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What Has Water Done?

Water is the only element that connect every aspects in our life. Access to safe water can easily turn our various problems into potential. It can unlock education, create more work opportunities and improve women, man, children and infant health across the world.

1 in 9 people has lack access to safe water and its alarming for us due to different reasons. If safe water not ensured, health crisis may face everyone. Water is a fundamental need for all.  Each person requires 20 to 50 liters of water for cooking, drinking and others in a day.

Research found 1.8 million people die every year of diarrhoea disease like cholera. And many people be suffering from many water host diseases which are easily preventable. Education suffer when children become sick and can’t attend school or class. So those suffering also create an impact on economies. Women and children are bear burnt of these burdens too.

Why Should We Research Water?

It's essential to consider a best water purification system as our health and safety are the first thought. Water is the vital element in every human life. If we don’t have any water treatment facility in our living areas, it is mandatory to choose the good quality water purifier to ensure clean, fresh and safe water.

A good water purifier kills the bacteria, remove pesticides, arsenic, pathogens, coliform virus and many other harmful suspended solid particles from water. Different types of purifier are available on the market like granular active carbon for filtration, metallic alloy filter, depth filter, carbon block resin, microporous ceramic filter, microfiltration, and very active ultrafiltration membrane. So, it’s also important to research the purifier before buying to know what an effective the purifier is.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Grade 1

Water filter used for removing hazardous chemical and pesticides. This type of filters eliminates all kind of pathogen that is very harmful and almost all suspended particle in the water.

Our Pick

This highly advanced filter has different level filtration stage. Most of the filter using an advance cartridge that can easily separate the pathogen and suspended particle from the supply water. 

Cost Effective

Sometimes supply water become highly contaminated with suspended particle and other chemicals. In this situation, the water filter is essential for drinking. This type of filters is comparatively cheaper than others and readily available in the market.

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water purifier accessories

A water filter is a system that contains several parts. By connecting them, they become functional and give fresh, safe water as output. They can be outfitted with spare parts and accessories to improve their performance. So its also important to think about purifier accessories for better filter performance.

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Know Your Awesome Stuff As All The Products Are Good In Quality

In-house point of used based filter includes granular active carbon for filtration, metallic alloy filter, depth filter, carbon block resin, microporous ceramic filter, microfiltration, and very active ultrafiltration membrane. Some of the filters use more than one filtration methods. Pitcher filter can be used for small quantity of drinking water beside RO filter or another multi-layer filter used for heavy use.


What can a purifier do?

If we have a countertop water filter, it may ensure a clean, fresh and safe water source that’s cost effective than any bottled water. On the other hand, a carbon block water filter can selectively remove the harmful contaminants from the water source that can balance the pH of water as well. Not only that a point of use water filter like RO can instantly remove lead from water prior to consumption.

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