Top 7 Pelican Water Softener Reviews – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Hard water is a challenge for 85 out of 100 families in the USA. It does not just stain your floors, dishes, and clothes; it greatly affects your health too.

In some of the most developed states, municipal water is not just hard; it is downright unsafe for consumption and usage due to sediments, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants.

If you are unhappy with your municipal water supply, then this guide is for you! Not only have we compiled Pelican Water Softener reviews, but all the products reviewed here also have bonus features like conditioning, heavy metal removal, and so on. So check out the guide below to find the model that best suits your needs.

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Pelican Water Softener Reviews: What to Expect

A water softener system uses powerful UV-C rays to do the cleaning. There are two main reasons for using a water softener system. Firstly, it removes suspended matter in the water that might cause your skin to burn, leading to even more skin problems. If this sediment settles in your plumbing, it can damage the pipes, increasing the amount of raw sewage discharging into the environment.

Therefore, it is important to have a working water system. A water softener is used to remove this suspended matter from the water, allowing you to enjoy clean, pure drinking water. Secondly, the water that is flushed down the drain is often full of sediment. This sediment is from foreign objects and particles, from the various products that you use.

Top 7 Pelican Water Softener Reviews

All the models look the same; they must be doing the same job, right? Wrong! The seven models reviewed below are some of the unique options for whole-house water treatment systems. Each one caters to a different water-related issue. Reading the features, pros, and cons will tell you which one will fit you best.

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1. Pelican Whole House Water Filter & Water Softener

Combining the powers of a whole house water filter and a water softener, this product is a must-have for every household. You can remove 97% chlorine from municipal water and treat about 1,300,000 gallons of water with this one system. A 3-step treatment process guarantees cleaner, softer, healthier water.

The first of the three steps is sediment filtration, where all the large, insoluble debris is removed from the water. Then the supply water enters the premium whole house filtering system, which in itself has four different steps. It starts with the 5-micron filter step ending with adding copper and zinc oxidation media.

Lastly, the water enters the softening stage of the process. This is where chelation takes place to remove the hard water minerals present in the supply water. The system does not make use of or add any salt to the water before it flows out of the system to your faucets, showers, etc.

Moreover, it is energy efficient, does not require electricity to run, and does not waste water.  This is the only salt-free water softening system that can remove 99.6% of scales, so you can big scale build-up on your tiles and bathroom/kitchen fittings. It is suitable for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms.


  • Easy to install
  • One system can filter 1,300,000 gallons of water
  • Energy efficient
  • Bacteriostatic media
  • No electricity required to operate


  • May reduce the water flow rate
  • Sediment filter needs to be replaced every 6-9 months

2. Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener & Conditioner

We’ve gathered some idea about water filters – but what exactly does a water conditioner do? Well, conditioners carry out certain reactions to improve appearance, taste, etc. So conditioners don’t necessarily remove the ‘hardness’ of water per se – but when combined with a softener, the results are phenomenal!

Luckily, that’s exactly what this model, part of the Pelican NaturSoft range provides. The municipal water first goes through a sediment filter, which removes larger molecules and debris from the water before it enters the second stage, which is the softener/conditioner system.

This simple two-step process gives you softer, safer, healthier, tastier water. Treated water is 100% safe for consumption by children and pets. The system does not remove any beneficial minerals. It helps prevent up to 96% scaling and removes 99.7% chlorine from water.

Ideal for houses with 4-6 bathrooms, the easy-to-install system comes with all parts for installation and does not waste any water or require any electricity to operate. Additionally, it is a salt-free system meaning no additional salt is added to the water during the process. It is ideal for people who are on a low-sodium diet.


  • Easy to install
  • Better tasting water
  • Energy efficient
  • Removes existing scal
  • No electricity required to operate


  • May leak in places with a hot climate
  • Sediment filter needs to be replaced every 6-9 months

3. Iron/Manganese Whole House Water Filter & Self-Free Softener

Often, only softening, filtering, or a combination of the two is not enough. Certain heavy metals need to be removed from the water to make it safe, such as iron and manganese.

