The Best Morton Water Softener Reviews : To Save You Time And Money

Morton water softeners are the ideal choice for homeowners looking for better water quality. Morton Water Softener has been keeping homes, businesses, and schools clean and healthy since 1914. The water softeners work by removing existing hard water minerals from your water supply. These minerals are then stored in the Morton Hard Water System, and the soft water is sent to your home or business.

Have you ever felt like you’re using bottles after bottles of shampoo in an effort to manage your super oily hair, yet it’s not lathering enough? Or put clothes in the wash with loads of detergent, only to seem like they were washed with plain water?

This is a typical case of hard water problems and can be solved only through the use of a water softener. And what better brand to choose from other than Morton?

If you are confused about why Morton Water softener is so special, and which one to buy, give the Morton water softener reviews a read. Here you will get all the answers, and hopefully, convert yourself into a soft water user.

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Why Is A Water Softener Needed?

By reducing the hardness of your water, the water softener removes mineral deposits from the pipes and sediment in the water. A water softener softens the water, but some systems, like Morton Water Softener, also remove salts and other minerals. These minerals can affect the taste of your water and impact water hardness levels.

A good balance of minerals in your water is needed to maintain your health. When should you buy a water softener? Soft water lasts for much longer than hard water. You can switch to soft water today and enjoy it for many years. Hard water needs to be removed immediately to allow you to enjoy soft water for years to come.

The Benefits Of A Morton Water Softener

Morton Water Softener removes hard water minerals from your home or business’s water supply and returns soft, clear water to your home. Hard water mineral deposits make the water taste, smell, and look bad. It eliminates these minerals and turns your water into softer, tastier water that keeps your home clean.

The best water softener for the environment is a Morton Natural Water Softener since it is electricity-free. They work and work well with no extra cost to the homeowner.

What Are The Different Morton Water Softeners?

The Mortons are made in North America, South America, and Australia in different models and sizes. It has been determined that Morton water softeners are among the most effective on the market. The models are available with per-cycle and per-month cost estimates. Here are the top 11 best Morton water softeners reviewed by the best shopping sites. Find the best option for your household.

Top 11 Picks for Morton Water Softener Reviews

Here is a detailed review of our top 11 picks of Morton Water softeners, along with their pros and cons.

1. Morton 8706 27K WTR Softener Unit

The Morton 8706 model is one of the most popular water softeners out there and for a good reason. Equipped with a 27000-grain capacity, this model is designed to remove minerals, resulting in soft water flow throughout your home.

It also removes small quantities of iron from the water, thereby eliminating the need for a separate filter.

What truly makes this product unique is its patented Look-Ahead technology. Other water softeners will typically start a regeneration cycle as soon as it is needed, causing the stoppage of water flow while it is regenerated.

But this product will keep track of the schedule of water usage in your home, and start a cycle only when it is sure that water will not be used.

Aside from this smart feature, this model also saves a lot of space due to its convenient design, making it an easy addition to any home. It is also super affordable. Therefore by choosing this, you do not have to spend tons of money to get some soft water supply in your home. It can easily tend to a family of 1-3 people.

Other benefits of this model include a hassle-free installation process. This already comes equipped with all necessary nuts and bolts, so fitting it is very easy. Programming this also does not require much hard work. You just have to enter your water hardness rating and schedule of water usage, and you are done!


  • 27000-grain capacity
  • Removes minerals and iron
  • Supplies 6.5 gallons water per minute
  • Unique look ahead technology
  • The convenient design saves space
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Easy to program
  • Very affordable


  • The salt compartment needs to be refilled quite frequently

2. Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30

The Morton M30 model is a great water softener to use in households and small offices. Equipped with a 30000-grain capacity, this model eliminates minerals and, to some extent, irons from the water quite well.

This results in soft water flowing throughout your home or office at 11 gallons per minute, which is enough for 1-6 people.

One of the best things about this product is undoubtedly its regeneration cycle. This allows water to be regenerated intermittently so that the soft water supply is constant while making sure that water flow is not completely stopped to perform the cycle. This feature gives it an edge over others in the market.

Another thing we love about this product is how compact it is. At only 44 inches tall, it does not require much floor space and can be an easy fit. It is also quite inexpensive, which adds to its popularity. Because who would not love getting all these amazing features for such a small price?

