Water Filter buying Mistakes! Find the Best Water Filter For You

Water filter for drinking water is being used for a long time for different purposes. At present, our environment is getting polluted by viruses or bacteria. So to save from those pollutants, it is essential to save our families. People are now very anxious to get pure drinking water for every day. People now know about the contamination of water.

So they would like to buy high-quality drinking water filter system. It is very important to buy a filter for companies or home uses.

People need to be conscious of the importance of drinking water at the home. We are now showing you the four reasons for lacking drinking water filters.

In the USA, nearly 18 billion pounds of new toxins are releasing into the groundwater, atmosphere, and soil annually.

Pharmaceuticals for example sex hormones, antibiotics, seizure pills and anti-depressants are found in tap water of at least 41 million Americans.

Water treatment centers aren’t exposed to test for pharmaceuticals. Researchers aren’t sure if the increasing levels are perilous.

Many people consume contaminated drinking water. Though they know polluted water is hazardous for health. The matter is that chemical mixed tap water has no scent or taste.

Attempts have been taken for tightening water standards which restrict and regulates common drinking water pollutants like trichloroethylene, perchlorate, perchloroethylene etc.

Drinking water reports that many cities are found misleading. Names of such cities are Phoneix, Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. Seattle, Boston and so on. The report they show is full of false information about cities’ water deep in water reports.

Some cities don’t provide health hazard caused by different pollutants available in water tests. Sometimes they fail to translate water reports in a language by the large minority of the population.

The truth is that fluoride is added to almost all municipal water sources. Here it is mentioned that this water is beneficial for healthy and strong teeth. But nothing was found from this truth.

No desire to study details

Many people consider that they are busy with their works and have no time to think about the water filters.

They need to buy the best water filters for the family. It is true that that making a plan to buy a good water filter needs not take more time.

They should buy the best styles and model for their homes. At the same times, they should consider the size, durability, amount of water, etc. and some other aspects.

Solution: Think about the water impurities and water quality. What kind of harmful things are in the water and what type or pathogen contain in it?

Buying more system than you really need

The item is same as #4 but needs to be separated. People sometimes like an ultimate superpower filter. But why do they need mega screen isn’t clear.

We are spending more dollars on the system which eliminates MTBE’s as you have no idea about MTBE. You need to know it. Most probably you know it from water supply if you are aware of it.

People somehow use shower filter which removes fluoride or contaminants. Why? Do you like to drink shower water?

Fluoride is harmful to ingest, but the view of Water Quality Association takes concentrations 10,000 times more. This concentration is harmful for skin absorption.

Failing to test the water before buying

This is same as #5. If you keep the least knowledge about filter system, you may be aware of some of the problematic pollutants.

You must analyze your water. If you like to remove some chlorine or sediment from water or desire to make water better taste, you may skip it.

Suppose you are more dangerous and want to spend more dollars for the system. You can do a laboratory water analysis. This will give you proper knowledge about pollutants.

If you notice puzzled-looking face, you can be sure that they aren’t able to offer appropriate answer or solution to your water problem.

You may move on to a better solution based on the result of the test. WaterFilters.NET has a CWS (Certified Water Specialist) of the technical department which is ready to help you.

Unawareness of the actual harm of regular water

It is a matter of regret that today’s society is not informed well the presence of water purification system, the demerits of using faucet for drinking water.

Those things contain lots of harmful contaminants. For this people are not interested in buying the water filter. People cannot live without water it is true.

People prepare tea, cook a meal, coffee, ice-cream, refreshments, etc. with the water full of germs, chlorine or bacteria.

The purifying system will help you to ensure not to ingest pollutant into your body. The drinking water has passed through a long way to come to your glass.

Solution: Raw water can cause death, so it’s a personal life I think to be more conscious.

Buying water systems not certified by U/L, CSA or WQA Gold Seal Programs

All the products have got a certificate as the design is standard. Besides, it is easy to maintain; the operation is good and simple installation.

There are lots of products that do not have such the Canadian equivalent of U/L (CSA), Underwater Laboratories(U/L), and the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Approval.

There are two reasons for this: the appliances are very close to the junk to get an opportunity of certification, and the manufacturers or distributors do not desire to do permanent business in water marketplace- the depend on quick buck actives like the city to city marketing blitzes and multi-level.

Solution: Read the exact certifications and product literature for details. If you do not get the real thing, look for other options.

Trust me; a kind, simple water filter will solve all the contamination problem of water

Solution: Manufacturers, dealers, and sellers like to tell that their unit does better than they do. They would like to grow up their product.

They lead you to buy the expensive system like the reverse osmosis and to the stream distillers.

You will have heard so many such declarations from the lots of filter distributors. They like to produce more to the customer to lead them to their way.

If you see or look the carbon filters goes beyond the basic taste and smell or natural chemical removal, do not use the filter.

They demand that it can remove metals like as bacteria, lead and radioactive particles and so on. All are bogus stories. You will be sure they are just taking you to the wrong way. Then search for another dealer.

Fatal Mistakes People Make When Buying a Water Filter

Fatal Mistakes

New Technology Cartridges

A kind of cartridge now becomes very popular to the customers for bayonet style or twist off. They are very simple to replace.

The design is very compact, and it is very hygiene. The unit is a standard unit and may be the source of different kinds of outlets. The very appreciating units are Omnipure Q and E series.


It has a plastic casing that is enclosed with the filters. The housing is tested by the Australian standard and needs burst pressure of 3500 kpa or approximately 550 psi.

Be remain fix to the US and the Australian manufacturers. In the market, you will get Taiwanese and Chinese or Korean housing.

If these are 125 psi, then you can use it in Australian water pressure. 125 psi is made with Australian standard and used for countertop units.

Fatal Mistakes People Make When Buying a Water Filter - Video


Based on the above-listed mistakes, one can conclude that these items are among the most common. That is why people are usually surprised when they pick up a substandard water filter and realize its harmful effects on their health. It’s important to do some research before deciding what kind of water filter will work best for you and your family.


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