Very Necessary Pelican Water Softener Reviews

The Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt-Free Softener is 3 parts filtration and water softener process. It is the combination of the pre-filter system which removes particulates as small as five microns from water, a chemical filter, a saltless water softener which eliminates chloramines, chlorine and some other chemical compounds that may make water taste better.

The complete home water softener comes with 2 different output capacities: 10 gpm that is suggested for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, and fifteen gpm for a house with 4-6 bathrooms.

Pelican Water Softener Reviews 2018 – Comparison Chart

Check NowProduct NameProduct DimensionsItem WeightEditor's RatingPrice

Pelican Water PRC-5Softening System

Pelican Water PRC-5Softening System19 x 19 x 59.5 inches47 pounds4.6 out of 5 starsCheck Price

Whole House Water Dispenser

Whole House Water Dispenser 49.5 X 18 X 2 inch 69 pounds4.4 out of 5 starsCheck Price

The salt-free method appears with connectors and valves to set up the pre-filter and 2 tanks. But you have to need additional fittings to add the system to your home’s water supply. The filter needs no electrical power as well as no drain connection; therefore, you may install it indoor or outdoor also.

The unit needs some usual maintenance. You have to replace the prefilter media, O-ring seat each 6 to 9 months, a simple cartridge style filter, up to the level of use. In the chemical filter, the carbon filtration media should be replaced every 5 years, after about 6000000 to 1000 000 gallons of water is treated well.

Replacing a carbon media is a very difficult operation which needs soaking the new carbon media up to 48 hours and disconnecting the filter tank before adding it to the water system. However, the water softener requires replacement.

A water softener is a device to make the hard water into soft water for the purpose of washing, cleaning or drinking. In hard water, there is a lot of minerals like magnesium or calcium taken from the earth.

There are various ways to remove minerals from water. If there is mineral in the water, the result is build up residue.

The treated water is best for cleaning dishes, cleaning skin, washing clothes. There are different ways of making water softener, but the result they give is the same.

The method helps to remove or destroy minerals like Magnesium or Calcium from the water supply.

A salt-based water softener is used to exchange ion that goes over a tank contained with charged resin beads. The ions alter minerals from water.

In Reverse osmosis, the hard water goes through a membrane which passes through at the time of blocking minerals. In magnetic softener, water goes through a magnetic field to remove minerals.

The salt-free system does its function like the salt, or hard minerals crystallize to resist binding to the surfaces.

Do I require a water softener?

It has various signs to show the indication of the water softeners. If you see minerals deposit on your bathroom surfaces or dishes, there remain many minerals in the water supply. If you wash hair with this water, the hair becomes dull and rough.

You may feel the irritation on the skin. At first, remove allergy or illness. All these are the signs the sign of hard water. When you decrease the presence of mineral from the water, it is a good decision.

Top Pelican Water Softener Reviews 2018


Pelican Whole House Dispenser Filtration

Pelican Whole House Dispenser Filtration

The PSE1800 Pelican Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Softener offer you bottle like water from your tap. The taste of the water is same as the taste of the Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter.

The water is very tasty, soft enough, beneficial for health. The water stops the negative effects of scale build-up.

The system does not need any electricity. It has no wastewater. Pelican Water system gives new standard filtration offers salt-free water. It is wrapped in a stainless steel cover to ensure long life.

The installation system is very easy, and the design is very beautiful to look at. You need to change the filter every after six to nine months.

  • enhance the performance of the filtration system
  • Activated carbon media filter eliminates unpleasant odors
  • One-million-gallon capacity ensures that a lengthy lifespan of this machine
  • Little to no maintenance work is needed for this filtration system
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee for parts and labor
  • For a small family, the cost is very high. We would like to offer safe and quality water for the users
  • Concerning the Pelican Water Systems Brand

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Whole House Dispenser Filtration

Whole House Dispenser Filtration

The PRC-5 Pelican 5-Stage Water Filtration and Softening System takes the positive sides of the Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter and Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener with a view to offering you bottled water quality out of each tap.

Try to enjoy the tasty water. The Pelican Combo Series does not need electricity. It does not require maintenance.

The device does not waste water.

