Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review: Highly Efficient in Removing Contaminants

Pitcher-style water filters are very popular among the people as they are very simple to use. You can store it in a fridge and needs installation. Most apply activated carbon filter which develops the taste of water and odor, some are certified for doing more. If you desire drinking water which tastes fresher and has no serious issues, it will be the way to move.

Do you like to get more inexpensive and convenient ways to get drinking water? If yes, you have to buy a water filter pitcher for your home.

This is essential if you have no other water filtration systems like countertop, faucet mounted, under sink water filter. Water filter pitcher is not a filter at all, but this is a step up from no filtration and they are convenient and inexpensive as it needs no installation. As you desire to have the Best Brita Water Filter Pitcher, we have finished a list of super picks.

The water supply companies make it easy for everyone to get drinking water available everywhere. They would like to offer a high standard product to the customers. Drinking water has its characteristics as it contains different levels of limescale in water. Boiled water fulfill some requirement at the time of making tea or coffee or foods as well. Brita water filter pitcher review may assist you to take proper decision to buy it.

In a cup of coffee or tea, there is 98% of water. Thanks to Brita for offering fresh and pure drinking water. You can make your delicious food with the water. Drink perfect taste, full aroma and appetizing water to your heart content.

1. Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher

You can drink pure fresh and contaminant free water with the help of Brita 10 Cup water filter pitcher. The water is healthy and great tasting. There is a coconut based activated carbon in this water filtration system.

The filter removes odor from water or the taste of chlorine from water. So the water is odor free, and there are no impurities in the water. It can remove copper, cadmium, mercury and another contaminant from water.

There is no reason to be sick by drinking this water. There is a sticker filter with the Brita Everyday Pitcher. You need to change the filter after using 40 gallons and after two months.

The pitcher is great for the kitchen or office refrigerators. If you use this water, there is no need to use the plastic bottled water. A Brita can save the use of 300 bottles of water. By the help of Brita start to drink pure and fresh water from just now.


  • Change filter after two months or after using 40 gallons of water
  • Sticker filter refers when to change the water filter
  • Free from BPA white Brita pitcher along with Sticker filter change indicator as well as easy fill lid
  • Removes copper, cadmium, mercury, odor, and chlorine taste to ensure great tasting and healthier water.
  • White, Big, Brita ten cup water pitcher with one convenient to utilize filter

Pros & Cons of Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher


  • You may easily remove the upper area and can fill with the Brita easily.
  • The taste of the water is great, and Brita fills the storage very rapidly.
  • The handle of the device is very good for easy pouring


  • At the beginning of using the filter, there is the possibility of getting rid of carbon. This will not remain for a long time. You should not think about this more

2. Brita Slim Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

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Brita 5 Cup Slim Water Filter Pitcher is ready to give you healthy and pure drinking water. The taste of the water is very good. There is coconut based activated carbon it this pitcher with an ion exchange resin.

The Brita reduces the odor and taste of chlorine and offers good tasting water. It can remove mercury, copper and cadmium impurities from water.

These things may cause illness to the people. Within covering just a few steps, you will get your pitcher is ready. At first, wash your hand well, then holds the filter. After that soak it upright for fifteen minutes in the cold water. Clean it well then enter the filter to the reservoir, line up the groove in the filter with the notch. Adjust to the cold tap water.

There may be the presence of carbon dust in the first three pitchers. The filter indicators will tell you the time to replace the filter after two months or after using 40 gallons of water.


  • Remove filter after using 40 gallons or about 2 months later
  • 1 small, five cup Brita Slim Water Pitcher with one filter
  • Sticker filter indicates when you need to change the filter
  • Eliminates copper, cadmium, and mercury that causes illness over time
  • Lessens odor and chlorine taste, ensure great tasting water

Pros & Cons of Brita Slim Water Pitcher with 1 Filter


  • The taste of water is great and removes most of the discoloration from water.
  • The prices of the replacement filters are very low.
  • The design is very simple and fit for
  • Replacement filters are cheap “generic college dorm mini-fridge


  • You must replace filters frequently than the other brands in the market.
  • The meaning of five cups to refill now and then

3. Brita Water Filtration System Kit: 1 Pitcher

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The Brita Oceania Water Filtration pitcher contains ten cup capacity. You can share this pitcher with the family members of with the roommates. The pitcher is BPA free.

The design of the pitcher is elegant, and so it is fit for any occasion. It can remove cadmium, copper, and mercury from your tap water.

The pitcher leaves no odor or taste of chlorine to the water. You do not need to buy a bottle of water, or you need not throw it away. Brita can offer you good water for your family.


  • Electronic filter indicator, comfort grip handle, and easy-fill lid
  • Have one pitcher and two filters.
  • Eliminate mercury, cadmium, and copper which may be found in tap water and lessens the odor and taste of chlorine- for pennies/ gallons.
  • BPA-free construction and super round design make it exact for any occasion
  • Ten-cup capacity pitcher is great for sharing with family members and roommates

Pros & Cons of Brita Water Filtration System Kit: 1 Pitcher


  • BPA free and the design is very elegant for using any occasion.
  • Capacity ten cups to share with the family members or with the roommates.
  • Having two filters and one pitcher.
  • It has the power to remove cadmium, copper, and mercury. Also, reduces the taste and odor of chlorine.
  • Simple fill lid, suitable grip handle and electronic filter indicator


  • The color may not be favorite to you

Why filtered water?

Tea or coffee and the hard water cannot go the same way. The water hardness depends on the permanent hardness as well as carbonate hardness of regional water. Another name of carbonate hardness is limescale.

