Top 12 Doulton Water Filter Review with Replacement Filter

Buying water bottles every day for drinking can be quite a hassle and an inconvenience. You might frequently find yourself in a shortage of water. The method is quite expensive, as well.

A great alternative for this could be to install a water filtration system in your house. 

Doulton is a brand that has been working since 1982 to bring you clean and fresh water. The brand caters to different households with different needs and has many options to choose from.

So, in this Doulton water filter review article, we will discuss 12 of their best products along with some other facts that will come in handy while making the purchase. 

12 Doulton Water Filter Review with Replacement Filter

Doulton has a lot of options to choose from. They have something for everyone and their needs. So, in this article, we are going to highlight the features of 12 of the best water filters from the brand.

1. Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter System

This filter easily connects to your silk. So you get unlimited fresh drinkable water.

Although this is more expensive and has to be installed into your kitchen or bathroom sink, this product is great to have around. If you have a large family and need a lot of water per day, this is the best option to buy.

Complete with an installation kit, you can set this thing up yourself. No need to bring in any plumbers or electricians.

The four-stage process removes all unwanted materials, including bacteria and parasites. This product also removes any bad smell from your water while removing the other contaminants. If you live in an area that has hard water, this filter will be a great option for you.

And this filter alone can remove all taste and smell of iron with no need for any extra water softener. As the filtration candle comes with a plastic housing as well, you can rest assured that this filter will last you a long time. The product is known to be very durable anyway.

Pros & Cons of Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter System


  • Durable and comes with a plastic housing for the filtration candle
  • Great for areas that have hard water
  • Removes the taste and smell of iron
  • Under the sink, the filter gives you an unlimited supply of drinkable water


  • Although the product is easy to install, some of the parts from the installation kit are missing

2. DOULTON W9381105 RIO 2000 Ceramic Filter Cartridge

A ceramic multi-candle whole house water filter can be a great and affordable option for your home. This product can give you 400 gallons of filtered water per hour.

Besides being able to filter quite a lot of water at once, the filtration time is also fast as it uses six filter candles to ensure a good and quick water flow. 

Another great thing about this filter is its lifespan. While most brands will ask you to change your cartridge every 2 or 3 months, this one will last you 6. This can be a great deal as the overall cost of changing and buying a cartridge is decreased. 

With the ability to remove 99.9% of all contaminants, germs, and parasites, this filter will ensure that you get the cleanest water available. Besides reducing the chances of you getting Salmonella, E.coli, and turbidity, this product can also remove any bad smell of iron from your water.

Pros & Cons of DOULTON W9381105 RIO 2000 Ceramic Multi-Candle Filter Cartridge


  • Fast filtration
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria, parasites, and germs
  • Can prevent illnesses such as E.coli and turbidity 
  • Gets rid of the smell of iron
  • Does not need to be changed before 6 months of usage
  • Uses 6 candles to ensure fast and smooth water flow


  • Some customers have faced leakage

3. Doulton Ultracarb 10" Water Filter Candle

Doulton has been a trusted brand for filtering water for quite a long time now. The filters can clean out almost all contaminants to give you clean drinking water. 

This Doulton ceramic water filter candle is amongst one of the best filters from the brand.  A four-stage filtration system ensures that you get clean and crisp water every time. The filter is capable of removing suspended solids, lead, and also hydrogen sulfide from the water.

Keeping your filtration system clean is very important to avoid any extra unwanted illnesses. This product allows you to clean the exterior with ease. Some warm soapy water will do the trick; you don’t even need any fancy cleaning liquid. Doing this once in a while will ensure better hygiene.

You can also install this filter all by yourself. As some of the parts are made out of plastic, you do have to be a bit careful during the installation process as they might break.  

Most customers have tasted a difference in their water immediately after use. Like all the other filters that we have mentioned, this one can also remove bad smells from your water.

