Pur Water Faucet Review! Highly Efficient in Removing Dissolved Particles

The PUR FM-2000B Classic is near your hand having black color. There is an LED indicator with the unit. The Pur filters are very useful.

The filter can remove up to 97% of chlorine, 97% of Lead from the water. This is the report of the website.

Most people don’t get lead in their water, therefore, removing 97% of 1% may be all you desire. If you desire a filter which eliminates 99.99% of chlorine, there are some others out of there.

PUR FM-2000B Classic Vertical Water Filtration Faucet Mount, Black

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The taste of water is very nice. The flow of water inside the unit is very slow. It seems that water drips out of the filter now and then.

The product is included in 2017 to add a new Pur 3 stage filters. The aim is to add a better fitting to save it from the faucet.

You may go through PUR website and ask for new adapters that may resist leaking. The leak is the main problem with the PUR water filter. All faucet filters face such type of problem.

There are many reports that the filters leak after using few months in a year. It seems that the filter is not very much different. The filters aren’t very expensive.

Therefore it is very easy to buy a new filter in every year. Setting up the filter isn’t very difficult. The box comes with instruction manual and lots of adapters.

Normally unscrew the adaptor in your faucet and screw a new adapter on as much as tightly as you can.

It is metal, so there is no possibility of breaking it down. Some of the other filters utilize plastic adapters. These adapters are very fragile, and there are many possibilities of breaking down.


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  • Very simple and one click is enough to set up the process
  • Consume filtered water straight from the tap
  • Made in filter life indicator to detect your filter life
  • Very useful gives up to 1,000 gallons of fresh and clean water
  • Water is essential for cooking



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  • Pur water filter is very efficient and removes smell and chlorine taste. The unit eliminates impurities from the tap water. The flow rate of water of the Pur purifier is reasonable.
  • The main functionality which I desire to get from PUR is mentioned here.



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  • You have bought a new, good and older Pur filter at a yard sale some years back, cheap.


What’s inside the New PUR 3-Stage Filter?

Now have a glance at the improved and new filter what it can do for you:

  • Gives about 100 gallons of crystal fresh water
  • Filters water over natural minerals for refreshing taste
  • Remove microbial cysts and lead from water up to 99%. Certified to remove various pollutants.
  • Lessens trace level of pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceuticals level is not approved by ANSI/ NSF or state standard
  • Alternate previous 3 stage filter
  • The improved filter doesn’t filter water stages by stages rather water comes from all the sides. This water gradually moves to the stage 1 area by trapping big sediments mixed with water.

Water hits activated charcoal there and filter out many impurities from water. After that water moves toward the center of the filter. Stage 3 is the Natural Minerals that ensures water a crunchy clean taste.

Use and Care PUR FM-2000B Classic Water Faucet

Use and Care PUR FM-2000B Classic Water Faucet

You need to run cold water in the filtered position prior to use the filter.

While filtering flush, you may notice cloudy water. Besides you can hear the noise of water pressing air out of the filter cartridge. Flushing eliminates loose materials that are normally found on filters.

Run cold water about five seconds to adjust the filter in its position. The target is to activate the filter prior to use it.

Hot water is forbidden to run through the filter

It is advised not to use water over 100˚F/38˚C since it can affect the life of the filter or damage the life of the filter. Always use cold water. If you like to get the best performance, you have to change the filter after every 3 months.

If you wand sink space or change the filter, you must remove the unit from the faucet by pressing the white Quick release button.

After setting new cartridge, run the flow of cold water over it for five minutes. Use a soft cloth or damp sponge to clean the outer part of the faucet mount housing.

You can use mild dishwashing liquid to wash the unit. Applying anything to clean the faucet can damage the unit.


Changing your water filter is an essential thing if you like to remove pollutants from water. In another way, we can say that clean filter means clean water.

It is suggested to use a new filter after using 100 gallons of water. You may change it after every 3 months to manage maximum pollutants.

Troubleshooting of PUR FM-2000B Classic Water Faucet

Won’t stay attached/  Adapters don’t fit/keep falling off Installation issues

  • Be sure, you remove the old aerator washer and set up new adapter. Water leaks around the faucet and faucet adapter.
  • Be sure that the unit is set up well with the faucet adapter.
  • Check to observe the washer is kept on the top of the faucet adapter when setting up. Be sure the adapter is hand-tightened steadily with the faucet.

Use slower flow of water after three months of use to the filtered position.

  • Water comes out slowly if the life of the filter comes to an end position. Change your filter to remove pollutants at the certified level.

Water comes out around the filter cover

  • Attempt to tighten faucet mount top cover all through the way until tight. If you can’t solve the problem, take out the filter cartridge and again set up another filter cartridge.

The problem you face to replace the filter cartridge:

  • Take away the cover.
  • Do away with the system unit out of the faucet by squeezing the quick release button.
  • Carefully twist or turn the filter cartridge. It will help you to loosen the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PUR FM-2000B Classic Water Faucet

FAQs) on PUR FM-2000B Classic Water Faucet

Question: Will all faucet filters adjust with every faucet?

Answer: Pur faucet is made to adjust well to all the faucets. Nevertheless, all are not quantifiable with pull-out faucets.

Question: How do I become aware that I have to change the filter?

Answer: This is up to the hardness of water in your area. One needs to change the faucet mount filters after using 100 gallons of water. He can also do it after every 3 months that comes first. The unit has an LED indicator that will tell you the time to change the filter. Or if the green light turns into yellow or red, you need to change the filter. The light may flash only when you use it. Green implies that the filter is working well. The yellow refers the filter would need to replace very soon. The red light indicates that you have to change the filter very urgently.

Question: Is the replacement faucet filters restock hard to set up?

Answer: Setting up a new filter is very simple. Normally twist off the top cover, take out the old filter and set up the new filter. Then change the top cover. It is essential to use the flow of water through the filters for 5 minutes before use it.

Question: How many pollutants can my filter remove?

Answer: PUR faucet mount filters have got NSF certificate. It can remove 72 pollutants and substance from water. The main contaminants are chlorine, sediment and it’s a by-product that is more than the other brands.


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