Brita Water Pitcher Filter Reviews 2023 – Drink with Confidence

Brita water pitcher filters are one of the most popular types of filters on the market. They’re simple to use and can be used in a number of different ways, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a quality filter without spending a lot of money.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the features that make Brita water pitcher filters so popular, and give you some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs.


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The Brita Slim pitcher is free from BPA. It comes with a sticker filter detector which warns you to change the filter. You need to change the filter after using 40 gallons of water or after 2 months.

The 5-cup ability of the filter is perfect for use in offices, refrigerators, and kitchens. When you drink clean water, you can reduce the number of water bottles.

It lessens the filling of oceans and lands. 1 Brita water pitcher filter can reduce three hundred plastic bottles of water.  Use the Brita Water Pitcher filter and start to drink great-tasting and healthier water.

Brita Water Pitcher Filter Reviews

Last update on 2024-05-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Eliminates cadmium, mercury, and copper in water. This type of water is the reason of illness for using a long time.
  • Change filter after every 2 months or after using 40 gallons of water
  • The sticker filter warns you to replace the filter
  • Decrease odor and chlorine taste and ensure great-tasting water
  • 1 small, 5 cups Brita slim water pitcher with one filter

Pros & Cons of Brita Water Pitcher Filter


  • Adjust well inside the door of your fridge. Its slim design keeps room for keeping other things in the fridge.
  • Fabulous tasting water. Follow the instructions by prepping the filter to escape black flecks.
  • Comes with an indicator to warn you to change the filter


  • The filter takes some time to fill. The cause is the water goes through the filter.

How to Use Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup

Fill up cold water by keeping the maximum temperature 29 degrees C or 85 degrees F and minimum temperature thirty-three degrees F or 0.6 degrees C.

Before us, the water pitcher, clean it very well. Take out the protective wrapper. (Note: The brand new filter can be soggy from vapor sterilization.)

Brita 42629

Submerge the filter into cold water for a few seconds and stir it softly to remove air bubbles. Then enter the new filter inside the reservoir and set it steadfastly.

Activate your filter all the way through 2 fillings of the tank. Throw away this water, or you may use it for your plants. The filter is now ready to use.

Replace the filter cartridge after using 40 gallons of water. One may change it after every two months for an average family to get good performance.

The changing of the filter may depend on the amount of water. It also depends on the levels of water hardness. Keep it in a dry or cool place. There are 4 steps to tasting water: 1. Fill. 2. Filter. 3. Cool. 4. Drink & enjoy.

Benefits of Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher

The way in which contaminants are removed from water is called chemical absorption. The technology is not efficient enough to remove dangerous chemicals which means that the trace amount of useful minerals will remain.

Brita filters are possible to use again and be fully utilized. The Brita can remove particles from water entirely and make the great taste of water. The company made the recyclable in the year 1992.

Brita removes the unwanted taste from the water from the tap. Most of the water has a fantastic taste. The Brita eliminates chlorine as well as an unpleasant aftertaste. This makes the taste of the water perfect for the pickiest of drinkers.

How Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher Works

You normally keep the filter inside the special design of the pitcher. The filter can exchange ion exchange resin and so activated carbon that aid to remove impurities.

This carbon will lessen the amount of chlorine from your tap. It affects the taste and color of the tap water.

Besides, the ion exchange system will remove impurities from water such as cadmium, copper, and mercury that are strong contaminants.

It will remove zinc from water which is responsible for the metallic taste of water in your faucet.

The ultimate result is pure and tasty water. So your kids are happy to drink this kind of water.

Why Do You Pick Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher

Suppose you have no water filtration at your home. Think clearly about how many bottles of water can you buy for your family in a week. Then reflect on the cost of that bottle. If you have the chance to refill it, why do you spend money on buying it?

The capacity of the pitcher is 10 8-ounce glasses of water at one time. It can serve the purpose of an average size family. The water is free from Bisphenol or BPA. It is a kind of industrial chemical to make plastic.

There is a convenient Sticker filter change indicator that helps you to know the time to change the filter. It does not have any exact way to know the time of changing the filter. It is up to the use of the filter. You must yourself identify the time to change the filter.

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher gives us peace of mind

We depend on the green light of the Brita on-tap filter to People us that the time to change come. Our preliminary filter is ultraviolet filtration; we choose the reassurance of spotlessness of the tap. Brita aids with this.

Moreover, we use municipally tested regularly using the Brita filter or with the Brita filter. There is a red light that indicates the water of the tap is contaminated. After changing, if you see the light is still red, we need to check the source.

Maybe, in the well or something between it for which the tap is not to the right place. Our Brita aid to monitor the crucial resource: water. We would like to offer thanks for giving the response. Any suggestion is accepted.

What to Consider Before Buying The Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher

You would like to buy the filter. Before taking a decision, you need to think more and more. Consider which pitcher is well fit for your office or home.

We are trying our best to compile the top questions that you can ask us. Here you will get some tips regarding water filter pitcher. You have to think again and again prior adding any one of these to your fridge.

What sort of a budget do I need to have to pick up a water filter pitcher?

You must consider the price of water filter pitchers. The price should be reasonable for your budget. This little unit does a lot for you to ensure safe and healthy water.

But you don’t spend more on buying this water pitcher like a complete water filtration system. You must consider the cost of replacement of the filter. When you spend more money to buy the filter, you have to spend more on the unit.

Almost all the pitchers are made of plastic. So there are many possibilities to break it easily. Again and again, you need to consider the value of the filters before buying the unit. You must buy a unit that is very price friendly.

How much water should I expect the pitcher can filter?

The capacity of filtering water varies from the different product to product. You may hope that a filter gives you hundred-plus liters of fresh water. When the capacity of the pitcher is more, you have to buy fewer filters.

Therefore you can save your money. A unit can filter more water than the other filters. Here you shouldn’t think that the filter pitcher is better than the others.

The best way to measure the filter is to take into consideration how long the filter lasts. Besides what items can the filter removes from the water regarding contaminants. The more pollutants remove from the water, the more healthily the water would be.

Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup food, White

What chemicals should the water filter remove from the water?

The common water filter pitcher can remove some materials or chemicals from water. A low-priced water filter removes zinc, chlorine, mercury, copper, and cadmium.

When you pay more for pitcher filters, you can hope your filter is good. This pitcher can remove lead and fluoride from water.

The little amount of magnesium and calcium found in water is beneficial for our health. It does not matter at all when the pitcher filter leaves the most beneficial things in the water.

Are Brita water pitcher filters effective?

Access to clean water is something that everybody needs, regardless of whether they’re at work or home. However, many of us will want to avoid using tap water, as it can often include a variety of contaminants that could be unhealthy… click here to read the full article.

Brita Water Pitcher Filter Review Video:

How do BRITA filters work?

Final Thoughts

You are thinking to buy a water filter pitcher with affordable money. You like to buy a filter that can ensure pure water. The brand must be popular no doubt.

You have to consider the shipping time of the filter. The manufacturers are taking a long time to deliver it. But you need the unit urgently; this may hurt you.

There are lots of Brita water pitcher filters on the market. You have to choose a filter very quickly. This is surely a very important factor that is up to your circumstances.


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