This resists creating fine flavors. The reason is the unattractive scum of the tea. The limescale may create the annoying and unnoticed deposit on your kettle.

How Brita Water Filter Works

The water pitcher is a very simple device to make water pure. In this pitcher, water passes through a carbon block filter and removes waterborne contaminants and holds to the filters.

The filter is also suitable for removing contaminants from tap water. It makes the drinking water fresh and pure. The device makes the portable water drinkable, not the dirty water. They are not made to remove undesirable elements from water.

A water filtration pitcher is the easiest way to remove contaminants or additives from the water like chloramines, fluoride, chlorine, other compounds. If you do not like to spend more money for your water purification, you can buy a water filter pitcher. This will make your water as clean as possible.

Why you choose brita water filter – is brita water safe

The BRITA has great power to remove chlorine or chlorine compounds from the tap water. It also removes others flavors from the water. The filter cartridge can remove heavy metals like copper and lead which are caused by household plumbing pipes. As lead and copper remove from the water, the health remains fit.

Brita can remove such things is confirmed by various kinds of significant tests. When you use the Brita filter cartridge, you can remove the regional related traces of pesticides in your drinking water.

Is a brita filter worth it?

The important claim made by the Brita concerning water filters is that they eliminate more bad stuff from the tap water to make the taste better and ensure it for a healthy and safe drink.

They say that it is far cheaper instead of buying bottled water that infers the water is just very clean as you like to buy a bottle or water purified by Aquafina or spring water.


There are various types of filters found in the market by Brita line. You need to buy the best type of filter for your need and for your kitchen. As you like to store something in the refrigerator, there is the pitcher you may buy.

The range of the normal pitcher is longer and bigger models which have dispensers as you normally put the glass to fill it up. There are some points you have to think before you desire to have a special type of filter.

You can consider choosing one of the faucet-mounted units instead of a pitcher. The water is passed through the filter at a faster rate, may use more densely packed filtration materials. The pitcher is dependent on gravity to aid the water to move through the unit and it would not give more push for it to act properly as it may be.

Perfect Fit For Your Average-Sized Fridge

There are some other features of the Brita Space Saver as it is really small. This is the plus for the small water filter. This will not be perfect for someone who desires to have a large one.

There is a filter replacement light with the system, and it will indicate you the time to change the filter. The tools will detect the number of times the lid is closed and opened and assume the time filter you have had.

This may not be the accurate one. This will work as an indicator to show you how long will the filter do for you.

There are some moans about the slight leaking and the spout, but the new model is upgraded one.

There are some complaints against it, but you have to wait for some time if you like to have a good system which is improved one.

The bottom line of the filter has the greatest capacity to filter water even though the water is the foulest tasting.

Since you think from the drinking point, it is great news. You should not buy the best expensive or heavy bottles of water for drinking, and you need not buy the heavy RO water filter.

The Brita water filter’s place in the market

There is no doubt that the Brita water filtration system is the best system in the market now. The price of the filter is low, and the result is excellent so the people like the filtration system in the North America market.

There are lots of successful marketing and reviews from the users that the Brita is the best water filtration system brand for many years that will come in future.

The Brita water filter’s place in the market

Brita competitors are now fighting comparatively with the other filters in the market for a long time.

Zero Water is the best focused and targeted filter in the market now, still, the system is reasonably affordable, though the price is higher than the Brita filters.

MAVEA is one brand which is fighting with the Brita in the market for a long time. The MAVEA is very impressive and ergonomics water filtration system for some decades and has got much popularity compared to the other brands.

Only this is the time which will say Brita will remain in the market for a long time or would not or may lose its popularity like the ZeroWater at the time of making competition with the other brands.

Brita 10 cup Everyday water filter picher review

Brita Water Filter Pitcher FAQs

Question: How long can a cartridge be used for?

Answer: To get good service from the Brita you need to replace the cartridge filter at regular intervals.

On the quality of the local water, the lifespan of the filter depends on. If you see carbonate hardness 12 – 14.5 degree EH, then set another cartridge after consumption of 100 liters of water. If the water is harder enough and the consumption is much, the lifetime of the cartridge will be reduced automatically.

You must replace the cartridge after every four weeks at least. To ensure the health, you need to prefer Brita cartridge for better performance.

Question: Are the contents of the cartridge safe?

Answer: The BRITA cartridges are completely harmless and have food graded standard. If you accidentally eat the cartridges’ parts, there will be no effect on the health.

Question: Do BRITA cartridges remove fluoride?

Answer: Brita cannot remove fluoride as the design is not done so. There is some fluoride present in tap water. Many companies add fluoride to the water. If you see the presence of fluoride in your tap water, you need to check water supplier.

The tap water may seem safe enough. But there are some substances in the water that may affect the taste of water. Brita can reduce those substances. For this, the taste of water may be great and make it fit for drinking, cooking and preparing food.

Brita has done research more over thirty years and made their unique cartridge design for a longer period. You may get the Brita product all over the world. The company has got the leading position in the UK market.

Final Words of Recommendation

About 70 percent of our body is made of water. So it is very important to give fresh water to our body with our drinking glass. Moreover at the time of cooking fresh water is a must. There is no other alternative.

There are lots of water sources around us. All are not the safe sources. Researchers say that the most convenient and healthiest source of water is tap water which comes with a good type of filter.

If you buy the perfect Brita water filter pitcher, surely you will enjoy clean, delicious, pure and fresh drinking water for your home. At first read all the instruction very carefully so that you can take the proper steps to maintain, clean and change the filters if need. There are few different instructions for various models or brands


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