Aquafresh Water Purifier Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide

Refrigerator water filters eliminate pollutants and other particulates from water which enters your refrigerator water and ice dispenser. We like to think that our local tap water is hundred percent safe.

But there are lots of things that treatment plants miss or fail to pick up at the time of going to the homes. For this reason, fridge filters come in.


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The ability of the water filter is measured in the unit of microns. Normally the lower micron rating and the more filters can hold smaller and smaller pollutants. Refrigerator water filter normally uses granular activated carbon that has a regular rating of twenty microns.

1. AquaFresh WF288 Refrigerator Water Filter

AquaFresh water filter

The Aqua Fresh WF288 filter ensures better tasting water to drink. Moreover one can make beverages and cleaner, clean, healthy ice.

Characteristics: cost effective, high quality alternative to factory original. Simple to install and operation aids more to remove odor and chlorine taste.

It also reduces pollutants found in the tap water and develops its quality. The filter is made of renewable carbon media. Filters screw in the refrigerator.


  • The rate of flow: 0.5 gallons/minute, independently tested ANSI / NSF standard 42
  • Removes odor and chlorine taste by having activated carbon Block Filtration media.
  • Removes class I particulates down to 0.52 microns, duration six months and capacity 300 gallons.
  • Made to fulfill or cross the OEM filter which it replaces and individually tested against NSF or ANSI standard 42 for reducing odor and chlorine taste.
  • Aquafresh spare parts available on the market for online shopping

2. Aqua Fresh WF292 Water Filter

Aqua Fresh Filters Compatible with Amana 12527304 WF401 Clean N Clear

This Aquafresh WF292 Refrigerator Water Filter can compare with Amana Clean n Clear filter 12527304, in compare with Amana, Kenmore and Maytag filter.

Drink healthy and fresh water filtered from Maytag, Kenmore, and Amana refrigerator. Do it with the help of name brand water filter for Amana refrigerator. To ensure best result one needs to replace the filter after every six months.

The benefit of Aqua Fresh filter is that it removes many things like: Lead at pH 8.5: 99.9% Mercury at pH 6.5: Lead at pH 6.5: 99.3% 94.5% Mercury at pH 8.5: 96.6% P-Dichlorobenzene: 99.9% Asbestos: 99.92% Benzene: 89.6% Chlorine: 97.00% Cysts: 99.99% Particulates: 97.60%, Turbidity: 99.10%


  • Aqua filters are made and designed to face the real filter specification.
  • After running huge amount of water, its dark grey and green color removes

3. Aqua Fresh WF285 Replacement for Whirlpool 4396508

Aqua Fresh WF285 Replacement for Whirlpool 4396508

The Aqua Fresh WF290 filter is a supertype of the filter. It has great capacity. By this filter, you can get fresh pure and drink water to use making beverage like cleaner, clean and healthy ice.

The filter is very simple to install. It helps more to remove odor and chlorine taste. Cost effective and high quality filter. Another characteristic is that it is made of renewable carbon media.

The Aqua Fresh WF 285 is comparable to on Whirlpool 4396508. The capacity of the filter is 300 gallons. It lasts for six months.


  • Lifespan six months and capacity 300 gallons.
  • Pack of three filters.
  • Eliminates Class I particulates down to 0.52 micron
  • Need to replace after six months though it is also up to the water quality and usage
  • Fits: Kitchen aid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag refrigerator
  • Tested against only ANSI or NSF standard 42 for reducing odor and chlorine taste
  • Online shopping available

4. AquaFresh WF295 Replacement for Maytag UKF-8001 Refrigerator

 AquaFresh WF295 Replacement for Maytag UKF-8001 Refrigerator

The Maytag UKF8001 refrigerator water filters are famous for its service. The filter ensures clean and fresh tasting water and ice for your home after installing up to 6 months.

Aquafresh uses advanced supreme technology to make renewable coconut shells to carbon blocks. It can turn tap water into great tasting water.

The filter removes sediment, chlorine, dust, rust, limescale, turbidity. Finally, you will get super tasting water without those pollutants.


  • The rate of water is 0.5 gallons/ per minutes
  • It is comparable with Aquafresh WF295, Water Sentinel WSM-2, Viking RWFFR and Maytag UKF8001.
  • Lessen Class I particulate under 0.52 micron
  • Need to replace the cartridge after six months. Sometimes depends on usages and water quality
  • Tested by NSF or ANSI standard 42 for removing odor and chlorine taste.

5. Aqua Fresh WF284 Replacement for Frigidaire WFCB

Aqua Fresh WF284 Replacement for Frigidaire WF1CB, WFCB, RG100, NGRG-2000, Kenmore 46-9906, 46-9910 Water Filter (Single)

The Aqua Fresh WF284 filter develops purity and taste of water and improves the clarity and quality of the ice. Setting up of the filer is problem free.

