Aquios Water Softener Review In 2023: [Best Buying Guide]

Would you prefer to ensure that your house’s water is equally well-conditioned and filtered? This item provides full house water restoration in addition to a filtration system, which utilizes commercial power technology. It performs a compact and slick design. In this article, we’ll show you Aquios Water Softener Review.

This system ensures that all chlorine, sediment, and other undesirable substances are removed from your water. With the AQUOS Water Treatment System, you will never need to be worried about a build-up of calcium, magnesium, and other by-products that come together with hard water on your fittings and pipes.

This system isn’t like most salt-based systems; it doesn’t get rid of the minerals which produce your water “difficult.” Instead, it utilizes commercial, natural technologies that may help ensure that these minerals don’t build up on your pipes.

This item is groundbreaking because it unites carbon block filtration with commercial water restoration and provides it all into a complete house. Below are a few things people must know about before buying this item.

Aquios Water Softener Review

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  • The softener comes to offer you good water filtration. It never uses water softener salt.
  • Warranty is a system that has all in one, and its conditions, filters, and eradicates scale. Lastly, it does not lessen the water pressure of your house.
  • There is a cartridge in this home water appliance for an average family. A cartridge can accommodate about 40000 gallons of water for the use of the family.
  • The Aquios Full House is very wonderful for its design. It requires no electricity, maintenance, or programming. When you finish the installation, it is ready to use
  • Implicitly of use No programming whatsoever is needed for this system, all you’ve got to do is set up it and change the filter cartridges when demanded (which is usually every 6-12 weeks).
  • Salt-less systems work to shift to the structure of the water flowing through your plumbing, meaning scale build-up Is reduced over time, fixing possible Issues.

Pros & Cons of Aquios Water Softener


  • One unit has a filter and conditioner to save money and place.
  • Eliminates 99% of chlorine taste and smell, sediments, rust, and iron.
  • There is no excess salt in the water. So it is an excellent benefit for people restricted to sodium diets.
  • Drinking water contains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Water will not take to the slippery feel of the salt-softened water.
  • The filter removes iron, dirt, or rust that is presented to the wall water.
  • Resists building up the scale from the hard water.
  • The natural method is very friendly and does not scrapheap salt brine from the water system.
  • The design of the head valve is very wonderful and does less breakage.
  • To get high-quality installation brass insert fittings held in the kit.
  • Spot would be removed from the dishes and makes them shiny and clean.
  • Does function to remove the remaining scale with time and flushes through


  • The system only makes small particles of the pollutants and does not adhere to the appliance or pipes.
  • It works only for the running water, not for the stagnant water.
  • It is not suggested for the extreme hard water much more than 75 Grains per Gallon(GPG)
Aquios water softener

How Does Aquios Full House Water Softener Work

Aquios uses a natural method that utilizes a polyphosphate additive named Siliphos. It resists minerals which are the reason for hard water from the pipes of your line. There will be no pollutants on the surface of your unit.

And it deposits a limescale build-up and simply passes through your system, leaving a trace. Meaning that you are killing two birds with the help of one stone.

You may get various minerals in water that are very useful for your health.

They do not ensure the lifespan of your dishwasher, pipes, washing machine, or other appliance. Many people complain about salt-based water filters.

The system removes water’s chlorine, undesired additive, and sediment. There is no limescale on the water.

You will get fresh and pure water for your life. There will be no discoloration or odors in your drinking water.

Aquios AQFS220 Water Softener

Why You Choose Aquios Full House Water Softener

There are lots of merits and demerits of a water filtration system. So before buying the filtration system, it is difficult to see well. Every product has pros and cons. For this, you should know it before buying something.

This will help you to choose the best thing. You may visit reviews online, and then you will be able to find out what you are looking for.

I have not seen much of a scale sign of lime on my coffee carafe container. Really I do not like to wash the container after every use.

I used this Aquios Full House and found it is not tasted better. Always observe the water quality as I have installed it in our place. Our water is crystal clear, and there is no chemical in it. We can say that the taste of the water has improved and the taste of the water is great.

What Media Says On Aquios Full House Water Softener

Now let us discuss no salt system or salt system. The difference is mainly from the two different filters involved. An ion exchange resin filter will require salt. The fundamental difference is minerals attach to the resin, and the only way to get that mineral is to rinse it and then back to work.

On the other hand, the no salt system uses a skill crystal media and what may happen if the water passes through it. The crystal will dice and slice repeatedly, making the minerals several thousand times smaller.

The minerals are not stable, and it is called the Nano. Nano means no crystal will be stable and no longer has the power to add themselves to your shower pipes or your dishes or your faucets.

How to install an aqueous water softener

Aquios AQFS220

We suggest you use a licensed plumber to do the installation of your Aquios water treatment. If you use a licensed plumber, you are sure that the system is installed accurately and may operate as it may.

We are ready to give installation instructions for all units, under a typical situation a normal installation may be able to complete within 2 to 3 hours by a do-it-yourself.

A quick look at our top picks!

Last update on 2024-05-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Whole house Aquios water softener review- video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long is the lifespan of the cartridge?

The capacity of a standard Aquios Cartridge is 40000 gallons, and the duration is about six months. The low-rated cartridge or jumbo is rated 100,000 gallons and lasts for 12 months. This is up to the standard of the quality of water. When you desire to have the optimal performance of your Aquios, you need to change the cartridge every after 4 to 6 months.

How much time does it take to show the noticeable difference?

The Aquios Water Filter does its functions very quickly. You will see a great change and the taste of the water after an hour. Overall improvement after a few days. It is up to the hardness and quality of your water. To show a significant result may take a long time.

Final Thoughts

You are thinking of salt-free water for your household. Then you can go to Aquios for your house. The price is very reasonable. This is better for your skin and hair, for the environment, suitable for your appliance and pipes, perfect for drinking water, and good for your wallet. It will take very little place to keep it, and needs no electricity.

The Aquios is the only system that ensures healthy, tasty drinking water that is useful for your body. It keeps your appliances and pipes very clean and smooth you can use it for a long time.


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