Simplicity and ease of use is another key characteristic of this device. It comes with all the things needed for an easy installation process, so you do not have to worry about fitting it in. To program it, you need to enter the time of the day you want and the hardness rating of the water, and it will do the rest on its own.


  • 30000-grain capacity
  • Filters minerals and irons
  • Supplies home with 11 gallons water per minute
  • Regeneration cycles occur when it is required
  • Compact design saves space
  • Easy installation and programming process


  • Salt compartment needs maintenance

3. Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

The Morton 1501 clean protect model is designed to soften water while taking care of the water softening unit and is thus very popular.

It efficiently removes any minerals, sediments, and iron from the water and enables more lathering, healthier skin and hair, increased quality of fabrics, etc. by maintaining a steady supply of soft water.

One of the best things about this model is that while other alternatives are not free of phosphate, this one is. Therefore, it is more adept at removing iron than any other model and helps to keep the water softening unit running for a very long time. This is mostly not the case with other similar models.

Another thing to notice about this softener is that while skillfully reducing elements that make the water hard, it also increases the lifespan of water softening units. In other words, it makes them more durable by cleaning and protecting them. It is also very easy to use, which is another plus point that users love.

If we had to point out one best thing about using this product, it would definitely be the fact that it singlehandedly reduces the maintenance of the water softening unit. By installing this in your home, you will have to replace the salt in the unit less frequently, which will inevitably result in much less hassle.


  • Efficiently removes minerals and deposits
  • Free of phosphate
  • Increases the durability of water softener
  • Reduces the frequency of maintenance
  • Easy to use


  • A little bit on the expensive side

4. Morton 30,000 Grain Water Softener MSD30D

Morton salt gives water softening systems for small business and for the whole house.

Softening water by Morton System Saver softener is more effective for detergents and soaps. You can enjoy whiter, better lathering soap, clean spot free dishes and brighter laundry.

In installation kit, there is: washer, bypass valve step down conversion nuts, copper connectors- permits connection from one inside dimension bypass valve to ¾ inch copper plumbing twenty ft. ac and dc adapter and 120/24 drain tube.


  • 30,000-grain capacity Electronic “look-ahead” technology observes and gives the signal for water practice to restore only when required, applying 50 percent less salt from other units
  • Immediate regeneration button Deluxe single disk rotary valve
  • Installation is very simple and connects with 3/4 inch copper plumbing
  • Design adjusts with 1.3 square feet floor space eight hours power interruption protection


  • Nothing to worre

5. MORTON Salt 3980. 50-Lb. Extra Coarse Solar Salt Crystals

This product doesn’t take advantage of any chemical additive. These solar salt crystals have been chosen from a pure way in the salt water.

These salts generated will be the high heeled ones, which will aid in keeping up the brine tank nicely.

Additionally, the dimensions of the crystals are created with the ideal size necessary for the softening purpose.


  • Morton Aquarium Salt 50lb out of Morton Salt Inc., Fresh Water Conditioners Class with Version AMS03980
  • Morton Aquarium Salt 50lb utilized for Pets
  • Produced in the USA


  • Nothing severe

6. Morton Rust Remover Super Pellets Salt

The pellets we’re likely to use is a high heeled apparatus. And they’re effective at eliminating rust 15 times longer when treating hard water compared to the salt. Additionally, you’ll discover that the flavor of this water is enhanced in the following water.

This Morton Pellets will get rid of the rust stains located in the device. Additionally, it eliminates any lousy odor and aids in enhancing the flavor of their water.

This item provides many services that help in keeping up the water Heater for quite a while.


  • High-Quality potable water softening salt devised to eliminate 15 times more rust or iron out of harsh water than salt
  • Improves water flavor, prevents rust stains, removes terrible tastes and scents
  • Helps maintain appliances and laundry without rust stains
  • Helps prevent rust stains on bathroom tile and fixtures


  • Nothing severe

7. Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets, 40-Pound

This item is offered in three dimensions, and they’re 25, 40 and 50 lbs. This will function on the water purifier in precisely the same time once the device is working on the flat water. It eliminated the mineral buildups observable on appliances.

We’ve provided an informative article on all of the Salt-free softener solutions here.

This may check the salt amounts within the device, also makes sure it has got 1/2 of this tank filled. It’s suggested that one wants to fill out the softener system together with all the salt bag once a month.


