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A considerable percentage of the world's population is unaware that there is a safer way to consuming water other than just drinking from chlorinated filtered tap water. The real issue here is that it's not the fault of the water authorities.

Sometimes, the faucets in our homes are contaminated by heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and industrial pollutants, so they act as a contaminant to the filtered water passing through it.

If you think buying bottled water is the next best option, then you ultimately need to have a rethink because storing water in a plastic bottle is unhealthy in the long run. So what's the harmless way to drink water? It is by drinking from epic water filters.

What Is Epic Water Filters and What Type of Filters They Have?

Epic water filters are water filters that are designed to ensure safe drinking. It takes the shape of a glass jug and has a filtration system that eradicates up to 99% of dangerous water pollutants.

The best thing about epic water filters is they are portable. So, you can virtually take them to wherever you are going, whether it's the office, school, etc. There are have lot of portable water filter, but Epic water filter one of the best choices.

There are quite many epic water filters in the market, such as epic pure water filter pitcher, epic nano water filterpitcher, epic Nalgene water filter, etc.

Our Top Picks Best Epic Water Filters Review

1. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

If you are considering a water filter that will transform your drinking water and get rid of water contaminants like mercury and lead, then it is an epic pure water filter. This epic water filter comes with three capacity filters that can filter about 150 gallons of water.


One fantastic thing about the epic pure water filter is it comes with a digital filter pointer that notifies you when it's time to change filters. This filter has been tested in labs, so you are sure of drinking clean water from a BPA free epic water filter. No odors, heavy metals, or even pesticides. 


The epic pure water is portable and compact so that it can be used in a limited space. It fits easily in most refrigerators. It makes sure that natural minerals in water like calcium, potassium, etc. are retained while undergoing the filtration process. This means that you don't lack all the essential ingredients your body needs to develop and stay healthy.

Also, this epic water filter is quite economical. With a cost of $$, the water filter will not only enhance safe drinking but also save you the cost of spending so much on worthless plastic bottles.

Pros & Cons of Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher


  • It’s an excellent water filter jug.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to fit into a refrigerator.


  • In the long run, mold starts to grow in the jug.

2. Epic Smart Shield Water Filter System

The epic smart shield water filter system is a complete water filter system package that is suitable for turning unclean water to great clean water in homes, offices, complexes, etc. You will see an instant difference in taste with this filer.


Unlike other filter systems that use charcoal-based media filters, this one uses organic coconut shells to filter out contaminated water. The installation of this epic filter system is simple, and you can DIY.


Besides, the epic smart shield water filter system is NSF, and ANSI certified, so you don't have to worry about side effects from drinking from a water filter system like the epic smart shield. This water filter removes pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, etc. to make your water drinkable and quality.

Due to its selective filtration process, this epic water filter retains naturally occurring minerals that the body doesn't produce like Calcium, Phosphorus, etc. which are required for the development of the body.

Pros & Cons of Epic Smart Shield Water Filter System


  • It’s NSF and ANSI certified for use.
  • It’s simple to install (DIY).
  • It's used on more large scale buildings like complexes, buildings, etc.
  • Great filter for removing contaminants.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It doesn’t remove copper.

3. Epic Replacement Filter for Pure Water Filter

This BPA-free replacement filter is excellent in getting rid of contaminants like lead, mercury, herbicides, etc.  This filter, when attached to the pure water filter quickly, gets you water with a great odorless taste that is clean.

This filter has undergone several tests in different labs to ensure its safe for use. So, the fear of using a replacement filter that you are unsure of is quenched. Get the beneficial minerals like calcium, sodium, etc. that your body needs by using this replacement filter on your epic pure water filter to remove contaminants. You will discover that you look healthier with these minerals in your filtered water.

Pros & Cons of Epic Replacement Filter for Pure Water Filter


  • This filter is compatible with all epic water filters and pitchers.
  • Removes fluoride, PFOS, and PFOA.
  • Great product at an affordable price.
  • Guarantees odorless water.


  • Filtration seems a bit slow.

4. Epic Water Filters Outback Bottle

Like the shape of a bottle, the epic water filter outback bottle is 100% stainless steel that removes any contaminant that you can think of. Whether it is Arsenic, Chromium, Fluoride, or Lead, this filter outback handles them all.


It's BPA-free and quite easy to use. It serves as a great replacement for plastic bottled water, which poses more harm than good to the body. Due to its new and sleek design, this bottle has become everyone's favorite. It's portable and can be taken anywhere, whether it's the gym, school, or place of work. It's also a 100% food-grade, so you can equally store your juice and other drinks in it.

Think of a better way to drink safe and clean water on-the-go, think of the epic water filter outback bottle. This bottle has undergone numerous testing around the world and has been certified safe under the laws of NSF and ANSI.

Pros & Cons of Epic Water Filters Outback Bottle


  • It's BPA-free and 100% FDA approved.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Quite portable.
  • Great for outdoor activities.
  • NSF and ANSI certified.
  • Tripple capacity filter.


