Ultimate ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser Review

In our last review, we have chosen the ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System which has very great capacity than our previous preference. You have a big family and like to buy a water filtration system to enjoy. You like to use it in your office and interested in checking this out.

We are running forward to go through the features so that you have got a good idea of what to expect. Now We will show you the cost of the units and the place where you will get it with the lower price. We also notice what the view of the customers about the unit and their experience is?

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ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System

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The ion exchange stages remove all dissolved solids from water such as lead, aluminum, and some other piping. The three additional filtering system of water can ensure that there is no pollutant in the water.

You will see 000 grade reading in the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water testing meter. There is a TDS meter with it.

Besides, it has a flip up lid to add more water to the store. The design is very good, and there will be no stale water for which you are worried.

It is a good device for health-conscious and busy people. It has 90-day cash back warranty. The size of the water filtration is 6-inches by 11-1/5-inches by 15-1/5-inches.

Features of ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser

  • Easy take up the lid to refill greatly, fit for the refrigerator.
  • The zero water has got a certificate that it can reduce chromium and lead.
  • There is five stages water filtering system ensure 99.63% pollutant from tap water.
  • There is a TDS meter holder.
  • The zero water has TDS testing meter, let you know the TDS level and signal you to change the filter

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Pros of ZeroWater ZD-018 23

  • 15-dollar rebate makes the unit cheaper than the pitcher. Moreover, there is nothing to Target’s shelves can adjust the price.
  • Ensures quality water filtration as stated.
  • The customer service number is 1-800-503-2939. Two of my question answers were given in short form
  • ZeroWater takes the similar filter. Therefore, the interchangeable parts are a good plus.
  • Small size filter is about 15 dollars. A gallon of distilled needs about 95 cents. ZeroWater needs itself 16 gallons break even. I think you will get 50% more by the filter, up to your water and will cost down from 64 by the scenario.
  • The zero water convenience is not a good factor to measure. Keep like this. With 8.3 pound mix a gallon water. Would you like to enjoy hauling which stores to care, then the car from the home?

Cons of ZeroWater ZD-018 23

  • The spigot is designed with O-ring seal. It is the only part which may fail, it may create a leak. I will suggest you replace a reasonable zero water

How does ZeroWater ZD-018 Water Dispenser work?

ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser Review

Like some other filters in the market, it removes certain substances from water. The zeroWater has five stages water filtration system of filtering water up to 000 Ppm by the TDS meter.

Most of the bottled water or the tap water contain dissolve solid in the water.

The TDS meter shows the reading that tap water has average 190 to 200 PPM. The traditional water filtered between 030 to 500 PPM, bottled water is from 000 to 350 PPM.

Stage 1

Activated carbon pervaded micro cloth.

Stage 2 

The multi-layer structure using carbon and oxidation decreases amalgam.

Stage 3

A provider that maximizes interaction time.

Stage 4

Complete ION Exchange array.

Stage 5

Non-woven membrane to eradicate fine subdivisions.

To get better tasting water, there is a TDS meter.

What Special Feature make ZeroWater more beneficial

What Special Feature make ZeroWater more beneficial

Water Quality Association Identifies ZeroWater’s dual ion exchange filtration dispensers or pitchers has got one class NSF certificate for reducing or removing copper, zinc, iron, lead, aluminum, mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine from tap water.

Only this filtration system has dual ion exchange and activated carbon technology to remove dissolved solids from tap water. It has got the FDA’s requirement for TDS in the pure bottled water.

Efficient and affordable RO system to remove hexavalent Chromium to extend the standard proposed by Environmental Working Group.

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What People Think About ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser

Every family needs one of these

Every family needs one of these

I love to use the 23 cup ZeroWater dispenser as we make coffee twice in a day and there remains more water to drink filling the coffee pot. The meter is good, so I like it very much. I like to use my present two sources of water with the help of it; one may come from the tap, and the other may be from a community well without fluoride.

I called the zeroWater company who can remove fluoride. I ran after the ZeroWater filter after filtration both tested zero. When going to the ZeroWater corporation, and they suggest that the filter able to remove fluoride.

