Pur vs Brita Water Filters Which One Is Better?

If there’s one thing each human being on earth can concur, it is this very easy tenet. The two hottest water filter manufacturers in the USA are Brita and Pur. They’re trusted because they’ve been supplying the freshest water via the handiest filtration systems for many years. But, there are many critical differences to see before deciding which is ideal for you. That is why we’ve compared both water filter firms based on the most important qualities any house water filter must possess.


The very first and most crucial metric where we could judge the quality of a water filter is how well it filters water.

The National Sanitation Foundation, an independent global non-profit firm, has rated equally filters according to how efficiently they eliminate contaminants.

Brita filters eliminate approximately 94 percent of chlorine and 95 percent of lead. It  is a relatively large proportion of elimination  as any  filter can not remove 100% of contaminants But you need this number to be as large as you can.

Pur filters are rated to eliminate 97 percent of chlorine and 97 percent of lead from drinking water. While 2%-3% does not look like a large gap, it surely can make a significant impact over the years. This leaves Pur filters much more powerful  than Brita filters for  removing contaminants.

Another big plus for Pur filters is they are certified to eliminate cryptosporidium and giardia, which can be pathogens  and  could cause severe intestinal elimants

. If you reside in a spot with unsafe drinking water, then this is going to be an excellent reason to select a Pur filter.

Overall, the exceptional choice is apparent   Pur filter removes  more contaminants than Brita filter  and there, hence, the greater filter option concerning efficiency.

Are there any alternatives to water for survival ? water is a must. There is no 2ndoption of water It is the basic requirement of human being as well as for living beings. But one thing it must be pure and contamination free. Let’s see the difference between Pur vs Brita.

Are there any negative views of buying bottled water? Water which comes straight from the tap is normally contamination free. In some regions, you will get an unpleasant taste of water.

For this, some people buy a water filter, or they like to use filtering pitcher or install a filter for tap water. There  are two leading companies in the market which are ensuring pure water named Brita and Pur. Now compare the features of the two companies and measure which one is the best for your use.

The main task of any filter is to remove potential or additional contaminants from water that comes out of the faucet. Pur holds the upper hand over Brita when it comes at the point of  the effectiveness to get rid of most of sediments or chemicals.

The Pur can filter 98 to 99 percent lead whereas the Brita can only 94 percent. Brita can reduce chlorine 91 percent, and Pur can remove 95%.

Moreover, Pur can reduce Methyl tertiary butyl ether, copper, and 2 -4D among 21 contaminant-reducing agents. On the other way, Brita only removes lead, chlorine, benzene  and mercury.

pur vs brita water filter

Which filter removes more impurities?

NSF evaluates lots of products. They also have done a lot of research on Pur and Brita filters. They found that both of them are equally effective, though  Pur has a bit more.

Pur can filter 97% of chlorine, and Brita can 94%. Pur can remove 97%, and Brita can filter 95% in the lead removal area. 2 or 3 percent is not considerable, but on the water contamination, the percentage is not insignificant .

For considering water contamination this amount of lead is very great. Any amount of lead is harmful for  a health issue.

Pur vs Brita – Which filter has better design and durability?

Secondly, you need to consider durability and design. As a considering fact, now see the two similar Pur and Brita water filter dispensers: the Pur  DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Dispenser and the Brita 35530 Ultramax Dispenser. The Pur  DS-1800Z has a much higher rating. The Pur has almost five stars while Brita has got 3 and a half stars.

Pur vs Brita - Which filter has better design and durability

In the design of Pur , there is a clear edge. It fits more easily and narrows into the refrigerator. The Pur has better designs pivot that may minimize leaking. Many people complain that the Brita dispenser is getting excessive leaking.

There is an online review where it was mentioned that the tap  mounts incorrectly, so the water is not fit for drinking. He also stated that the connection between the large structure of filter and spigot is flawed and it leaks eventually. He says that he no longer likes to use Brita product.

Pur vs Brita – Which Filter is Cheaper?

The price of Brita  and Pur  is similar in the longest sense. If you consider accurately, you will find the Pur  is a little bit cheaper. The replacement will take the similar price. When you consider the apparent  superiority of the Pur  product, you will get they are more expensive. This is not the factor.

Pur vs Brita - Which Filter is Cheaper

We had used both products of the companies in the past. We have got that the Pur  water filtration system is more durable, better designed andbetter performing.

The prices of both products are the same, so its simple to make decisions. If you are very serious and would like to get something more substantial, you will buy a pitcher filter.