Luckily, this product does just that! With an advanced non-electric dosing system, it delivers superior results using its five steps of purification.

These steps include sediment filtration, salt-free softening, iron and manganese removal, etc. The system does not require any electricity to run and prevents wastage of water during the process. Firstly, the water enters the system through the sediment filter.

Here the size of each large particle is reduced to 5 microns or less – that’s 4 microns less than a grain of sand. Next, it goes through chlorination. The next step of heavy metal removal guarantees up to 10PPM iron removal. Iron removal removes any heaviness or red tint you may have noticed in your water.

Carbon filtration comes next, and it removes any remaining chlorine or chloramine in addition to all smell, taste, and color from water. Lastly, the water is softened. As this is a salt-free system, no salt is added to soften water. This easy-to-install model is well suited for households with 1 to 3 bathrooms.


  • Removes heavy metal
  • Comes ready to install
  • Salt-free
  • Low maintenance
  • No electricity required to operate


  • Not suitable for bigger families
  • More expensive than other Pelican filter system

4. Whole House Dispenser Filtration

The PRC-5 Pelican 5-Stage Water Filtration and Softening System takes the positive sides of the Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter and Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener with a view to offering you bottled water quality out of each tap.

Try to enjoy the tasty water. The Pelican Combo Series does not need electricity. It does not require maintenance.

The device does not waste water.

The water of the softener is good for the skin and the hairs. It stops the negative effects of scale build-up.

The Pelican offers salt-free water for the users. This is a standard home appliance for the users.


  • Pelican NaturSoft system’s preloaded and Pelican Carbon Series are designed well and simple to install and save time.
  • Having sediment pre-filter system by the side of a mounting hardware
  • Every six to nine-month later sediment pre-filter needs to change; tank after five years, tank 2 has a lifetime guarantee and needs no replacement.
  • The energy is perfect; it does not water. At the same time needs no electricity.


  • Best for only the big family
  • Demand more space than the conventional water purifier or the filters

5. Pelican 2-Stage EZ-Connect Walter Filter

Pelican Water EZ-Connect Water Softener Combos are easy-to-install water filters that use a KDF filter to remove impurities. Hard water is softened before it leaves your faucet, meaning it lasts longer in your plumbing.

Pelican Water EZ-Connect Compact Water Filter/Softener Combo – Blue by Pelican Water Softener. Product Dimensions: 17.6 x 12 x 21.6 inches; 4.9 pounds, Shipping Weight: 5 pounds.

This water filter provides the cleanest, freshest water so that you can enjoy the best tasting water available. This product solves all of your water filtration needs.

Ideal for those who want to protect their family from harmful contaminants found in tap water. The compact design of the Pelican Water Filter System makes it simple to install in any home. In a matter of seconds, this system, and filters water up to 100 gallons with a simple twist. The filtration system uses activated carbon technology to reduce chlorine and other contaminants in the water.

Pelican Water PDF-RF Premium Countertop/Undercounter Drinking Water Carbon Replacement Set Filter, Gray

6. Pelican Water PDF-RF Premium Countertop/Undercounter Drinking Water Carbon Replacement Set Filter

Significantly more than a replacement for the expiring cartridge, the new set also offers an enhanced carbon block element, which effectively removes chlorine and other impurities. The set comes with a carbon block element and a sediment filter, which removes sediments, sand, dirt, and rust.

This product is easy to use by the consumer and has a lot of benefits. The product is extremely cost-effective as it saves money by using less water. The product is simple to assemble. Pelican Water PDF-RF is made from high-quality components. It is easy to use, very durable, simple to install, and is affordable for the consumer. They will have a great experience when using the product. The product will last a long time and is cost-effective.

