MSR Microfilter Review! Life Saver in an Emergency Situation

If you are an outdoor man, you know how important your travel backpack is. However, no travel or outdoor bag is complete without a water kit, whether a hydrated bottle or mechanical water treatment.

But what is more important is getting the right water treatment, especially when heading for the backcountry hike, tour, or camping. It is because getting good water supply in such an area can be challenging as the sources of water are mainly ponds, rivers, and the likes of it.


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So, the only rescue is to opt for water treatment or mechanical filters that can save you from both bacteria and other microorganisms.

If this is your desire, then there is no better option than the MSR Hyperflow microfilter. The filter can provide you with clean water, and its compact nature is just perfect. So, we will be sharing some relevant information and other beneficial knowledge about the product in the MSR Hyperflow microfilter review.

MSR Hyperflow Microfilter Review

MSR HyperFlow Backcountry Water Filter
  • Microfilter utilizes Hollow Fiber Technology and advanced engineering to make water treatment highly mobile and easy to use
  • Ergonomic design, diminutive size and tool-free maintainability make it just as appropriate on day trips as it is on multi-day excursions

Last update on 2023-05-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

MSR Hyperflow microfilter brings more assurance and safety when drinking water from natural bodies. Let's look into the features that make this device different from other products.


The filter comes with holes small enough to prevent bugs from penetrating your filtered water. The hollow fiber pores measure 0.2 micron, which makes it useful to prevent protozoa, bacteria, and other particulates matter from gaining access to your drinking water.


The filter's ergonomic and durable design gives it a lasting usage and function. Meaning you can use it for a long time. Users also applaud the system's compact nature as it makes carrying more comfortable and provides backpacking options.


It is easy to maintain the system as the cartridge has a backflush option, so you can dislodge bacteria, bugs, and even dirt that may have clogged the fiber. It allows the system to function at its full capacity every time, giving you healthy drinking water.


The inlet filter will wow you as it comes in a sturdy, lightweight nylon mesh that floats, making it easy to get water from shallow water sources.

Also, attached to the inlet filter is a long hose that lets you channel water to a considerable distance. Another stunning feature of the MSR Hyperflow microfilter is its fast water-filtering abilities. The system can filter about 3 liters of clean water in a minute, which has you covered in urgent situations.

Pros & Cons of MSR Hyperflow Microfilter


  • Ease of use - Using the system is very straightforward as it requires little effort to pump water.
  • Quick maintenance - Removing dirt, bacteria, and other particles left in the system becomes easy as you can backwash the cartridge with clean filtered water.
  • Effective performance - The 0.2-micron filter material can rid the system of even the tiniest occurrence of bacteria and other water-contaminating substances.
  • Compatible hose - The connected cap is wide enough to fit into various water bottles.


  • Using the system for the first time might be challenging, but if you follow the user manual ardently, using it will become easier over time.

Features of MSR Microfilter

Ergonomic Design

As expected, each MSR microfilter has its unique design, and the Hyperflow just beats them all. The MSR Hyperflow is an ultra-lightweight water filtering system that makes traveling with it easy. It is made from hollow fiber technology with 0.2-micron pores, and u-shaped designed to filter bacteria, protozoa, and particulate matter effectively.

Filtration rate

Unlike other microfilters in the market, the MSR Hyperflow filters three liters of water in one minute. However, more aggressive pumping will result in more water flow and volume. In essence, the Hyperflow moves a lot of water in absolute less resistance and effort. 


MSR designed the Hyperflow to easily attach to various types of water bottles, hydration bottles, or wide-mouth bottles. Also, small-mouth bottles and even soda bottles can easily attach to the system through the included connecting bottle adapter in the package.


The Hyperflow is one of the lightest filters available. It comes with a total package weight of 7.2 oz.

Tool-free maintenance

The system is designed with a backwash process, which allows you to remove sediments and other organisms. It occurs by merely pumping clean water back through the filter element, where it comes out through the intake hose.

In case the filter becomes clogged, you can disassemble it and have the two check valves turned around to reverse the flow.

Reliability/Effectiveness of MSR Microfilter

The MSR Hyperflow filter is called the name, Hyperflow, because of its high filtration speed. The system's ceramic filter can provide up to 2000 gallons of treated, healthy water. As stated by the company, the MSR Hyperflow Microfilter can produce three liters per minute flow with about twenty strokes per liter. However, an increase is possible with additional pumping pressure.

Unlike other ceramic filters, the Hyperflow does not require a scrub to wash it. It comes with a backwash system and rarely gets clogged.

Although it is effective against protozoans, bacteria, and other particles, it doesn't protect against viruses. Also, the Hyperflow doesn't have a charcoal filter and cannot fight against chemical contamination.

How Does the MSR Microfilter Work?

The MSR works by filtering the water that passes the pre-filter. The pre-filter has a neat build that prevents leaves and other particles from gaining access to the system.

How Does the MSR Microfilter Work

From there, water goes through the silicon rubber tube. It then gets into the cartridge for further cleansing. The cartridge contains a cylindrical membrane with a mass of micro-porous tubules. These tubules have 0.2-micron holes that help to filter bugs, bacteria, and other water contaminations.

