Best Alkaline Water Purifier Reviews, Benefits With Pros & Cons

You can have heard many of health claims regarding alkaline water. Some say that it may help slow the aging system. It can also maintain your body’s pH level and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. But what is alkaline water? Why is necessary all the publicity?

The alkaline water indicates the pH level in the water. The pH is a number indicates how alkaline or acidic a substance is on a scale of 0-14.

For example, something having pH of 1 may be acidic, and something with a pH of 13 is called very alkaline.

Alkaline water has more pH level than the usual drinking water. For this some advocates of alkaline water. It may neutralize the acid in your body. Usual drinking water normally has a neutral pH level of seven. But in alkaline water, the level of pH water is 8-9.

An Alkaline Water Filter Offers No Health Benefits

Have you faith in me? If not, look at the health statistic of the USA. The people who have highest pH tap water bringing most alkaline minerals. They are healthier than people of other areas. Nope. The people of Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California are healthier than the people of Washington and Oregon where the water tends to be soft.

Alkaline water filter offers many benefits such as greater hydration, micro-clustering, and antioxidants. Now the question why people of US do not use the purifier and drink alkaline water?

Here is a quotation from underground health “Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals.” People who drink this alkaline water are sure that they are less toxic.

Are there fewer instances of diseases and illness? Reality is that they do not. The cause is that only alkaline water does not make them healthy.

When you buy an alkaline water filter such as the Alkaline-RO by underground health, you are just wasting your money. You are a fool if you think that you’re getting antioxidants.

How to Choose Alkaline Water Ionizers & Purifier

There are lots of alkaline machines on the market. From them, choosing the best one is a great and problematic task.

The price of various models may be huge. You have to think more and see the reviews of different models before deciding to buy one.

How to Choose Alkaline Water Ionizers & Purifier

Choosing a good machine is a very challenging task. There are lots of stores who are selling water filters of different brands.

If you like to get the best one, you have to accomplish your homework very carefully. Before buying, you must consider various factors of the product. You have to emphasize its cost, service and warranty period most.

For the beginners, ionizer machines come with various plate levels.  You’d get them 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11 plates.

These plates are very much essential for electrolysis process. They affect the pH value and the flow rate of water permitted by these ionizers.

Another thing that you must give importance is the design of your alkaline water machine. There are some undercounted units which are fit for the congested area of your kitchen.

They are very costly and simple to install. The design is not the only thing that is needed to consider. One should give more importance to what type of service does the machine ensure.

Importance should be given to the cost of the machine also. These ionizers may seem costly. No matter. In the market, there are many brands selling ionizers with different prices. Be happy to know that you will get your desired one by your limited budget.

Moreover, you have to identify a top graded brand that comes with extended warranty. For this, you can able to return the machine which fails to operate.

What exactly is Alkaline Water Machines?

An alkaline water machine transforms usual tap water to the optimal pH level for our bodies. pH stands for probable of hydrogen.

What exactly is Alkaline Water Machines

When pH liquid is higher, there remain fewer free hydrogen ions. The range of pH value is from zero to 14 through seven being neutral.

Anything under 7 is recognized acidic, and anything more than 7 is thought alkaline. To make it clear, milk has a pH level 7.0 whereas juices and sodas have pH of about 3.

How do Alkaline Water Machines Work?

The alkaline water machine is added to your faucet that is very useful. These machines can alter the pH level and filter tap water. This filter is an activated carbon filter that can eliminate pollutants and impurities from water.

People may change the pH level of water by running the water. This process is known as electrolysis.

The process divides minerals and hydrogen ions in water. The machine can produce the transformed water into two water streams. One is alkaline water for drinking purposes and oxidized water for cleaning purposes.

One can watch the video to get more understanding of the way of electrolysis works.

Top 4 Alkaline Water Purifier Reviews! Features, Pros & Cons


NEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgetsNEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgets. Powerful, Affordable, FREE Filter

Alkaline water ionizer machine has a smooth design and very sleeker components. It includes KOBE steel platinum-titanium electrolysis plates as well as temperature resistant and non-toxic ceramic ion membrane. The Alkaline is made in Japan.

It has six electrolysis levels as well as seven dissimilar levels of pH values to choose.  These values are reachable through a yielding touch control panel.

