Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review: A Great Option For Camping And Hiking

The Frontier Straw Filter is a multifunctional powerhouse that prepared to give safe and dependable backcountry water.

The easy to use straw permits you to drink out of a cup, bottle, or straight from a water resource. It sports a reusable pouch which may be filled if required or utilized for storage once the filter isn’t being used. This straw filter includes the blueline protection a fundamental level of security that’s excellent for fast-moving springs and flows.

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Each screen includes activated coconut shell carbon, which reduces uric compounds while enhancing the flavor, odor, and clarity of the water. Frontier blueline filters would be the cheap, high-value selection for outside and backup usage, providing reliable protection against the protozoan and chemical contaminants that cause most all waterborne disease.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review

Last update on 2024-07-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Blueline Parasite Filter up to 450 ml/minute flow Prices
  • Licensed filtration for 30 g (over 110 L)
  • Lightweight and streamlined mobile protection
  • Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology inhibits the growth of algae, bacteria, fungus, mold, and mold inside the filter press
  • Accredited lead liberated to NSF/ANSI 372


  • It is very lightweight
  • It is a good taste water and seem like tap water


  • It is like I am sucking a vacuum. In 1 go, I could barely suck any water.

Technical Information of Sawyer Mini Water Filter

This exceptional filtration technology unites has the ability of activating coconut shell carbon using medical grade micro-porous vinyl to make considerably more significant than a “flavor and odor” filter.

Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration

Aquamira Blueline filters are accredited by IAPMO to eliminate protozoan cysts to US EPA criteria. (ANSI /NSF-372) Aquamira Blueline filters are tested and proven successful in removing Cyanotoxins like Microcystin, and other algae generated bio-toxins located in the great lakes.

Ease of Use

You attach the straw securely on the filter socket, submerge the filter end to the water supply, then drink through the straw.

Ease to use the Mini Water Filter

Aquamira does warn you not to submerge the drinking straw to the possibly polluted water, and besides, they recommend that you allow the filtered air dry for 48 hours following use before storing. If you use it for your very first time, be ready to discard the original one or two varieties of water, however, which is black.

As with carbon-based filters, then the Frontier filter includes some carbon monoxide inside which will be flushed from the initial draw. I discovered that two pulls of water were enough to flush out the carbon monoxide.


Due to the deficient ability of the water filter, just 30 gallons (113 liters) there is not much maintenance to perform throughout its lifespan. The only facets of care would be the assembly and disassembly of the filter, also allowing it air dry to the recommended 48 hours following use before storing.

Sawyer Water Filtration

The construction and disassembly are slight drawbacks, but a significant hassle is a part where Aquamira advises that you allow the filtered air dry for 48 hours before storage. While this filter is intended to be utilized in crisis situations or when you are on the street that is a significant matter.

Now, an individual could argue that because of the insufficient capacity and low price of the filter you will probably throw it away after using it at a crisis or more hiking excursion. So I will not be too demanding about the maintenance element. And just like the LifeStraw, as it gets increasingly strict to pull water through the filter, you will know that it’s time to throw it off.

Filtration Rate

Compact, lightweight, and flexible, it’s never been a problem for me to get a handy place to put away the MINI. Connect it to a hydration bladder, then screw it on the surface of your water jar or material it just about everywhere on your package.

Sawyer Filtration System

It filters reasonably fast utilizing the squeeze way, only take care not to squeeze too hard or so the tote will spring a leak in the weak point close to the threading. The flow speed is a little slower using all the gravity process, but it permits you to multitask. Since the filter becomes used more, the flow speed slows down and must return flushed to return up to speed.


As with most parts of equipment, there is always room for advancement.

To begin with, squeezing the comprised 16-ounce tote puts a strain on the point at which the tote joins together with the twist top, possibly causing it to flow contaminated water in your newly filtered sterile water. You’ve got to be sure to bring in an additional squeeze bag or two too if the leaks start, or you’ll be able to bring together a plastic water bottle and then use this to the filthy water rather than the squeeze bag.

Grievances of Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter

Secondly, if you are winter camping, you will want to put on a waterproof insulated glove to squeeze the bag, along with your hands will freeze. The MINI isn’t the ideal alternative in arctic temperatures. They could freeze and leave the MINI useless, and you will not ever understand. This is a problem with hollow fiber filters, and it is important to notice.

In the end, even though the filter does a fantastic job of eliminating the harmful bacteria and protozoa from the water, it does nothing to increase taste quality. When it smelled swampy before filtering, then it will probably taste buds afterward.


The MINI is about simplicity. That means there is not a lot that could go wrong with this filter.


This is a place that does not bother me since it is still quicker than some of these pump filters I have owned. It is the same debate as with cooking alcohol fuel stoves – yes, they’re slower, but in case you are trekking, are you able to be somewhere?

Most of the time that I attach my Mini into a water jar and keep it out the bunch in an outside pocket. When I hit a water supply, I reach around, catch it, then remove the filter, then fill it up, screw down the screen and off I go. It is the most effective and most straightforward way I know of. When it’s sexy, I’ll down a liter initially then re-fill with a different liter to proceed.

Sawyer claims the 0.1-micron total hollow fiber membrane filter may eliminate 99.99999% of harmful bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella, and bacteria that cause cholera and typhoid. Additionally, it eliminates 99.9999 percent of protozoa like cryptosporidium and giardia.

What Others Say About Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter

This system is like everybody mentions. It is light, weighing as much as five quarters. The filtration unit appears to be hardy and would likely not crack if dropped. I would be worried that the straw could break with repeated usage, but it needs to be OK if you use it just for emergency purposes.

Much like all carbon-based filters, this one includes a great deal of dust once you first use it. I forgot this detail and was amazed by the straw filled with coffee-colored water in my very first draw. There’s a notice on the device, which warns about this dust (that I did not notice until afterward).

The opinion suggests that each of the earth will vanish after the initial draw.  I have attracted approximately 4 cups of plain water throughout the machine, yet there’s still quite noticeable dust from the sea. It is no more the color of coffee, like weak tea.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter FAQs

How do I keep this select filter if not being used?

Answer: The foam in the jar is intended to be stored entirely enlarged to accomplish the promoted lifespan of this machine. To do this ditch the Micro Squeeze filter and then allow air back in the bottle once you’re finished filtering water.

The foam will compress in size within the lifespan of this machine, but when the foam is saved compressed for lengthy intervals, the foam may be permanently deformed. Long-term compression may shorten the lifespan of this foam filter/purifier.

How much water can I expect in my Select purifier or filter?

Answer: After the first break-in procedure, every bottle ought to create 20 – 22 oz of water based on how active you are at squeezing the water from the jar.

Should I eliminate the whole cap after filling the jar?

Answer: No. The toaster jar is tricky to reseal if you loosen the shameful reducer cap.

That is the reason why we advocate only filling the smaller opening at which the Micro Squeeze filter attaches. Should you choose the reducer cap away, you’ll have to get it to seal before using it. Without a fantastic seal, warm water may flow out and can contaminate your drinking water.

Final Thoughts

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a handy and reliable device for filtering water when hiking or camping. Its lightweight design, easy-to-use mechanism, and effective filtration system make it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need clean water on the go. The filter’s ability to remove harmful bacteria and protozoa from water sources is impressive, and it can filter out up to 100,000 gallons of water over its lifespan. Overall, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter is an affordable and practical solution for anyone looking for a reliable water filtration system for their outdoor adventures.


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