Countertop Water Purifiers – How To Choose The Best Purifier

Are you looking for clean water without facing any problems of installation? Countertop water purifier is the stylish filtration device perfect for your home. Installation of the countertop water filter may create a massive difference.

The purifier has all advantages of an under-sink filtration process, except the fuss of permanent installation. The countertop filters are great for those who like to rent it for their home.

What is a Countertop Water Filter?

A counter water filter dispenser is very simple to set up. It filters the water of your home.

You should better set up a countertop water filter instead of an oversized filtering system in your roof or basement. It is efficient as well as affordable solution to dirty tap water.

Each design is different somewhat, but the appliance works like this. Keep tap water into the reservoir. H20 will drip down by the different layers.

Every layer removes certain kinds of chemicals or impurities from water. One filter removes lead or chlorine while other removes fluoride.

After running through several layers, water, at last, reaches to a storage container.

You can distribute it into glasses or transfer to a different bowl for using it next time from this container. Purifying tap water is not a very easy task.

Why Get a Countertop System?

There are many types of water filters in the market. Everyone comes with their own merits and demerits.

So, what things make the countertop method special? Why do you like to choose Countertop than the other? It is the lowdown water filter system.

They are really convenient

Countertop systems are very simple water filter systems to set up and maintain. I can say they come to the second pitcher filters considering the merits.

The counter water filters systems are added to the sink faucet. The fed water comes out of the faucet to the filter device. Spend a couple of minutes to set up the filter. You need no special tool or DIY skill to do so.

The maintenance of the system is truly simple. Most of the systems use merely 1 filter which requires replacement 3 to 12 months.

You don’t need any tool to install the filter. This is just the matter of twisting the housing off and shattering the new filter off.

They represent good value for money

Water filter system is a comparatively costlier unit. A whole house system may cost more than one thousand dollars.

Nevertheless, the countertop units are cheaper. The cost varies from one to another is the capacity and size.  A whole house unit is able to filter a large volume of water and uphold higher water pressure.

On the other hand, a countertop system can be set up in the kitchen faucet. For this reason, it can handle a smaller volume of water and lesser pressures.

These filters are useful than various water filter systems for the same price

Consider the cheaper water filtration method. The countertop systems are the most effective system on the market. The same type of filtration methods may be pitchers and faucet filter methods.

The advantage of the countertop system is that it can utilize more stages bigger filters.

These filters remove many contaminants from water by using different kinds of filtrations media. Finally, the most effective home water filter may be somewhat expensive RO system.

The life of this filter is longer than the other filters comparing price

This filter is bigger than other pitcher and faucet method. The faucet filters have a longer lifespan. Some filters last only 1 year that means its maintenance is very normal and running costs is very low.

The life of this filter is longer than the other filters comparing price

Advantages of Countertop Water Purifiers

  • Minimal installation: No extra installations needed for the countertop water filters. You can do it by normally adding a tube with the kitchen faucet. The gravity water filters are uncommon types of countertop filters. These need zero installation. You may carry the unit where you like to go.
  • No extra tap needed: Some filters demand special filter tap that is essential to install near your remaining tap. It needs another hole in your kitchen sink to set up the filter tap. As you have no desire to damage the sink materials or your remaining sink, you wouldn’t like to drill it.
  • Easy maintenance: Countertop water filters are the easiest filters on the market now. You have to replace the filters at the time when you need to change it.
  • Price advantage: Countertop water purifier is the best way to get inexpensive purified water.

Disadvantages of Countertop Water Purifiers

  • Single point filtration: This filter removes pollutants from all types of water. The countertop water filter only filters out tap water.
  • Aesthetic considerations: These kinds of fillers adjust with your kitchen sink. Therefore all people don’t prefer this filter. Some people choose a more discreet solution or under sink filters for aesthetic considerations.
  • This filter adjusts well to your kitchen sink that is not the matter of aspect of many people.
  • Efficiency: The size of the filters is smaller than the multi-stage water filters. These filters can’t remove the same amount of pollutants like the other multi-stage water filters. Other countertop water filters may not have filtered water output considering the volume.

How do Countertop Water Filters Work?

Countertop water filters are a cheap and good solution for healthy and clean water. So, one should better install a countertop filter instead of complicated, colossal filtering system.

The countertop is very useful and simple device that anyone can fix it quickly. Even she or he doesn’t need any tool to do so. This is very small device so anyone can take it where he or she likes to carry it.

Water filtration system does its work though there are different types of filtration system. Water typically passes through various layers of solid chemicals and different particles.

Each layer removes some types of unwanted particles, impurities, and chemicals from water. These filters are arranged from coarser to finer to remove bigger to smaller factors.

How to Install Countertop Water Filter?

Most countertop water filters come with a diverter to change the faucet’s aerator. This is the part of the device that you need to install.

You may screw off the aerator of you real kitchen faucet. After that, screw on the diverter valve of the filter. Finally, installation is done.

Operating the filter is a straightforward and trouble-free task. You need just to turn on the faucet same as the original kitchen faucet.

Water comes out by the installed diverter of the filter rather than directly from the faucet. Then the water goes to the housing of the filter that keeps some types of filtering system cartridge to process water.

Filtered and clean water comes out of the spout from the housing body of water filter.

If you like to turn off the water, you need to turn off the real kitchen faucet. You face no complications with the water filter itself.

