How To Clean Water Dispenser And Maintenances Properly

A water cooler dispenser is a helpful device to ensure a steady supply of drinking water. It is found in commercial and residential places. Besides periodical cleaning, the dispenser requires some maintenance. You can clean the water cooler dispenser by following some information.


Take a bucket and pour 1 gallon of water. The step is just like using a vinegar solution or bleach. Think a bucket with a handle one that is very simple to maintain. This will be the best if one of the solutions spills out of the container to the floor or your clothes.

How To Clean Water Dispenser

Prepare a bleach solution. Then add one tablespoon of bleach to each gallon of water which you desire to use. Use unscented bleach if you can because it is easier to flush the smell out at the end.

Mix the solution well. If you get use disposable gloves. Do it in a place where you may able to spill some, like a big sink.


Prepare vinegar solution. You have to use undiluted vinegar as well as a bucket. To add more scent, you can add a tablespoon or 2 of lemon juice. For every three parts of water use 1 part white vinegar. At the time of using one gallon of water, apply 1/3 of a gallon of the white vinegar. If you add lemon juice added it when you finished mixing vinegar and water.

For necessary caution, use vinegar is about 80 to 90 % so useful to use the chlorine bleach to sterilize anything. Since bottled water holds a few bacteria, it may be possible to grow over time if do not sanitize totally.

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Cleaning The Dispenser

Disconnect the water cooler from the wall and take out the bottle. Be confirming there are no other electronics plugged into the same outlet, close to the area where you like to clean the water cooler. Therefore, there will be no possibility of electric connection with a water cooler.

Remove the residual cleaning solution. Fill up the reservoir with water 4 times and pour it on the tap and to the bucket. It will keep no vinegar or bleach taste left behind.
Wash the screen and the tray with fresh water or tap water prior running them to the dispenser. Make it dry thoroughly as not to leave moisture in the tight spaces.

Cleaning and Dispenser

At first, your duty is to wash your hand well. Then dry the bottle with a towel. Before manipulating the bottle once again wash your hand again well.

Take out the cap and adjust the new bottle. Confirm a snug fit and notice the air bubbles going to the top of the bottle refers that the bottle has made a seal by the dispenser.

Check it what works for you. Pour water into a glass up to it becomes full, try both faucets if you have a dispenser. Taste the water to see if there is any unpleasant taste left behind it.

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