Best Culligan Faucet Filter Cartridge for Bad Taste/Odor

Culligan US-EZ 1 is very effective Reverse Osmosis system of making water fresh. It can remove bad taste, chlorine, and odor as well as harmful chemicals from water. There is twist off and twist on the mechanism in this filtration system.

The Culligan EZ Water Filtration System has the power to supply fresh water for your home, kitchen and drinking water.

The best reverse osmosis water filter has the great system to install a new one. It will remove some mixed particles and other things like bad smell, odor, etc. the unit is certified by NSF and has the power to make fresh water up to 3000 gallons.

The Culligan EZ  Water Filtration System will provide pure and fresh water for your family passing through the faucet.

Culligan US

It will remove particles Class III, bad smell, and taste which are penetrating into the water. The taste of water will be not only great taste but also water will be pure and fresh.

The EZ-Change Filter will ensure fresh and pure water for you. There is twist off and switch on the system in this device.

The design is very good, and you can install the new faucet very easily. You have no tension to replace the new one as this will remain for a long time though it has leaks or spills.

A well-known leader product in the world of water filtration and the solution is Culligan. Culligan’s drinking-water and working water filtration systems will make water free from dirt and other pollutants.

It makes water fresh and saves for drinking, cooking and other purposes.

Culligan Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge

If you want a lightweight version for long distance trekking, have a look at the Sawyer Mini or the MSR TrailShot. Should you want your water therapy to purify for viruses, then look at the MSR Guardian, that can be thicker and much more exclusive but effective from more pathogens.


  • Highly rated Merchandise in Comparison with water pitchers and Water Heaters
  • Lousy water flavor is a problem that is critical but when this version is there not to worry about any taste of plain water.
  • To the filter changing also the mechanism along with purpose twist-on is employed which Is Quite handy
  • Purifies water in margins; around 3000 gallons
  • Water shut-offs provide efficacy
  • NSF certified
  • Filter change reminder sticker informs you
  • Simple installation is completed in only about 15 minutes; no kind of complications is that there
  • Hardware kit is attractively designed and made besides many famous water pitchers and faucet filters

Pros & Cons of Culligan Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge


  • The machine eliminates scents in addition to tastes. The new water source will continue to keep your household healthy and hydrated.
  • The machine filters offer a mess-free replacement. The screen generally matches conveniently and efficiently with any kitchen sink faucet.
  • The machine is designed for convenience; it is easy to set up the mobile filter, and you’re able to replace it fewer minutes with a simple twist on the spin off technique. Additionally, the fast linking fixtures make sure the filter is undamaged until you alter it.
  • The machine is beneficial; it can purify up to 3,000 gallons of water; this can be more than enough circulation to keep your family healthy.


  • Should you not adhere to the installation instructions correctly, the system might wind up leaking after a couple of rounds of usage.

The Reason to Choose Culligan US-EZ 1 Water Filter

The Culligan US-EZ is very simple and easy to install. This system will give you odorless and fresh water which is very efficient. My friend is very much pleased to see the result.

By this filtration, people get very fresh water, so this will give you water to store in the tank. No odor presence after filtration and it can remove most of the dissolved particles in water.

Diagram and Specifications of Culligan US-EZ 1

Culligan US-EZ 1 is a great water filtering system, and you will get the purified water just within a minute. The price of the product is not very much, and this will give you the chance to get pure water at your home and office.

This system will reduce the unnecessary elements like bad taste, chlorine, odor and class III particles out of the water.

The maintenance of the device is very easy. It is easy off and on a mechanism which is also very easy to maintain well.

The reality is that this has the greatest power to purify 3000 gallons of water. The information mentioned above will make the filter reliable and longer last to get purified water.

The weight of the Culligan US-EZ-1 is 2.4 pounds. The dimension of the filter is 3.8 by 8.2 by 12.2 inches.

So the dimension and the weight of the product make the device very simple and very compact. I am very pleased to see the temperature management of the device which is minimum 40 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am very pleased to see the filling capacity of the filter that can fill up with 3000 gallons and 11356 liters in the first phase, and the capacity of the third and fourth level is 500 to 1893 gallons. Along with the flow rate is 0.5 lpm / 1.9 lpm that is also very nice.

The whole water filtering system will have the following packages which are as follow:

  • Filter top made with Bracket
  • RC-EZ-1 Level-01 substitute Filter Cartridge
  • increasing Screws
  • provide Adapter
  • Faucet –free from Lead
  • Plastic Tubing is 1/4 Inch
  • Filter alter Reminder Sticker
Culligan US 1 EZ

Culligan us-ez-1 installation instructions

  • Ice maker filter
  • A good type of installation on 1/4 inch plastic hose cold water line
  • Number diagrams cooperate with numbered steps
  • Read all the instructions carefully and take steps before installing and uses for IC-EZ water dispenser
  • Be sure there is more slack in remaining water to give refrigerator to move out from the wall totally
  • Instruction indicates for standard installation for existing water line refrigerator prior installing.

