Best Water Softener! Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

The task of a water softener is to solve water hardness from water. Hard water is not exceptional water. The water which carries minerals like magnesium carbonate, manganese and calcium is known as hard water.

When you get shampoo or soap do not lather well, leave spots on the dishes, laundry looks dingy, the bathtub has a ring, the coffee maker scales deposits, you are sure that you are going to face hard water problem.

Though there is no health risk of these natural minerals, they are responsible for deposits in your water heater, plumbing, and other water usages appliances and make clothing, washing dishes, hair, and skin more challenging. By the view of US Geological Survey, 85% of American homes are suffering the problem of hard water.

If you have a great water softener system, you can treat your home well to some sorts of renewal, instead of letting it deal with the plague which is very hard water.

The hard water normally turns the soft water to the system which is very simple to install and maintain. Even the portable water softener system is very simple to maintain if the users are habituated to use it.

We have collected data from the top 10 water softeners in the market. Besides we have taken reviews from the various customers.

The water in which there are magnesium and calcium salt mainly chlorides, sulfate and bicarbonates are called Hard water. In that water the presence of ferrous iron is visible. The surface color is a reddish brown stain on enameled and washes fabrics. Read the article on the best water softener and choose the perfect one for you.

1. Fleck 5600SXT water softener

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You can easily remove your scale from water by using the Fleck 5600SXT Digital “On-Demand” control valve.

All softening system has 1.5 ft.³ High Capacity Resin and extra long life resin. You can use the exchange process to remove magnesium and calcium from water.

You can expand your life by using a water softener.

The system has a meter based regeneration technique. The system also has a recovery process.

The water you use measured this system and it needs regenerates at the time of need Fleck5600SXT Digital Control.

The SXT is the newest controller of Fleck and made of real 5600 valves. The valve has the warranty of five years, and can continuously run for 27 years.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Polyglass tank
  • The Fleck 5600 sxt digital metered, for demand value. The new 5600 comes with fully programmable cycles.
  • Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control Head along with bypass valve and one inch threaded plumbing adapter (yoke)
  • 10″ x 54″ tank, 15” x 34” brine tank along with salt grid as well as safety floating system, (color may vary)

2. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

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Are you living in a hard water area and are suffering from the time scale of your shower, faucet, and sinks.

In your water, you will see dissolved calcium, magnesium and manganese compounds which are limescale. They reserved in the way of your pipes, faucet, and inside appliances.

It hampers the flow of water and reduces the efficiency of your heater and furnace. On your incoming water delivery pipe of 2 coils, Eddy makes a complex electromagnetic wave.

So water will create a magnetic field at the time of passing over the coils. For this, there will be no deposit on your pipes or appliances.

Eddy is now using all over the world for 15 years in the business center or homes. It is very economical and is a natural, eco-friendly alternation of the water softener.

The Eddy has 12 months cash back warranty, and lifetime replaces or repairs guarantee.


  • Simple customer installation- Plastic or Metal pipes
  • Lessens limescale for business and for the homes
  • No salt than a water softener
  • Limited warranty for 12 months, hundred percent money back warranty along with lifetime replace or repair warranty
  • Follow softened water except altering TDS

3. Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter

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The Aquios system will remove all kinds or chlorine, sediment and unexpected materials from your water.

It will also help to remove magnesium; calcium and other product found to dissolve in water and make a scale to your pipes.

Like the salt based system, minerals will not remove from water.

AQUIOS removes all kinds of chemicals and other minerals from water and makes water fresh and pure.

There will be no particles in the shower heads, heaters, internal pipes and another device that you use in your home.

This natural technology is known as Siliphos, which removes the scale deposits and reduces the scale build-up on your water pipes or appliances.

The AQUIOS Water Treatment System can use 40000 gallons of water before replacement. It will perform the duty for six months for the family use.


  • Full House Water Softening, salt-free and water Filtration Treatment System Commercial grade descaler which removes hard water deposits as well as condition water.
  • All-In-One system that filters, conditions, eliminates scale except for pressure loss.
  • requires no maintenance, Compact design, programming or electricity
  • Commercial strength water filtration and conditioning, six months life of the cartridge
  • 40,000-gallon cartridge, 20 Year warranty included

4. Nuvo H20 Home Salt Water Softener

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NuvoH2O Softening System is a usual solution for hard water. So make your water healthy and enjoyable.

Soft water removes the buildup of hard water like corrodes, clogs your water heater and other home plumbing appliances and fixtures.

The process conditions all water for your home.