There is an automatic 10 seconds electrolysis chamber which cleans every alkaline use. For this reason, you will get the right pH level every time in your water.


  • pH Value Range: 4.5 to 11 ORP Value: -850mv (Max). Platinum-titanium electrolysis plates are completely made in Japan.
  • Ceramic ion membrane is manufactured by Yuasa Japan; Temperature-resistant as well as non-toxic.
  • Seven selectable levels of water pH value Soft Button Control Panel
  • Manufactured in the USA and manufactured from an Active carbon fiber.
  • Automatic ten second electrolysis chamber purification after every Alkaline water use.


  • crunchy water, drinking clear
  • this small machine is what it was advertised
  • unit comes with the good package and in a professional factory box


  • None

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Alkaline Water Ionizer Combo 4 Levels of Alkaline Water, One Purified Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Combo, 2 Heavy Metal Tests, 4 Levels of Alkaline Water, One Purified Water, & 2 Levels of Acid Water. 5 Titanium Plates, Better Than Kangen

When you read Alkaline water ionizer combo’s review, you will know that this is the best selling water ionizers in Japan. It is a trusted brand.

The unit comes with a power saving mode to perform well. It also has an alarm to make you aware when you need to replace the filters.

The multifunctional ionizer comes with lots of features like 1 level of purified water, 4 levels of alkaline water and 2 levels of acid water. The manual and automatic cleaning system guarantee you as you can get cleanest, safest and purest drinking water all times.


  • Water Ionizers
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer
  • Kangen Water
  • Jupiter Ionizers
  • Alkaline Water Purifier


  • Problem free installation
  • After using some weeks, you can express the different taste of water
  • A neighbor friend having a Kangen machine


  • Costly crap remains up to three years.

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Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 | Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration System

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 | Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration System | Produces pH 4.5-11.0 Alkaline Water

Air Water Life’s Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Alkaline Water Ionizer is a very important addition to your family.

The ionized alkaline water makes natural antioxidants. It also can ensure better hydration with some health advantages. This quality built and the attractive unit comes with everything you need to install it in your bathroom, kitchen.

The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is not only intuitive but also stylish to use. Follow the diagram and install it very easily. It also comes with a user manual or instruction book. Within a minute of setting up, you will get vitalized, clean, antioxidant rich alkaline drinking water.

Using The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 reduces the wastage of plastic or bottled drinking water. It provides healthy fresh antioxidant wealthy water for dollars or pennies.


  • 7 Healthy Water Options: 4 Ionized Alkaline continuously variable; 2 ionized acidic presets and1 non-ionized purified.
  • Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology: long-life, 7 platinum coated titanium, energy-efficient and durable plates.
  • Simple Replaceable Active Carbon Water Filter: Durable and hi-tech filter purifies ensure over 1,585 gallons of water. The lifespan of the filter is one year.
  • Self-Cleaning: After every use, the unit cleans itself for reversing polarity and auto plate washing itself each 10.5 gallons.


  • An amazing surprise
  • Aqua-ionizer deluxe 7 plate alkaline water ionizer
  • Each setting tested exactly in the range which is expressed


  • If you keep the machine beneath the counter, you have to inspect it every time before use it. Be sure it does not come with self cleaning procedures.

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pH RECHARGE Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Countertop Water Filter Purifier

pH RECHARGE Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Countertop Water Filter Purifier – Water Alkalizer Pitcher System – High pH Ionized Water, Fast Filtration

pH RECHARGE Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine increases pH and ORP in drinking water. It removes fluoride, purifies chlorine, VOCs and chloramines.

Remineralization adds strong minerals like calcium and selenium in water. The system also resists bacterial growth. The machine filters arsenic, pollutants and leads into tap water. It also can remove heavy metals and ensure much natural taste.

The recharge Alkaline also removes color, odor, non-organic and organic matter like sand and algae. It aids to remove weight and to slow down the again process. Moreover, the system produces detoxifying, structured, oxygenated and micro clustered water.

Drinking naturally purified water may develop hydration. The system also upgrades mental clarity, immunity, overall health, energy level and wellbeing. Finally, it reduces inflammation and acidity that may resist even eliminates the disease.


  • Ensures ionized, alkalized and purified water within minutes.
  • Long duration 1500 cup / 96 gallon / 360 liter filter capacity.
  • We’ve made our famous anti block PH001 alkaline water filter inside the compact unit.


