How to Keep Dogs Water from Freezing: Useful Guide to Know

During winter seasons, the temperature can be very chilly for humans, so imagine what tiny, cute pets go through.

As guardians, it is our responsibility to ensure our pets get the best protection from this adverse weather condition by keeping them warm. Meaning we have to go the extra mile to ensure these pets get the besttemperate heat meals, water, and environment to live.

Water is one of the commodities most affected by cold weather as they have more tendency to freeze, so you have to learn how to keep dogs' water from freezing.

Luckily this is what we will be sharing in this article. So, sit back as we unveil some counteract cold temperature measures you need to ensure your dog gets the right water temperature.

How to Prevent Your Dog's Water from Freezing

How to Prevent Your Dog's Water from Freezing

Install a Heated Bed

This is a healthy way of protecting your dog from cold, especially when your pet's house is outside.

Install a Heated Bed

You can place an electric heated bed close to them, preferably under, inside the pet house, or next to them. It will serve as a way of keeping your pets warm as well as preventing their water from freezing.

We recommend that you do not place the bowl on top of the mat to avoid spilling accidents.

The Right Kind of Bowl

Also, the kind of bowl you use for your dog plays a significant additive to keep water from freezing.

The Right Kind of Bowl

Bowls with thick plastic walls such as Tupperware are a better option than those with thin walls.

Also, deep bowls with tight openings will freeze less than those with shallow and wide openings.

The same goes for colors since dark-colored clothes absorb more heat. Using a dark-colored container for your dog will absorb more heat from the sun than the lighter ones.

Also, position the bowl in such a way that it's away from the wind and more exposed to the sun.

Let an App Help You Stay Up to Date

Let an App Help You Stay Up to Date

An app is also a great way to keep your dog's water from freezing. You can do this by having a weather app on your phone. However, there are more advanced weather apps available that notifies you of adverse weather conditions.

It also helps you get prepared to protect your dog's water from freezing.

Put a Little Water in Their DrFood

Put a Little Water in Their Dry Food

If you have pets that tend to eat their food dry some minutes after you set it out, you may want to add water to their meal. Mixing the food with a little water will make it less likely to freeze and help keep your dog hydrated during the freezy period. Although this strategy should not be done for a long time, it also helps to keep it as a quick fix to try for the moment while you figure out some other alternatives or wait for your pre-ordered heated bowl to arrive. These days, you can even have a DIY heated water bowl.

Add a Bit of Oil, Sugar, or Salt to Their Water

Add a Bit of Oil, Sugar, or Salt to Their Water

This is another quick, temporary fix you can try. Adding a little oil, sugar, or salt to your dog's water will reduce its freezing point harmlessly. If you have probably been using this method, it is better not to do it for a long time. But you can try it for a night or two if you are in a tight position.

Coolers to Avoid the Cold

Coolers to Avoid the Cold

You can decide to place your pet's water bowl amidst a cheap Styrofoam cooler that has been modified for easy access of your dog to the dish. For instance, you can cut a round hole in the lid to make it possible to put forth its head to the box for a drink.

Note that a shallow, large water bowl will freeze faster than a slim, hot water bowl. So ensure to put this into consideration when making your bowl.

Borderline Freezing Temperatures

In situations where the temperature is moving around the freezing border, you can engage any of the following methods:

Borderline Freezing Temperatures

You can place the bowl in a place where they will have full access to the morning sun. Also, use dark-colored water bowls as they will stay warmer than the bright colored bowls. You can also pour some warm water into the pan to melt the ice.

If you want to keep your dog's water bowl from freezing for a short time, you can! Here is how to keep your animal bucket from freezing: You let the dog out for a short while and microwave the water. Ensure the plate is warm, then fill it with room temperature water. 

How to Feed Your Dog in Winter

During winter seasons, the diets of dogs change as they tend to become less active as they do during spring, summer, and fall. So you must pay attention to how you feed your dog during this period. Here is how to feed your dog in winter:

Add Some Calorie

Add Some Calorie

If your dog is losing weight, you can increase their calorie intake since most dogs tend to lose weight during this period. But if they start gaining weight, you can decide to cut down on their calorie.

Add Supplements

Add Supplements

This is very important for older dogs. Since cold, dry weather can affect dogs' joints, especially if they are old. You can add supplements to their food to combat weak bones. Glucosamine and chondroitin are great options, so is omega fatty acid. Therefore, look for food with high contents of these ingredients and add them to their diet.