Pros & Cons of Doulton Ultracarb 10" Water Filter Candle


  • Affordable
  • Removes bad smell 
  • You can taste a difference immediately
  • Removes suspended solids and also lead
  • Easy to clean


  • You might face some problem with some of the parts of the filter that are made with plastic as the break easily while installing

4. Doulton W9361122 Gravity Filter System

The stainless steel Doulton is very nice to look at on any countertop. But important thing is that it has some standard filtration.

Designed with 2 SuperSteraysl ceramic filters, the Doulton filter removes chemicals, bacteria, parasites, pesticides and some other spiteful stuff which may work its water into the water supply.

I have tested the Doulton, and I am living in a place where there is foul tap water. Unfortunately, Doulton fails to ensure pure water but it makes water more appetizing.

The capacity of the filter is 2.2 gallons. The Doulton has a small side that has super portability. If it is vacant, the unit is simple to move and very light. It is very hard to move when the maneuver is filled.

The unit is made of steel means that you can take the filter where you like to go with you. Its stainless construction is virtually indestructible. The Doulton is hassle free to transport and very versatile. One can keep it on campground or countertop.

Just one complaint that is the little dispenser spout. I hope it will take a long time to filter gravity water from my house. I am not very happy to obtain my water if once it is filtered. The tiny spout spells a pretty low flow rate.

Pros & Cons of Doulton W9361122 Gravity Filter System


  • Simple to use, great product, read instruction comes with the inside box
  • The spec sheets states can remove 90% of Chlorine test
  • Taste of water is wonderful. The company gives what they advertise.
  • The filter does not demand electricity; it uses gravity to clean water


  • None

5. DOULTON W9331208 Countertop Filter System

The W9331208 Doulton countertop water filtration system has a wonderful system to ensure pure drinking water for your home.

The system is made of a reusable ceramic water filter cartridge which aids more to reduce harmful contaminant up to 99.99 % especially Giardia, lead Turbidity, Cryptosporidium and so on.

It can remove odor and chlorine taste from water. This is a long lasting Stainless Steel countertop filter system.

Pros & Cons of DOULTON W9331208 Countertop Filter System


  • Very simple to set up
  • Excellent customer service and great product
  • Removes normal injurious pollutants which affect water quality and flavor.
  • Resists the bacteria growth by self sterilizing silver locked inside the ceramic structure.


  • None

6. Doulton HCA Gravity Water Filter

The W9361230 Doulton gravity water filter is durable and lightweight. The filter is very useful where there is no reliable supply of fresh drinking water. It is very easy to operate.

The best thing is it does not need electricity. The Dulton gravity filter removes up to 99.99% of particles from water up to the level of 0.5 microns and up to 99.7% turbidity.

This super OE is an ideal gift for adventurer and camper on your shopping list. The filter can filter sediment down to .9 microns.

The unit may mount beneath the sink and adds to the countertop dispenser faucets. The gravity filter may be applied with water fountains or select coolers.

Pros & Cons of Doulton HCA Gravity Water Filter


  • Work well and very simple to install
  • Produces about 2 /3 gallons per day from clean mountain steam source.
  • Superfilter
  • The only difference is that the taste of the water is remarkable.


  • slight pricy

7. DOULTON Under Sink Filter System

The W938001 Doultonundersink water filtration system is a great choice for many people. It ensures great tasting and pure drinking water direct from the tap.

The best type of OE system is made from two stages plastic inline system. The performance of the filter is very excellent.

The users who have bought it, they are completely happy with the filter. One will get filter cartridges individually.

Pros & Cons of DOULTON Under Sink Filter System


  • Easy to maintain
  • Completely reliable
  • Hassle free use and installation
  • Capacity 80 gallons per hour of fresh and clean drinking water


  • Demand an RV application, but this is not a big problem

8. DOULTON-W9331032 UltraCarb HCPS Countertop Filter

The Doulton W9331032 is a type of countertop water filter system comes with the features of Doulton ceramic UltraCarb filter.

This is very simple to add to your added diverter valve. This Doulton W9331032 countertop Filter System comes with total a Doulton UltraCarb ceramic Filter candle and has a long lasting plastic housing. Doulton HCPS Water filter system is a free standing system.