Then, water gets to the outlet hose where clean water emerges.

How to Use MSR Microfilter

Using the product is very easy, all that you need to do is place the inlet filter, fairly robust nylon mesh, face down on the top of the water.

How to Use MSR Microfilter

Then, place a clean container on the outlet adapter. The filter has an action pump for pumping water through the inlet pipe. Just hold the pump with one hand and the water inlet pump with the other hand, then start pumping.

For optimum performance and fast, clean water production, pump about 80 strokes per minute. And, take caution not to mix unfiltered water with clean water.

How to Backflush the Filter Cartridge

Backwashing the system is possible with clean water. Before backwashing a cartridge, ensure you have a container of fresh, treated, or clean water.

First, take out the inlet hose and unscrew the inlet pump from the cylinder. After that, reverse the large check valve and re-fix it into the pump inlet.

How to Backflush the Filter Cartridge

Using the cylinder, unscrew the piston from the cartridge until it gets to the small check valve. Then, reverse the check valve and reinstall it in the disk. Fix the pump cylinder, alongside the piston and reversed valve, into the cartridge carefully.

After that, fix the pump inlet into the pump cylinder and connect the container with clean, filtered water to the outlet adapter or outlet nipple.

Then, pump about ten or more full stokes of filtered water into the cartridge. Ensure the pump cylinder is filled with water during each stroke.

MSR Water Filter Tips

  • Before filtering, search for the cleanest and most transparent water available. 
  • In the absence of clear water, allow the particles to settle entirely before filtering. You can do it by filling a jar with water and let the particles settle first before filtering.
  • If you are filtering from fast-flowing water, place the pre-filter in line with the current flow. Also, ensure to hold the inlet hose and pump firmly to avoid losing the filter.

Factors To Consider When Buying MSR Hyperflow Microfilter


Weight is one of the factors you should consider, especially if you love traveling, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Traveling with a high weight water filter can be tiring since you have to combine it with all the other survival kits in your backpack. So, it is best to go for lightweight filters.

Thankfully, MSR Hyperflow microfilters have lightweight properties; you can even shove it in your pocket without feeling heavy.

Easy Usage

No one loves to spend hours fiddling with a tap just to get a drink. Getting water should be as easy as a filter, drink, and get it over with.

So, go for a filter that is easy to maintain and reassemble after usage.

Filter Capacity

The sizes of filters vary with different products. It is what determines the volume of water that enters the system for filtration. So, getting a microfilter with a large filter capacity will filter more water at once, thus reducing wasted time.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is the speed it takes to deliver clean water. Get filters that work fast, instead of spending hours waiting before quenching your taste.

However, the lifespan of most filters affects their flow rate. Still, it is different in the case of MSR Hyperflow Microfilter as the company has replacement parts to ensure the filter functions at its best.


Nobody wants to purchase a very bulky bottle. So, buying a portable microfilter that can fit into your backpack is essential. Also, you should put into consideration the volume of water the system produces.

What Makes MSR Microfilter Different in the Market?

MSR has been one of the best filter producing companies in the market. The company has different water treatment options for its products, which is just a tip of the reason for their uniqueness. Let's discover some other factors which make this company different.

Long-Lasting Products

All MSR products come with lasting builds that will cause you to use them for a long time. The filter could even last for a long time as the company provides replacement parts when some parts go bad.

Responsive Customer Care

One of the outstanding qualities of MSR filters is their responsive customer care. The commendable response to customers' questions ensures that they use the products correctly.


MSR products are lightweight and portable to fit your backpack without adding more weight. The Hyperflow is relatively small that you can even stow it in your outside pocket.

MSR Water: HyperFlow™Microfilter Overview

MSR Hyperflow Microfilter FAQs

When Should I Change My Cartridge?

Usually, when particles and microorganisms get stuck to the cartridge, it reduces the flow of water. But when after backwashing, the water flow is still prolonged then, you have to get a new cartridge.

When Should I Backflush My Cartridge?

The best time to backflush your system is daily, or after use. Backflushing once every day is an excellent way to care for your cartridge.

Can I Disinfect My Filter?

Yes. According to MSR, you should disinfect your filter after extended use or before storing it for a long time to prevent the development or build-up of bacteria, mold, or mildew.

How Do I Clean the Pre-filter?

After usage, clean the pre-filter in water and air dry.

What is the Cause of Difficult Backflushing?

One of the ways to restore your cartridge is through backflushing. And, you can experience difficulties in backflushing your cartridge in the presence of trapped air. However, you can undo or remove air from the system by reversing the check valve and then pumping it to remove air.

Final Thoughts

The MSR Hyperflow microfilter review affirms your confidence in the great qualities and results that the Hyperflow microfilter offers.


The filter is designed to provide quality water from any water body, regardless of how shallow. It also offers a large amount of healthy water, 3 liters per minute, which can even increase depending on how fast you can pump. 


Although it does not remove viruses, its hollow fiber technology makes it function as both a filter and purifier.

Also, the microfilter is reliable in the functions it offers to ensure every user gets the best and healthy water drink in their location. Plus, the easy maintenance and backwashing cleaning system will ensure you get the best use.

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