  • The Item is a handbag of 40lb system saver
  • The Merchandise is manufactured in USA
  • Easy and easy use kit


  • Not Acceptable for another refrigerator

8. Morton Morton-40D System Water Softener

The Morton 40D is the latest water softener model that can increase your water’s softness by up to 95%. It takes care of heavy-duty detergents, lotions, and various other soaps that may be difficult for your skin to handle. With the Morton 40D, you’ll reap the benefits of -Softness up to 95% -Eliminating Detergents, Lotions, and Other Soaps.

The Morton Morton-40D is a softening system that will remove up to 40 grains of hardness from water. It can soften up to 50,000 gallons of water. Morton Water Softener is a state-of-the-art water softener designed for convenient, continuous use. This system will soften water for household use and be used in homes, apartments, and many commercial buildings.

The Morton Morton-40D is a low-maintenance and energy-efficient softening system. It produces up to 10 gallons of soft water a day. There are no moving parts with this system, and it will continuously soften up to 50,000 gallons of water.

Morton Salt Morton-Rust-40 Morton F124700000g Clean & Protect/Rust Defense Water Softener Pellets<img alt=”Morton Salt Morton-Rust-40 Morton F124700000g Clean & Protect/Rust Defense Water Softener Pellets” width=”217″ data-init-width=”644″ height=”324″ data-init-height=”961″ loading=”lazy” src=”” data-width=”217″ data-height=”324″ data-eio=”l”>

9. Morton Salt Morton-Rust-40 Water Softener Pellets

Water softeners work by removing hardness, preventing limescale and rust, and helping to provide cleaner, healthier water. Morton Salt Morton-Rust-40 water softener pellets are made of sodium and magnesium hydroxides.

The Morton F124700000g is a tonic that eases scratchy causes from your old ion-exchange venture. This bright item is a high-assessment resin that offers a brilliant option to enhance the hard water problem. Scientifically enhanced softener pellets provide a safe and healthy way to remove hard water from scratchy electrical equipment.

10. Morton 8706 27K WTR Softener Unit

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A Morton 27K grain-demand water softener that learns your water use and only regenerates when needed. Features patented look-ahead technology. The system is compact, holds up to 200 lbs of salt, and reduces x-ppm of iron, x=7 for 27K.

The System Saver features a compact design and high-capacity resin up to 130% more effective than the previous version. Morton’s water softeners use low conductivity resin technology, which reduces salt usage, lowers operating costs, and produces high-quality water. Install the water softener with confidence, using only high-quality components and patented technology.

The Morton 27K Water Softener Model 8706 is visually stunning and efficient with a patented design. System saver is an efficient, patented, high-capacity softener that learns your water usage and regenerates only when needed.

The system saves and eliminates excess salt and water waste. Includes a space-saving, compact design. The system saver holds up to 200 pounds of salt and reduces x-ppm of iron by x=7. With the system saver, you get high capacity performance without water waste. For more information, please visit

Morton’s 27,000 Grain Water Softener Unit has a 1 year part warranty and 10-year tank warranty. Regeneration is only needed when household water usage patterns are learned. It holds up to 200 lb of salt and reduces x-ppm of iron, x=7 for 27, 10-year tank/1Year part warranty.

Product Features:

Water softening capacity: The Morton 8706 is rated at 27 KWHr, which means it can soften up to 2 700 gallons of water.

Flow rate: The softener has a flow rate of 5 GPM, which is higher than average.

Installation: The Morton 8706 softener can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Warranties: Manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for the unit.

In this water softener, calcium and magnesium ions are trapped in resin beds by passing water through them. Minerals passing through the resin bind together and form a sludge that can be removed from the water.

Filter Benefits: The Morton 8706 water softener is NSF certified for lead and chlorine removal, also tested for removal of heavy metals like cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, silver, tin, vanadium, and zinc.

What I Like: The Morton 8706 has a high flow rate, which helps to ensure that your water is softened. It’s easy to install, and it’d be a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade your current water softener.

What I Don’t Like: Some customer reviews indicate that the resin bed needs replacing after about 4 years.

11. Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner

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Morton’s 34M water softener uses patented Look-Ahead Technology that detects when water is being used and regenerates only when it is. Its compact design and 34,000-grain demand are suited to homes with up to five people using 15 gallons of water a day. For help setting up your unit or questions about maintenance, call 1-800-348-5866. Please note that the 34M water softener unit is not rated for commercial use.

Your water will be cleaner and fresher with this water softener because it eliminates dirt, grime, and other particles. Morton Salt helps keep your water and equipment working at peak performance.