Pelican Water PSF-1R 3 Stage Replacement Filter for PSF-1 and PSF-1W Premium Shower Filter, White

7. Pelican Water PSF-1R 3 Stage Replacement Filter

Sold individually, the Pelican Water PSF-1R 3 Stage Replacement Filter fits Pelican Water’s PSF-1 and PSF-1W Premium Shower Filters, White. The Pelican Water PSF-1R Filter is designed to work with Pelican Water PSF-1 and PSF-1W Premium Shower Filters. This package includes two stages of filters: a sediment filter and a carbon block filter. Copper-zinc KDF formula has dramatically reduced the chlorine residual and resulted in softer, healthier skin and hair.

The Pelican Water Premium Shower Filter restores clean, great-tasting water to your shower so you can relax and enjoy your shower again. The Pelican Water Premium Filter installs easily and requires no tools.

How to Choose a Pelican Water Softener for You?

Here is everything that you need to know before making your purchase. We know how hard you work for your money, so before you decide to purchase a product, read out the following so it won’t go down the drain.

Hardness and Possible Contaminants

Firstly, you need to know the hardness of and possible contaminants in your water. If there is no heavy metal present, you do not need to invest in more heavy-weight models; a normal filtering system will suffice.

Similarly, models with carbon filtration can be disregarded if there is no chlorine, smell, color, or funky taste in the water.


Before making a purchase find out how much space the entire (assembled) system will take up to know if you have enough space to install it.

Water Usage

A family of 3 or 4 will undoubtedly use more water per day than a single dweller, so it’s best not to consider the number of bathrooms specified by the products. Rather, focus on the gallons a system can treat per day to see if it meets your requirements.

Electric or Non-Electric?

Both electronic and non-electronic softening systems are available on the market. Which one is ‘better’ than the other will solely depend on your preference. Needing or not, electricity to power up does not affect the results you get from any softening system.


Salt or no salt? That is the question. However, the answer is easy to figure out. Decide whether you need low-sodium water, whether you are willing to lug bags of salt for recharging, how hard the water is in your area (salt-based systems are better at softening extremely hard water), and so on.

Do I need a water softener?

It has various signs to show the indication of the water softeners. If you see minerals deposited on your bathroom surfaces or dishes, there remain many minerals in the water supply. If you wash your hair with this water, the hair becomes dull and rough.

You may feel irritation on the skin. First, remove allergy or illness. All these are the signs the sign of hard water. When you decrease the presence of minerals in the water, it is a good decision.

Do Pelican water softeners work?

Absolutely! As we have a lot of hard water in our area, I was very surprised when my wife, who does most of the housework, got a Pelican water softener for our home. After all, why would she want to soften our water? She was tired of all the little white streaks that hard water left in the bathroom and kitchen after she had washed the floors.

One of the best things about the Pelican water softener is that it is highly effective. It softened the water in our home better than any other water softener we used in the past. The water is also softer than the water that comes from the city.

Why choose pelican water softeners? 

So why do people feel so good about pelican water softeners? Let me share with you the following information to answer that question. First, they are safe, but not just for your home. They are also safe in the water supply where your family swims, lives, and plays!

Pelican water softeners are the industry standard, having been used around the world for over 50 years. Pelican water softeners come in 4 different models, the single-stage, the two-stage, the three-stage, and the four-stage. The five-stage pelican water softeners are the best ones on the market today.

Pelican Water Softeners work by removing sediment from the water before it is flushed. It comes in two versions: softening and de-chlorinating. The former removes only calcium and magnesium. It has an excellent reputation and is known for its smooth running and easy set-up. It produces a quality product, and fresh spring water is the best available.

Are Pelican Water Softeners any good?

Pelican Systems, as a provider of water filtration systems, has been great to work with. The quality of their products has been good. Pelican Water Systems manufactures water conditioners that reduce the hardness and mineral content of your water. These systems reduce the amount of scale buildup in water-using appliances and fixtures, such as dishwashers, washers, and bathroom fittings. Pelican systems also help reduce the risk of corrosion in water-using appliances like your water heater.

What is the importance of a water softener, and how to choose one?