Mounting the Filter System

Stop the flow of cold water to the refrigerator and distribute the water from the refrigerator door as long as the water flow stops to free the pressure inside the pipes before beginning installation. Keep a tray or towel under water to hold excess water after the pipe is cut out.

Choose a place under the sink, near the refrigerator, and basement where the filter is to be mounted. When the filter gathers is mounted by the side of a wall near the drawers, take out the drawers.

The cabinet wall can be very thin to support the filter assembly. We suggest using a 3″ x 3″ x 1/2″ wood block by the side of the cabinet to permit the screw to enter through the cabinet and to the wood block.

The system permits the filter assembly to support well. Apply the filter head assembly as a template and drill two 1/4-inch gaps in the side wall. Keep the block of wood behind these two holes and drill 2 1/8 inch holes into the block.

Apply two screws given to mount the filter assembly head to the inside wall and for the block of wood.

Filter water must be set in a vertical position. Apply mounting bracket to indicate a template to refer screw locations. Mount filter head in indicating the location of the used screws.

Cutting or Disconnecting the Tubing

Select a seven to eight-foot coil of plastic tubing between the refrigerator and the outlet of the filter.

Measure the length of plastic tubing to add to the inlet as well as the outlet of the filter.

Take a utility knife to cut the tube cleanly. Keep a minimum of two inches of tubing after shutting off the valve so that the tubing must be re-cut at a later time.

Connecting the Tubing and Fittings

NOTE: If water does not flush through the existing water dispenser, add T- Flush valve first and connect the outlet of the filter just like step 3A. Look at Page 1 to see T-Flush valve diagram.

Connect the Intel. Assemble adjusts as a present, by an entering tube 5/8 inch to inlet fitting of the head.

Connect the filter like as step (3A).

Installing the Cartridge

Catch the cartridge from the beneath if you like to change or install the cartridge. Be careful not to scrape knuckles on the bracket while locking the cartridge to the place.

Line up the arrows of the cartridges along with the unlocked padlock on the head. Enter the cartridge and then move the arrow to lock the padlock. Details are shown in Diagrams R2 and R3.

Putting the Filter into Operation

NOTE: In a drinking water cartridge, there is a carbon fine. As there is carbon fine in the ice maker, discard the ice. Start the water supply to fill the filter with water. Notice if have any leaks. When there is a leak, see Troubleshooting.

  • Flush the filter up to ten minutes by water dispenser or when the appliance is decorated with only an ice maker, by the T-Valve and abandon water.
  • Start your ice maker
  • Installation is finished
  • Notice the leaks prior leaving installation. As it leaks, notice troubleshooting.

Culligan under sink water filter manual

We have desired that our customers will enjoy the benefits of Culligan Water Filtration products. It is a great benefit that all our products come with detailed instruction guides which may be rapidly accessed by Culligan official website.

Filter Cartridge Replacement

NOTE: It is suggested that the EZ-1 filter may be replaced every year and the EZ-3/EZ-4 every six months. If you see a change in odor, taste, and flow of water being filtered.

Relieve Water Pressure

  1. A) Shut off the water accumulation to the filter and hand out water from the drinking water faucet as long as flow stops to alleviate pressure.

Remove Old Cartridge

NOTE: Set up towel under the system to hold water drips.

  1. A) Move arrow from the unlocked and locked position.
  2. B) Normally pull down to eliminate cartridge
  3. B) Install New Cartridge
  4. A) Decorate the arrow to an unlocked position over the head and enter cartridge.
  5. B) Turn to a fixed position.
  6. C) Start flow of water and notice for leaks. As you see leaks, notice troubleshooting.
  7. D) Flush water inside the drinking water faucet for ten minutes to eliminates carbon fines. Before leave installation see if there is any leak. If you get it, see Troubleshooting.

Replace Battery

  1. A) Take out the battery set up in the slot just under the Culligan logo.
  2. B) Take out the excess batter from the side of the filter cartridge and keep inside the slot under the Culligan logo. Look at diagram 6 in connecting the faucet on page three.
  3. C) If the batter is inserted accurately, the LED may blink red for about thirty seconds then it will shut off. To refer the filters require to be changed within following 30 days, it may flash yellow. After that time filters need to be changed immediately, it may flash red. The light may flash red as long as the battery dies. The batter needs to be changed after every filter is replaced.



