How to Remineralize Water! Add Mineral Back to Your Reverse Osmosis Water

Water is a basic need for survival. Mineral water is a term given to any water that contains a certain level of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. In most cases, water mineralization makes for better water than regular water because of the health benefits it offers.

Demineralization occurs when water is almost or void of dissolved minerals through distillation, filtration, and other means. This can cause cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and health problems.

Knowing how to remineralize water can boost its health benefits and revive the taste of water. Here are simple ways you can remineralize your drinking water: 

Add Trace Mineral Drops to Your Water

Water remineralization is the process of adding minerals back to the water. One of the easiest methods used in remineralizing water is by adding trace mineral drops to water.  Trace minerals such as fluoride, are colorless liquids added to water, a little drop at a time. Like the name says, they are traceless. 

Add Trace Mineral Drops To Your Water

Whitney English, a dietician, says that they are “crucial for health.” However, all that is required in trace minerals is a little drop.

Added minerals in water like chromium are necessary for metabolism, selenium for thyroid health, and manganese for bone development. Adding magnesium to water is important for blood coagulation. When these minerals are added to water in an amount less than required, the water will be deficient of enough minerals, and too much of it is harmful to health. 

More so, if you add minerals to water, it can help the body absorb them easily. If you are also wondering how to remineralize distilled water, adding trace minerals to it is an excellent option. 

Before using trace mineral drops, please read the instruction labels carefully, as it varies with brands.

Other trace minerals to add to water are phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sulfur, and chloride

Why Would You Need to Re-Mineralize Water?

Water holds mineral in it, right? It is being purified or distilled using reverse osmosis.

Both of that system removes most of the impurities up to 99.5% from water. The purifying system is indiscriminate, although.

Why Would You Need to Re-Mineralize Water

It eliminates good minerals with the foul stuff. Proponents of re-mineralizing water suggest the system for some different reasons.

  • If you do not eat properly, you need to eat properly or if you are out of the heat sweating. The most important minerals that we need for our body is magnesium, calcium, salt and potassium and some other necessary nutrients too.
  • Re-mineralized water is very helpful to satisfy thirst, and we can absorb it faster. This is the place of our satisfaction for quicker hydration states which adds minerals back to our boost of pH and return to the alkaline state. This water becomes ionized and makes the molecules cluster into small groups that are simple to absorb in your body.
  • The taste of re-mineralized water is better. It is true although it is subjective that human palates are used for water having minerals with it. It ensures fuller flavor which some people like to get from distilled water.

You are aware why some people like to re-mineralize water, now let us speak the way to do it.

You can mineralize in various ways as we like to do anything according to our budget, we now like to discuss one which is wallet friendly.

Add Mineral-rich Sea Salt to Your Water

Another excellent mineral option that can be added to distilled water is rich-sea salt. Table salts mostly contain sodium, so are not, in reality, mineral-rich salts.

Add Mineral-rich Sea Salt to Your Water

Mineral-rich salts are non-processed salts like rock salt, Dead Sea salts, and Himalayan sea salt. These salts are very healthy if added to water in little drops.

Himalayan sea salts, for example, contain 84 natural minerals that stabilize the pH level of the body. It also assists with food particle absorption and regulates water content in the body. 

Gray sea salt restores electrolyte balance in the water. Rich sea salts revitalize water taste, thereby making it more pleasant. Of all available sea salts, the Red sea salt has proven to have the highest concentration of essential trace minerals needed by the body.

To gain the most of rich sea salts, you can decide to use them for cooking in place of the regular salts. To remineralize water using rich sea salt, add a teaspoon of rich sea salt to a gallon of water.

So, for 5 gallons of drinking water, add five teaspoons of rich sea salt. 

Use a Water Bottle That Filters And Infuses Your Water With Ionic Minerals

Water bottles and filters are designed to turn regular tap water into mineral water with high-quality. Some water bottles like the Crystal-infused water bottle and Aqua Sanitas are infused with minerals and helps filter water contaminants out from drinking water. 

Use a Water Bottle That Filters And Infuses Your Water With Ionic Minerals

Aqua Sanitas water bottles also have thirteen minerals infused in them.  This water filter adds several healthy minerals back to your regular tap water. 

They come handy and can be carried around, making it possible always to drink healthy mineralized water anytime.  

Apart from adding minerals to water, they also improve water taste. You can check other water remineralization bottles like the Alkaline water filter.

Use an Alkaline Pitcher to Add Minerals Back in

The alkaline water pitcher is used as a remineralizer for reverse osmosis drinking water. It increases water pH from 7.5 to 10. They have removable filters at the top, which should be replaced once every year. 