You probably think that when your water softener turns off, you will end up with hard water. This may seem like it is true but in reality, it is not. It turns out that at water softeners, you will not get hard water but soft water. And to get the softest water possible, install the right device.

Why is soft water good for your skin? For your skin, a water softener is essential. So when you install a Pelican Water Softener, the dirt will get washed away, which will prevent blackheads and pimples. Many people get their showers at 6 AM. If they take a shower after work, they usually wash off their makeup and dry the skin. But at water softeners, you will get soft, creamy skin.

Maintenance Tips that You Should Follow

Water that’s thought of as being tough contains elevated levels of calcium and magnesium, and it triggers limescale buildup. If you reside in a region where warm water is a problem, you really should put in a water heater to guard the pipe system as well as the appliances that use the water whenever they function.

Even if contemporary softeners do not need much in the method of care function, there are still specific tasks that must be carried out to be able to prolong the lifespan of those systems. To learn what you need to do to protect this investment, then browse the next lines.

  • Ensure you confirm the salt amounts at least one time every 3-4 weeks. From the instructions manual, which includes the softener, you’ll find out what’s the perfect salt degree you must keep for the machine to operate at peak levels. When you assess the salt amounts, add up to as necessary to make it to the level suggested in the guide.
  • Occasionally, the salt creates a good coating in the brine tank, and you must split this up. If you do not do so, the loose salt will not blend with the water, and the machine will underperform. To divide the good salt coating, you can either pour warm water or employ a long broom handle to permeate all the way through the surface and distribute it.
  • Thorough cleaning of the tank is a maintenance job that must be carried out infrequently, you should not skip it. Most modern systems demand that this cleaning job is performed just after every 5 to 10 decades, while elderly electrical models need a yearly cleaning. If it is time to wash out the tank, then you must first empty it. Only shut off the water consumption, remove all the water which resides in the tank, and clean out the salt too.

When you are done with this step, you need to remove the brine grid and then scrub the inside of the tank using sterile water. Afterward, ditch the soapy water and then rinse the tank thoroughly.

Should you believe that it is not clean enough, however, wash out the container with bleach and then wash it out attentively. When you are done, refill the tank with salt and water, make them simmer for a couple of hours, and utilize the softener usually when the period is up.

What is hard water and why does it consider as bad?

Most of the houses use water in hoses, taps, fountains, and sinks water comes from the same source.  Rainwater is soft water. If the water goes through rocks or soils, it contains minerals like chalk, lime or magnesium, or calcium.

If the water comes to the homes with these minerals, then the water becomes hard. Firm water is common in most American homes. They contain more than 85% of these minerals.

The level of the mineral is 3 to 20, and the home normally receives a water level of 10. Some people like to have this kind of water to recall mineral properties.

For this water becomes decent with flavor and consumes minerals. Soft water misplaces this taste, and the taste becomes salty. Some people like this soft water outside drinking.

There are severe effects of untreated water. It can help to store residue in the appliance-like the dishwasher, coffee maker washing machine or bath, or the shower.

The residue may be the cause of stains or spots on the dishes on the clothes.

After the shower, it can cause irritation, dry hair, and rough scalp, and prevent soaps to make lathering.

It may build up calcium and magnesium residue that clogs up the flow of the water. This kind of contaminated water is harmful to drinking. You can use this water to wash clothes, dishes, and for other purposes.

Hard water is very challenging to use in everyday life. It will cause the loss of more energy and increase the electric bill.

How can I find out the hardness of my water?

You need to be conscious of the hardness of water as well as to know the best water softener.

You should also choose the best one for your home. If you take water from the municipal water company, you will ask them about the result of their test.

Water that has less than 3.5 grains in each gallon is considered soft water, and above 10.5 grains is considered hard water.

If the water is hard, the water company tries to make it soft by bringing the content from five to six GPG. Less than 3 GPG is not necessary but more than the average level must be done at home.

You need to test the water by yourself if you get water privately.