Someone called it evolution, but we define it as innovation. The day of the big water softener is over.

So we welcome to Nuvo H2O era. You should have believed it and need to know it. The patent-pending technology is used to make Nuvo H2O system which lessens the PH level of water scientifically.

Nuno H2o’s FDA keeps the water free from magnesium; other particles dissolve in water or some agents cause hard water.

The result is that you will find soft and fresh water for your home use like bathing, drinking, and washing.

The system is developed nearly for 30 years and made the development of the system. Designed for home about 2100 square feet and water flow 15-18 GPM with 1.5″ ports.


  • Water flow: 12 to 15 gpm with one-inch ports (no change to existing flow)
  • Capacity: almost 50,000 gallons (average annual water usage of a household of 2)
  • Uses 20-Inch Salt-Free surrogate Cartridges, Removes remaining damaging scale
  • Saves our environment and health from various dangerous effects of salt utilized in other softeners.
  • Other products save scale build up but fail to remove remaining scale, no damaging salt escape the hassle of stable salt replacement

5. Watts RV PRO-1000 Water Softener

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The RV Pro-1000 is the top grade softener for RVs, as well as it is ideally used for campers as well as travelers.

There are two benefits of using it. The first one is simple to use, and the other is ease installation. The size is 8.0 x 22.0”, and it will acquire someplace but not bulky enough.

You need not acquire the softener as it works as a table salt. You must have automatic timers or control of the rinse and flush.

For hard water, you need to change the control. You use it, and you wash it yourself. You need manual labor to do the operation for your home use.


  • Fresh Water ensures Rv-10,000 Water Softener M7002 Watts Water Quality

Indications of Hard Water

Hard water affects all the cleaning task of laundering, bathing, dishwashing, and personal grooming, etc. if you wash clothes with hard water, it may look scratchy, harsh and dingy.

There are lots of problems with using hard water. If you wash your dishes, some spots will be visible. It may create a film on a shower wall, glass shower doors, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, etc.

If you wash your hair, it will seem sticky and dull. The flow of water lessons for deposits in pipes.

How dreadful is hard water?

For hard water detergent and soap lose some of its effectiveness. The soaps do not dissolve well; instead, it forms a coagulated soap curd. A small amount of soap is dissolved, and more is the need.

A sticky insoluble curd hangs around; it clings to the skin and will inhibit cleansing. If you wash your hair, it will seem lifeless and dull.

For laundry, the things are not the best. The soap curd will be reserved for your clothes, and it will move completely by the help of your automatic washing machine.

This stores dirt to the fiber, it stiffens as well as roughen the fabric.

The hard water affects the washing process. Another thing you need to think is that it affects your plumbing method.

Magnesium and calcium may reserve on the pipe; it can reduce the flow of water to the taps and appliances. A scale builds up in the water heater, so for it, the heater lost its efficiency and lifespan.

What is the solution?

Try to find the solution to get rid of magnesium and calcium from water. So the most shared and easy way to solve the problem is to use a water softener. The typical water softener is a kind of mechanical appliance which plumbed for your home water suppliance.

How Water Softeners Work

It is your thousands of resin beads of your tank which filter out water chemicals. At the time of regeneration cycle, salt cleans the resin beads, helps the system to abolish hardness from the supply of water.

It is a breakdown of the water softening process:

  1. Hard water will enter into your main water pipe and gradually enters to the water softener.
  2. Resin beads of the tank attack the pipe, reserve hard minerals to the pipe and remove from the water.
  3. Quickly goes through the pipe and softens water of the reservoir.

The Chemistry of Regeneration

At the time of the softening cycle, sodium is exchanged for hard water on the resin beads in the water. After sometimes sodium needs to remove and makes it free from minerals along with recharging. The reason is that it can collect hard water minerals.

It is a regeneration cycle, so people add salt to the water softener.

The happening things are:

  1. Salt is added to the softener to create water softener.
  2. The brine flows toward the resin tank, cleans the beads and shares new sodium for the hard water minerals.
  3. Hard water minerals and brine solution flushed from the reservoir to the closest drain.
  4. The resin beads are the new one and perfect to reserve collect mineral again.

Types of Water Softener

Electromagnetic / Magnetic Water Softeners along with Conditioners: Wires around your pipes make it magnetic and create molecular agitation.

The majority of the devices demand to function by causing carbonate salt which creates scale deposits to blend the small particles.

It will lessen the concentration of magnesium and calcium ions which work on soaps to make soap scum.

