GRAYL Ultralight Review – The Unique Water Purifier Bottle

The Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle is an extraordinary water treatment solution. It is designed to eliminate protozoa, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and chemicals from water sources of the backcountry.


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The Grayl purifier needs no ultraviolet light, bulbs, batteries, sucking, pumping, and straws. It doesn’t need any extra reservoir or container to drink water.

The purifier doesn’t turn into a moist drippy thing. You have to keep on the outer surface of the pack to preserve it from making your other gear wet.

GRAYL Purification and filtration

The Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle has a plunger and an outer bottle. The purifier works like a Frech coffee press. Just fill the outer bottle with water from lake or stream.

Then press the plunger to the end inside the outer bottle containing water that you like to purify. This force compels water to go through the filters into the plunger.

The plunger keeps purified water and doubles as a 16 oz. Drinking cup. You can drink water directly from the purifier.

There is a screw on cap on the top of the unit. If you have no desire to drink water on the spot, you can carry it with you. Pour the purified water from the Grayl into a big bottle if you like to carry more water at once.

GRAYL Ultralight Review


  • Fast and easy-to-use: Fill the pitcher taking water from the lake, sketchy tap, hotel sink, and stream. After that press on the earth or at the knee level. Finally, drink safe water from anywhere.
  • Examined by NSF standard 42+53
  • Removes up to 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses
  • Ultra-powered activated carbon filters particulates, odors, bad flavors, heavy metals, and chemicals.
  • Has replaceable purifier cartridge for 300 uses before the change. The bottle may be used for the foreseeable future
  • Adjusts with cup holders and most pack pockets
  • Made to face the harsh reality of international tour, outdoor adventure, and critical situations.
  • Using Gray for treating water saves both waste and money

Pros & Cons of GRAYL Ultralight


  • Usual water bottle size, lightweight- simple for backpacking
  • The design is very simple to clip with a binder when you do not use it. Put away from usual water bottle holder.
  • Produces great tasting and clean water


  • The filter may not be backwashed


It takes only 20 to 30 seconds to purify 16 ounces of water. The thing you have to do is pushing the plunger into the bottle having dirty water. The simple way is to put the Grayl on the ground. Then press down plunger by applying body weight.

GRAYL water filter

A good amount of pressure may be needed. Or you can press down by your arms. Allow your body to complete the process.

If you like to pull the plunger from the outside bottle, you need to drag on the grip of the cap. For suction, if it sticks, persist enough. It doesn’t stick at all and will come out.

In the purifier cartridge of the Grayl, an electro absorption technology is applied. Here big pores are overlaid along with positively-charge mesh.

The pore latches like small magnets. The big pores are easy to remove from the water like other hollow fiber filters. You should squeeze like a mad to force water through the filters.

Trusted Purification Technology

Grayl’s replaceable filtration system keeps you secured by adding 3 technologies.

  • Technology #1- 2 layers of non-woven ceramic fiber provide a durable and rugged base.
  • Technology #2– A positively charged lattice invites impurities by applying a scientific process named ‘ion exchange.’ The positive ions collect negative charges, chemicals, and pathogens. The dirt remains within the cartridges, and dirt free water flows through.
  • Technology #3 – Activated carbon invites heavy metals and many chemicals, odor, flavor. Therefore your water is pure, safe and great tasting.

The technology is fit for the harsh environment. There are two layers of purifier cartridges in this media. It enhances the impurity removals. Moreover, this gives the second level of protection at the time of operation.

Grayl filter for survival

Longevity Reduced by Unclear Water

The Ultralight filter can handle murky water. It is sure that many customers have various experiences. Fresh water goes inside the filter time to time faultlessly. It is true that little bit murky water may clog the filter.

This is a press action filter. So you will face difficulties to press the bottle down when the filter dies. If you use the bottle on the tap water, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Suppose you have the desire to use the filter in outdoor in the backcountry. Accordingly, you need to carry a spare filter or alternative filter product for such case.

