PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser Reviews

Pur gives one of the topmost useful water filtering containers to the people. Its 18 cup water dispenser is very attractive and reasonably priced. The capacity of the unit is to hold over one gallon of filtered water.

The container is very useful for the big families. It is essential for those who utilize filtered water for filling pets’ bowls and cooking. This design has a horizontal configuration with a crock-style faucet.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser w/ 1 Filter and 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter Bundle

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The dispenser isn’t free from Biphenyl A (BPA). But the legislative body claims that it is made from an acrylic polymer.

The filters are made of polypropylene and the lid designs from polystyrene. Its recycling numbers are 7, 6, and 5 respectively. When your local facilities acknowledge these plastics, the components are recyclable.

The Filters

Pur filters must be soaked under the sun for at least 15 minutes before using it. The filter is designed from coconut-based activated carbon. This carbon invites pollutants and organic compounds.

The filter features with ion-exchange granules. Every filter takes about 200,000 square feet surface place for catching pollutants.

The brand admits that it can remove up to 99% of lead and 95% of mercury. Besides it claims that it can minimize taste of odor of chlorine.

Moreover, it reduces 21 types of common pollutants, microbial cysts, and pharmaceutical pollutants. The PUR filters can remove microbial cysts.

Most of them are in dormant forms of cryptosporidium, giardia and other pathogens. The filter can perform up to 2 months or 40 gallons of water like the similar activated carbon product.

People are looking for a large capacity filter. No problem. They can buy Pur 18 cup dispenser which would be a great choice for them. The filter fills 18 cups of water. So, needless to say, that it becomes heavy when it is full of water.


  • Certified that it can remove 95% of industrial pollutants and 96% of mercury from water
  • Certified that it can remove only microbial cysts, but it reduces chlorine ( odor and taste)
  • Slim, nice and space saving size makes very easy to use on the refrigerator shelf
  • Capacity 18 8-oz cups (1.125 gallons) of great tasting and healthy water
  • The capacity of the filter is about 40 gallons of clean water. It lasts up to two months.
  • Adjust well into your sink. Fill the filter with water. Its fill-tray design aids more to distribute weight. The handle helps to carry and fill the filter easily


  • The housing of the filter is effortless to clean
  • The filters and dispenser are recyclable
  • It sets very nicely in the fridge and sink. Refrigerator shelves have to be adjusted to put up the container’s ten-inch height.
  • Big size is perfect for families. It is very useful for people who want more water for cooking and drinking.
  • Filters got excellent results. It eliminates 1/3 of total dissolved solids
  • The big size is perfect to fill up smaller reusable container when needed


  • The container is heavy when it is filled with water
  • Pur filters are costlier compared with other brands
  • The cover may not lock on the place as a vent is a must for easy dispensing.

How PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser Works

This pitcher is just like other filters in the market no doubt. But the difference is that it deals with lots of pollutants. It can remove up to 96% of trace level pollutants that other filters can’t. So this is the leading filter in the market for removing contaminants in water.

PUR removes certain chemicals for which the taste of water may be affected. You may feel a bad taste in water for this.

You may measure the difference since the water filter goes to the holding tray. The ultimate result is odor free and great tasting water. Drink this water with heart content.

Other Considerations

The manufacturer makes dispensing filtered water a complete breeze to use the faucet for some time.

You can fill the pitcher without facing difficulties as it has a very useful handle. It distributes weight all over the unit evenly. The ability comes from having an elongated design.

The capacity of the filter is up to 40 gallons of water for all households. It may last about two months without any problem.

There is an indicator with the filters. This will help you to know the time to change the filter. So you shouldn’t be afraid to change the time.

Why You Choose PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser

We used Brita pitcher for a long time. It sits well in every kitchen in America. Our tap water is very safe to drink but away from delicious.

Brita filter develops the taste and flavor of water. When you use this filter, you know that you are not able to drink water after filling it.

You need to wait for it to dribble through the filter drop by drop. If you like to drink water prior finishing filtration process, the unfiltered water will make a flood. This happens as water comes out of the unit from the top position.

Moreover, the capacity of the pitcher isn’t enough. Our family drinks more water than the average family.

People get the pitcher empty more time. It seems to me that the Brita water pitcher isn’t a great source of home squabbles. We swear that we are the persons who fill it with water.

When my Brita pitcher mysteriously had broken, I decided to buy another one. I got that Brita makes 18 cup water dispenser that is appealing. It is ready to fulfill its conditions. But some reviews complained about the spurt design.

The pitcher is awfully very wide. I would like to keep the pitcher in the fridge. I selected something which has a slim profile.

After searching a little bit, I came across the Pur 18 cup dispenser. The review stated that it is very nice, slim, and bit cheaper.

The dispenser has got 4.5 points out of 5. It has three things which are very dear to me. For this reason, I like the pitcher most.

  • It has a very wonderful capacity. Fill the pitcher a couple of time a day.
  • You can use it as soon as you fill it with water. It is true that the filter will take some moment to fill up. But you will get one glass of water within pretty short time. You haven’t faced a tsunami of unfiltered water persisting on your counter.
  • I have no complaint about the quality of Brita filtered water. The taste of the water is better. It is much better. I have no intention to go back. Pur filter makes a different taste of water, well, pure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser

Question: Is the flow of water inside the filter slow?

Answer: It may happen when air pockets or bubbles are trapped inside the filter. We advise removing the filter from the pitcher. Hold the filter upside down to a little angel. Then shake it from five to six second before setting it to an upright position. You have to hear the carbon elements within moving.

It may compact the elements of the filter and remove air pockets trapped inside. These pockets resist the flow of water. It would restore great performance of your filter.

Question: What is the meaning of lights of my pitcher?

Answer: PUR pitcher filter ensures 40 gallons of fresh drinking water for your family. This water will fulfill the demand for water for your family up to 2 months.

There is a filter light with the pitcher. This will warn you when the time to change the filter comes. Moreover, it measures the amount of time the filter remains with your pitcher. The light flashes six times when water is poured from the pitcher.

The light remains to stop until you fill pitcher for the next time. At the time of setting the filter, you need to reset the light.

Greenlight is the indication of filter that is working well. The yellow light indicates the time to change the filters soon. The red light indicates you have to change the filter now.

Question: Do I have to soak my filter prior use it?

Answer: Yes, you have to soak the filter into cold water for fifteen minutes. After that, hold it under cold running water up to ten seconds.

Question: How often do I need to rinse the pitcher?

Answer: Hand wash along with warm soapy water and clean thoroughly when needed.


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Overall On PUR 18 Cup Water Dispenser

You don’t have enough money to buy a pitcher. Besides, you don’t like to spend lots of water filtration system. But you like to remove or reduce the cost of bottled water. This pitcher is the best answer for your problems. You can see on Online; it is well priced. The replacement filters are not very costly either.