A Complete Step By Step Guide On How To Ionize Water

Ionized alkaline water is popularly known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water as in can lessen the effect of oxidation.

The ability to reduce oxidation is referred as Oxidation Reduction Potentials.


It happens as an acidic substance takes electrons from the substance. Oxidation may destroy or damage the substance.

It causes metals to rust and cuts Apple to turn it brown. There are DNA and body tissues which take electrons from them.

Doctors suggest not eating antioxidant foods to resist the damage by oxidation.


it happens, if antioxidant substance offers electrons to a substance like free radicals which holds DNA and body tissues.

Antioxidant lessens the free radicals ability to DNA and oxidizes tissues. The medical science suggests the process is very helpful for keeping healthy.

Ionized water reduces oxidation, so it is called Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

ERW holds additional electrons that lessen the harmful substance to oxidize some things like DNA or tissues. It is still doing research to know the health benefits of a reduction.

Ionized acidic water is also popularly known as Electrolyzed Oxidative Water as in develops oxidation.

The ability to increase oxidation gives EOW to sanitize tools, surfaces, kitchen implements and so on.

As it is made with salt EOW becomes powerful disinfectant which is used for toxic household cleaners.

How is Ionized Water Made?

There are two types of ions in tap water such as bicarbonate ions and mineral ions like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

How To Ionize Water

The mineral ions have positive electromagnetic charge. Bicarbonate dissolves in water when it is absorbed by water from the air. It has negative electromagnetic charges.

At home, people use electromagnetism to separate the positively charged minerals from negatively charged bicarbonate.

Water ionizer has charge plates that work like magnets. They hold the positive ions.

When it occurs, the ion goes through a membrane named as Bipolar Exchange Membrane.

The membrane permits the ions to pass through it. At the same time, it prevents from passing the other types of particles.

The ions at the same time process both acidic and alkaline waters as the membrane separates minerals from bicarbonate.

This makes water inside the alkaline chamber to alkaline water, the water of the inside acidic chamber to acidic water.

Using Different Techniques to Ionize Water

It is better for you to use a water ionizer system. Most people use ionizer machine in their home to ionize water from the kitchen tap.

It is up to the models of the ionizer. You can use the particular type of machine for your pH level of water in your water. A water ionizer is a good system to use at home to make water alkaline.

  • Electric water ionizers apply a small voltage to alter the electrical charge of water molecules.
  • Water ionizers are very expensive. The price of it from 1000 to 6000 dollars.
  • If you have an ionizer and you like to add with the tap, you need a plumber for installing it.
  • You got an ionizer and should need to add with water mains; you require a plumber if you have no fundamental plumbing skill.

Pass the water through bio-ceramic filters

Bio-ceramic filters are designed from some selected materials like stone, clay, and others by making magnetic charge within the water.

Pass the water through bio-ceramic filters

The other manufacturers claim that they do great work to alter the electrical charge. The water gets magnetite and cobalt with the clay.

  • Some suggest using these filters, and they say they have got health benefits.
  • But there is little evidence of science that alkaline water is good for health
  • Since you use the method, you have to be sure the level of pH in your water before drink
  • Some systems come with jugs or container to keep water at the time of passing through the filters.

Add pH drops to the glass of water

The easy to way to make a little amount of alkaline water is to add some pH drops with water. All are marked as a way to increase pH level of water.

Add pH drops to the glass of water

There are many such famous brands in the market. The alternative is great no doubt if you like a small amount of alkaline water for drinking but not fit for other uses.

  • Follow the instruction on the cover page very carefully to use this method.
  • It is up to the brand you use. You have to use five drops in a liter of water or 10 drops per liter.
  • Do not go beyond the suggested amount. If you take any medicine, better to consult with the doctor.

Attach magnetic ionizer devices to water pipes

Magnetic devices are using for a long time to soften water since it passes inside the pipes and significantly reduce the scaling effect from the water.

Attach magnetic ionizer devices to water pipes

Though the device is being used for many decades, there is still doubt about the efficiency. Some people claim that the device can increase alkalinity and use of ionizing water.

  • The logic is that by adding magnetic ionizer devices with the water pipes, your water will restore charge at the time of passing through the pipes.
  • The water has a lack of published evidence to support the idea which magnetic fields may bring about ionization of water.
  • You may simply add the magnet to the pipe without any help from the tools.

Use a batch unit ionizer

The capacity of a typical ionizer is one gallon of water at a time. You may also use the batch ionizer if you do not like to ionize water for your home or if you like to ionize big amount of water instead of one glass at a time.

  • By the batch unit ionizer, you have to fill it with water from the tap and plug in and turn it on.
  • Read the instruction carefully of this model and see that the water is ionized.

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