Increase Coat Healthy Diet

Increase Coat Healthy Diet

During winter, one of the ways dogs protect themselves from the cold is through their hair. So, food allergies may result in reduced coat hair. In this case, switching to a healthy dog formula to increase the coat hair is advisable. You can start including meals like Nutro Coat Healthy Skin and Coat Dog Biscuit into their diet.

Give Meals To Support Their Immune System

Give Meals To Support Their Immune System

Since dogs, like humans, are susceptible to getting cold, you can administer food that will boost their immune system like wellness Trufoods or antioxidant supplements to help them fight against cold.

Dog Foods

Food of dogs is specially formulated and desired for consumption by dogs and other linked canines. Dogs have very sharp teeth like other carnivores animals.

Moreover, it has short gastrointestinal tracts which are best for consumption of meat. Dogs have natural carnivorous nature.

These animals manage to adapt and survive thousands of years with non-meat scraps or meat. These animals survive with varieties of foods and leftovers of human foods.

User Tips Step by Step Process to Prevent a Dog's Water Bowl From Freezing Up Outside

If the temperature drops below freezing, ensure your dog's accommodation is warm.

Dogs with short hair should stay warm when the temperature drops below 20°F. Long hair dogs can stay in a little colder situation. However, if they are freezing inside or outside, it is paramount that their water doesn't freeze.

User Tips Step by Step Process to Prevent a Dog's Water Bowl From Freezing Up Outside

Here is a step by step guide on how to keep water from freezing without electricity:

Step One

This step includes the use of an electric dog water bowl. The electrically-heated water bowl is one appliance that saves dogs from freezing in winter. However, you have to choose those whose chords are resistant to chewing.

Place the dish near to shelter but not too near so it won't worsen your dog's condition when it spills. Water added to a heated plate evaporates fast, so always refill your dog's water heater bowl every 24 hours with 1 gallon of water.

Step Two

In areas that have enough sunlight supply, you can ensure to make solar-powered heated water dishes. This solar water bowl heater will keep your dog's water warm the whole night, thereby preventing it from freezing.

However, the solar-powered system may lose its charge if it goes for days without changing. In this case, you can also try using a battery-powered immersion heater for your dog's water during freezing temperatures. This option is very reliable when the sun is invisible, and you cannot use the solar water heater.

Step Three

Step Three

Use a microwavable heat disc under the dog's water fountain. The round warming device is convenient and comes in various sizes and colors. They can keep the water dish warm for up to three hours in the below-freezing temperature.

Step Four

You can have bowls to cycle through all day. Since you will be required to switch the dog's pan, you can set an hourly or few hours timer when you have to change the container.

Step Five

This is how to keep animal water from freezing regardless of the absence or presence of electricity.

You can use rocks, sunshine, and old tires to build a solar warming center. You can set it up by placing a tire under the sun, then shut the door to your dog's shelter, and away from the wind. Then fill the tire with various sizes of rocks. After that, place a thick plastic blow, Styrofoams, or a bucket cooler in the center of the tire. Add more stones until they remain on the same level as the bowl. Then fill the bowl with water. But if you are using a Styrofoam, you can use a plastic bag.

The rock and the tire will radiate heat to prevent the water from freezing, thereby withstanding the cold weather. If the temperature goes below freezing, you have to check it more often than usual to prevent it from freezing.

Electrical Solutions

Another kind of commercial product accessible to pet owners would be a plastic disc, designed to warm up fast from the microwave and slowly radiate that warmth once beneath your pet’s water bowl. Make sure the heating apparatus is made for outside use and does not have any weak spots or harm, which might signify an electrocution hazard.

Other winter health concerns

Water can hold own heat as much as it is insulated from the outside source of cold. If you remain in a climate which rarely dips below freezing, preserves your pet water in a Styrofoam container or in cooler.

It saves the water from freezing. If you have a longer animal, you can use long old car tire with gravel or rocks. You can set the bowl in the open place to be sure it remains stationary as well as insulated from cold.

Heated Water Bowl For Outside Dogs


Regardless of the methods we have given on how to keep dog water from freezing, it is essential to always keep an eye on your dog's water and take care of your pets.

Sincerely, these methods may not serve a long-term function, mostly in cases where the temperature decreases so often.

For in-house dogs, the heater will also serve as a source of warmth for the dog. And, always ensure to keep your dogs safe and sound, we love them as much as you do.

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