Designed to fit into any size of the home, the Morton System provides exceptional softening. The result is fewer trips to the filter for maintenance or repacking. You’ll be surprised how little salt you’ll use. It’s estimated that the System Saver uses less salt than some other brands. Morton is a family-owned company that has been in business for over 150 years. They make sure all their products are of the highest quality.

Product Features:

A built-in water conditioner helps reduce hardness and alkalinity in your water.

NSF Certified to remove Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, and Other Contaminants.

Built-in water conditioner reduces hardness and alkalinity levels in tap water.

Installation: This saltwater softener is easy to install. Plug it into any standard electrical outlet, and you’ll be ready to start treating your water right away.

Functionality: With this saltwater softening system, you know it will remove contaminants from water.

What I Like: This product is NSF certified for lead removal, chlorine, and other contaminants. Easy to install and maintain.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback says it takes a long time to soften water.

How to Choose Your Morton Water Softener

All Morton water softeners have some similar qualities. But they do differ in some components, which might make you confused as to which one to choose. Therefore, to help you, we have selected the following aspects to consider while buying a Morton water softener.

Grain Size

One of the most important things you need to understand before buying a Morton water softener is the grain size of the product. A grain size typically means that the product will be able to filter out this much amount of particles of minerals to convert hard water into soft water before a new regeneration cycle occurs.In a regeneration cycle, additional water and salt flushes in and revives the product’s capacity to filter out more particles.

The smaller the grain size, the more frequent the cycles, and ultimately, the more expensive the maintenance cost. Therefore, your goal is to look for a softener with large grain size.

Water Usage

Which water softener you choose depends a lot on the water usage pattern of yourself or your family too. Some water softeners have a flow rate of only 6.5 gallons per minute. This is fine if you are living by yourself, as the output rate is suitable as per the usage rate.

But in an extended family or a large office, this might result in a shortage of water. The grain of the model should be chosen depending on the usage pattern too.

For that, you would need to do some basic calculation, as to what the average amount of mineral particles in the water you use are, how much water your family uses in a day, and what grain size would be suitable enough to delay that regeneration cycle as long as possible.


You should always set a budget and then look up the models, so you have a clear idea about what product suits your needs while not being too expensive. One of the best things about these softeners is that they are quite affordable, so hopefully, this aspect will not be too hard to figure out.

Features of Morton Water Softener

So, what exactly does Morton Water Softener do? Morton Water Softener comes with a door-mounted 4-Stage hardness filter and two water softening nozzles with 3,000 psi. If you’re curious, the 3,000 psi water pressure is enough to clean soft water and disinfect the system. However, it requires a two-year warranty.

Hardness filters work by breaking down hard water minerals and adding them to the water, which softens Calcium and magnesium. This is a crucial component of the Morton Water Softener kit. The National Softening Association (NSOA) and Drip Filter found that the most effective way to treat hard water is softening.

How To Install A Water Softener?

Morton Natural Water Softener allows for self-service installs. It is a simple, fully automatic unit that can be installed with no additional equipment. The water softener takes up only about a third of your basement, which is approximately 12 feet by 24 feet. You’ll need to make sure the water meter hole and all water pipes leading to the system are at least 18 inches in diameter and outside the foundation.

You can choose a natural filter that will remove the minerals in your water supply as you need it. There is also a soft water filter that is activated by the softener unit itself. These filters will also remove heavy metals and detergents from your water supply.

The Cost Of A Morton Water Softener

Morton’s Top 7 models range from $50-$600, making them an excellent budget option. Water softeners aren’t an essential part of most home water systems, so the most popular brands are also cheaper options. Many Amazon sellers sell water softeners for less than $50, so that’s another benefit.

Morton Water Softener Vs. Fleck Water Softener

Many people are curious about the differences and similarities between Fleck and Morton. This review discusses the differences between the two types of water treatment and what options are available. Fleck is a water softener and a water filter.

A water softener removes the hardness ions from the water, like Calcium or magnesium, and replaces them with sodium ions. A filter removes contaminants like ammonia, chlorine, or rust from the water. Morton is a water softener and a filter. A water softener removes the hardness ions from the water, like Calcium or magnesium, and replaces them with sodium ions.

Fleck’s softening ingredients are bacteria and minerals, helping to purify your water. Fleck’s softening agents do not harm plumbing and allow natural minerals in your water to do their job. It also has an optional system for heating the water.