The water of the softener is good for the skin and the hairs. It stops the negative effects of scale build-up.

The Pelican offers salt-free water for the users. This is a standard home appliance for the users.

  • Pelican NaturSoft system’s preloaded and Pelican Carbon Series are designed well and simple to install and saves time.
  • Having sediment pre-filter system by the side of a mounting hardware
  • Every six to nine month later sediment pro-filter need to change; tank after five years, tank 2 has a lifetime guarantee and needs no replacement.
  • The energy is perfect; it does not water. At the same time needs no electricity.
  • Best for only the big family
  • Demand more space than the conventional water purifier or the filters

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Maintenance Tips that You Should Follow

Water that’s thought of as being tough contains elevated levels of calcium and magnesium, and it triggers limescale buildup. If you reside in a region where warm water is a problem, you really should put in a water heater to guard the pipe system as well as the appliances that use water whenever they function.

Even if contemporary softeners do not need much in the method of care function, there are still specific tasks which must be carried out to be able to prolong the lifespan of those systems. To learn what you need to do to protect this investment, then browse the next lines.

  • Ensure you confirm the salt amounts at least one time every 3-4 weeks. From the instructions manual, which includes the softener, you’ll find out what’s the perfect salt degree you must keep for the machine to operate at peak levels. When you assess the salt amounts, add up to as necessary to make it to the level suggested in the guide.
  • Occasionally, the salt creates a good coating in the brine tank, and you must split this up. If you do not do so, the loose salt will not blend with the water, and the machine will underperform. To divide the good salt coating, you can either pour warm water or employ a long broom handle to permeate all the way through the surface and distribute it.
  • Thorough cleaning the tank is a maintenance job that must be carried out infrequently, you should not skip it. Most modern systems demand that this cleaning job is performed just after every 5 to 10 decades, while elderly electrical models need a yearly cleaning. If it is time to wash out the tank, then you must first empty it. Only shut off the water consumption, remove all the water which resides in the tank and clean out the salt too.

When you are done with this step, you need to remove the brine grid and then scrub the inside of the tank using sterile water. Afterward, ditch the soapy water and then rinse the tank thoroughly.

Should you believe that it is not clean enough, however, wash out the container with bleach and then wash it out attentively. When you are done, refill the tank with salt and water, make them simmer for a couple of hours, and utilize the softener usually when the period is up.

What do you mean hard water and why does it consider bad?

In most of the houses to use water in hoses, taps, fountains and sinks water comes from the same source.  Rainwater is soft water. If the water goes through rocks or soils, it contains minerals like chalk, lime or magnesium or calcium.

If the water comes to the homes with these minerals, then water becomes hard. Firm water is common in most of the American homes. They contain more than 85% of these minerals.

The level of the mineral is 3 to 20, and the home normally receives water level 10. Some people like to have this kind of water to recall mineral properties.

For this water becomes decent with flavor and consumes minerals. Soft water misplaces this taste, and the taste becomes salty. Some people like this soft water outside drinking.

There are severe effects of untreated water. It can help to store residue to the appliance-like on the dishwasher, coffee maker washing machine or bath or the shower.

The residue may be the cause of stains or spots on the dishes on the clothes.

After the shower, it can cause irritation, dry hair, rough scalp and prevent soaps to make lathering.

It may build up calcium and magnesium residue that clogs up to the flow of the water. This kind of contaminated water is harmful to drinking. You can use this water to wash clothes, dishes, and other purposes.

Hard water is very challenging to use in everyday life. It will cause the loss of more energy and increase the electric bill.

How can I find out the hardness of my water?

How can I find out the hardness of my water

You need to be conscious of the hardness of water as well as to know the best water softener.

You should also choose the best one for your home. If you take water from the municipal water company, you will ask them about the result of their test.

Water that has less than 3.5 grains in each gallon is considered soft water, and above 10.5 grain is considered as hard water.

If the water is hard, the water company tries to make it soft by bringing the content from five to six GPG. Less than 3 GPG is not necessary but more than average level must be done at home.

You need to test the water by yourself if you get water from privately.

You can do the test at your home with the tools or buy a test they will give you the result of the level of contaminants in water. To do the test, you can fill half of the bottle.

