Review: LifeStraw Water Filter – Portable & Highly Rated!

The LifeStraw Mission gravity-based water purifier is an impressing purifier for you. The capacity of the purifier is up to 18,000 liters of water. It removes up to 99.9999% of viruses, 99.99% of protozoa and 99.99% of bacteria from water. Therefore the water becomes free from all types of dirt.

A marvelous type of method is used here to purify water. LifeStraw Mission needs no batteries, chemicals, and moving parts. Water moves down through the tubes and forces to go through the narrow hollow fibers.

Water passes through the small pores of the wall of the hollow fibers. All kinds of protozoa, viruses, bacteria, and pollutants remove from water.

LIfestraw Mission

The flash out system of the filter removes all types of trapped pollutants from the filter.

The manufacturers have done serious research in their international labs. They also completed the extensive test.

Finally, they have been distributing the purifier in the market. The filter can help more people at the time of international humanitarian disasters. It has kept a wonderful role in health campaigns for millions of people.

Lifestraw Mission Water Filter Review

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  • High capacity, gravity fed and hollow membrane water purifier. It is very great for family or group camping, and outdoor activities.
  • Eliminates up to 99.99% of protozoa, 99.99% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses from water. The filter can change the water of lakes and streams into a drinkable one.
  • Very easy to maintain. It requires no batteries, chemicals, and moving parts. The purifier comes with stuff sack and carrying strap for portability and storage.
  • Compact roll bag tank is found in 5 or 12 liters in size. It is suspended from a tree or other supports for normal access.

Pros & Cons of Lifestraw Mission Water Filter


  • Ability to remove bacteria up to 99.99%, protozoa up to 99.99% and viruses of the same amount
  • Gravity-based filter needs no squeezing or pumping
  • LifeStraw ensures fresh water for an African child for the whole year
  • The purifier needs no chemical and batteries
  • Made to face muddy and turbid water
  • All parts are BPA free
  • Capacity of the purifier is up to 12 liters
  • Prefilter catches large particulate to backflush rare with relatively clean water


  • The instructions are not very clear. So it is better to follow the instruction well. Do it well and overcome the problems.
  • The unit is heavier. It has backwash bulb and bulky valves for awkward use. So manufacturers face difficulties while packing.

How Does LifeStraw Mission Water Purification Work?

The target of the LifeStraw water pitcher has removed pollutants from water. Whether the water is from tap or stream doesn’t matter.

Fill water into the pitcher and make it pollutant free. If you think your water is polluted, you can use this purifier.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purification

Fill it and secure the top of the filter with the added clamps. The mission of the LifeStraw water filter is to make water fit from your source.

If you have done so, hand the strap from a big branch then add with the bag. They have some tussle as Shelly, aka the Survival Husband would like to take over as well as the hang the bag himself.

A person can handle the whole system single-handedly. As you are a dumpy person, I advise the 5L LifeStraw Mission that may be less weighty if filled.

When you attached the bag by the strap, open the filthy water valve to observe the flow of water. Wait for ten seconds and then close up the tap.

After that, release the blue water tap.  The water that comes from the blue water tap is purified. Do not drink the water from the red dirty water tap as it sidesteps the filtration systems.

I have no tree branch in my house to test the unit. Therefore I used a fence post. The demerit if doing this is that the hose may not hang directly down.  I have to wait 1 hour to get 12 liters from beginning to finish.

I have a desire to confine the unit in pictures but YouTube video isn’t better.


The Gravity is one of the best water filtration systems at now. It removes viruses up to a pore size of .02 microns by the side of MSR Guardian. It works for both protozoa and bacteria.

So the system is dependable. We are not sure of its effectiveness as it is puzzling and tough to use. It is also very slow. The system has procedures and intricate parts to build it work and perplexing to back redden it.

The method is very confusing. The unclean water outlet of the unit is easier and larger to utilize. One of my testers is very hopeless to see the very slow motion of water coming from the hose.

He was applying it in a wrong way and began to start to fill his bottle of the sullied water outlet. We instantly advised him to prevent it.

Ease of Use

The aim of this filter is to use it, particularly for gravity filter. Some other gravity filters are the MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filer and the katadyn Gravity Camp. All are very simple to use. As a result, we are more frustrated with this mission.

LifeStraw Purification System

Yes, there are lots of instructions on the bag. But the problem is the instructions are not clear or extensive.

We are not able to have more than a drip to approach out of the filter. This is up to the specs on LifeStraw’s website.

The filter takes a long time to fill up 10-ounce bottles. Its reverse flush bulb is very confusing but presses water back throughout the filter to make it clear.

The plan of the filter is a bit difficult to apply. The clean water hose is very little and not fit for bottle and bladder.

You have to situate there and hold your vessel up to hose to seal it. One has to wait for 5 minutes to fill 1 liter of water. This is a long time activity some consider.

Treatment Capacity

The treatment capacity of the filter is awesome. It can purify more water. The capacity of the purifier is about 18,000 liters. The gravity-based filters have more capacity to filter water very quickly.

Water treatment Lifestraw mission

The Guardian’s filter has the super capacity. It can purify water up to 10000 liters. We have stated earlier that the procedure of purifying water is very simple and easy.


The performance of the filter is very slow. You have to wait at least 5 minutes to get one liter of water. This is perhaps the major demerit of the filter.

Some other UV treatments, gravity filter or pump may filter water very quickly.

But one filter the MSR Aquatabs needs longer time to treat water. You shouldn’t stand for a long time besides a filter holding your bottle to filter water.


The Gravity is thought one of the heaviest filters in the review. The capacity of the filter is 16 ounces after the 17 ounces Sawyer 4L water filtration system.

The unit is bulky as it has a great filter unit along with strange back blush bulb. You can’t carry it for a lightweight assignment where you like to put the pack small.

Lifestraw Mission Review - 50 Campfires

Lifestraw Mission Water Filter FAQs

Can the LifeStraw Mission be frozen?

Answer: Keep the LifeStraw far from freezing temperature. The water inside the unit may crack and freeze the filter. Sometimes you can’t observe these cracks.

If once it has been used, we will not let it freeze. Do not let it freeze while keeping it under freezing temperatures and elevations.

Can the LifeStraw Mission be used on seawater?

It isn’t the target of the LifeStraw filter is to remove salt and chemicals from water. You can’t use the filter for ocean, seawater, and brackish water.

Does the LifeStraw Mission filter out salt water, heavy metals, chemicals or viruses?

The LifeStraw is used for campers, travelers, and some other outdoor enthusiasts. It can remove 99.999% of waterborne viruses, and 99.99% of waterborne protozoa from water.

The filter fails to remove salt and chemicals from water. It is not fit for brackish water, ocean water, and seawater.

How do I clean my LifeStraw Mission?

Clean the bag and filter inside after every use. To keep both taps closed, press the red bulb three times.

The bulb must be compressed completely and allowed it to refill totally. Open the red tap and drain water from the riddle.

Note: water of the red tap isn’t filtered, so it is not secure to drink. Separate the instant-release part from the dry bag. Make it dry completely before storing them.

Final Thoughts

Longtime readers are aware that I have a thing for emergency lighting. I have lots of ways to guarantee I have dirt free water for drinking and some other purposes.

There are different products of LifeStraw. The names of the products are personal LifeStraw, LifeStraw Family, the LifeStraw Mission, LifeStraw Go etc. The products last for a long time. All are affordable and durable.


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