The whole method is tested and certified by NSF 42 and 53. The Doulton W9331032 is a super ceramic micro filter to remove pollutant from the water.

The adjustment of the silver lock inside the ceramic structure promotes the growth of bacteria.

Another thing is that cartridges enhance self sterilizing properties and bacteriostatic. It is a 4 stage cartridges system very effective for filtering water. Its activated carbon is very useful to treat water.

Pros & Cons of DOULTON-W9331032 UltraCarb HCPS Countertop Filter 


  • The Ultramar filter is a step up for having filtering ability from the countertop gravity type filters.
  • Setting up of the filter is hassle free and simple to use
  • The unit gives very pure and fresh drinking water
  • Doulton W9331032 Ultra Carb is a very useful ceramic microfilter that ensures genuine sub micron filtration of drinking water.


  • None

9. DOULTON W9380003 Countertop Filter System

The W9380003 Countertop Duo, 2-stage system is a super solution for home or apartment where there is little space.

One filter is not enough to accomplish the job. The system provides you super tasting filtered water.

The countertop system sits stylishly beside the sink and adds with the standard faucets.

Note: the unit applies short mount candle filters. The Doulton Countertop Filter System adjusts well to all Doulton short mount filter candles.

Pros & Cons of DOULTON W9380003 Countertop Filter System


  • Simple set up
  • Normal cleaning
  • Odor neutralizer
  • ilter cartridges are found separately


  • None

10. Doulton W9121200 7″ Ceramic Filter Candle

It’s a wonderful product. I had a big Berky water filter. It solves all the problems. They are very expensive.

But the charcoal filters are normally useless and coming unglued. The water is great.

There are lots of filters on the YouTube. I have got it, and I am pleased to get the service. Thanks for being more efficient. I am very happy and hydrated with the filter.

Pros & Cons of Doulton W9121200 7″ Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candle


  • Problem free setting up
  • Good tasting water
  • Performance is well
  • Filters are cleanable and self sterilizing


  • The only concern is that the top of the filter is only used when the bottom part is constantly filtering water.

11. Doulton W9223021 UltraCarb M15 FRX02 Franke Filter

The W9223021 ultracarb ceramic water filter will move water through filtration levels to make it fresh and pure. This is a great part of OE from Doulton.

The super thing is that every filter will remove pollutant more and more from water named as lead, chlorine, turbidity and fine particulates.

The result is best tasting and highest quality drinking water. Has to certificate from NSF. Just be hurried to have a W9223021 Doulton ceramic water filter just now.

Pros & Cons of Doulton W9223021 UltraCarb M15 FRX02 Franke Filter


  • Quick delivery
  • Super performance for Franke small butler, after six months I normally change the filter
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple setting up


  • Costly but performance is wonderful

12. Doulton W9220406 Imperial Sterasyl OBE Ceramic Filter

Keep it on the counter peak filtration system since the third filter for water filtration system. Enjoy the great tasting water now and be happy to deposit the water bottle.

Water flow is wonderful to use it with the kitchen sink for cooking and drinking water. It is possible to reuse again and also cleanable.

Pros & Cons of Doulton W9220406 Imperial Sterasyl OBE Ceramic Filter


  • Performance is excellent
  • Super quality filters.
  • It becomes cloggy if used in low quality water.
  • he Sterasyl Ceramic Filter is a kind of self sterilizing filter which is possible to use again to ensure completely micron filtration down to 0.9 microns.


  • None

What to Look for before Buying Doulton Water Filter

Choosing the best filter for your house will depend on your own needs. But here are some factors that apply to all filters, and that could help you further in making the correct decision.


Filtration systems come in all sizes. Filters that are quite large can give you more filtered water at once, but they also cost a lot. Calculate how much water your family drinks per day and choose the size accordingly.


The shape of the filter you buy is something that you should always take a serious look at before buying. An oddly shaped filter might cause a problem in storing or might not be compatible with your pitcher.

Water Filtering Capacity 

It’s always a good idea to get filters with a larger water capacity than what you need. Having too much water in the house won’t hurt anyone, but a shortage might cause a crisis.