Water Softeners Free from Salt (Catalytic Media) – Salt-free water softeners works as a filter media used to scale the pipe by Nanotechnology and saves the system from the future formation of scale.

In this process, an atom is adjusted in a unique structure to create an active surface.

These change the mixed calcium carbonate, so as it cannot add to any surface.

Hardness is still present in the water. Scaling can reduce it. The flow of water washes away the chemical bond.

The size of the bond is tiny and only visible by microscope. So descale effect is very useful as it makes water free from temporary hardness.

The crystals have the power to resist heat and never fall apart by the high temperature of water or go through the water heater. It is not true for water softening but in water conditioning.

Salt Based Water Softeners (Ion Exchange)

If you use exchange procedure, you can remove magnesium and calcium from water which is the cause of water hardness.

Cations have positive ions. Water hardness is cations exchange device. Cations mean the exchange of hardness ions with the non-hardness ions. Salt-based water softeners apply sodium ion to exchange.

Sodium is used to coat a medium with the softener. The exchange medium is natural or synthetic beads or zeolites like the wet sand.

As hard water goes through the water softener, the magnesium and calcium trade place with the help of sodium ions.

Calcium and magnesium ions quickly remove the sodium ions. At this stage, some sodium ions add to the water.

After softening significant amount of water, the exchange medium coated with calcium and magnesium ions. If it happens, the exchange medium must be regenerated or recharged.

The schedule of the recharging relies on the hardness of water, the size of the salt and the quantity of using water, the power of exchange media of removing water, etc.

Common Water Softener Problems – Troubleshooting

A water softener is a complex system; it can solve the problem. Some softener companies provide technical assistance. Many problems are possible to solve by the user without taking help from the professionals.

If you cannot address the problem, you can ask for technicians. Be sure you cannot detect the problems yourself or damage the device. These are some problems of the water softener will occur at the time of processing water.

If your softener does not function properly or does not do anything, you can do the following things to check your device.

Look the bypass valve

The bypass valve is the match which helps the flow of water by the unit. Be sure it is open.

Check the power option

If your water softener has electricity connection, be sure it has the connection with life outlet and be sure it has power.

Watch your brine tank if there is a lot of salts

Maintain a manual regeneration cycle. You will see a lever on the control box, push it and will begin manual regeneration.

Some other problems are visible at the time of using the water sweetener like the motor failure, blockage, user error, and resin beads breaking.


Water flows through the pipelines. So after an extended period, some dissolve minerals or salt deposit to the pipe.

They create the block to the line and hamper the flow of water, impede the way through the tank. The blockage occurs to the brine line and the filter screen.

The sign of blockage of the system is that you will find your water softener is not working well. If you see the shortage of water in your pipeline, then you are sure that there is the blockage in the line.

You can only fix the problem. It is easy to turn off the incoming faucet or the bypass valve.

You can apply a scoop or a container to avoid the loose built up.

Salt Bridges

Sometimes sodium put down within the tank; keep a hard coating on the bottom of it.

There is a number of causes of salt bridges to reserve. You are using the wrong salt.

There is high humidity in the area where you are using the softener and water temperature in the area. Salt bridges make some empty place between the salt and water.

It prevents the regeneration cycle as salt dissolves in water. If you see the water softener is not functioning is sure, there is a salt bridge.

You can apply higher professional aid to solve the problem. You need to clean all the crust and loosened build up.

Resin Beads Breaking

Resin beads are found in a salt based water softener. They will remain for a long time. You can break the beads quickly. It is simple to detect if beads are not functioning properly.

You may see some particles are floating in the water.

If the system is not functioning properly, you can check the beads. The solution is to clean the beads or replace a new one. You may see the users’ manual for further help.

Water Softener Buying Guide

To maintain the manual system, any types of training needs two hours to do the works by the instruction given to it. A good water softener is the simplest system to breathe life to clogged appliances which like they are the last run date. Within first week you will get the result, the cost-saving result with be given within a month.

The softener will give you a chance to save more money and all from the self-installed procedure that requires less than two hours. It manages a salt base method for the personal reasons. In the list, you will also get electronic units. The units are less than salt based counterparts and need no time to recharge or plumbing skill.

The tradeoff is somewhat fewer benefits rather than a standard method, but this electronic system is great for the people who live in the apartment to get a water softener installed.

They are very lightweight, and design is very compact with some of weightless than two pounds.

The top graded water softener in the lists top out at a whopping 200 pounds, need the elbow grease of an enthusiastic participant in the installation system. The method is very excellent as it fulfills the needs of the customers. There are lots of solutions on the lists for potential buyers to select from. As it comes away with one, you get your home a favor by giving it to the water softener it needs.