What to Consider Before You Buy The Countertop Water Purifiers

What to Consider Before You Buy the Countertop Water Purifiers (replace the existing write-up)

The top countertop water filtration system for your home use depends on few factors. If you read out the reviews of water filters, you have to consider the following things.

There are 3 options available for your need. You must decide which one is the best countertop water filter for your house.

What to Consider Before You Buy The Countertop Water Purifiers

It is very important to know the demand for water in your home. If you need a huge amount of water, you have to buy a filter that can supply more water for your demand.

Using a dispenser isn’t a wise decision. If you have a large family, it would be a frustrating matter. The cause is that it has the very limited capacity.

You must refill the dispenser several times or wait a long time to pass water inside the filters.

It is better to use a countertop water filter for a large family as it has more capacity. Many people can drink water from it at all times.

When you get a massive amount of fluoride in your water or the taste of fluoride, you can buy a reverse osmosis water filter for your countertop.

Thought the system is expensive, it meets your requirements for water with the minuscule amount of fluoride.

When choosing the best countertop water filtration for your home, you need to consider the budget.

A countertop water filter dispenser is a cheaper thing. It requires no installation that may cost money when you ask for a professional to set it up for you.

It is the gist thing to choose the best water filter for your need:

Household size

You have a big family. Therefore you need lots of water in your household. A countertop water filtration system will be the best option for you to connect with the faucet. It will help you to get pure water when you need it.

Quality of source water

Water quality can also help you decide which is the best countertop water filter is perfect for your use. If you have a pure water source, you should not use a countertop water filter system with lots of stages.

You can use an advanced and through water filter if your source is highly polluted.

Therefore countertop reverse osmosis water filtration system comes on the market. It removes many contaminants which other filters can’t.

Fluoride removal

If you want to remove fluoride from drinking water, you can use a countertop reverse osmosis water filtration system. This filter helps more to remove fluoride from water.

We have done lots of tests and finally conclude that Apec is the best countertop reverse osmosis water filter.


You must consider both primary cost of the countertop water filtration system and its replacement cartridges.

There are many stages of expenses and more to replace. At the same time, think about water wastage. It will need some money also.


You must think about the area which you get near your hand. If you have limited counter space, you should better to think about an under sink water filter system. Or you use a little counter water filter to satisfy your least demand.

Types of Countertop Water Purifiers

Types of Countertop Water Purifiers

Gravity Filters

This filter is gravity based water filter that uses gravity to take out water through a filter. You are possibly familiar with the Brita filter that applies this concept. You dispense tap water on the top of the jug.

The purified water reserve in the bottom chamber. You then take out water from the bottom chamber. The main benefit of the filter is that it doesn’t need any installation after all.

Water Filter Systems

These filters are very simple which are hooked to your water suppliers. The filter and the system adjust on the top of the counter in lieu of beneath the sink.

The system saves money as well as installation cost vs. conceals the filter beneath the sink. There are lots of qualities in this filters which we will discuss in this guide later on.

Reverse Osmosis

There are some countertop water filters which uses reverse osmosis system. This is one of the topmost and safest ways to filter water.

We have so far read more than 55+ reviews of the top countertop water filter system. Lastly, we have narrowed down the best one from each category for our readers.

Choosing the best countertop water filtration system

The countertop water filtration system depends on some factors. You can read the review of top countertop water filtration system. Before taking the decision to buy the filter, you need to consider the following things.

Household size

You have a very big family. Lots of people are using water in your house. For the big type of water, you can buy a countertop water filtration system.

It will add directly to the faucet. This will be your best option. It ensures that you have filtered water ready on tap if you desire it.

Quality of source water

The quality of your source of water is the factor to consider what type of filter would best fit for you. If the source of water is quite clean, you should not buy a countertop water filtration system of different stages.

If your source of water is highly contaminated, you can buy an advanced water filter system. Therefore the top countertop RO system comes with lots of advantages. This system removes pollutants more than other RO systems available in the market.

Fluoride removal

You need a countertop water filter which removes fluoride from the drinking water. Your better option would be to buy a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system.

This RO membrane aids more to remove the fluoride from water. We have told in our review that the best countertop Reverse Osmosis water filtration is the Apec.


You must consider the cost of the countertop water filtration system. Moreover, you have to think about its replacement costs.

A filter having numerous stages would cost more than the few stages. Think about water wastage. It costs you money as well.


Space is a very important factor to set up a purifier. If you have very limited space in your kitchen, you will buy an under sink water filtration system. You can use a little countertop water filter for such cases.

Watch: Countertop Water Filter Installation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do under-sink water filters actually work?

Yes, they do. However, the filter’s efficiency depends on various factors such as usage, maintenance, and filter material. The filter should be replaced after every six to twelve months to ensure optimal performance. And the cost to replace the filter should be factored in the long run.

Is the under-sink water purifier disadvantaged?

Yes. The under-sink water purifier is a big investment, and it involves drilling and additional installation. The water from under-sink water purifier is highly-filtered, but it is not as pure as the water from RO. It may not be suitable for families with small children.


To conclude, if you have a habit of drinking water that will eventually lead to many health issues, then it is time to consider buying the best countertop water purifier. One can also buy a purifier for their office or even home and get rid of impurities in the water.

Many good brands with amazing features make these purifiers effective at eliminating harmful bacteria from your tap water. All you have to do is choose one that goes with your budget and lifestyle needs!