sawyer. The blue adapter matches the Sawyer tote and includes a neoprene washer.

Fit both parts of the mesh within the threads of this blue screw-top adapter. This mesh functions as a sizeable particulate filter also retain any floaters from hitting the screen and then clogging it. Quite fine particles, for example, glacier silt, will undergo so if you’re using water that’s cloudy with sediment. Let it settle into a collapsible bucket before filtering. Cut out a couple of extra mesh circles and store them on your “extras” kit just in case you eliminate those from the adapter.

The previous section is that the outflow side. The Sawyer adapter kit has a screw-top bit (blue) plus a screw-in bit (gray). The gray piece doesn’t fit in any ordinary bottle, so you’ve got two choices: purchase the following Sawyer adapter kit and throw the gray components or purchase a Tornado Tube.

Versa flow water filter

What Others Say About The Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter

Perhaps the most flexible water filter in this listing is your Versa Flow. That is because you may use it to drink straight from a water supply, or you may also screw it on a hydration pack or a plastic water bottle.

Built to exceed the criteria set by the EPA, the Versa Flow uses multiple miniature hollow fiber capsules which may block over 99.99 percent of protozoa, parasites, and bacteria. To boost the lifespan of this filter, then backlash the screen to remove any debris.

HydroBlu Versa Flow Video Review

Versa Flow Water Filter FAQs

Question: Can this match a standard sized water jar, such as Aquafina or a wise water bottle?

Answer: Smart water jar is exactly what I use

Question: How much water does it filter until it’s consumed?

Answer: Product description asserts 20,000 liters, I am confident that there are thousands of variables to be considered.

Question: Why is this super tricky to suck on water though?

Answer: It is rather straightforward. Matter fact, I use it as a gravity filter

Final Thoughts

The Versa Flow was created to be as adaptable as you. It easily adjusts to a lifestyle. The Versa Flow water filter is among the lightest special water filters on the marketplace.

Weighing in at only 2 ounces, you do not need to be worried about adding weight to a pack or attempt to locate a dedicated place for this. It will fit almost anywhere. This water filter is ideal for biking,, camping, traveling, survivor and crisis preparedness.


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