Best Aquasana AQ 5300 Review – Features, Pros, Cons And Verdict

The Aquasana AQ-5300 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System is great as it can remove a lot of contaminants. The price is affordable as well as attractive. The filtration system will allow you to set it under the sink for which the cleanliness and taste of water will greatly improve.

Since the system has got NSF certificate, it can reduce over 60 pollutants like heavy metals, chlorine, virus and bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

The installation is very simple, and it is possible to replace its filters though it has been used for several months. You will get an alert to replace the filter. Moreover, it comes with a kitchen faucet for which you have not need to buy one.

 Aquasana AQ-5300 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System

Features of Aquasana AQ5300

  • NSF approval certificate removes 66 contaminants likely 97% of chloramines and 97% of chlorine
  • 25% faster flow rate means you will get delicious water and healthy water without any delay
  • You need not guess the time to replace the filter, normally see the performance indicator
  • Simple to replace the filters with easy quarter turn and have no lines to disconnect.
  • Wonderful design of the system is very much adjusted to kitchen décor having all metal construction.


  • The system ensures you a good kind of filtration. The system can preserve some essential mineral for best hydration and rides of 60 water contaminants. It has got the certificate of NSF and ANSI standard from 42 to 53.
  • The system has the stylish designer faucet. The new design faucet will adjust for the decoration of your internal area of the kitchen.
  • Like other water filtration system, you can replace the system very easily. The system will show you when you need to change the filter. So, disconnection of water lines is not a must here.
  • The Aquafina AQ-5300.55 is fifteen times more expert for essential gravity based container or pitcher. The unit will present you only some few filter replacements


  • At the time of installing the system, you must be very careful. So any mistake can render the system useless as it can be a leak after using few weeks
  • No more cons mentionable

How Does Aquasana AQ5300 Work?

The Aquasana is capable of removing chloramine. It is the top rated few filters in the market now.

Many users have said that they have bought the system for this reason.

Water municipalities sometimes use chloramine, instead of some common chlorine for decontaminating water.

The three stages water filtration system is very useful to remove the unexpected contaminants and unknown toxins.


Stage One

By this stage, water flows by an Activated carbon, is a very common filtration media. The Activate Carbon filter is essential as it contains a significant upper portion area. On the web page of Aquasana, they showed water passes from 2 million square feet of top area same as 35 football fields. It is indeed a big blow with a small package.

The big area will permit you to filter out a significant amount of undesired toxins and some other chemicals.


Sta​​​​ge Two

At first, the water passes through activated carbon. After that, it goes through an Ion Exchange filter. Into the filter, there is a series of large surface area resin beads. In the beads, the undesired metal is changed into hydroxyl atoms and harmless hydrogen. The stage can filter micropollutants which the carbon filter doesn’t catch.


Stage Three

At the stage of the filtration process, water goes through a Sub-micron filter. The filter can filter scrubbing particles from the water through the down to .35 Microns. The last stage catches all the particles that the first two stages cannot catch.


Why Do You Choose Aquasana aq 5300 Water Filter

The Aquasana 3-Stage incorporates the filtering elements aloof of the Watts to reduce contaminants. During the time, it enhances the effectiveness. Aquasana reduces contaminants at the same time increases efficiency. There is a pre-filter in it. It is the best feature to some areas where the silt and the sediment are on the higher level than the normal stage.


Where can I buy Aquasana aq 5300 water purifier machine?

The unit is very much dear to the people of its effectiveness as well as its quality. The price of the Aquasana is very reasonable. To get the product, just click here. In the web, there are many options and many stores who are selling the same product for the same price.

The product may be worse or may take two or three times more money than the real price. You need to look a lot of reviews to buy the product. At the time of reading this article, you may buy from here.


Why aquasana aq 5300 water filter is different from others?

The weight of the system is six pound, and the size is 12 X 4.2 X 9 inches. The design is very simple and very simple to install. The finishing of the unit is brushed nickel. It has faucet and fitting is very simple and quick. The method is carbon black.

The pressure of the fed water is 80 psi, and the maximum water temperature is 90 F. The minimum temperature of the water is 40-degrees F, and the minimum pressure is 20 psi.