If You are looking for an affordable option or easy option than  we suggest you to buy Pur  dispenser. The filter is simple to maintain and very affordable. The system would not take a lot of space.

pur vs brita faucet filtration

Both faucet filters and pitcher filters are an entry-level water filter system for your home. They apply same filtration procedures and  filter out the same amount of contaminants and also  both  are same in price. A faucet filter is a little step above a pitcher filter.

A faucet filter normally is a little bit well filters instead of pitcher filter. The filter beside the faucet mount has a longer life, may eliminate contaminants or has more characteristics. It ensures cleaner tasting and healthier water rather than pitcher filter.

The significant advantage of the faucet filter is that you do  not need to refill the pitcher it all the time. The task you have to do for the faucet filter is to turn on the faucet on, and fresh, clean water comes out.

There are faucet filters and you have to turn  a switch on them therefore usual water come out of the faucet, ensures you the options which come out from the faucet, offer you the chance of using unfiltered water for other things.

Which One Should You Buy?

Before buying you have to keep the following things in your mind:

  • PUR is two-stage filter system. It can remove more contaminants than the other brands. The price is a bit higher. If you like to do higher filtration, there is no alternative of PUR.
  • Pur can remove contaminant up to 13 and brita can remove only 6.
  • Cost wise, The price of Brita ten cup is the same as the price of Pur seven cups capacity.

Pur vs Brita – Water Filtration Review

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Consumer Personal Experience

From my personal experience, I can say Brita filters are far worse. There is the edge of the Pur . They fit more easily; they leak less, and the volume is substantial. I have seen myself that the leaky spigot complaint is valid.

Filtration of Parasites

The main cause to buy a Pur water filter is that it endorses to remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium, two disease-causing microorganisms. Brita filter does not bring such types of certification. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are two types of parasites found in the untreated water.

Giardia is responsible an intestinal disease named as Giardiasis aka ‘’beaver fever’’. On the other hand, Cryptosporidium causes the same type of disease known as Cryptosporidiosis.

This is the main reason to think Pur over Brita as you are living in an area where treated municipal water supply is found.


People face one common problem by using any filters which is  it removes the taste of water and makes it bit distasteful. Pur and Brita both remove the taste from water to some extent.

But consumers find that the water comes from the Pur filter is more agreeable. You are likely to enjoy the great taste of filtered water when you find a filter. It adds trace minerals to the water after filtering it.

Speed of Filtration

Pur has a very wonderful filtration system. Therefore, it needs more time to pass through the filters. The flow of water is less here.  Brita has more power to filter water than Pur.

Comparison between the working of Brita Vs. Pur 

How the PUR water filter works

  • Removal of poisonous substances from utilizing this water filter is thought to happen in two phases: At the first phase, the activated carbon filter from the water filtermanages chlorine odor and flavor, chlorination and its by-products, agricultural and industrial pollutants along with some other remaining sediments.
  • During the next phase, distinctive pleating eliminates about 99.9percent of bacterial cysts. The fluoride present in the water isn’t removed since it’s beneficial for good health.

How the Brita Water Filter works

  • The Brita filter cuts the flavor and odor of chlorine in the water, together with impurities like aluminum, cadmium, and mercury. The large water filter is usually changed after using 40 gallons or generally following two weeks. When the digital filter switch blinks, now it is the time to switch the filter.
  • Shifting the filter is quite simple and can be performed as follows. Stir it with cold water, put in a reservoir and then discard the first three batches of filtered water since they might contain carbon monoxide.

Comparison of the benefits of Brita Vs. Pur 

Benefits of the PUR

  • May consume seven ounces’ glasses of water.
  • On comparing Pur vs. brita, Pur is capable of eliminating up to 16 kinds of contaminants and 96 percent of trace number of pharmaceuticals.
  • The LED filter indicates if the filter is still altered.

Advantages of this Brita

  • Simple to assemble without using tools.
  • The active design saves space when put within a refrigerator.

Final Verdict

We are hopeful that our guidance will be more helpful.

Pur or Brita any of them can be certainly better for you as what works for you could be less than ideal for someone else. If one want to spend less money for filters and want better tasting water than you should go with Brita.

According to the company’s  decision, the Pur filters are able to remove a much wider array of contaminants compared to Brita. If you’re worried about the health and safety of your tap water, than Pur may be a better choice due to this reason.

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    Both Brita and PUR have a very few different models of water filters to choose from. For the sake of this review, the author going to specifically be comparing the Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher and the PUR 7 Cup Water Pitcher. From aesthetics alone, Brita and PUR look very similar.

    In addition, here the post describes a lot about those water pitcher filter. If you are really decided to choose one among them, then read carefully. I am satisfied to read this informatic post.

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