Quality of the filter is a great and competitive alternative to the factory original. This can remove odor and chlorine taste from water. If you like to remove pollutant from tap water, this filter can do the work.

The filter is made from renewable carbon media. Filters fit beneath filter cap. The Aqua Fresh WF 285 is only comparable with WFCB.


  • Filter lasts for 300 gallons o six months.
  • Capacity 300 gallons and lifetime six months.
  • Pack of two filters
  • decreases Class I particulates down to 0.52 microns or Flow Rate: 0.375 gallons/minute
  • The filter is possible to compare with the Frigidaire WFCB, 46-9906, WF1CB, Aquafresh WF284 as well as Water Sentinel WSF-1, WSF-4, and WSF-2
  • Need to replace after every six months, or it is up to the usage and water quality
  • Tested and certified by NSF or ANSI standard 42 for removing chlorine tastes as well as odor.

6. Aqua Fresh WF289 Replacement for Samsung

Aqua Fresh WF289 Replacement for Samsung DA2900003 and DA29-00003B (Pack of 2)

With reasonable price, try to get the best filtration system for your home. It is specially made for the Samsung DA29-00003B refrigerator water filter; this comparable alternative by Aquafresh can confirm clean and great tasting water and ice.

The lifespan of the filter is six months. Moreover, the capacity of the filter is 300 gallons. The filter surely removes sediment, chlorine, rust, dirt, limescale, turbidity.

The filter is completely made of renewable coconut shells which hold carbon from tap water. It makes the water great tasting.

Be sure that there will be no rest, chlorine, dust, scale build up, sediment and so on into the water.


  • Made of pure coconut carbon and remove sediment, odor, chlorine taste, limescale and so on.
  • Lifetime six months after setting up to usage and water quality
  • Installation is very simple
  • Pack of two filters
  • Lessons Class I particulates down to 0.52 micron
  • Has got certification of NSF or ANIS standard 42 for removing chlorine and odor.
  • Flow rate: o.5 gallons per minutes
  • Awesome customer care service

Aquafresh RO company

Aquafresh RO Water Purifier Company functions for past 16 Years (Since 2001) we cope with National and business RO Sales & solutions.

It’s imperative to be certain of the quality of the water you’re drinking. Employing the ideal water purifier is a smart choice to proceed towards prevention of water borne ailments including: Blood Pressure, Sugar, jaundice, cholera, typhoid etc.

Additionally, it eliminates all known disease-causing germs, virus, etc. present on your water. Aquafresh RO water Purifier maintains crucial Minerals and Nutrients in Water. So that we’ll have the ability to present your family not just pure, however healthful water. ISO 9001:2008 certificates certify aquafresh.

What to think first

When you think of an ice machine, an ice dispenser or water dispenser in your freezer, the hardest section can be settle where the filter is set up. Here you will get some usual types of fridge filters and their destinations:

Bypass Filters

Some people who like to use whole house water filtration system would like to save money by setting up bypass filters in their refrigerators. All whole house filters are not the same; some filters are much less than the other.

Some refrigerator water filters can remove more pollutants which a whole house water filter cannot. In the bypass filter, there is no filter media and function to take up the place of an apparently superfluous refrigerator water filter.

If you get refrigerator water filter, it is very simple to know which model you like to get. Removing filters must shut off the water valve, so there is no need to think more about creating a mess. When you are not sure, read the manual of your water filter or refrigerator for instructions.

In your fridge, there is a refrigerator air filter which requires replacing frequently. The filter keeps that air odor free and fresh in your fridge. As you have no built-in air filter for the fridge, one gets lots of air fresheners easily.

Users have to change water filter after every six months when water is a bit funny to taste. When you get the fridge’s warning light is on, you must be conscious what water filter doing for your home.

If you like to know more about the filter, search cost free on online about Refrigerator water filters section. Aquafresh 5 stage uv water purifier is also ensured the safe water as well.


In some refrigerators, there are no water filters which are made in. They depend on inline filters which are added to the water line.

The benefit is that they are less expensive to set up. There is good news for the customer that one can choose inline water filter regardless of models and brands of the refrigerator in your home.

What Do Other People Say About Aquafresh Water Purifier

I have read more reviews about this filter, and finally, I have bought it. The service of the filter is very excellent. If someone asks me, I surely suggest it.

aquafresh water purifier reviews

Sometimes people buy a badly manufactured item and do not know the way to use it. I say that the filter works great. It reduces odor, chlorine taste, and foul smell and so on.

Finally, the users will find great fresh and pure drinking water for cooking and drinking. It can clean cloudy water, and I think the filter is perfect. I have read little bad reviews of the filters and communicated with the service center. The item comes with many necessary things.

Aquafresh RO Installation

Final Words of Recommendation

There are lots of reviews of Aqua Fresh Water purifier. All of them have told that they are happy with the product. This is great for purifying water and having all convenient features.

The price of the unit is reasonable. There are few complaints against the product for having some defective components.


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