Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter Reviews! What to Consider

Humans can survive several weeks without food, but they can only last a few days without water. This is because two-third of the human body is composed of water.

Because water is essential for life, it must be taken pure and free from harmful bacteria and viruses that are detrimental to health. Water filters eliminate impurities in water using a fine barrier, biological or chemical processes, thereby decreasing water contamination.

The Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filter reviews deal extensively on the product's features and the reasons it is important.

Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter Reviews

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Mavea water filter is a trendy and superior water filtration system available in the market. It could be the best filter for water used for water filter pitchers. The filter is designed, developed, and produced in Germany. It has a micro-screen that helps reduce the release of carbon particles in the system. It also offers a 73 percent reduction in the lead concentration in water.

The Mavea replacement is recommended for the best water filter jug like the Tassimo Bosch T45. The package contains three (3) replacement water filters that offer cleaner filtered water with improved taste.

More so, if you are wondering which water filter is the best for filtering chlorine, odors, and lime-scale, then this replacement filter is an excellent choice.

Apart from removing contaminants such as heavy metals like cadmium, copper, and mercury from water, the maxtra filter also rids water of organic impurities such as benzene and Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE). Added to that, it is constructed with Bisphenol A (BPA) free materials.

The Mavea water filter cartridge adds to the life of domestic water appliances like water heaters. It preserves the lifespan of other kitchen appliances such as electric kettles, pressure cookers, and cookware, thus, diminishing lime-scale buildup within these appliances.

Mavea Company says the product was designed to provide users with “fast, clean, safe, and stylish water filtration.”

If you are a tea, cappuccino, coffee, lattes, or iced beverage lover, Mavea makes tea taste exceptionally better and flavored.   

Pros & Cons of Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter


  • BPA Free - Containers made with BPA materials are dangerous to health. This Mavea Maxtra product is made with BPA free materials. BPA can seep into the water, food, or beverage from the container and cause serious health defects on the brain, prostate gland, and children.
  • Silverized - Silver helps prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in water filters. This Maxtra product contains silver to help protect the container and the water from microbial contamination and extend the filter's life.
  • Shape - The Mavea replacement filter has a unique shape different from most water filters, thereby making it more stylish.
  • Fast - To activate the filter, there is no need to pre-soak it. Usually, the filter stream is sterilized and vacuum-sealed, making it ready for use anytime.


  • It is pricier than most water filters on sale in the market.


Filter take-back

Mavea Company is the only company that conducts and supports the filter-take back and recycling program. So, they allow their customers to return already used filters to stores for recycling. They also provide the option of mailing the filters back at no cost as they pay for the return.


Carbon particles are health hazards and are toxic. Consumption can cause lung irritation, worsened asthma, and cancer. The replacement filter has a micro-screen that reduces the chances of carbon particle penetration into the system.


Water Quality Association (WQA) is a leading water treatment certification program since the 1950s. They certify you to receive the Golden Seal Certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).  

These certifications ensure water filters can reduce chlorine taste and odor, heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, and industrial pollutants from water.

Ion Exchange beads

The Mavea Maxtra replacement filter contains ion exchange beads that arrest hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium in water. Once these hardness minerals are captured, the beads turn them to crystals, reducing the water hardness. 

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filtration is one of the methods employed in water treatment. The activated carbon present in the filter removes contaminants like organic materials (chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides) from water. More so, it rids the water of odor-causing contaminants, making the water more pleasant.

What to Consider before Buying the Mavea 1001122 Maxtra

Before buying the Mavea filter, there are several things to consider. Here are the three most important: 

Filter – The Mavea has a filter with microscopic holes that effectively filter contaminants from drinking water. 

Quality - The product is tested and trusted and has the WQA golden seal certification, which reduces pollutants, chemicals, and chlorine from water.

Taste - A good filter is designed to improve water quality. Mavea Maxtra replacement filter is proven to make water taste better. Reports show if Mavea filtered water is used in tea making, the water becomes exceptionally clearer and flavored.

Life - the water flow rate greatly determines Mavea Maxtra lifespan through it. Usually, replacement filters are recommended to be changed periodically to preserve the system's life. 

Mavea Filtration Capacity

The Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filters are built to do more than the normal filters would. The purification capacity refers to how much water that filters can purify within the shortest time.

Usually, a water filter has a purification capacity of 12 to 15 liters per hour. It also speaks of how much chemicals the filter can hold while processing water.

So, the Maxtra replacement filter is very sustainable. This is because each Maxtra filter replaces three hundred or more bottles that weigh up to 500ml each within the shortest time. Also, all Mavea cartridges can last up to 40 gallons of water.

