Survivor PRO Water Purifier Reviews! Very Successful in Removing Virus

The Survivor Filter PRO features triple filtration: The Survivor Filter PRO has a replaceable carbon filter to remove big particles from water. Moreover, it comes with 2 cleanable membrane ultrafilters which are able to filter down to 0.01 microns.

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The filter reduces heavy metal containing in water such as 93% of lead and 99.5% for mercury. This is the view of the manufacturer. Sometimes it may exceed the EPA standards for filtering water.

The capacity of the filter is 500 ml of water per minute. The size of the filter is 6.5 inches. It comes with a very nice box.

The survivor filter PRO may be utilized in 3 different ways. 1. pumped into the cup from source, or 3. pumped to a portable hydration device.

The reports state that the Survivor Filter PRO does it acts on the river, streams, and lakes water.

Besides, it works well on ponds and some other sources of water that is inhabited by the local wildlife. The PRO fails to works well on water sources which are mixed with chemicals such as chlorine.

Survivor PRO Water Purifier Reviews

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  • Weighs 11.2 oz along with all the bits
  • Triple level filtration down to 0.01 microns.
  • Remove up to 99.9% of various types of bacteria
  • Capacity 17 ounces (500) ml/ minute
  • Changeable carbon filters remain up to 2000 liters of water
  • Disposable ultrafilters may be reused to get 1,000,00 liters prior replacing.
  • The external part of the PRO is made from Military Grade BPA Free ABS Material metal reinforcement in the shaft.

Pros & Cons of Survivor PRO Water Purifier


  • It is under 7 inches long and weight is 10.5 ounces
  • Comes with a helpful carry case which holds little room in a backpack
  • The ultrafilter is useful for 100000 gallons of water and possible to clean easily
  • Alternate filters are available. Cost around ten percent of the price of the filter.
  • Removes staph, viruses, giardia, protozoa, water parasites and bacteria


  • The adjoined cup isn’t big enough
  • 17 ounces of pure water per minute that may seem very slow

How Filter PRO works

You get literature on the website of Survivor filter documents which Intertek Labs situated in Columbus, Ohio tested and certified the Survivor Filter Pro and Survivor Filter units to remove 99.9% E.Coli, Phi-X174 and Staphylococcus aureus from the water.

The body, housing and pump handle of the Survivor Filter Pro are designed from a jagged BPA free ABS plastic. This plastic is exceptionally long lasting and lightweight.

Survivor PRO

The filter is three inches wide, seven inches long and two inches thick. Its weight is 11.5 ounces altogether. It is made from a long-lasting clear BPA free plastic cup and two cups in size.

The cups cover upper two-thirds of pumps housing if not used. The Pro has a protective microfiber sack and all essential tubing to make it active.

The Survivor Filter Pro comes with 30 days cash back guarantee and a restricted lifetime warranty. If you notice any defect caused by tear and wear, contact the manufacturers or dealers directly for an instant solution.

This 3 stages water filtration process is made of an activated carbon filter, sediment pre-filter, and a hollow-tube membrane ultra-filter.

Stage 1: Sediment Pre-filter

The cotton pre-filter module is about one inch in diameter and 1.5 inches long. This module is used to resist large particles and sediment from going inside the unit.

It also saves the pump seals and clogging up the Ultra Filter and Activated Carbon Filter prematurely. One can clean it regularly to extend its life. You get pre-filter modules directly from the Survivor Filter website. Moreover one can find it on Amazon for around 6.95 dollars each.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter

The following stage of filtration system consists of passing water through an Activated Carbon filter module prior to it approaches the Ultra Filter module. The carbon filter is 1.5 inches long and one inch in diameter.

Component view of Survivor Pro

It threads directly on the base of the Ultra Filter module inside the filter unit. The grainy activated carbon filter is made of coconut shells. It has highly porous surface area.

This area has natural ability to invite and absorb heavy metals, chemicals, and other impurities out of the water.

Since water goes over the surface of the carbon, pollutants are drawn inside the pores. They are trapped resulting in an odor free, clean drinking water.

If one cleans the activated carbon filter modular regularly, she or he expands the life of the filter.

But he has to replace it after using 264 gallons of water under normal situation. It lasts about six months through use every day.

Stage 3: Membrane Ultra Filter

The UF or the Ultra Filter is the last stage of water filtration process. This is totally encapsulated in a rugged ABS housing.

Moreover, it consists of a medical-grade fiber membrane that is hundreds of little porous hollow tubes. It just looks like thin spaghetti noodles which are six inches long.

This membrane works as a barrier, remove waterborne impurities from water and particulates 0.01 microns or bigger from going through. The including are viruses, protozoa, and bacteria.

The purpose of making UF module is to process about 264 gallons although it may be backflushed and demanded by flushing clean water.

Hollow fiber membrane works in different temperatures. The filter membrane becomes damage when it is kept to freeze.

The UF module is made to process up to 246 gallons.

If the water reservoir is frequently contaminated, replace it more frequently. It helps survivor filter to work properly.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is 500 ml per minutes are shown in the advertisement. This is the conservative side and I was able to go very close to it without many efforts. It takes few pumps after plunging the intake filter in water.

Air is replaced with water. So you get the superflow of water with each pump. It is said that there is no need to go very hard on the handle of the pumps.

Weight and Size

There are innovative cups in the storage when weight is fewer fractions than the average. If you are aware of every gram in your backpack, you will see the filter has been used recently.

The excess water adds extra few ounces though not dried out. The filters adjust well and some lightweight bulk for the total packed dimensions. It wonderfully fits with the backpack pockets.

It is wise to see a larger container cup that can house the tubes and external filter inside for compact size.