Between head and cartridge

  • Shut off the water quantity to the filter and distribute water from the drinking water faucet as long as the water and air flow stop.
  • Take out the cartridge and see the O-ring to be sure they are in the exact place and clean.
  • Set up the cartridge and start the water supply. If it leaks still, contact Technical support.

From fittings

Stop water supply to the filter and start drinking water faucet to free pressure in the system. Pressure the grey collar round the fitting at the time of pulling the tubing by the other hand. See if the tubing is injured or cut squarely.

Since the tubing is uneven or spoiled, cut off half and 5/8 inch and reinstall per step 5 of the installation; add the delivery adapter along with inlet of the filter.

Expose the water supply valve, the shutoff faucet and see for leaks. Since there remain the leaks, or if you see other leaks in the unit, stop the water supply and call Technical Support.

User Review On Culligan US-EZ 1 Water Filter

Inexpensive and works

We have purchased the filter to eliminate chlorine taste from the water of the city; it functions amazingly. The faucet is an excellent chrome like finish, and it can flow quite well.

Culligan US 1 EZ-Change Under-Sink Drinking Water Filtration System

Installation needs to know some ways how. If you have no other hole in the tank, you need a hole.

The whole size is 1.5  inch. If you got a sink just like me, try to get a bi-metal hole saw. If you like to get water from the filtration system, you have to need an adapter which you need to install the cold water valve.

People who have threaded pipes this will do perfectly for them.

I had gone to the hardware store and bought a new water valve that has outlet 1/4 inch water line. Thrown away the adapter. I would suggest this new valve, and you can turn off the supply of water system very simply if you need to do so.

At the time of buying the new valve, do not forget to purchase the compression and little insert ring for 1/4   inch water line.

The tricky part is to remove the old compression ring. There are some special tools to do so, the elbow and pliers can do it.

Long-Term Benefits

My wife gets pure drinking water for the whole day. She is wise enough so she did not buy bottled water but she enjoys the taste of clean and pure water.

She used the Britta Pitcher for the last four years and left the black junk from water, always is the way and added eight dollar filter for the last two months. I installed it on the edge of the sink so that the cup may sit well on the counter.

We installed it three months ago, and we are happy now to have safe water. The filter is working well and has not matter of funny taste. It has got five instead of four stars for faucet can be heavier duty.

I have bought the cheapest one from the shops, so you will obtain what you pay for. It may break anytime soon, and I suggest it to anyone.

Culligan US-EZ Under Sink Water Filter

Culligan Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge FAQs

Question: Can this faucet be built up in the typical sprayer fissure on sinks? (Approx. 1 1/2 inch hole)

It is a 1-3/8″ or 1-1/2″ hole so this is very easy to install. To install, you need to make a hole not more than 9/16″ or 5/8″. I have bought one, and this is the perfect… so there is no doubt.

Question: What can remove this filter? Mercury?

EZ-4 replacement will remove mercury. It is more than perceptible floaties.

Question: Will this adjust with my new faucet?

This will not attach to the faucet. It must be placed high next to the water valve. I placed the safety valve, and there is no need for dishwashers, to make a gap. The attachment of the water line is very simple. The unit does all functions well. In a year, I change only the filter.

Question: I like to have a valve in nickel type, to adjust with other hardware. Will it be adjusted with the third-party valves for 1/4″ tubing e.g. “The European style”

I think it does… they are very standard at the time when I install the unit. It is the best filter and once a year you need to change this filter. You need not depend on my words.

Question: Can I reinstate the sprayer which is installed with the kit? I do not use the sprayer

You can readjust the sprayer as there is the same hold in the sink valve of the sprayer in An exact replacement.

Question: Where will I go for the adapter 1/2 to 3/8 for my plumbing?

You can get the adapter 1/2 to 3/8 for plumbing at any home improvement store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and other stores. You also may be able to find the adapter online from retailers such as Amazon.

Question: I got municipal water which is a chlorine smell or taste; I think this is an earthly smell or taste. Can EZ-1 help in this regard?

When you drink water, you will get the water dirty, or have an odor. If you use the filter, all odors and tastes will remove. The taste is very well and smells good to my wife. I think you have got the answer, so have a good day.

Final Thoughts

The installation system of the Culligan US-EZ-1 EZ is very easy and simple. You need not think about the installation as this will not take much effort. Culligan US-EZ-1 EZ-Change will give you the best result of contaminating-free water.

It has the great power to clean water greatly. So you need to read the instruction well, and you need to be acquainted with the five stages system fully for water filtration.

The system is capable of meeting all of your expectations and easy to maintain as well as supplying safe water so it could be the best reverse osmosis water filter and suggested to buy.


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