  • It’s difficult sometimes to suck content out of the straw.
  • It doesn't keep water cold for long.

5. Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Water Filter Method

Made in the USA, this smart shield under the sink water filter method removes 99% contaminants such as VOCs, heavy metals, Chromium 6, etc. Turn your ordinary tap water into healthy water by attaching this smart shield water filter taps.


It’s 42, 53, 401 certified according to the standards of NSF and ANSI and removes any impurity that may be found wanting in your tap. That speaks of how efficient this epic smart shield water filter is.

Despite coming at a high price tag, it's more efficient in saving when you compare to the thousands of plastic bottles that you consume every day. It's 15 times more in capacity than a water pitcher, which proves how large it is. Just buy and fix your taps, and you will see the magic of drinking good water.

Pros & Cons of Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Water Filter Method


  • It’s simple to install. You don’t need any plumbing experience.
  • Easy to use.
  • It’s 3x certified.
  • Excellent water purifier.


  • It's slightly expensive.

Epic Water Filters Reviews: The Ultimate Guide 

How to Choose Epic Water Filter

There are specific things to look out for in an epic water filter before deciding to purchase it. These features include;


BPA - BPA is an acronym for bisphenol A. An industrial chemical component that is found in particular plastic bottles. This chemical is deadly and causes hormonal imbalance in the body. Most epic water filters claim to have a BPA-free water filter, but you must examine before purchase.


Certification - A water filter is said to be certified if it complies with all regulations and standards from NSF and ANSI. If an epic filter is not certified, desist from buying such a product.


Capacity - Every epic water filter has the maximum size of water it can contain. Depending on the number of persons, choose to buy a water filter that filters as much as 150-200 gallons of water. And store about a gallon for everyday use.

Budget - Each epic water filter comes at a certain price tag. Choose carefully according to how much you can afford and also, according to use.

Why you choose epic water filter

Why Choose Epic Water Filters

Why do people choose epic water filters over tap waters or plastic bottles? Epic water filters are;


Efficient - Epic water filters have a high-efficiency rate of 99.99% impurities removal, which makes them one of the most efficient water filters you can find around. Besides, epic water filters ensure that water acidity is corrected and that a balanced pH is restored to enhance the taste.


In addition to their efficiency, every epic water filter is equipped with an inbuilt 3-5 stage capacity filters that produce up to 200 gallons of excellent drinking water that has great taste. These filters are constructed with materials that are free of BPA and other contaminants, which makes them generally safe for drinking, which is essential healthwise.


Affordable and Durable - You don’t need to break the bank to buy an epic water filter, which makes it everyone’s choice. Epic water filters are economical and a great choice for those who are looking for inexpensive water filters. They can filter as much as 100 gallons of water and a great option compared to consuming water bottles. They can last for as long as possible if it's correctly maintained.

Portable - Epic water filters are not bulky as a lot of people will think. It's so portable that you can lug it about in your bag anywhere you want to go. People like portable products and that's what makes epic water filters an excellent choice for people. 

How to Install Epic Water Filters

There are no many installation tips to be discussed, especially if you have the epic water pitcher filter system. After you must have purchased the epic water pitcher filter system, open the lid, pour your unfiltered water into it, cover it, and let the pitcher work on filtering your water.

However, if you have the epic smart shield water filter, installing it might be a little complicated.

  • Locate your water shutoff valve. This epic filter only filters cold water, so make sure where you are installing it in a place that has enough space around the pipe to put in the filter bracket.
  • Put the filter and bracket assembly in a vertical position.
  • Locate the cutoff valve and screw the white plastic manifold in.
  • Push the feed lines into the manifold and filter head’s orifices.
  • You are done with the installation!

Maintenance of Epic Water Filters

  • Replace filters once they don’t function optimally.
  • Epic water filters like epic pure water filter pitcher should be washed with clean water and wiped off with a damp cloth around the tip of the jug.
  • Choose compatible filters and other replacement parts for your epic water filters.

Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters Reviews FAQs

1. How often do you need to change the filters?

Once the filters develop problems of improper filtration or spillage, you must change it.

2. Do epic water filters have a warranty?

Most of them do have a warranty.

3. What is BPA?

BPA is an acronym for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical component that is found in certain plastic bottles. This chemical is harmful to the body and can affect hormonal balance.

4. Are all epic filters BPA free?

Yes. All epic filters are BPA free. That’s what makes them ideal and safe for drinking.

5. How long does it take to filter a gallon of water?

It will take a typical functioning epic water filter a day or two to filter a gallon of water.

6. How many cups does an epic filter hold?

An epic water filter holds an average of 8 cups of water.

Final Words of Recommendation

Epic water filters would make an excellent choice for people who wish to drink good water and live healthily. Using an epic water filter will save you the cost of consuming plastic bottles and also rid your water of harmful contaminants. 

Based on these products reviewed so far, I would recommend the Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Water Filter method because it’s efficient. I would also recommend the Epic Smart Shield Water Filter method because it filters more water on a large scale than the rest.

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