  • The filter does not use plastic that you need to remove. pH restores alkaline water pitcher makes the new pH recharge countertop system very simple to set up.
  • Wonderful water purifier. This is much bigger enough for our family of five.


  • None

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Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Purifier

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Purifier

Mentioning many important things, this article will act as a buying guide for buying alkaline water machine. It throws light in the depth what a shopper must be keen on and what are the features of a good water alkalizer.

  • Price – The cost of the machine may not necessarily decide its after all value. The final decision to buy a product depends on the mind of the buyers. The idea that quality runs with cost may not use. You must be engaged by the single machine before purchasing. You like to get acquainted with its characteristics. By doing all these things, you are in a good position to define whether it gives the best cost for your money.
  • PH and ORP range – The best type of ionizer must have a clean ORP and pH display to see you the track of water. You are taking in terms of ORP and pH levels. It indicates that your machine will produce authentic results, a feature which may be reassuring. Likely other ionizers are only able to show the feature of water being produced except displaying the real levels of alkaline. It is thought to be very misleading.
  • Some plates – The number the plate of an ionizer straightly decides that water free flow. The cause is water becomes alkaline, electrolysis has to happen, electrolysis happens. Ionizers normally are made of 3-11 plates. When the number is more, there is possible to ionize more water. When the number is less, you will get a limited amount of pH and ORP range. Finally, ionizers have more plates to fasten the electrolysis process and may not limit the pH or ORP range.
  • Self-Maintenance – At present, there are some ionizers which need little or no maintenance. Cleaning the unit is highly technical for everyday users. The task is also very hard no doubt. An ideal water alkalizer may be self-cleaning to confirm that it will save your energy and time. Besides that, it must be able to maintain high levels of hygiene. Since you are going to buy a water alkalizer, try to get one which has a cleaning schedule. Some machines set up automatic cleansing for a startup. As others normally clean up once after some amount of liquid has moved through.


Popular Brands and Models of Alkaline Water Purifiers

In the market, you will get lots of brands of alkaline water purifiers. You may be surprised to know the quality and price of them.

Popular Brands and Models of Alkaline Water Purifiers

When the question of a good quality alkaline purifier comes, you will get some top models. This article would not discuss low price alkaline water purifiers as they tend to fail within a short time.

You do not like to face any problem when the question comes the way to hydrate your body. Here some of the different brands are discussed more that will be fit for various budgets.


Aquasana is a very popular brand in the market. It is an alkaline water purifier which you will get with reasonable price. It cleans water except stripping out the necessary minerals.

The duration of the filter is six months. Before that time, you don’t need to replace it. Aquasana has the very popular for having good consumers’ support.

Its water 4 life programs automatically send you signal to replace the filter after every six months. In this way, you can change the filter without stopping the unit for replacement.


Jupiter is one of the highest quality water purifiers on the market now. The price of the JP104 model is not very low or very high. This model is very popular with the people for a long time. There are other models of Jupiter in the market like Jupiter Melody JP104.

The manufacturers claim that they have been able to surpass the Japanese technologies. One of the most mentionable features of the model is that it can add extra calcium to your water.

This is great for the vegetarians or vegans who need more hassle-free calcium. Jupiter manufactures a very affordable alkaline purifier known as Microlite.


As you are thinking about the art of alkaline purifier, you can buy the IE-900. This is a world famous Japanese purifier which maintains the pH level of water very well. Some famous companies in the world like Johnson & Johnson use this purifier in their laboratories. It not only creates alkaline water but also produces acid water.

People normally don’t know that acid water is helpful for cleaning. It does not demand any harsh chemical. Besides acid water is a wonderful solution for cleaning wounds and cuts.

Surely you can enjoy the pure alkaline water. The IE-900 is manufactured by a famous company in Japan named Excel. An important feature is that LCD screens change colors to visually refer the pH level. The cause is that water is being cleaned.


Now face with it, a sophisticated machine is sure to face damage. Every unit must come with ease of use system. This is a great quality for any unit.

Buy an alkalizer machine. You have to buy one that does not face any challenge regarding maintenance and operation.

New machines come with users’ manual. They are not complicated for the ordinary users who possess zero or little mechanical skills.

Modern alkalizers come with a very clear display. One just needs to touch-screen technology for normal operation.