Soma Water Filter Review – What The Users Are Saying

A good designed ‘aesthetic’ water filter. In the new previous year, the attractive glass water filter is an excellent alternative as you care about looks and would like to keep it up on the dinner table through the meal.

I get it great to fill up, happy tasting, but a small cumbersome for the dinner table. It is a lot better instead of the alternatives and Soma is doing work very hard to come across new models for the following years. They would like to destroy the niche.

In the filter, there are silk, coconut shells and a plant-based casing. The Soma filters are certified and tested by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to ANSI or NSF standard 42 necessary things for the lesson of chlorine, odor reduction and taste. More tests are processed to be done but have not released yet.

Soma is a famous company who produces water filters which are fit for various containers. The product list is not a big one. It is convenient for those who are overwhelmed with many options.

Most of the company like to produce very simple and beautiful design. It allows the customers to use it freely at home. The method is a good one to get very fresh plus clean water.

Soma Sustainable Carafe & Plant-Based Water Filter

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Features of Soma water filter

  • Shatter-protestant glass carafe
  • Holds six glasses (48oz) of fresh filter water
  • Very easy the automatic open lid for filling
  • Cone, Glass, and lid are all dishwasher-safe
  • Planned and collected in California


  • This is nice in design and quality.
  • The lid is designed in a way that it would not tumble over the edges.
  • Easy maintainable! Using the pitcher, I feel relaxed as the components are simply biodegrade.
  • The taste of water is very better. I like to use Soma if I like to make more expensive teas of coffee.
  • The changing of the filter is very easy. You may keep the bag to your zip bag for use. Keep it for 10 minutes, make it empty and clean it. There is the chance to recycle the bag. Do not hold the standard filter into a cup.
  • The filter is excellent and easily can keep in the refrigerator. It will remain in the fridge, and we like to cold water.
  • Simple to clean it and takes the only little time to use than the other filters.
  • Love the system as this has an auto shipment. It tells you the time to change the filter. I would not remember the time to change the filter


  • It seems a bit heavy when it is filled. You should not consider it as a merit. It contains lots of water, so it becomes heavy

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How Does Soma Water Filter Work?

soma water filter review

The Soma Water Filter is made from very simple ingredients. It helps the company, and they are being used to minimize the carbon footprint.

Some companies like to use petroleum based plastic filter cartridge. But be sure, Soma is a plant-based filter, uses coconut shells to make absorbent and natural carbon.

The final destination is plant based plastic, four layers of silk, coconut shell carbon. The design is a rare one and very revolutionary. Soma makes a plant-based filter to offer fresh water.

SOMA after water filtration chart

TDSTotal Chlorine (ppm)Chlorine reduction (%)Time to filter 1 Litter (min:sec) Subjective Taste Rank Order (1= best)Usability (1=best)Overall Rank 

How to Use Soma Water Filter

The process is very simple, and Soma is very simple to use. The first thing you need to open the container, fill it up and permit the water to flow through the filter, into the remaining container.

When you like to drink water, you need to pour it up. If the filter is ready to be switched out, it takes only two months.

Why You Select Soma Water Filter

Drinking pure water is a fundamental right of human being. We feel proud to have the sponsor of charity; we like to be the partner with the mission to carry safe drinking water for over 750 million people.

Buy Soma water filtration system, and we donate to it. The contribution is sustainable; society owned water scheme in the developing countries. We would like to ensure pure drinking water for people. We like to create more sustainable business practices.

Why You Select Soma Water Filter

In Soma, there is a wider spout that can give you much nicer pour. The Soma is less messy, more predictable, and consistent.

It never flops around to a great gulp like Brita pitcher. I have seen some average pitchers have a tendency to seal up at the spout if I pour it.

The lid does not flip up just as it must and water pours out the sides. It never happens to my other pitchers as they have crappy lids.

The lids did not fit accurately and appeared a lot after many times uses. I hold the lid down and flip up the lid prior pouring, to be sure water went where it likes to go.