Morton Water Softener Vs. Iron Pro Water Softener

Water softeners may seem like an inexpensive solution, but they are more expensive than water purification using iron filters. The main reason that Morton’s Iron Pro is more expensive is that they have proprietary filtration that is unique to Morton.

Iron Pro water softeners store water in tanks of salt mixed with potassium chloride to prevent corrosion and rust. Iron Pro water softeners also remove scale deposits through a series of steps, including flushing and brine diluting. 

An Iron Pro water softener is a device that attaches to your incoming water supply and purifies your water by removing iron and manganese. At Iron Pro, we only use the best quality softener salt on the market to help prolong the life of your water softener. 

Morton Water Softener Vs. Midea Water Softener

Morton water softeners are a simple way to bring relief to the hard water used in households these days. The Morton water softener filters are marketed as an affordable option for people on tight budgets. Morton water softener installation takes less than an hour, which is perfect for busy families.

In comparison, Midea water softeners have some truly impressive filtration features. Water softeners use a dual-media process for water softening, removing Calcium and other minerals from the water. This water softener is more expensive than the Morton water softener. Midea water softeners are durable and have a long life span.

Morton water softeners are more limited than Midea, but they still have a good selection for different needs. Morton water softeners use regenerable salt, which users purchase and replace themselves. Midea water softeners use resin beads, which are not regenerable.

Morton Water Softener Vs. Wayne Water Softener

Morton water softeners use salt pellets to avoid a habit that can accumulate and contaminate the water supply. These pellets are mixed with the water in an ion exchange process to create soft water. Wayne water softeners use sodium carbonate or potassium hydroxide to do the same.

Sodium carbonate and potassium hydroxide are chemicals that require an enormous amount of water to work. Salt doesn’t need as much water to work as these two chemicals. Morton water softeners use salt pellets instead of sodium carbonate or potassium hydroxide.

How the Morton Water Softener Works?<img alt=”How the Morton Water Softener Works?” width=”1024″ height=”546″ src=”×546.png?strip=all&lossy=1&ssl=1″ data-eio=”l”>

How the Morton Water Softener Works?

The design of the softener is very excellent. MDS34C is designed with Look Ahead technology that can use for 34,000 Grain Demand Initiated Regeneration. This is the second largest model made by the Morton Salt Company and has secured 3.2 scores out of five in Water Softener Reviews.

The Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c conditioner is much supported by the manufacturer having all technical supports.

For parts, you will get a one-year warranty, and for the tank, you will get ten years. In the same unit, you will get brine and the tank.

The space saving design is chosen for people having only small space. The Morton Salt Company gives a unit that uses the lowest amount of salt at the time of softening water with proper manner.

What Makes Morton Water Softeners So Special

All the companies have the same features but with little difference. The Morton look ahead method permits to soften water at the time of your need.

The water softener studies the water usage and saves your money time and salt. If you like to change it, automatically it will adjust, this is the best impressive option for the water softener.

People like the Morton as it has fiberglass resin tank. In the resin tank, the regeneration process takes place and ion exchanges.

The materials of the fiberglass ensure the durability of the tank and maintain efficiency for the softener all the times. Morton is excellent as it is made for family use as well as level water hardness.

The Morton has five models, and I am sure one of them will match to your need. Do not worry about the efficiency of the Morton. You may check it with ANSI or NSF. All Morton softeners follow NSF or ANSI 44 guidelines.

Morton Water Softener Problems

There are lots of water softeners found under Morton brand. The brine solution is structured by water salt and water. As you are a user of Morton system, it is a must for you to know the different issues which may arise in the brand of the systems.

Under there are some lists of common questions along with some problems which may come across while using any Morton Water Softener. They are stated below:

Does salt bridge affect the overall efficiency of the softener?

Yes. Salt Bridges are the normal issues of water softener unit. It may happen anytime. If you are a Morton softener user, you have to check it regularly. Be checking regularly, you will be able to know the presence of salt bridge inside the unit.

Speaking about the salt bridge, this is the stages of dried salts that may be seen over the softener unit. It is difficult to make the brine solution. Therefore, the softener task is greatly affected that makes the tool less efficient.

What is the required amount of the salt needed for regeneration?

Within a minute of falling time, it may make 0.9 pounds of salt. It is also up to the water usage where you are using the unit. Almost all the Morton Water Softener units need 2½ to seven pounds of salt for the regeneration process.