You can do the test at your home with the tools or buy a test that will give you the result of the level of contaminants in the water. To do the test, you can fill half of the bottle.

In the bottle add five drops of liquid soap, then close the bottle, and after that shake it. If the bottle is filled with suds, the water is not excessively hard.

If there is no foam in the bottle after shaking, or only creates a film on the top the water is hard water. You can buy more test kit found in online shops to test the substance in your water.

The Pelican Water Systems Brand

The Pelican company came to the market in 2007. They have the aim to make ultra-modern salt-free water.

The company would like to offer the best customer service. They offer more benefits for every family. They came to the market when people feel the need of testing water.

Test water becomes an important issue for health-conscious people or environmental activists.

Pelican Water Softener is an eco-friendly softener on the market today. The manufacturer trusts that they have produced a friendly and sustainable process.

As the service is good and got much popularity, they have got a certificate from the Green Building Council Member, Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau, U.S., and from own DVGW certification.

Today Pelican water softener systems have got the top position.

It is totally salt-free system and removes water contaminants from water as in the structure of pharmaceutical compounds, chlorine, chloramines, and some other very harmful pathogens. The systems are efficient and DIY-friendly.

There are many famous water softeners on the web. This one still has not got the top position as the other salt-based water softeners.

If you use any one of them for your home, you will get a very good result no doubt.

Pelican Water Systems is just another respected brand that delivers high-end whole house filters which we advise that you buy from. This company offers a massive array of filters for all kinds of living situations, such as homes, flats, RVs, condos, boats, and much more.

The cutting-edge technologies employed in the production process of these goods is precisely what provide the Pelican Water Systems business its achievement, these goods being in the peak of the marketplace regarding their functionality.

Does The Pelican Brand Able Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems?

Does The Pelican Brand Able Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems?

Pelican water softening system is a very interesting water softening system. Most of the customers are now running on a system that offers more advantages.

The system is DIY friendly. This is the best leading brand. But we are honestly speaking that there are some areas we need to develop.

We need to identify those areas carefully and take care of them. Only the best service of the product can quench the thirst of the customers.

There are some reasons here why Pelican has got the popularity among the people and is considered the top-rated softener in the market.

The technology applied –People would like to have the best water softener for the family. The users are very much pleased to get the eco-friendly solutions of the hard water treatment.

Most famous brands are ready to refund all the money. There are lots of saltless systems nowadays. A lot of proof develops the system. Pelican has also used the same technology to make the product.

The technology is updated, and the users get a very good results from the system.

So many selections to look into –Having more options is difficult for a user to handle. We also see this case in the Pelican softener. If you are a good customer, you would like to know the details of the product.

You also have more queries about the product. Their products are very good, and people like to buy the product. They have made the options easy so that they can draw more customers to buy their product.

The beginning rate is not that appealing to entry-level buyers –Would you like to purchase a softener by spending 1000 dollars? Not really. Most of the customers would not like to spend this amount of money.

They also think that they are taking a risk. Therefore, spending a lot is now wise. Selecting a Pelican is a dilemma as there is no model less than 1000 dollars.

There are many models in the market, but most of the models are very expensive. The company is trying its best to make the fewer cost products. For this, they are upgrading the standard of the product.

But one point we need to consider is the customers’ satisfaction. There is a good saying that is Frist impressions last. The customers are now thinking that they are pouring money down the drain.

Pelican water softener installation with kits

Installing a water softener or a Pelican series water filter is not as easy task than the Pelican Whole House Installation Kit. With this helpful kit, it is not essential to deal with the mess of cutting glues or pipes.

John Guest Quick Fittings are used by the convenient install kit. What you need to do is to bring outgoing and incoming water lines to the John Guest fittings along with connecting them.

For some issues, additional fittings and piping can be required to carry the outgoing and incoming water lines to the John Guest connections in the kit.