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Toxin Free Lifestyle

Soma water filters are super products which remove most of the toxins filling our lives. The human body is the combination of 75% of water depending on age. So, proper hydration is a must to function all the organs properly. At present many of the water sources are full of waste runoff and normally hazardous heavy metals.

Quality best water filter like Soma filter reduces this impact on our total health. Soma is the best brand in the sense that it gives a quality line of water filter products but gives environmental and social responsibility by example. Their carefully selected materials, elegant designs give an uncommon solution to a growing concern.

User reviews on Soma water filter

soma water filter review


The water that comes contained the strong smell of chlorine, and I think I need to use filtered water to reserve it in the Soma carafe. If it enters into the soma filtration, the taste will be great.

In your mouth, you will feel no bad smell. The taste is yummy and clean. There will no odor, great tasting water. So thank you.

Review for Soma

The Soma is very quick and simple to use. This is very attractive. I have bought plastic bottled water, and this is the much healthier alternative.

I would like to drink more water. You may order filter to be replaced automatically after every two months spending small fees. If I find any question, they are ready to answer me quickly.

Media Says On Soma Water Filter Review

SOMA is the best water filtration system and delivers safe water for your home. Do not forget to change the water filtration system. If you order it, you will get a cardboard box.

The capacity of the filter is ten cups, and the water is free from BPA, candle or untreated. What the pitcher comes with it is excellent. Insert to cover and then snap it in suffice. The filter is made of PLA plastic.

The carbon filter is built from coconut shell. If you include your name for the summer program, you will get filter after every two months with some additional cost.

soma water filter review

To use the filter first, you have to submerge the filter into the water for fifteen minutes. The screen is superb, and it can filter up to 40 gallons of water. The filter has got NFS 42 standard and can reduce chlorine and fails to remove fluoride.

Keep in mind; the filter is made of coconut shell, and the body of the filter is made from firebase casting that PLA. The PLA is compostable. Clean the filter with clean tap water, then follow the instructions to set it.

The pitcher filter is very simple to use and possess a good balance. You should not think about the breaking glass. The only concern is if you fill it, it might be heavy.

Why Soma Water Filter is Dissimilar

This is the belief of the people that drinking clean water is a basic right of human being. Soma is beside you to offer it. Some are ready to offer pure drinking water for more than 750 million of people. When they buy Soma, they donate charity. Water Scheme. It goes to substantiate community-based water in the developing countries.

Product info – Soma water filter review

Shipping Weight        2.2 pounds

UPC                              859224005014

Release Date              May 1, 2015

ASIN                            B00WFY7LCE

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) On Soma Water Filter Review

Question: how much does the filter last?

Answer: The filters are very good for 40 gallons of water. We like to use a typical household for drinking water for over two months. Take only two Soma Carafes every day.

Question: what is the special quality of the filter?

Answer: Soma is the only water filtration system that ensures hundred percent plant-based water filtration. Its design is uncommon. Soma is offering you pure and fresh water at the time of charity water.

Question: What is the best way to start up the experience?

Answer: The most complex part of Soma’s first product is the Carafe. The glasses or Soma are durable and lightweight. Schott, a German glassmaker, discovered borosilicate glass. It took a long time. But Carafe is very joyful to use.

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Soma has made some other upgraded products, but they do no deliver it to the market. Suppose, the coconut shell carbon filter makes the water very tasty and sweeter. It fills faster. The lid remains very firmly and easily moves out of the place.

Besides Soma pours very smoothly. Many people forget to replace filter timely. Soma invented a subscription based model which comes to the emails if they need to change. The system reduces the mental pressure, and you should not think about refilling change.


Water filters seem infamous for being pricey, flimsy, ugly or stuff to use. The idea behind them is normal enough to pour water in, halt and pour water out.

You will be surprised to know that no company will try most to do so but they do it. The operation of Soma is very simple, and it is uncommon. It has a splendid white oak handle which makes it pleasant for your countertop.

Soma water filters are designed from BPA free plastic, and the filters are made from 60 percent plant-based renewable materials.

The environmentally and socially friendly approach to do business has got more notoriety in recent months, and they are rapidly becoming discussed as the top graded water filter in the market.