Will I find any rust formation on the Morton Softener unit?

Yes, there is the possibility of the presence of rust in the water softener system. It is a common thing that the rust is not visible with naked eyes. They are found by the side of the near the crevices of water pipes. They stay there for the pressure and for other chemical balance of water.

Morton leads soften water through the pipes, not through the hard water path. They make us aware that it forms rust on the way and over flood the whole area. For this, the water will turn into a colored solution. If it does not change very rapidly, the taste of water can be changed.9*98

Is it safe to consume Softened Water?

Softener water gets fewer users with it. Here important thing is that water will be high with sodium content. So it is suggested not to drink water for those who like to eat low sodium food.

In such case one may take Potassium Chloride instead of the Sodium Chloride. Still, the water will not be fit for using the plants. The reason is that there is a high level of salt content mixed with water.

Are there any possible issues related to the valves and nozzle here?

Nozzle and valve are the important parts of the unit which handles the flow of liquid out and out of the system. Also, it affects the way brine solution moves to the other units. There is a high possibility of leakage of the valves and nozzle of the product can get clogged.

Routine Maintenance

Refilling with Salt

Take out the salt lid and notice the salt stage now and then. When the water softener applies all the MortonSystem Saver

  • Salt Not Recommended: block, ties, table, granulated, ice melting, ice cream making salts, etc. are not suggested.
  • Salt with Iron Removing Additives: There is an additive to aid a water conditioner to handle iron of a water supply. We suggest for this:

Breaking a Salt Bridge

Sometimes you see the salt bridge or a hard crust in the brine tank. The reason is high humidity or the wrong kind of salt. If you see salt bridges in an empty space between the salt and the water, salt may not dissolve in water to make brine. Except for brine, the resin bed cannot recharge as well as hard water may result.

When the storage tank is full of salt, it is hard to tell about a salt bridge. A bridge can be under it loose salt. Choose a broom handle such as tool; place it next to the water softener. Mark the location from the floor to the rim of a water softener.

After that carefully press the broom handle straight down the salt. When you feel a hard object is felt before the mark of the pencil or on the top, this is likely salt bridge. Carefully take it in different places to break it.

Do not use sharp or pointed objects since it can puncture the brine tank. It is better not to attempt breaking the salt bridge by pounding from the outside of the salt tank. By doing this, you can damage the tank. check our other water softener-related article.

Protect the Water Softener from Freezing

Since the softener is set up where it may freeze, you have to drain all water from it to resist possible freeze damage. For draining the softener:

  1. Lock the shut off valve of the house main water pipe, close to the water meter or pressure tank. Expose the faucet in the softener pipes to expel pressure in the softener.
  2. Forward the stem in the single bypass valve to bypass. Shut off the inlet and outlet valve in a three valve bypass system, and expose bypass valve. As you desire water in the house pipes once again, reopen the shut off valve for the main pipe.
  3. Unplug the transformer to the wall outlet. Take out the cover of the softener top together along with the salt lid. Remove both drain hoses since they may interfere with removing the softener to the position over the drain.
  4. Press the bypass valve body to the softener and remove the big holding clips carefully to the softener outlet and inlet. Divide the softener from plastic installation adaptors or the bypass valve.
  5. Keep a piece of the two-inch thick board near the floor drain.
  6. Forward the softener near to the drain. Gently and softly, tip it over as long as the rims remain on the wood block with the outlet and inlet on the drain. Do not keep the weight of the softener on the inlet and outlet fitting as they may break.
  7. Tip the below of the softener up a few inches and catch until all water is drained. Depart the softener laying such as this till you are prepared to utilize it. Plug the outlet and inlet with clean rags to preserver bugs, dirt and so on.


Manual Advance Regeneration CheckThis check verifies accurate operation of the Brine tank fill, valve motor, regeneration flowrates, brine draw and other controller function. All time make the initial checks as well as the manually initiated diagnostics.

NOTE: The electronic control display presents a steady tie. When there are an error code presents, press the select button first to enter the diagnostic display.

  • Switch on the recharge button and catch in for 3 seconds. Recharging begins to flash since the softeners valve moves forward from the service to fill the position. Take out the brine well cover and use a flashlight, notice fill water going the tank. When water does not go into the tank, notice unobstructed nozzle, venture, brine tubing, fill flow plug and brine valve riser pipe.
  • After noticing fill, switch the Recharge button to shift the valve of the softener to the brine position. The flow of water will begin very low. Take out verify brine from the brine tank by unsullied a flashlight to the brine well and monitor a noticeable drop in the liquid level. It can take 15 to 20 minutes.

