Home Master Water Filter Review: Three-Stage Water Filtration System

This innovative chemical telling 5-micron coconut shell and granular activated carbon and activated alumina-water filter may safely eliminate up to 93 percent of the mucus from the tap water, along with removing up to 98 percent of compounds including VOCs, TOCs, chlorine, and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors in your tap water.


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F2 has Channel Blockers to make sure filtration, and steer clear of problems that are observed in additional competitor’s granular filters. To preserve optimal fluoride filtration on your Hap Master Jr F2 alter the screen every three months or 500 gallons based on the hardness of your water.

Taste and odor purification can last long after fluoride filter thus please change your filter frequently. The incredibly functional Home Master Jr. could be installed or removed in minutes and includes a 3-year limited guarantee.

From the box: Fully assembled Home Master Jr. F2 counter-top purification method w/filter, sink faucet diverter valve, Added 15/16 in. Sink faucet adapter, Super elastic link tube, long-reach chrome faucet, and directions.

Home Master Water Filter Review

Home Master Water Filter Review

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  • Exceptionally pure water – three-stage filter eliminates up to 93% of chlorine, calcium, and other compounds
  • Efficient, weatherproof layout – compact design takes up minimal space and readily fits on almost any sink
  • Straightforward and Effortless installation takes just minutes
  • Mobile – small unit travels nicely

Pros & Cons of Home Master Water Filter


  • Simple to set up
  • Durable Pieces
  • Reasonable cost
  • And Fantastic customer support.


  • One thing that comes to mind is that the causal mechanism controlling the stream finally will Begin sticking
Advanced multi-stage granular filter

Advanced multi-stage granular filter

What distinguishes the Home Master Jr F2 Sinktop in the compacted with granular filter. Many granular filters suffer from a state in which the water interrupts the filtration network completely. A steered entirely and bypassed screen may appear to be the interior of an anthill, and a considerable quantity of the water will may pass through it unfiltered. F2 resolves this issue by filling the filter cartridge entirely, then installing compression discs in the outlet, inlet and between different layers to make sure filtration.


F2 Sinktop utilizes its innovative multi-stage filter to eliminate around 93% of fluoride and compounds such as VOCs, TOCs, chlorine, and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors in your tap water. Dissolved solids such as magnesium and calcium minerals aren’t eliminated.

Space-saving layout

F2’s efficient design makes it ideal for almost any rental house, flat or temporary living area. Its compact design enables it to match just about any sink. Additionally, installation takes only a couple of minutes and generally can be finished with no tools. The internet installation video is crystal clear and straightforward to follow.

The Ideal choice

With such a wide variety of sinktop water filtration methods, picking out the ideal one can be hard. Select the system that creates clean, great-tasting water, has a dependable and easy-to-use layout and takes up minimal space. F2 now and get the system which brings solutions not problems.

Why You Choose Home Master Water Filters

F2 Sinktop Water Filtration System delivers alternatives not issues. The most health-conscious people will be amazed at its innovative multi-stage granular filter, which eliminates around 93% of chlorine, calcium and other compounds. F2 is simple to install and includes an attractive space-saving layout. Its exceptional functionality has made it among the very best sinktop water purification systems on the current market, and it is all backed by Perfect Water Technologies’ 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Home Master Water Filter Review video:

Home Master Water Filter FAQs

Why was the title shifted from Tap Master to Home Master?

Yes, Perfect Water Technologies believed that the Home Master name reflected a dedication to providing pure water throughout your house with sink top, under the sink, and whole home water purification solutions.

Can this filter eliminate 100 percent of the fluoride?

No, it will eliminate around 93 percent of fluoride under specified operating conditions. It’s essential to be aware that the media used to remove fluoride – activated alumina – is contact-dependent. This implies that by raising the quantity of time the water spends in the press, more of the contaminant is going to be taken off. Running the machine at significantly less than the highest flow speed boosts the contact time and increases the elimination rate.

Is your filter replaceable?

Yup, it includes a replaceable filter cartridge. A wrench isn’t required to open the home. We’ve got a recently redesigned filter cartridge that guarantees the filter fits snugly with no escapes and generates excellent-tasting water.

Can I analyze the filter functionality using a TDS meter?

Not really. TDS is a measure of total dissolved solids – that the majority of which are calcium and magnesium minerals, which this filter renders undamaged. Because of this very little, if any, change in TDS will be anticipated. A better choice is to utilize chlorine test strips and also see that lead to a surrogate index for the filter’s overall functionality.

Final Thoughts

F2 Sinktop Water Filtration System delivers outstanding water enlightenment with its innovative multi-stage granular filter, which eliminates around 93% of fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and other compounds.

The Home Master Jr. F2 is simple to install and includes an attractive space-saving layout. Its exceptional functionality has made it among the very best sink top water purification systems in the marketplace, and it is all backed by perfect water technologies’ 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. I feel this will be good for home usage.

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