Why you choose that for Adventure – GRAYL Ultralight Review

Gray has been tested many times by international travelers and outdoor adventurers in the cruelest circumstances. It has removed pollutant and made water clean:

  • From the desert oases to the alpine streams
  • Straight from hotel faucets from Bangkok to Bolivia
  • At the time of natural disasters as well as mission trips

Some water filters remove protozoa and bacteria. The Grayl purifier works against viruses, heavy metals, and many chemicals.

Why you choose GRAYL Ultralight

We offer 1% from each sale for environmental nonprofits. We give importance on protecting as well as conserving our lakes and rivers. Moreover, we are supporting cultural treasures for the developing countries.

We buy it to increase how much money we can give back. Thanks, altogether we can make a difference.

Only 25% of plastic bottles are being recycled saying this sadly. It means that millions of bottles are done for the first time. These bottles end up in a landfill or oceans.

Every disposable Grayl purifier cartridge can displace up to three hundred plastic bottles. You can make a meaningful difference when you use a Grayl for the next time tour. It saves your money by spending bottle water.

What Real-World Testing result described by the user

This is the theory. Now the question is how does it function with patience? We keep the GRAYL in easy situations to be convinced.

It works well in a state where tap water or other sources of water is very rare. The Grayl reaches pre-assembled and 2 pages rapid start guide which is very essential. This guide is worth reading since there remains a bunch of helpful pro tips.

how to use GRAYL ultralight

I filled tap water in a glass from the faucet in Portugal. After that, I filled the Grayl’s outer container just under the noticeable line. I put on the internal sleeve and kept the cleanser on the ground.

By the lid off, I pressed my bodyweight along with both hands to press the internal sleeve down. I found almost all water passed throughout the cartridges within 15 seconds.

The suggestion is to keep the lid open. Remove a quarter-turn to lessen hand fatigue. There is the possibility of cross-contamination. All works well and the quarter turn is significant.

When the lid is tightly set up, you will fell problem to press down the lid. The lid may create more pressure against you when untreated water back up and out the peak of the container.

The water that passes after the taste is carrying flying color. I don’t think that the tap water now has much of taste.

But when I do it by keeping 2 side by side, I notice some differences. The water comes from the GRAYL looks like bottled water with no visible flavor.

Filtering a home water delivery is 1 thing. But you are planning to travel further rather than the kitchen sink.

Lauren has bought a Grayl for her in the earlier of the year. She has taken it with her on a 2-week tour to Mozambique.

The tap water of Mozambique is not safe enough to drink. It is a good idea to have a real-world test to see how the purifier works.

She uses the purifier several hours a day during her trip. She fills it from the basin of the hotel room. Sometimes she also fills from shower top by a beachside bungalow.

The unit does its function well. The purifier gives taste-free drinking water without facing health problems or stomach upset. It needs all her strength to press the inner sleeve down.

She could do it well though her weight is 100 pounds. The adults can do it very easily but difficult for the children.

The only disadvantage was a clear one: 16oz of water isn’t enough to drink for a day particularly in hot weather.

This isn’t a problem at all if you have more access to flowing water while you are out and about. But this is difficult for the hikers or travelers who don’t have such opportunities.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Review

Final Thoughts

We have done our experiments for few weeks and really impressed by the newest version of the Grayl water purifier.

We have found it in a durable and easily transportable package. There are some possibilities of losing or breaking few parts.

When you get a water source near you, you will get safe and sound drinking water with an easy and quick process.

About 2/3 the value are stainless steel model. It is very simple to suggest even informal travelers.

We have an intention to keep supplementary water. The cartridge may last longer than usual. Keep a spare cartridge in your container. Put a breakable bottle handy and you will get agonize free water anywhere you are.

The Grayl would be an essential thing for our package tour. It will be very useful for us when we like to travel somewhere without bringing safe tap water. Suggested.


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