NOTE: Be sure water has a good contact with salt, not individually with the salt bridge since water softener may not draw brine, notice for:

= Plugged or dirty nozzle and venture, notice Cleaning the Nozzle and Venturi section.

= Nozzle, As well as venturi, are not rested on the gasket/gasket deformed.

= Valve seals are leaking.

= Impediment, the valve drain, making a back pressure. Notice install valve drain hose section.

= impediment in brine valve and brine tubing.

  • To move the softener valve, press the recharge button to the backwash position. Search a fast flow of water from the hose of the drain. Notice the drain may handle the volume and flow. An obstructed flow refers a plugged top distributor, drain hose and backwash flow plug.
  • Switch the recharge button to shift the softener’s valve to the fast rinse position. Once again see the fast drain flow. Permit the softener to rinse for few times to flush out brine which may take a position in the resin tank from the brining cycle test.
  • To re-position the softener’s valve to the service position, switch on the Recharge button.

Morton Water Softener Reviews Video:

Installing and Maintaining A Water Softener – Designing Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Morton water softener

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Morton water softeners:

1. Are Morton water softeners expensive?

Morton water softeners are not expensive, but they do cost more than other brands of water filters.

2. Are Morton Water Softeners Reliable?

Morton Water Softeners are reliable, but that does not mean they will last forever! The lifespan of a water softener is about 8 to 10 years.

3. Are There Any Alternatives to Using this Much Salt?

Salt can be substituted with a few other ingredients. One of these is to use spices such as garlic and pepper. Another alternative is to reduce salt in your food by cooking it at a lower temperature. You can also use artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Equal. You can adjust the taste of the water softener by using half and half; water without salt, then adding salt.

4. How can I tell if my Morton M30 water softener is not functioning as it should?

It’s likely your M30 is not working anymore. If you notice your clothes getting wet, then it’s likely your M30 is not working anymore. Follow these steps to ensure that your M30 is performing the way it should.

Morton water softener salt tanks are filled with an inert brine solution, not pure water. Most of the time, it is salt that handles softening the acid contaminants in your water. In the regeneration process, the beads draw water from a tank to replace the liquid they lost during operation. If the process is no longer occurring or is being performed due to an invalid scale on the tank, the machine will stop working.

5. Morton water softeners last for how long?

Morton water softeners have an average life of 10-15 years.

6. Where did Morton get its start in water softening?

Morton, a company that was founded in 1847, has been around for quite some time. They were one of the first companies to produce softening agents for water. Their product was known as “Morton Salt,” and it is now identified as Morton. Since we were founded, our company has operated for over 150 years and continues to grow.

7. How much does a Morton water softener cost?

A Morton water softener costs about $1,500 or more, depending on the model.

8. How much salt do Morton water softeners need?

Morton Water Softeners need about three tablespoons of salt per gallon of water. Most water softeners have a set option about the amount of salt they will put into your tap water. Most Morton models provide 3 to 10 teaspoons of salt per gallon.

If you are unsure how much salt you use per day, you can adjust the salt amount according to your tastes.

9. Should I Buy Morton Water Softener?

Many cities have hard water, which is why it is important to buy a water softener. You can find many options of Morton Water Softeners on the market. They are affordable and efficient.

10. How can you benefit from a no salt water softener?

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a no salt water softener. In addition to their many advantages, they will save you money in the long run. Additionally, these systems will also help you reduce the amount of salt in your water. This will help keep your family and home safe from any potential damage caused by too much sodium.

In addition, these systems will also help you reduce the amount of salt that ends up in your water. This will help keep your family and home safe from any potential damage caused by too much sodium.

11. What are some of the benefits of buying a Morton water softener?

The following are some of the benefits of buying a Morton water softener:

  • Morton water softeners remove up to 99% of the common household pollutants that cause hard water problems.
  • Morton water softeners remove the limescale and scale build-up in pipes, appliances, and fixtures.
  • Morton water softeners reduce the amount of soap needed to clean.
  • Morton water softeners remove the harmful chemicals that are found in most tap water.
  • Morton water softeners reduce the amount of energy used and costs associated with running the tap.
  • The minerals added by Morton water softeners help soften and protect against tooth decay and bad breath.
  • Morton water softeners eliminate harmful bacteria that cause skin diseases, rashes, and infections.

