Aquasana AQ 5300 Review: A Smart Choice for Your Kitchen

Under sink water filter is an easy way of ensuring safe drinking water in the home. And for a household that consumes more than three gallons a day, getting an under-sink water filter is a better option than a pitcher filter.


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Over the years, Aquasana has been producing one of the best under-sink water filters, and the AQ 5300 is no exception. With over ten years of experience, Aquasana has been amongst the best water filter companies for getting taste-free, clean, and healthy drinking water.

Amongst the numerous products, the company has, we have brought you the Aquasana AQ 5300 review. In this review, we will be given major attention to the potential.

Aquasana AQ 5300 Review

Last update on 2024-05-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Since its inception, Aquasana has come with a new twist to the water filtration system, making it perfect for you and your family.

The water filter has an active filtration system to filter up to 99 percent of your water, including lead, pesticides, chloramines, and other contaminants. Unlike other counter filters, the AQ-5300 does not produce wastewater in the filtering process, with zero contaminants added back to the water.

Aquasana is the only company in the market with Claryum filtration technology. Meaning the system does offer maximum water filtration while ensuring that the water still retains all its nutritive minerals such as calcium and potassium.

The filter also enhances the taste of your water and removes odors, making sure your water is perfect for drinking and making beverages like smoothies, coffee, and tea. You can also enjoy better-tasting vegetables, soups, rice, and all your delights.

So, you can enjoy healthy water free of contaminants. The filter comes with a classy metal faucet that is 100% lead-free. It also comes in various colors such as brushed, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome to suit your kitchen decor. It is suitable to place an Aquasana water filter under the sink for more convenience and function. It is also easy to fix, and the DIY installment that comes with it makes the system simple to install

Pros & Cons of Aquasana AQ 5300


  • Easy to install – The system is easy to install as it comes with all the parts required for easy installation.
  • Very Effective – The water can remove up to 99% of pollutants of about 77 contaminants without eliminating the healthy minerals.
  • High Flow Rate – The AQ filtration system can fill up a half-gallon of water in as little as one minute. So you don’t have to wait before getting clean water just like the traditional filter does.
  • Cost-efficient – The filter can filter as much as 600 gallons before replacing the filter, therefore letting you save more and use more.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other products in the market. However, it’s function is worth the money.

Reasons to Like the Aquasana AQ 5300

You should opt for an Aquasana drinking water filter for several reasons. Let’s point out a few outstanding information that comes with using the product.

Technical Specification

Here are the technical specifications that the product has to ensure you have an idea of the outstanding features of the product you are purchasing.

  • Water Temperature: 40-90°F or 4-38°C
  • Flow Rate- 0.5gpm
  • Water Pressure- 20 to 80 psi
  • Max Capacity- 600 gallons
  • System Dimensions- 12 inches in width by 4.2 inches in depth by 9 inches (very small and light)

Tiny 3 Stage of Filtration System

The Aquasana AQ 5300 has three stages that make it efficient to produce odorless, contaminant-free healthy water.

The first stage is a 20-micron sediment filter, which helps remove sand, dust, rust, and other particulate matter.

Stages two and three are made of the Claryum Technology Carbon filter. It helps to activate and catalyze carbon, capable of lowering pesticides, chlorides, and VOC. It uses an ion-exchange mechanism, which makes it able to reduce heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

The filter can also remove 99% of contaminants compared to other water filters, while it still maintains the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. This means the filtered water still contains healthy minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Straight Forward Installation

Aquasana also has an effortless and straightforward; the company provides an easy-to-understand user manual plus other online installation videos that will take you about an hour to finish installing.

Here are the tools you need for installing the system:

  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Speed drill
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • bucket

What to Consider Before Buying the Aquasana AQ 5300 Filter

Before buying the Aquasana AQ 5300 filter, here are the benefits of the products.

Filters and Pollutants Removed

The Aquasana filter has three filtration stages of increasing its pollutants removing abilities. They include

  • The prefilter
  • Activated carbon
  • Catalytic carbon- where the ionic exchange takes place

Stage one- The first stage is where the filtration occurs. It is the prefilter and most important stage because dust, dust, and other particles are removed. It also prevents these materials from clogging the second filtration stage.

Stage Two- This is where activated carbon is found. It filters out herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, PFOAS, and PFOS (pollutants present in fire fighting foams), and MTBE is filtered out.

The last stage three with the highest water flow has a 0.5 sub-micron filter for filtering microscopic particles like bacteria or asbestos that may have penetrated or sneaked through the chemical filter. The stage also consists of an ion-exchange process that filters heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Operation & Maintenance

Maintaining Aquasana AQ 5300 is also easy. The filters have covers that can be screwed on and off and can also slide off. Replacing the filter is easy and will take a few minutes.

Also, ensure to use a minimum of 20 psi and 80 psi maximum when using the system. This will be converted to give a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. However, a pressure greater than 80 psi will result in a leaking unit.

