MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter Review – Easy & Efficient!

For the regular backcountry traveler, the MSR Miniworks EX is a permanent filter with the extra benefit of cleaning compounds and pesticides out of the water. It's on the other side for a hiker and needs slightly longer and compels to pump compared to some of the additional pump filters.


But it treats over two times as much water since most of another pumps in its price point, managing 2000 liters in front of a replacement cartridge is necessary.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter Review

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If you want a lightweight version for long distance trekking, have a look at the Sawyer Mini or the MSR TrailShot. Should you want your water therapy to purify for viruses, then look at the MSR Guardian, that can be thicker and much more exclusive but effective from more pathogens.


  • Reduces concentrations of several substances (like chlorine and iodine).
  • Reduces odors and tastes.

Pros & Cons of MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter


  • Lightweight
  • Flow speed is adequate
  • Hose wraps round the entire body and secures in handle for Simple packing


  • Would be fine if it were more streamlined
  • Although mine hasn't broken, plastic parts do cause me to worry about durability and reparability.

In details of MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

Here you get a ceramic form filter. In other words, into a broader context, you might look in another text at which I've clarified the best methods to purify water for drinking, and temporarily presented all kinds of filters used for this purpose.

Detail of MSR mini works

Precisely the same holds for your Mineworks microfilter.

Below I provide the diameters of common bacteria that You Might expect to see in oceans across the world:

  • Cryptosporidium: over 1-micron size.
  • Cholera bacteria: over 1 micron.
  • Typhoid bacteria: over 1 micron.
  • Protozoa: over five μm.
  • Giardia and cysts: over 5-7 microns.

It seems that you may be protected using this filter. But viruses are another situation.

You may join the instrument straight to an MSR or Nalgene jar. The intake hose is connected to the top and its other end (using a pre-filter) you place in the water resource.

The life expectancy with this ceramic filter is about 2000 litters. Therefore, if you drink two liters every day and apply the screen 30 times each year, it is going to last around 33 decades. I'd say not bad in any way.

After the filter isn't washed, you will discover its change of color, and it'll become simpler to pump the water through it. That means you will clean it using a wash pad in sterile water, so straightforward. It wears out in the procedure, which is precisely what yields the entire life expectancy.

The present condition of the filter you assess by a judge (included); if the filter tube gets thin it'll fit in the gauge/caliber. This is the sign you need to purchase another one.

MSR microfilter

Performance Comparison


This ceramic filter is excellent for up to 2000 gallons of treated water, and it can be more quantities than a lot of the additional pump systems we've examined. This causes this filer dependable for a more significant period than some of those others.

They might require regular cleaning should they get clogged, but the filter itself will probably continue more than some of the other filters we examined. This is the most critical issue with this filter, so there is more routine upkeep demanded compared to any other screen in this review, and it's annoying to have to wash out the filter unit frequently. We favor the exact low care MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter for large quantity excursions.

Ease of Use

It's field cleanable and includes a green scrubby to wash out the filter plus a gauge to assess the filter's life to ensure that you haven't scrubbed down the screen too much for it to work.

MSR microfilter easy to use

The handle is thick and beefy, which is fantastic for pumping, but it demands clearly more force to pump more compared to some of those additional pump-filters such as the MSR Guardian.

The Miniworks filters out compounds in addition to pathogens, therefore it is helpful to enhance the taste of water. It may also remove iodine or chlorine flavors if you deal with one of these methods beforehand to remove viruses.

Treatment Capacity

The filter has a very long lifetime and may treat up to 2000 liters in its own life. Much like lots of the other conventional pump filters we have examined, the Miniworks can pump so quickly. It's not an excellent alternative for large hungry classes, as it requires up to 2 minutes to pump a liter. Thirsty hikers will likely be waiting a very long time to drink in case you are in a vast group and possess this filter to fulfill every individual's bottle. For large classes, we'd suggest a gravity filter such as the Platypus Gravity Works or the Katadyn Gravity Camp that may treat 6 and 4 liters in a couple of minutes.


As this filter would be the toughest to pump, it took approximately 30 minutes longer (two minutes) to inject a whole liter than some of those other filters such as the Katadyn Hiker Pro but doesn't need a very long wait like the compound remedies. The MSR TrailShot is quicker and possibly another development of pump filters at a smaller, lighter package.

MSR Miniworks EX | Backpacking Water Filter | Field Review

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter FAQs

Question: Exactly what it will filter from the water toxins such as crypto etc

Answer: Anything bigger than 0.2 microns. That would consist of bacteria-sized as well as up. Protozoa are more significant than bacteria viruses are somewhat smaller.

Question: Does the filter must be dry before you put it off? (Not to get long-term storage but also for everyday use storage when on a multi-day increase)

Answer: It is excellent on the rise; nonetheless Once You return, you Want to boil the filter at a pot and allow it to dry thoroughly before storing

Question: Will the screen be used straight from the box

Answer: Pumps efficiently and compared to the top

Final Thoughts

The Mini Works EX microfilter is your global best-selling microfilter, providing long-lasting, field-maintainable water filtration in rough surroundings. Engineered for regular and heavy use, it uses our workhorse Marathon EX carbon/ceramic component to ensure clean, dependable and taste-free water.

Because of its innovative AirSpring Accumulator, it is capable of pumping one liter per second, and the flow speed can be revived easily, and, in the area, no tools needed. It is compact and lightweight and, above all, been demonstrated reliable by tens of thousands of adventurers precisely like you.


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