Try to get filters that have little to no installation required. A simple structure and mechanism will decrease the confusion and also help save time. No need to bring in any fancy electricians.


You will often need to change the cartridge and other parts of the filter. If you get a filter that has its parts readily available in most hardware or online stores and cost reasons, you will have less of a problem to deal with. Buying a fancy filter with compatible parts that are hard to find will only cause you unnecessary hassle.

Daulton water filter vs. Berkey

Daulton water filter vs. Berkey

Elimination of bacteria, 99.9999% removal of warts, and 99.9999% elimination of viruses, which makes it a good water purifier which will make sure that the water you drink is free of damaging sickening contaminants.

Both components may be fitted with pole filters at the lower room to eliminate acidity – the Berkey article filters remove arsenic and fluoride, whereas the Doulton article filters remove fluoride and heavy metals (heavy metals are excluded from the ordinary Berkey filters – there’s not any requirement for extra pole filters to get rid of toxic compounds, such as guide).

Why Does the Doulton Water Filter Best?

Now in the market, you will get lots of manufacturers who claim that they are manufacturing the supertype of the filter to treat water. But the real picture is different. Most of them do not fulfill the ambition of the people.

Only a few are getting the satisfaction of the users. Doulton Ceramic Filters is the trusted brand in the market. They are producing best types of filters. They have over 150 years of experience and continuous service.

More than 140 countries in the world are using the Doulton water filter. Moreover, it is being used in a different organization like water cooler companies and aid agencies.

Tap water is not treated by using Dulton water filter. The specialty of the filter is that it can remove sediment and bacteria from water along with other pollutants.

The filter is made with great care by using a 3 stage sub micron ceramic. It also removes ordinary particulate matter and injurious pathogenic bacteria.

Dulton filters are famous for removing odor, chlorine taste, color and unwanted pollutants.

Therefore you will get pure fresh, clean and pollutant free drinking water. It is made for simple and easy maintenance. The setting up of the filter is very easy.

Clean the ceramic filter candle and housing?

Clean the ceramic filter candle and housing?

We suggest a soft buffeting with a searching pad as long as the whiteness of the ceramic return. Over abrasive material or heavy rubbing can remove more ceramic than is needed.

Do not use detergent or soap. Rubber gloves are suggested to use at the time of cleaning it. Be sure that the edge of the plastic mount may not come in contact with the unfiltered water.

Unscrewing the body from the head to clean the filter housing and wipe the top and inside the body with soft dampened warm water. Do not attempt to clean the top of the filter head. It may cause contamination of the filtered water.

Doulton® HCS Drinking Water Filter Installation Instructions

Doulton Water Filter Review FAQs

After giving 3 recommendations and also some basic factors to consider during your purchase, here are a few of the most asked questions that we’re sure you’d love answered. 

1. How often should I change my water cartridge?

Most brands require you to change the water cartridge every three months. Some allow even more time, but it is better to change the cartridge often to ensure safety and maintain hygiene.

2. How to clean the filter?

Cleaning your water pitcher or the filter twice a month is always a good idea. Some warm soapy water is good enough to get the job done.

3. What does this filter remove?

These filters are the best at removing chlorine from water. The filter does this while keeping all the necessary minerals intact in the water.

4. How long can I store water inside the filter?

You should never store water for more than 24 hours. After 24 hours or before starting a new batch of water, always clear out the previous water, so avoid getting any illness.

5. How to set up a water filter?

This depends from brand to brand. Most water filters now days do not require any installation at all. But if the product you have chosen requires any installation, we would recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly to get to know what to do.

Final Words of Recommendation

The Doulton Supercarb is great under the sink option that is good for areas with hard water, and the ceramic multi candle is great if you want a greater lifespan. The Ultracarb 10" on the other hand, is an amazingly affordable option that gets the job done easily.  

If you were to ask us, we would recommend the Supercarb Under the Sink filter. As this filter can be used without a water softener, it is really powerful. So, you can rest assured that this filter will give you the best results.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but we do hope this Doulton water filter review has covered all that you need to know to make the right purchase.

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