How Soft and Hard Water Are Similar and Different: A Comparison of These Two Waters

You may have heard the name hard and soft water. Sometimes you will be wondered what they exactly mean. What kind of water is needed for your home? Do you have water better than the others? What kind of water would you like to get at your home? Do you know the difference between hard vs soft water?

Surely, you cannot create all tap water equally. To make the idea more allusive, hard water is not better than the soft. Moreover, soft water is not a preferable option always.


The normal way to determine the hardness of water is looking at sud information with the soap. The latter information is less compared to the soft water. Rather than the hard water produces a white precipitate. The other way of detecting hardness is scaling. The scale is white in color as there are magnesium and calcium in the hard water. The presence of muddy and cloudy or milky appearance of the swimming pool indicates the hardness of water.

The Basics of Hard vs Soft Water

Hard water is a kind of water that has a concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. The water that does not contain minerals is called soft water. The minerals are taken out from water at the time of passing it through materials which hold magnesium and calcium like limestone. Sometimes hard water is chosen to drink for its taste, not for its minerals.

There are extra elements in a water softener. This may be occurring in the water treatment to remove hardness from water. The taste of the soft water is salty, and this water is not good for drinking. If the taste of the hard water is more than the soft water, why people would like to drink soft water? There are some who like to think about the usefulness of soft water, the duration of appliances, the power of cleaning detergents, the outweigh the downside. Now we consider the positive and negative sides of the water softener.

How does soft water become hard water?

We may choose rainwater for our example. The taste of the rainwater is acidic. The reason is that there are carbon compounds found in the air for pollution. Now we think the rain waterfall in the area where there are lots of limestone rocks. We find calcium carbonate in limestone. As the water soaks to the limestone layers, calcium compound mixes with the acidic rainwater. The water turns into hard water as magnesium and calcium are found in water.

How does soft water become hard water

For various factors, the hardness depends on. It mainly depends on the rock types. By outside looking, you cannot detect hard or soft water. It needs to test. By looking some signs in your home’s water, you may guess the water is soft or hard.

Is Hard Water Unhealthy?

The scale is the kind of mineral that you get the deposit in the external and the internal part of the plumbing. So you need to clean the parts that come contact with water. If there is scale build up, it will reduce the efficiency of the system. The scale is inconvenient, but it is not harmful to the health issue.

Temporary vs. Permanent Hardness of Water

The hardness that you cannot remove by boiling is called the permanent hardness. Normal hardness may occur in the presence of bicarbonate minerals. Permanent hardness may take place for the presence of magnesium and calcium in the water. Permanent hardness is not a permanent issue. Water softening process can remove it. Boiling causes carbonate to form bicarbonate on the soft water.

Hard and Soft Water Classification

The water hardness depends on some factors like the Ph temperature, minerals of the water, etc. The U. S Geological Survey state the range of measurements to detect the hard and soft water. We cannot define scale by considering only one factor.

Effect of hard water

Your Health and Hard Water

There are various minerals in the hard water such as magnesium and calcium. Everyone needs a certain amount of these minerals in their body. Calcium makes your bones healthy and strong whereas magnesium performs the same activity. This will help to process the protein and fat at the same time.

Effect of hard water

The appropriate amount of these things makes the body fit. The excess amount of these may cause a problem such as vomiting, tiredness, and diarrhea. The people who are living in this kind of hard water area may face the problem. You need to think about it.

Your Home and Hard Water

People who are encountering this kind of problem should know what kind of damage they may do. The contaminant may stick to the surface of your water pipes and build up around the faucets. They may cause some other problems for the appliance.

our Home and Hard Water

If you see any white spot on the chrome sink or the surface of an appliance, be sure there is the presence of hardness in your water. Though there is no limescale in it, soon it will build up. You must have to use a lot of greases to escape the buildup. I have faced this kind of problem, and sometimes people use a sharp knife to remove the buildup.

If you see the limescale on water, think what may happen to your water pipes. You may notice the pressure of water has reduced. You may see that one or more of water pipes may be encrusted from inside for the building of limescale.

Hard Water Treatment: How is water softened?

If you reduce magnesium, calcium and other minerals from hard water, it turns into soft water. The normal hardness of water can be removed by adding lime or boiling it. Permanent hardness can be removed by ion- exchange resins where the hardness ions are transmitted to sodium ions. Celator is used to make the water softener. Sometimes citric acid that is used in shampoo, or soap or laundry detergent can be used to make the water soft.

Hard Water and Hair

When you know the water is hard to your home, there will be the problem with your hair. I have no knowledge that Wisconsin offers great mineral water. Since you like to make a tour to the US in this summer, the map will help you to remove hardness of water in your locality.

Just know that this softening system will affect the result of the hotel and in your home. So you may use a ballpark instead of legally binding arbitration.

Hard Water and Hair

For the hard water affected area, you may use the Chelating shampoo. You may use other shampoos which have a compound like EDTA, and this will remove excess minerals such as calcium plus magnesium from your dear locks.

The chelating shampoo is the best drying, and it is not suggested for everyday use. It may be that you are using the best conditioner to put the moisture back to your hair again.

I would like to use the Organix Anti- Breakage Keratin Oil Conditioner as it contains a good scent and washes well and makes my beautiful hair looking and attractive.

Some of my friends like to use very hard water by using vinegar cider rinses. Again the shampoo dries the hair much, so don’t overuse it.

My hair is very blonde, and I like to swim for a long time. So I use Joico K-Pak Chelating Shampoo. It removes the green tones from my locks and left wonderful feeling. If I go to the hard water territory for my trip, I would suggest it for packed it.

Soft Water and Hair

Soft Water and Hair

When you do not wash your hair with the soft water, you may feel it take forever to wash out your shampoo. This may seem that the volume of the hair may be less, you have less curl body.

I lived in an apartment where there is soft water. I think that I never wash my hair well and so the back of my hair is always gross and oily. To fight with it, I would like to part lock differently, to rinse it from ear to ear, would rather than plodding shampoo to the top of my head.

I use shampoo to lather the part of my hair and right where the build up is the worst. I do not sue to get my eyes; this truly does its function well. The oil patch of my hair will remove and will never come back.

Shampoo wise is formulated to use in the soft water. This is made by the Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar, which contains suitable salts as well as minerals.

I have never used it with the soft water. My water is safe now, and once you used the bar format, the hair will be more beautiful and healthy looking.

You may fight with the effect of soft water by a clarifying shampoo or with an ACV rinse once to be sure the other product or the shampoo is not building up on your hair.

If you get the hair is bit dreary, you may get to skip the conditioner for some time. Over conditions may affect the beauty of your hair if you bunch between water types.

Hard vs Soft Water – Video

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