Long-lasting Filters, Fast Flow

The Aquasana system can last for up to six(6) months and produce 600 gallons in its lifespan. However, this period is dependent on how frequently you use the system and the number of contaminants you have in your water.

Also, you can check with your suppliers about a possible lifetime warranty concerning the filters. The company also offers a subscription program that enables you to receive filters and o-ring as time goes by.

How Does Aquasana AQ 5300 3 Stage Water Filter Work?

Aquasana AQ 5300 can remove chloramine from water. Very few top-rated filters can only remove this substance in the market.

This is one of the major reasons why users love the system. The system also functions extraordinarily with its three-stage filtration system. Here is how it works.

When water enters the first stage with a prefilter, it filters out dirt, dust, and other particles. Then it goes through activated carbon, which is a very common filtration media. The activated carbon contains a large upper area, making it easy to filter out large toxins and other chemicals from the water.

After that, the water goes through the Sub-micron filter, where minute particles are filtered. The filter can filter particles up to .35 microns. Its function is to ensure the water is free from every particle that must have escaped the system’s previous filtration stages, giving you healthy drinking water.

how does aq 5300 work

After going to the activated carbon, the water then passes through an Ion Exchange filter with large resin beads on the surface. When water gets to the resin beads, every unwanted metal found in it is converted to hydroxyl atoms and hydrogen. Microscopic pollutants that might have escaped from the previous stage are also filtered out.

Why Is the Aquasana AQ 5300 Water Filter Different From Others?

The system is lightweight and compact, with a 12×4.2×9 inch size. It is also simple and easy to install.

The system is also unique for removing chloramine from water, and it comes with a faucet and easy fixing methods.

The system is also fast, producing 0.5 gallons of water per minute. It also has a minimum pressure of 20 psi and a temperature of 40 F with a maximum pressure of 8psi and 90 F temperature.

How to Install the Water Filter Unit?

Installing the Aquasana water filters for the under-sink unit in your home is very simple. First, you have to look for a suitable place under your sink that is away from your cabinet bottom by 12 inches minimum.

After that, use a mounting hole, you will find this at the back of the water filter unit, to indicate where you will place the unit. You can see a pencil to make these markings.

Then, drill a hole in the anchor that comes with the system using a drill bit. Attach the drill hole to the unit to the wall using the screws.

Aquasana countertop water filter troubleshooting

easy replacements

Automatic shut-off valve not working

Solution: Replace the automatic shut-off valve ought to be aware of where the four traces have been removed and reinstalled.

Low incoming water pressure

Solution: Increase water pressure to the minimum needed 40 psi telephone ESP for Aid

Low RO storage tank atmosphere pressure

Solution: Assess the air pressure at the RO Storage tank at optimal 5-7 psi when vacant

Damaged or ruptured RO storage tank.

Alter RO storage tank

Flow restrictor in drain line worn out.

Solutions: Alter the flow restrictor that matches membrane capacity

Membrane wrongly installed

Solutions: Assess cartilage installation directions

Threaded end cap leaking

Solutions: Lubricate the O-ring with Dow 111 silicone sealants and retighten whether the flow proceeds to replace the new lubricated O-ring.

Cap or body of home leaks

Solutions: Check for any cracks in the membrane housing and home cap if damaged or cracked replace both cap and home

Great tasting water

The filtration system offers safe water. It is much better than the top pitcher that we are still using. The installation system is very simple. To set it bought a half-inch diamond hole from HD to drill.

The time of making the hole will take only less than five minutes. The worst part is the spout fittings at the back of the sink under the counter. Buy it and install it and make your life very enjoyable or happy.

Watch: Review of the Aquasana AQ 5300

Aquasana AQ 5300 FAQs

Is Aquasana a Good Filter?

Aquasana has been in the water filtration business for over ten years. They produce filters that remove contaminants from water to 97% to provide you with healthy, clean, and odorless water. This reduces any harmful pollutants.

Does Aquasana Remove Pfau?

Yes. Aquasana 5300 can remove up to 98% of Pfas from water. Both IAPMO and NSF certify the system.

Does the Aquasana System Contain BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a contaminant present in most plastics. It is harmful and can impair your health when consumed in a large quantity. Aquasana water filtration systems do not contain BPA and ensure your water is safe from all existing BPA.

How Often Do I Have to Replace Cartridges?

To avoid clustering your system with bacteria resulting in contamination, Aquasana recommends that the filter cartridges be changed every six months or produced at the specified capacity, 6000 gallons.

How Do I Know When My Filter is Ready For Replacing?

When your battery capacity gets to 95%, the system’s battery alarm will make a sound and show red light during water flow. This will continue for 15 minutes after the water is turned off. Anytime you replace your filter, always change the battery.

Final Thoughts

The Aquasana AQ 5300 is one of the best under-sink water filters for home and office usage. The Aquasana AQ 5300 review revealed that the system produces a maximum of 0.5 gallons per minute flow rate with up to 600-gallon capacity. So you are always sure of getting clean water at all times.

This could be the answer to needs plus the fact that the system is compact and lightweight, making it fit under your counter.


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