Use an Alkaline Pitcher to Add Minerals Back in

They also have a mineral disk at the bottom. This mineral disk is recommended to be replaced once in five years. Alkaline pitchers also help make water sweet to taste. 

They increase the water pH level by adding calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other important healthy minerals back to the water after filtration. 

The fun part is that they come in different colors and models. Plus, some pitcher designs come with an in-built clock on the pitcher lid, to remind you when it is time to change the top filter.

Though alkaline water pitchers are relatively expensive, they are one of the best options for water remineralization. It is important to note that alkaline water intake can pose a threat to the health of people with an already existing kidney disease.

Organic vs. Inorganic Minerals

There are two varieties of minerals from water, inorganic and organic. Human anatomy has a biological predisposition for natural minerals. Most natural minerals for our bodyacts include dietary plant foods (Misner, 2004).

A developing plant changesthe inorganic mineralsin the soils into some valuable organic vitamin (Misner, 2004). As soon as a natural vitamin enters the gut, it should attach itself to some protein-molecule to become consumed. Then it increases contact to the tissue where it’s required (Misner, 2004).

After a plant nutrient is divested inside the body, it’s used as a co-enzyme for forming body liquids, bone and blood tissues. And the preserving of healthy neural nerve transmission.

Make Spa Water

Spa water is generally known as infused water and can bring life to dull, bland-tasting water. They are fruit-flavored water made by a combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in water.

Make Spa Water

Spa water has enormous health benefits, helps improve water taste, and are super easy to make. All you have to do is pick the fruits, vegetables, and herbs of your choice and give them a good rinsing. Then, peel and cut them into small slices. Pour them into a bottle of drinking water and allow them to soak for some time, then drink.

They make drinking water desirable, so you can drink more water necessary to stay hydrated.  The water taste changes depending on the fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs added to the water.

They come in mixtures of strawberry, basil, and lemon; Honey, cucumber, and mint; blackberries, lemon, and rosemary, and so much more.

More so, spa water is a suitable replacement for soda and offers lots of minerals and vitamins to the body.

Add a Green Blend to Your Water

Adding green blends to your drinking water changes the water to an energizing drink. It is very beneficial to people seeking to lose some weight. 

Add a Green Blend to Your Water

Green blends offer you minerals from plants as they contain mixtures of various fruits, herbs, and vegetables. For people who may not like the taste and look it gives to water, adding it to food is an excellent choice.

These blends are obtainable in flavors like lemon, lime, or berry. However, there are green powder blends on sale.

According to Sydney Greene, a dietician, green blends available for sale do not all offer the body the same nutrients and minerals. For the best organic green blend powder, check Super Greens, and Green Vibrance is the best option for probiotics. The best budget-friendly green blend powder is Natures Plus, obtainable on Amazon. If you do not like sugar, you can go for Green Foods Green Magma. An option for protein-based green blend powder is the Amazing Grass.

All these green powder blends are derived from vegetables, grasses, herbs, and grains and are good sources of chlorophyll and vitamins.

Use a pH-balancing Filter For Your Reverse Osmosis System

Water that tastes too pure has lost 99% of its minerals. The water's pH level can be improved by adding minerals like calcium and magnesium back to the water with a filter.

Use a pH-balancing Filter For Your Reverse Osmosis System

Acidic water is low in pH level, requiring the use of neutralizing filters. Neutralizing filters raises water pH by adding minerals to it. 

When using neutralizing filters, the water flows through the calcium or magnesium-filled filter, releasing the minerals. These minerals dissolve in the water, thereby raising its pH level after some time. However, this process can increase water hardness. 

The water temperature, flow rate, and original pH level determine how much magnesium and calcium the filter adds to the water.

Also, this treatment system requires maintenance, as the minerals need to be refilled regularly. Occasionally replacing the filter like two times a year is also necessary.

To benefit better from this remineralization method, fix a cartridge filter before the neutralizing filter. It will help remove solid particles from the water and increase the filter life span. 

How to Remineralize Water After Reverse Osmosis - Video


Reverse Osmosis process of treating water can remove water contaminants. However, the negative effect is that it also removes minerals beneficial to health from the water. 

Remineralization is a process applied in restoring lost minerals in drinking water. It also helps to improve water taste and reduce water acidity by increasing the pH level.

Knowing how to remineralize water makes it easy and safe to drink tap water. The best of all remineralizing options is infusing drinking water with fruits and veggies to improve water taste and add lost minerals to the water. 

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