I finally drink water though I do not like to buy a bottle. The taste of the coffee is excellent and much quicker than before when the brews are much faster or if the coffee filter deals with impurities in the regular water. Totally thumbs up.

Excellent product. Lives up to expectations

The product is very fantastic. Turn on from Brita to Zero and look a bigger and huge difference in taste. With the Zero the water you get to drink has no taste, and this is very simple to drink.

I never take it out from the fridge or never fill it. The flip top is simple to open, or you may add water without taking it from the refrigerator.

Besides, this is very nice and tell you how much stuff in the water you have without thinking to change the filter. Fill the pitcher at least ten times at present, and the first glass of water is great as the last one I drank.

ZeroWater ZD-018 23 Review From The Store

ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System can filter water up to 23 cups and simple to open from the top to fill water reservoir filter. You may use YDS meter that may indicate what’s in your water.

It measures the dissolve in solid water. The box comes with water filter manual or TDS. The filter has five stage and totally free from BPA. There are two layers of the carbon layer and remove all kinds of dissolve salt.

If you ask about water filtration system, ZeroWater replies the ion exchange filtrate that you like to test the water. If it’s reading is oo6 in the TDS level change the filter. How long will it depend on the level of TDS in the water?

If the TDS level is lower, the filter will last for a long time. The filter is recycling able when sending water to the ZeroWater. If you see the filter is slim, you may take it out from the refrigerator, and simply pull it back. For the first time use wash it in hot water and rinse it well.

Battery-Powered TDS Meter helps you to Test Your Water

By seeing outward appearance, you cannot detect the purity of the ZeroWater Pitcher. You should use a meter to test your water. If you look at the result, you will see that it gives reading zero. The pitcher has two easy replace 1.5-volt button cell batteries. The meter will help you to know the status of your filter. If you see the meter is giving reading ‘006,’ then be sure the need to replace comes.

Warranty of ZeroWater ZD-018 23

Zero Technologies, LLC offers 90-day cash back warranty from the date of buying it. You will get a guarantee for the defect or workmanship of the materials if you follow the manuals well.

ZeroWater is always ready to give you a 90-day money back warranty. If you see any damage or any broken or the manufacturer defects, we are always ready to give service. You may call 1-800-503-2939 if you are in the United States. The filter cartridge has 30-day cash back warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser Review

Question: Is ZeroWater certified?

Answer: Yes, The ZeroWater Pitcher, as well as filters, are certified by NSF International.

Question: Can the filter eliminate PVC?

Answer: PVC is a kind of plastic, and it does not leach out from the plastic. We have got NSF certificate. We have done leach test and got there are no particles in our plastic.

Question: Can it remove Fluoride?

Answer: Zero water filters do no get the certificate of the reduction of fluoride. Fluoride is an animated compound. It has TDS meter, and the function is to detect inorganic compounds. The level of fluoride is from 2 to 4ppm. The meter shows it 002 to 004. If you see 000, be sure there is no fluoride present in the water.

Question: Can the filter remove Arsenic?

Answer: We have not got the certificate for arsenic reduction.

Question: Can filter remove chloramine from water?

Answer: We have tested water in the lab. We found that there is no chloramine in the water. The presence of chloramine may reduce the expected life of the filter. When you see chloramine in the water, you need to change the filter to get pure water.

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Product Info – ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser Review

Size                                   6.1 x 11.2 x 15.2 inches

Shipping Weight            5 pounds Item Weight 5 pounds

ASIN                                 B003QXM3U8

Manufacturer                 ZeroWater

Origin of Mexico

Final Verdict

Drink pure tasting water with the help of the latest pitcher technology within few times. There are five sophisticated technologies with the ZeroWater filtration system which work at the same time to remove virtually all mixed solid from the tap water.

The 23 cup dispenser comes with one ion exchange filter, along with a laboratory graded water testing TDS meter. Activated carbon, zero glasses of water primary layer of filtration, oxidation reduction alloy eliminates chlorine taste.

The Ion Exchange stage eliminates all kinds of dissolved solids keep on public water systems or leached in from piping like zinc, lead, aluminum, nitrate and more. Other 3 stage have 000 ppm reading on Laboratory grade TDS meter. Drink pure tasting water by the latest filter pitcher technology within a short time.

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