In the bottle add five drops of liquid soap, then close the bottle and after that shake it. If the bottle is filled with suds, the water is not excessively hard.

If there is no foam in the bottle after shaking, or only creates a film on the top the water is hard water. You can buy more test kit found in online shops to test the substance in your water.

About The Pelican Water Systems Brand

The Pelican company came to the market in 2007. They have the aim to make ultra-modern salt free water.

The company would like to offer best customer service. They offer more benefits for every family. They came to the market when people feel the need of testing water.

To test water becomes an important issue for the health conscious people or the environmental activists.

Pelican Water Softener is an eco- friendly softener on the market today. The manufacturer trusts that they have produced friendly and sustainable process.

As the service is good and got much popularity, they have got a certificate from the Green Building Council Member, Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau, U.S. and from own DVGW certification.

Today Pelican water softener systems have got the top position.

It is totally salt-free system and removes water contaminant from water as in the structure of pharmaceutical compounds, chlorine, chloramines, and some other very harmful pathogens. The systems are efficient and DIY friendly.

There are many famous water softeners on the web. This one still has not got the top position as the other salt-based water softeners.

If you use any one of them for your home, you will get a very good result no doubt.

Pelican Water Systems is just another respected brand that delivers high-end whole house filters which we advise that you buy from. This company offers a massive array of filters for all kinds of living situations, such as homes, flats, RVs, condos, boats, and much more.

The cutting-edge technologies employed in the production process of these goods is precisely what provides the Pelican Water Systems business its achievement, these goods being in the peak of the marketplace regarding their functionality.

Does The Pelican Brand Able Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems?

Pelican water softening system is very interesting water softening system. Most of the customers are now running on the system that offers more advantages.

The system is DIY friendly. This is the best leading brands. But we are honestly speaking that there are some areas we need to develop.

We need to identify those areas carefully and take care of it. Only best service of the product can quench the thirst of the customers.

Does The Pelican Brand Able Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems

There are some reasons here for which Pelican has got the popularity to the people and considered the top rated softener in the market.

The technology applied –People would like to have the best water softener for the family. The users are very much pleased to get the eco-friendly solutions of the hard water treatment.

Most of the famous brands are ready to refund all the money. There are lots of saltless systems nowadays. A lot of proof develops the system. Pelican has also used the same technology to make the product.

The technology is updated, and the users get a very good result from the system.

So many selections to look into –Having more options is difficult for a user to handle. We also see this case in the Pelican softener. If you are a good customer, you would like to know the details of the product.

You also have more query about the product. Their products are very good, and people like to buy the product. They have made the options easy so that they can draw more customers to buy their product.

Does The Pelican Brand Able Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems

Beginning rate is not that appealing to entry-level buyers –Would you like to purchase a softener by spending 1000 dollars? Not really. Most of the customers would not like to spend this amount of money.

They also think that they are taking the risk. Therefore, spending a lot is now wise. Selecting a Pelican is a dilemma as there is no model less than 1000 dollars.

There are many models in the market, but most of the models are very expensive. The company is trying their best to make the fewer cost products. For this, they are upgrading the standard of the product.

But one point we need to consider is the customers’ satisfaction. There is a good saying that is Frist impression last. The customers are now thinking that they are pouring money down the drain.

Pelican water softener installation with kits

Installing water softener or a Pelican series water filter is not an easy task than the Pelican Whole House Installation Kit. By this helpful kit, it is not essential to deal with the mess of cutting glues or pipes.

John Guest Quick Fittings are used by the convenient install kit. What you need to do is to bring outgoing and incoming water lines to the John Guest fittings along with connecting them.

For some issues, additional fittings and piping can be required to carry the outgoing and incoming water lines to the John Guest connections in the kit.

Where Can I Read Verified Reviews About Pelican Water Softener Systems?

There are lots of water reviews sites on online. But the Pelican water softener is one of the best-reviewed product no doubt.

If you like to get the best report from the real customers, we suggest you see the customer’s reviews on online. The reason is more than 2000 reviews coming from the customers who have purchased it and bought it.

A firsthand account is a matter as this will help the buyers to know more about the product who like to buy the product. But you need to know well that all the reviews are nothing but show in a beautiful way about the product.