The unit contains three stages and the water filtration process added under the sink. The finishes are chrome along with oil rubbed bronze. It has a capacity of about 600 gallons.

Aquasana countertop water filter troubleshooting

System Is Continually Running

Click the problems icon to view the solution:

Automatic shut off valve not working

Low incoming water pressure

Low RO storage tank atmosphere pressure

Damaged or ruptured RO storage tank.

Flow restrictor in drain line worn out.

Membrane wrongly installed

System Is Continually Running

Threaded end cap leaking

Cap or body of home leaks

Water Evidence Aid

Live Savings

Purchase the Aquasana AQ-5300 3 stage under-counter water filtration process last month. Wow! The hand’s is better, and the taste of the coffee is good. It is 95% more. There are no particles in the water, as well as the taste of the water is great and has no odor.

best water purifier

Live Savings

You may use the water for washing meats, cooking, and vegetables, sauces, pasta. The taste of the water is better. It will need about 45 minutes to install the system. Simple plumbing and snap connection.

We have gone to a new home and spend much time to look it. I would like to use the Whole House Aquasana Filtration system but faces problem for locating a KDF-55 unit with a good price having 0.5 mu carbon block filtration. 

apec water review

Live Savings

In the mid-summer, my master bathroom may smell like a swimming pool. Think I would build it up until someone answers my questions below. BTW has taken a photograph before and I have some knowledge about filtration, plumbing, and chemical disposal. The price is more, but the filters are God and worth each penny.

Great tasting water

The filtration system offers safe water. It is much better than the top pitcher that we are still using. The installation system is very simple. To set it bought a half inch diamond hole from HD to drill.

The time of making hole will take only less than five minutes. The worst part is the spout fittings at the back of the sink under the counter. Buy it and install it and make your life very enjoyable or happy.

What media says on aquasana aq 5300

If the rate of flow is 25 more, you may get pure, healthier water very quickly. It has removed 61 contaminants and got NSF certificate. The contaminant has 97 percent of chlorine and 97 percent of chloramines.

The design is good, and the faucet will match to your kitchen decors having all features. You may easily replace the filter and no lines to disconnect.

Warranty of Aaquasana aq 5300

What is covered
The warranty of Aquasana for drinking water filtration or shower filtration system are given as follow:

How long
The warranty period is one year or 365 days from the date of buying the unit.

What is not covered
The warranty is not fit for filter cartridge. It will not be eligible if the instructions do not install it or operated incorrectly or abused by the users. It is not applicable if damaged by incidental or consequential events. When the parts are not originally by the Aquasana parts, the guarantee is not given. Warranty is for the faucets, diverter valves or replacement filters.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Aquasana aq 5300

Question: aq-5300 replacement filters, How do the filters require to be replaced?
Answer: The filter will last for six months; this is the view of the manufacturer. Sometimes the filter will work for more time; it is up to the level of the area where you live in. The filter will be fit until the coming water tastes are not changed.

Question: aquasana battery replacement, Why is a battery necessary?
Answer: The filter unit has a small battery system… when the time of replacement comes you, need to change the filter. When you do not like to hear the beep sound, you can just take out the battery. The unit is very simple, and I like it. The taste of water is very great. Suz in Tucson.

Question: The containers contain the filters appear to be plastic. Are they BPA free?
Answer: The US FDA does not offer much comfort. There are notable studies have been done and found that low doses of BPA are more harmful than the low doses. The reason is our bodies react to it estrogen mimicking molecule.

Final Verdict 

The capacity of the filter is 600 gallons of water, and the lifespan of the filter is six months. You can simply twist them all. It is very easy and simple to replace and maintain. You have no need to disconnect the water lines or hoses.

The Aquasana AQ-5300.55 Under Counter Water Filter System is an elegant system. The system will tell you the time to replace the filter. So you need not hold track of dates. The unit comes with a stylish all metals finish faucets which will greatly adjust to your remaining kitchen décor.

Having minimal wastewater generation along with a negligible number of disposable plastic parts, the system is very eco-friendly. The design of the filter is very attractive so that it will adjust even the smaller space under your counter.

There is a sound alert system with the unit which will warn you to change the filter in due time. For having advanced water filtering procedure, the system will ensure you fresh, clean and healthy water.