Portable vs. Standard

The answer to the issue is very simple and uses for the individual based on the current settings. As you think your home is stationary, you have to get a standard water softener.

If you are not a fixed place, your options between your home and RV, obtain a portable solution. Portable solutions have got the places which are universal and very easy to get going. The problem is that it does not always have the standard features of water softener, especially loved automated restoration.

A portable water softener is great in the sense that it has a great size. Besides, the softener is made carefully to make it popular for the whole world. It does not mean that they are cheap. They have higher consumer-friendly features and portable friendly.

It is not a problem at all as they end up handling a small amount of money in a day than the standard one. Consumers get their hand dirty when they work with it. This is a great matter as it is not a babysitting job as it seems to be.

The only good side of it that anyone may able to handle manual regeneration process means that anyone can screw it up likewise. To operate manually is not a science to maintain the portable functions, but no need to say that get it correct for the first time then move to handle it during the next trip. As there is some wrong, it needs guesswork and moving to, and fro that may keep a sting for the trip.

This is the greatest water softener in this list. Still today there is no company who came forward to make such type of water softener. This is competition to finish the line. But it is sure that the first company has tried most to make such type of water softener.

The demand for automatic water softener having digital features is great. Therefore, no reason to deny the desires of the customers. Therefore know more about your traveling situation then buy your water softener to use. Then you can buy one for your home and the road only.

In this list, you will get portable water softener on the market. Still today there is no company who offer perfect water softener.

The Truth About Salt-Free Water Softeners

Best Water Softener FAQs

Question: What do you know about water softener?

Answer: A water softener is a kind of unit that softens water by eradicating the minerals which make the water hard.

Question: Why is water softening useful?

Answer: It is a significant method, as the hardness of water in your house and companies will reduce by this process.

If water is hard, soap will not dissolve quickly and clog pipelines of your home. Water softening may solve these kinds of problem.

Hard water makes a limescale deposit in your home management system. For the limescale, pipes become a block, and the tank reduces its efficiency of burning boilers. iT will increase your domestic heating water up to 15 % to 20%.

Another effect of limescale is that it affects your home machinery, for example, your laundry.

The meaning of water softener is increased the lifetime of your household accessories like laundry machine, the duration of pipelines. It also extends the lifespan of air conditioning, solar heating system, and other water-dependent applications.

Question: What is the function of a water softener?

Answer: A water softener is made to remove positive ions. The work of water softener is to remove magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) ions.

The ability to soften device is up to 5 milligrams per liter of mixed iron. Water softening is manual, semi-manual and automatic.

It is up to the rate of the quantity of rigidity; it can remove before regeneration.

The water softener gathers hardness minerals in the tank from time to time and put it to the drain. Ions exchanged are applied to softening water.

When ions are exchanged, it affects the magnesium and calcium ions such as sodium and potassium. They are stored in the tank as sodium and potassium salts (NaCl and KCl).

Question: How often do you need to add salt to a water softener?

At the time of regeneration of softener salt is added to the reservoir. If you like more softener, you need to add more salt. You need to check the softener every month. For the satisfaction of soft water, the level of salt should keep half and full at times.

Question: Where can I put in my water softener?

Answer: The kitchen is the main entrance of water for the family. So water softness is perfect for the kitchen. Every plumbing is somewhat different as advisor advised to install the best water softener. You can use it in the utility room, kitchen, basement, outside and garage.

Question: Does the water softener need servicing?

Answer: Manufacturers like to offer sales service. So if you buy a water treatment, it will save the investment of money at last.

Question: Where to Buy Best Water Softener

Answer: A water softener is a lifesaving product using all of the words where hard water is mostly available. However, this is a complicated machine.

Also, it has a chemical ionic process inbuilt. So before buying this machine we need to be more careful. There is various softener product are available in the online shopping mart.

There are different capacity available so that you can choose the desired chamber for your family.

Besides while reading this article, you can choose one of the best product from here. After ordering the item, you will get it soon as per the manufacturing policy.

Final Words of Recommendation

A water softener is now considered in everywhere more necessity than a luxury. So as this demand is increasing exponentially, it’s just for the consumer to choose the best brand as well as the best softener for the family.

There are lots of brands are on the market, and they are producing different shape and capacity of a water softener.

Therefore, you have to find which is suitable for you, so before buy read their review, and watch videos.

The softener writes up will guide you to choose the desired one. However, I hope this session also guide to choose the best water softener

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