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So there is confusion in the mind that the reviews are not the real rather they have shown it to present the product in an attractive way. The best way to know more the details about the product before buying it.

Where Can I Read Verified Reviews About Pelican Water Softener Systems

When you finish reading the reviews, you will find the reviews are very authentic, assured, honest and unbiased. We would like to show you the right path.

For this, we are trying our best to provide the accurate reports so that you can get the best information about the water softener that you like to get from online.

How Do Customers Rate Their Water Softeners?

From our reviews, we know that most of the customers are happy with the Pelican water softener. They have used it and have got many benefits. Customers are satisfied with giving 4.0 to 4.5 rating of the Pelican water softener system.

Most of the customers who have installed the water softener in their house are very happy with the quality of soft water that the softener provides.

At last, we can say that the Pelican water softener is the great product and very impressive to the people. There is not the bad review of the system. The external factors do not affect the product.

We would like to give more reviews on online in the next year, and we will improve its standard. We hope this will secure its place among the top ten water softeners.

Welfares of Choosing Pelican

Do you like to buy a Pelican Water Softener? Then read the details of reviews of the products and information of the company. We would like to offer you the right direction.

There are various models and various kinds of filters of the Pelican Water Softener. On the web, there are lots of reviews of the products.

We have examined greatly, and we found some different of the models at present. If you have the intricate problem, discuss it with someone who comes to your house.

If you like to have a basic system, one of these will satisfy your thirst.

Are There Pros and Cons of buying a Pelican Water Softener?

The most important benefits of using Pelican is that you will get 90-day cash back. If you are not pleased with the result, just tell it to them. They will refund all your money. You may get an auto-ship plan for the alternation of the filters without of cost or free shipping.

There are no cons of Pelican we find so far. They have good customers review and BBB rating. There are many products on the market as their products. But they are doing their business from a half-century ago. So we can say they know the business.

Some people complain that the price of Pelican is very high. As there are many products on the market and the price is very low. So do not stop to use it. The installation of the pelican is very easy. Besides the uninstallation is also very easy.

The fundamental aim of the water softener is to fight against with the negative effect of the hard water. Though the hard water is good enough for the animals, plants, and humans, it creates the buildup problems in the plumbing pipes as well as appliance and hot water heaters.

They will take lots of money in America in every year. The calcium will stick to the skin, hair, and clothing. For this, you have to spend much money to buy soap or soap products.

Pelican Water Softeners Consumer Reports

Michael of New Orleans, LA

The water of this town is very worst over previous few years. Now it is affecting my skin. So I searched on online for the water system and finally discovered Pelican. I ordered the product that is for the shower. I do not like to talk in this regard with anyone. Using the system is very easy. I am happy with the system.

Betty of Lynchburg, VA

There are lots of irons around where the particular system is to set up. Suddenly, we see a lot of yellow mud in the water. We sent the sample to the Pelican Water systems, and there a young man did everything for us, and that was very helpful. They sent us everything that we need to get together, and it worked well.

We got the filter that took out iron residue, and there was a whole pallet full of stuff. After that, we moved ahead and got the softener. I had taken it for my son, and I was thinking now to have a softener for my home as well.

Now there is no more mud or iron in the water. Moreover, the soft water is very impressive. Only by the touch of dishwashing detergent, it gets suds coming out of the wazoo, and this is great for the hair. We can make coffee with the water, and the taste is awesome. I am happy for having a Pelican, and I suggest everyone have this one.


This saltless water softener fails to remove minerals from the water supply. Rather than, the catalytic media alters magnesium and calcium to nonbinding crystals which do not react with the pipes and other surfaces.

The water softener is great for water sources with hardness very high up to 75 gpg. It makes laundry detergents, soap and other detergents more effective and resists scale build-ups.

If you like to use this saltless water softener, there should remain no hydrogen sulfide, manganese, and iron. Still, if you like, you have to pretreat water to eliminate those impurities.

Therefore, Pelican is one of the topmost water filter manufacturers. Their products are the durable, efficient and reasonable price. For the whole house water filter, the array of the product is very limited. Pelican water softener reviews may be confirmed you to make a decision to buy the water filter.


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