How to Soften Water Without a Water Softener! Easy Methods to Do at Home

Hard water contains magnesium or calcium in it. They keep deposit behind which may clog drains, stain tile and glass, leave residue on skin and hair and prevents soap from using.

There is no such study found that it is harmful or injurious to health. Try to know the details about softening hard water and its various effects.

Every day many people are facing the problem of hard water. There are many disadvantages of using hard water like the lime scale on the surface of the dishwashing machine, electric kettles and coffee makers. Though hard water is a type of remedy, it may be softened in various ways.

Softening Water for the Kitchen

One of the main issue to remove water hardness is boiling water. When you boil water, there will be no hardness in your water. Try it to understand whether it works or not.

  • Keep water in a boiling process for sometimes
  • Make it cool for few hours. Mineral will settle to the bottom of the pot.
  • Scoop or siphon to the up of the water, leave mineral behind.
  • Optional: Prior drinking eliminates flat flavor by pouring forth and back between 2 containers. It restores air lost for the boiling.

Softening Water for Laundry

Use nonprecipitating water conditioner with your laundry. At the time of wash, the product holds some minerals from water.

how to soften water without a water softener

Be sure the product is nonprecipitating – you may find them on online, search it out. Do not use a precipitating conditioner that preserves scale on fabrics and with washing machine. If you like to use the product, adjust it with the laundry as follow:

  • Connect it to the cycle by the instruction given. If you have no idea about hardness area, add conditioner up to it feels slippery and suds come out at the time of washing.
  • Use the 2nd batch of conditioner at the time of washing. Except it, the whole area is latch back on your clothes.

Remove hard water spots by using vinegar. Distilled white vinegar removes drains, white spots on fabric and mineral build up.

Use the same amount of dilute with water, scrub away your problem the wash it. It removes the scale build up very quickly. If the water is little harder, it might be cost effective.

  • Towels may be stiff for hard water. Treat them with the same procedures.
  • Vinegar may bleach some types of damage stoneware or fabric.

A Some people like to add a half cup of vinegar with rinse cycle of water, though some demand it may harm the rubber seals of your machine. Try to check with the advice of the manufacturers.

Get Soft Water the Green Way - Salt Free and without Water Waste

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