How to Use the Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter

Using the Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filter is very easy. Once you have purchased the Mavea replacement filter, follow these procedures to install it successfully into your water pitcher:

  • Deep the filter into the water inside the pitcher.
  • Give it a shake till you see the bubbles come up through the filter. 
  • Remove it and reinstall the pitcher center.
  • Fix in the filter (it will lock right in without much effort).
  • Drain the water and run water through it like three more times.
  • To check if your filter is ready to use, check the indicator on the top of the water pitcher if it’s 100%. This shows the filter is brand new with maximum life.
  • Once the indicator reads 25%, then it's time to change the filter. This might take a while, depending on how often the filter is used.

Who is MAVEA?

MAEVA is the world’s leading filtration company. The filter was invented 45 years ago in Germany.

Today it has millions of consumers throughout the world. Water is the only passion and business for the company. In 2009 LEAVE products were introduced in North America to offer premium water filtration experience.

Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter for Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher

How does the MAVEA filtration work?

Filter technology for the new generation that has got a certificate of the Water Quality Association of NSF standards 42 and 53 to reduce:

  • odor and Chlorine taste
  • Agricultural Chemicals (atrazine, simazine)
  • Heavy Metals (Mercury, cadmium, copper)
  • Industrial Pollutants (benzene, tetrachloroethylene)

Good mixture of ion exchange or activated carbon resin beads work together to ensure the good taste of water and lessen contaminants.

  • Activated Carbon – Holds organic compound and chlorine such as pesticides and chemicals.
  • Ion Exchange Beads – Hold heavy metals as well as less water hardness.
  • Silverized – The media is made of silver so protect to grow bacteria and maximize the life of the filter

What essences are reduced by MAVEA Maxtra filters?

MAVEA Matra filter cartridges are tested against ANSI 42 or NSF and 53 for the lesser of:

  • Organic impurities (benzene and)
  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Pesticides (and atrazine)
  • Heavy metals (mercury and copper)
  • Limescale diminution certified in interior tests have not got WQA certificate
Mavea 1001122

Mavea Technology

The uncommon filtration technology is designed for an uncommon combination of natural MicroporeFilter along with an effective Protect Filter. The MicropoerFilter is very small and porous structure catch microscopic particle out of the water.

This makes the filtration system extremely efficient and reduced undesirable substance that affects the odor and taste of water like chlorine compounds, chlorine, and organic impurities.

The Protect Filter saves from the limescale of the domestic appliance from being built upscale. It also reduces copper and leads inside your pipeline for your well-being.

For good filtration, it needs time. So Flow Control has come to the market giving perfect filtration, and Mavea filter water does better.

How to Set Up the Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher

Mavea 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter FAQs

What Does the “no pre-soak” Instruction Mean?

The replacement filter is "good to go" at all times. That is the design. The "no pre-soak" instruction simply means that you do not need to soak the filter before use. All you need to do is put the filter in the pitcher, fill with water, and drain out two to three times before use.

How Often Should the Filter be Changed?

If you are using Mavea pitchers or jugs, this will make replacements easier for you. Mavea pitchers come with a digital readout that indicates whenever it’s time to change the filter. Usually, replacement filters are to be changed every two months or eight weeks to retain its effectiveness. However, how often the filter should be changed is dependent on how much water it is made to filter.

Does it Filter Lead From Water?

The Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filter does not eliminate lead present in drinking water. It proves to remove at least 73 percent of lead from the water, which is far better than nothing.

How long does the MAVEA 1001122 Maxtra Replacement Filter last?

The quality of water varies; this has an effect on the life of a cartridge. We suggest you change the cartridge frequently to get the MAEVA filter working well. You have to change it after eight weeks or 40 gallons or 150 liters. The MAEVA will tell you the time to change the cartridge.

What is the difference between the MAVEA Meter and MAVEA MEMO filter exchange indicators?

The digital meter of the MAVEA filter will tell you the time to replace the cartridge on an individual basis, it is up to the volume of heater filter and water hardness and the time of last cartridge replacement. The new method is applied to the MAEVA Elemaris system models.

The MAVEA MEMO electronic filter gives the reading of time since the filter cartridge last replaced.

Just press the button to countdown time for the rest of lifespan. The MEMO will alert you to change the filter based on the used time. The MEMP is designed with Classic Fit System and Marella.

Can I Use the Replacement Filter for My Brita Pitcher?

Mavea replacement filter is generic and so can perfectly fit into any pitcher of your choice.

What is the Size and Weight of This Replacement Filter?

The replacement filter is usually 1.5 inch by 1 inch in size and weighs 12.8 ounces.

Final Thoughts

Water filters are essential in removing contaminants from water. They also add to water quality by improving its taste.

The Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filter is an excellent filtering system option. It does not require much cleaning before use as it is vacuum-sealed and sterilized.

Additionally, the replacement filter is silverized to prevent algae and bacteria growth and formation within the pitcher. Mavea 1001122 Maxtra replacement filter reviews assess the advantages and important features to note in the product.

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