12. What Are The Advantages Of Having A Morton Water Softener?

The Morton water softener has a lot of advantages. The device can filter out iron and manganese from the water, which is essential for human health. It also eliminates contaminants such as lead, mercury, and nitrates from the water. In populated areas, or if you have a big family, the Morton water softener eliminates the need for a septic tank. If you have a septic tank, you are pumping it out, and you can’t place your home on one. Using this type of water softener also eliminates the need to upgrade your heating system.

13. When we use a Morton water softener, what are the most common issues we can face?

It is important to know that this unit will not remove all the iron and manganese from your water in one shot. They will continue to accumulate in your water until a complete change is made.

The most common issues that you can expect while using this unit are bad smells from your water. You may have a clogged external filter, or sedimentation will continue until the softener is replaced. As compared to another type of water softener, you will be dealing with higher water demand. One or more internal moving parts may not be functioning if your water is not being softened. You might need to replace this unit yourself to get a good and efficient service out of it. An insufficient voltage or a bad electricity connection are problems to watch for. Lack of water, carbon deposits, low carbon grains, and high hardness/PH contribute to hard water. You will have problems with your unit due to these issues even if your softener works fine.

14. If I have water full in my Morton M30, what does this mean?

Many Morton M30s whose reservoirs are full or near capacity haven’t been used for a while. Many users mean their reservoirs are near the bottom, and they need to be cleaned regularly.

15. What is salt for your water softener?

Water softeners use salt to remove minerals, metals, and other substances that cause hard water.

16. What salt to use in Morton water softeners?

Morton water softeners need regular salt replacement to keep them working. Use non-iodized salt or kosher salt, and replace the salt every six months, according to Morton.

17. Where are Morton water softeners made?

Morton water softeners are made in China and then shipped to the US.

The Morton Company is a company that makes water softeners. The company’s headquarters is located in Morton, Illinois. It was founded in 1871 by George W. Morton, who patented the first water softener in the United States.

18. Morton Water Softeners: Where can I find them?

Morton is sold at most major retailers, including Homebase, B&Q, and Argos. It’s also available online at Amazon and other websites.

19. Where Can I Secure A Morton Water Softener Replacement Manual?

Try a search engine or an online retailer if your replacement manual isn’t found on the manufacturer’s site.

20. Which one should you buy, the 27 000 grain or 20 000 grain?

The 27 000 grain is a better option because it has a higher quality than the 20 000 grain.

21. Can I contact someone if I own any Of Their Softener Devices?

Some of the people who can help you with softener issues are:

  • The manufacturer of the softeners.
  • Water Department.
  • Local water treatment plant.
  • The company that installed the softeners on your property.
  • You
  • Your city or county water supplier.

22. Why Would a Salt Company Sell Water Softeners?

Salt companies sell water softeners because they are a good source of revenue. The salt company can place the softener in the home and charge for it, or in a school and charge for it. The salt company can also sell the softener to a local water supplier and charge for it.

23. How is Morton water Softener different?

The Morton water softener is different from others, mainly due to its unique patented Look-Ahead technology. While other softeners start a regeneration cycle as soon as its resin tank reaches its full capacity, this tank starts the cycle based on the water usage pattern.This feature enables you to have a constant supply of soft water without having to face any shortage when the regeneration cycle is occurring.

24. How long will it take for regeneration cycles to occur?

This depends on how much water is being used and the softener’s grain capacity. It is also contingent on the hardness rating if the water that is being used.

25. Can it filter iron?

It can filter iron to some extent.

26. How much salt is needed for regeneration?

How much salt the water softener will consume is dependent on the water consumption of the household and the grain size of the model. However, typically Morton water softeners require 2.5 to 7 pounds of salt for regenerating.

27. Which salt should I use for my Morton water softener?

Morton salts are the best choice in this regard. However, what salt you should use also depends on the hardness of the water you are using. You can choose from sodium or potassium salts as per your needs.

Final Words & Recommendation

Now that you have read our Morton water softener reviews, we hope you can make a choice for yourself. Our recommendation would be to choose the 30000-grain one since it is more economical and will need less frequent regeneration cycles. So, go on, buy yourself one, and get rid of hard water problems forever!



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