Cleaning and Storage

The survivor filter pro is working optimally. It can filter 17 ounces of water within a minute. If the flow becomes slow to the point, at first clean debris from the cotton pre-filter. You can apply backflush or replace the UF, cotton, and carbon sediment filters module.

Cleaning and Backwasing the pre filter

It is done by pressing the clean freshwater to the reserve direction to flush out filter modules. The holes of the fiber membrane are guided by the manual.

Don’t use the chemical product or commercial cleaning solutions to clean the survivor filter. Save it from undue damage to the filter as well as media.

You have to soak the Ultra Filter in vinegar for twenty minutes to disinfect it. But don’t do it for the activated carbon filter. Just clean and dry the activated carbon filter.

After every use, it is better to blow out the remaining water from the filter unit. Make the filter unit completely dry thoroughly before storing it. Dryness resists mildew, particularly for long-term storage.

The Survivor Filter pro is very simple to clean. The pro has easily replaceable filter module. The replacement modules and the filter unit keep in a dry and clean place. Preserve them in its original package as long as you need them.

Additionally, it is better not to store under the straight sunlight. Or you may keep them far from more heat sources as much as you can. A little store of water filter modules may heavily turn a survivor filter pro. A long-term water filtration solution may solve the problem of replaceable filter media.

What 0.01 Microns Mean

Before being excited, know how this filter is twenty better than your overall 0.2-micron water filters. There are some other things you need to know about. You need to know pathogens and their size considering microns.

Virus, bacteria, and protozoa have different size. Protozoa is the largest while the virus is the smallest. Here is a chart which explains why water filter fails to filter all viruses.

The Survivor Filter Pro 0.01-micron filtration removes pollutants more than 0.2 microns filter. The main way to remove any virus from water is to use chemicals or boil it. It is real that protozoa and bacteria are common in many waterways.

But the presence of viruses is very rare in drinking water. If you like to catch the virus from your drinking water, you need to contaminate it with viruses before you drink it.


Take it special when you get it and know what piece is responsible for the way to clean, maintenance and function. This is very simple. It takes only less than 30 seconds. In such way, you will be able to notice any potential changes.


You can compromise your safety down the road. The outer ultrafilter may be cleaned by switching it from the inlet hose. Pumping clean and fresh water through it needs only one or two minutes. Clean everything well and make it completely dry.

Soaking the ultrafilter in vinegar for a short time is helpful for cleaning the filter. Then be sure the plunger is oiled or lubed.

Ease to Use

There are some moving parts with the Survivor Filter Pro. These are very simple to use. These parts catch pollutants under pressure.

Survivor Filter

The pumps are pre-lubed but feel a bit stiff at first. This is a not a problem as it confirms a watertight seal in the piston. If you attach the inlet and outlet tubes, you need to adjust the pre-filter to submerge totally.

There remains some air to pump out at first, but the tubes begin to fill with water to give a solid brook of hydration.

The thing is like adding the outlet and inlet tubes. Plunge the prefilter in some fresh water and pump until you notice some flow of water.

The useful small clip of the output hose adds most bottles and hydration packs to make the filling process easier. Lots of nice touches may make the function of the filter better.

Survivor Filter PRO-LE Review

Survivor PRO Water Purifier FAQs

Question: Who comes forward to manufacture the Survivor Filter PRO-LE?

Answer: The device is manufactured by Survivor Filter which is an American company. The company has fame all over the world for providing leading water filtration products over many years.

Question: Does the Survivor Filter appear assembled?

Answer: Yes, The device appears before you with 3 filters and 1 drinking cup. It means that you can use the filter when you take out it from the box.

Question: How do I correctly pack up my Survivor Filter?

Answer: It is very simple to store the Survival filter. What you need to do is just keep the filter in a dry and clean place. You should not keep it under the direct sunlight or near to the excessive heat. The filter may damage for such causes. Before storing the filter, you have to be sure the filter is clean well and dry properly.

Question: Do I get any warranty on the product?

Answer: Yes, you will get a warranty. The Survivor Filter PRO-LE is near your hand with a Lifetime Warranty!

Question: How often do I need to replace or clean the filter?

Answer: The manufacturers advise you to change the filter after using 264 gallons of water. You may replace the filter after getting 1000 liters of clean water. Sometimes you have to change the filter. This is up to the condition of water you like to filter. There are some other factors which are responsible for affecting the water. You need to change the filter for such cases.

Question: How can one know the time to change the filter at the exact time?

Answer: When you see the flow rate of water is very slow, you need to change the filters. It indicates that the filters have become clogged with particles. You must clean or replace the filter in such situation.

Question: Can I buy replacement filters?

Answer: You can purchase the replacement filters. You have the chance to buy these filters direct from the company’s website.

Question: Is the survivor filter able to remove bacteria and viruses from water?

Answer: Yes, the filter can remove bacteria and viruses from water. Finally, the water becomes very suitable to drink.

Question: Is the filter able to filter salt water out of the sea?

Answer: No, The device is made only to filter fresh water from various sources like taps, streams, dams, lakes, and rivers. You shouldn’t use the device to filter seawater. It won’t filter water rather it may destroy the filters.

Question: May I use the filter in my house regularly to filter water?

Answer: The device is made to transform undrinkable water into potable in an emergency situation. You may use it as a regular home filter to filter tap water. This is a great choice for you.

Final Thoughts

The Survivor Filter PRO-LE is a very nice water filtration system. It may renovate undrinkable water to drinkable water for your consumption in an emergency situation.

Moreover one can carry the device any place where he likes. You may take the unit while you are fishing, camping, traveling, hiking, backpacking, etc.

You may live in New York City or jungles of Uganda is not mattered. The mobile water filtration system namely the Survivor filter pro provides drinkable water.

It can ensure you safe and clean drinking water anywhere you are. Therefore you have to include a mobile filtering device for your continued existence kit.


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