Express Water Reverse Osmosis Reviews! Perfect 5 Stage Water Filtration System

You see many reverse osmosis systems on the market today. Many of them have a very complex design. But the Express Water RO5DX has a very simple design and user-friendly.

The system is made by applying twirl connections. It helps one to open the case easily. One needs not remove the piping.

This is very important to note that the disconnection and connection pipes uncover the unit from leakage.

There is no objection against the easy installation system. You haven’t thought more who will install the system.

Express water RO

It demands no skill or savvies to install the unit. One great thing about the product is that it comes with an installation guidebook.

All the connections added to the inlet water, storage, wastewater, faucet, and tank are labeled. You are not only buying a system with reasonable price but also saving your operation cost.

The reverse osmosis system has a very good storage capacity of 4.4 gallons. It works well even though the pressure is of 45 to 75 psi.

The system applies a flow restrictor which feeds the membrane by enough water pressure. It saves about 1000 gallons of water in every thirty days. It expands the lifespan of the membrane.

When the pressure reaches 65 percent, the system automatically shuts down. It shuts down when 2/3 is full. The performance of the systems depends on the flow rate.


  • 50 gallons water capacity for every day. The unit is perfect for typical size family.
  • Five stage filtration system eliminates up to 99% of pollutants
  • The flow rate of water is 0.8 gallons per minute. Price friendly and affordable compare to other models.
  • Color coordinated housings and connections make replacement and installation a snap
  • Comes with extra filters. It has an extra set of replacement filter for limited time
  • Included with leak stopper so no need to worry about the flooding accident

Pros & Cons of Express Water Reverse Osmosis


  • The filters don’t demand electricity to operate it
  • One important thing is that it is very simple to install and assemble. The Express filter comes with understandable instruction manual. The notebook makes the installation process fast and easy.
  • When the tank fills 2/3 of its capacity, it automatically shuts down. Therefore it has no danger of overflow from the storage tank.
  • Appears with additional filters without any cost
  • Five stage water filter
  • Very good customer service confirm instant response when troubleshooting is needed
  • Nice price. Grand value for the money


  • Five stages indicates more filters to replace or change
  • The half inch slip added adapter included is not useful. This is better to add a 3/8 inch adapter as an alternative. It means that an adapter is a must during installation


The Express Water RO5DX is very simple to install. Even an inexpert man can able to install it within 2 hours. If you have no pre-experience with DIY projects, you can do it.

Stop Drinking contaminants Express RO

The system comes with an installation manual by which one can do it very well. Read the instructions step by step. Then you will be able to install it. One thing that is a must to do it is patience.

One important thing about the model is that it comes with filter portion pre-assembled. This will save your 45 minutes from the setting up time.

You have to follow some instructions to set up the RO system quicker. At first, set up the faucet keeping the tub at full length.

Then accumulate the input line for the cold water pipe. Then set up the water tank keeping the tub at full length. After that assemble the drain tube, and you can pull together the connections.

The RO system comes with a leak stopper. When the water tank is filled up, the leak stopper shuts off the flow of water. So you needn’t worry about any leak.


The Express Water RO5DX is a very proficient system needless to say. The ratio of wastewater and pure water is 3:1. It seems the ration is a wasteful one. This is awesome.

Some RO systems waste water up to 24-gallon water for per gallon. The efficient one can waste up to 4 gallons. The system is thought above the common if the question is efficient.

There are lots of merits of using a good type RO system. But the most important thing is that you shouldn’t worry about wasted water. The system is environmentally welcoming.

Express connect


The Express RO5DX applies a standard 5 step filtration method to purify the water. The filters are very efficient. They can take away about 99.99% of the pollutants from water depending on the water source.

The very interesting thing about the method is that filter, and the casing is color coded. Therefore you are conscious of which thing will go where. This creates the filter removing system very straightforward and simple.

When you remove a filter, you can just set up the new one having the similar color. You need no additional tools to do the job. You can do it with the strain wrench provided by the producer at the time of buying.

Another merit of the unit is that it comes with a standby set of the filter. You will get the benefit of clean water for one year.

Otherwise, you need to spend more on the spare one. One needs to change the filter one time after every six months or more.

It depends on the condition of the water source. The RO membrane should change once every two years.

Media Review of Express Water Reverse Osmosis

Do you ever think that a 10 stage RO water purifier system ever exist? Yes, it exists. ROALK5D uses 5-stage RO water filtration method with having 5 stage alkaline mineral pH+ antioxidant remineralization systems.

Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

So it is very simple to learn that the first 5 stage is generic. The RO filtration system likes the RO5DX. The wonderful filtration system removes about 99% of pollutants and contaminants.

The outcoming 5-stage filtered water goes into the 5-stage alkaline filters to be re-mineralized. Here water will add magnesium, potassium, calcium and other useful nutrients. The ultimate result is mineralized water for your taste.

The good news is that the RO5DX is BPA and lead-free water filtration system. Therefore you can add the tubing with water dispenser if you like.

Alkaline water is very useful for the body. Still, you have to face some problems daily. You like to have daily basis solution.

So you have to buy drinking alkaline water from ROALK5D. One shouldn’t buy lots of bottle alkaline or mineralized water if he installs ROALK5D.

The product renders tasty and high-quality mineralized water for your family and yourself. It is an astonishing matter that ROALK5D may be the most affordable and re-mineralizing RO water filtration system.

Express Water Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Express Water Reverse Osmosis Reviews FAQs

Question: Does the RO5DX remove beneficial minerals from the water?

Answer: Yes, all RO systems remove beneficial minerals from water. For this reason, the water is to some extent more acidic. This is not a problem at all for most people.

But some people like to have more alkaline water for the taste or the health concerns. Express water has an RO system. The system adds minerals with water as a part of the filtration method.

Question: Where can I get replacement filters?

Answer: You may purchase the replacement filter from the manufacturers or the Amazon. The price is the same when I saw the price list last time. Both give the free shipping. I didn’t get them at Lowes or home depot. So I have to buy it from But the webs ship from Express water. The price is the same. One can get different sized packs of the filters. You can keep a lot of money by purchasing a two year supply instead of a one year supply.

Question: Can I install this RO system myself?

Answer: Most people express that the installation system is very simple. But some people say that the printed instructions are not very easy to follow. The matter is very funny. Some tell one, and some say another. It depends on whether you have previous knowledge or not.

If you feel any problem, you may ask for help from express water customer support. They are always ready to give the answers to your questions. I desired to see installation video on YouTube, but there are no such videos like this there. The same types of videos are found from other brands. They are very helpful for you in such case. Installations process may not vary from brands to brands.

Question: What is the storage tank made of?

Answer: The tank has a metal finish amid a butyl rubber bladder. When water touches all through the system, it becomes free from BPA and lead.

Question: How much wastewater does it produce?

Answer: The mentionable ration is 4 gallon of wastewater every 1 gallon of filtered water. It may be different. The ratio depends on many factors like the pressure of the input water and temperature etc.

Express RO

Final Thoughts

The Express water RO purifier is a very amazing device with reasonable price. The filter has 5 stages. The stages can remove sand, dust, chlorides, fluorides, silt and some other harmful chemicals from water. It renders odorless, clean and safe water for the users.

The express RO water purifier is very simple to set up and use. It appears to you with nice customer service. We are hopeless at getting an incompatible adapter. This is not a matter of concern at all. It never hampers the function of water filter. It wins our hearts for buying less than 200 bucks. We like the purifier for having all these features and characteristics.


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