Pelican Water Softeners Consumer Reports

Michael of New Orleans, LA

The water of this town is very bad over the previous few years. Now it is affecting my skin. So I searched online for the water system and finally discovered Pelican. I ordered the product that is for the shower. I do not like to talk in this regard with anyone. Using the system is very easy. I am happy with the system.

Betty of Lynchburg, VA

There are lots of irons around where the particular system is to be set up. Suddenly, we see a lot of yellow mud in the water. We sent the sample to the Pelican Water systems, and they’re a young man who did everything for us, and that was very helpful. They sent us everything that we need to get together, and it worked well.

We got the filter that took out iron residue, and there was a whole pallet full of stuff. After that, we moved ahead and got the softener. I had taken it for my son, and I was thinking now to have a softener for my home as well.

Now there is no more mud or iron in the water. Moreover, the soft water is very impressive. Only by the touch of dishwashing detergent, does it get suds coming out of the wazoo, and this is great for the hair. We can make coffee with the water, and the taste is awesome. I am happy for having a Pelican, and I suggest everyone have this one.

Top 7 Pelican Water Softener Reviews Video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I know if I need a whole house water treatment system?

Examine the texture, smell, and taste of your water. Does something seem off? If yes, you need a treatment system to supply clean water to all the faucets, showers, etc. of your house. But if you are unsure about the quality of your water, most states offer free water testing too.

2. How long does it take to complete one cycle?

It takes roughly 85 to 90 mins to complete one full cycle of purification.

3. Is it safe to drink softened water?

It is safer to drink than direct municipal water supply due to the removal of hardness, toxins, bacteria, and sediment. Salt-based systems may produce water with salt content, which can be harmful to people with certain health conditions. However, you can always opt for a salt-free model instead.

4. Do I need a reverse osmosis system too?

Reverse osmosis systems can be considered as a system that further refines softened water. Both water softeners and reverse osmosis systems perform common functions, but reverse osmosis systems are equipped to remove more contaminants than a softener.However, that does not imply that only a reverse osmosis system can get the job done for the whole house – without the pre-purification from a softener, your reverse osmosis system is likely to break down very frequently!

5. How can I find Pelican dealers near me?

The Pelican website offers a list of authorized dealers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

6. How does Pelican remove chlorine?

Removing chlorine from the water involves a three-step process. After the water is chlorinated, it passes through a carbon filter that absorbs the chlorine and the chemical by-products. Then the water is passed through a reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane is semi-permeable, and only water molecules can pass through it. The remaining chlorine cannot pass through the membrane, leaving the water clean and fresh.

7. How long does a pelican water softener last?

Regarding the life expectancy of a pelican water softener, the answer is not as simple as “2-3 years”. Life expectancy will depend on several factors, including the hardness of your water, the frequency of use, and the model you choose. The best thing you can communicate with Pelican supports to make sure you choose a model that suits your needs.

8. Are Pelican water filters expensive?

The ultimate determination of whether a Pelican carbon filter is worth the money is directly related to how much you use your water. Pelican water filters may be more expensive than standard cartridges, but you won’t need to use excessive water. However, if you do a lot of water filtering, you can recover the cost of a Pelican water filter in a relatively short time.

9. How often do you change a pelican water filter?

A few things influence the answer: the size of your filter, the hardness of your water, and your water quality. The larger the filter, the more sediment it catches and the longer it will last. Suggested every six months to change a pelican water filter after installation.

10. Does the Pelican water system remove chlorine?

One of the main concerns for many consumers is the chlorine content of their water, as chlorine is harmful to the body. The answer to that is yes, it does. When the Pelican Water Softener system is on, the water is soft and can remove the chlorine from the water. When the Pelican Water Softener system is off, the water is hard and cannot remove the chlorine the water.

Final Words & Recommendations

Water contamination is not something to be overlooked anywhere around the world. Making a one-shot investment to install a system such as the Pelican PSE1800, Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softeners, and such will help you protect both your health and pocket.

We hope these Pelican water softener reviews will convince you to have a system and ensure safe water for you and your loved ones.


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