Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review! Soften Water Without Salt

Water is necessary for life and is gotten from various sources. Because it passes through rocks and the soil underground before coming up to the tap, it absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

These hardness minerals can affect water quality, making it hard. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, which can affect the ability of the water to lather.

An electronic water descaler, also called water conditioner, is a system that reduces the effect of hard water mineral build-up. In this Eddy electronic water descaler review, we will be sharing some vital information about the product and its effectiveness for water conditioning.

Eddy water descaler is a salt-free water softener. It employs two electromagnetic coils positioned within the supply line to produce waves that change how minerals react in water.  This process modifies the deposit forming properties of hard water, so it does not form hard deposits inside pipelines and water appliances.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, Eddy electronic water descaler retains the mineral composition of your water, making it healthy for consumption. Water descalers only suspend the calcium and magnesium in water. This makes them unable to cause scale build-ups in water as they do not stick to water supply pipes.

More so, most of the minerals found in hard water are beneficial to health. For instance, calcium has been proven to reduce the occurrence of heart diseases. Eddy descaler retains the beneficial properties of hardness minerals in the water.

Pros & Cons of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler


  • Easy to Install and Use - This product is easy to use as it does not call for the purchase and use of salt and costs lesser than salt-based water softeners. Also, this descaler can be installed in just a matter of minutes by anyone. Its design allows it to be used with any metal and PVC pipes not made of iron and lead. So, just install it and forget about it.
  • Cost-Effective - Salt is the typical item used in softening water. Eddy electronic water descaler is very cost-effective when compared to purchasing salt-based water softeners. So, it is mostly in use in most homes.
  • Twin coil model - The product has two magnetic coils which suspend the process of mineral reaction in water.
  • Size and Weight - The product is minimal and compact. It is 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches in size and weighs lesser than 2 pounds.
  • Certified - It is manufactured and produced to meet UK CE and FCC standards. Also, the product meets the EU and USA standard certifications.
  • WarrantyTo build your confidence in the product, Eddy descaler has a lifetime repair and replacement warranty. So, you are covered for good.


  • It is not convenient to be used with lead and iron water pipes.

Do Electronic Water Softeners Work? 

If you reside in an area where hard water is mostly accessible, you will be among those searching for high-grade water softeners. Consequently, it is not surprising when people ask to know the effectiveness of an electronic water softener.

Water softener electric systems are chemical-free treatments for water. They condition water through a process known as ion exchange—this process exchanges hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium with sodium. 

Also, the electric water softening system has a tank filled with magnetic beads known as resin. When released in the water, this magnetic resin attracts the calcium and magnesium present in water and makes them stick on it.

But, instead of removing these hardness minerals, electric water descalers crystallizes calcium and magnesium. Though it will reduce the possibility of scale build-up in water, the crystals, over time, will revert to hardness minerals, making the water hard again.

More so, an electric descaler also comes with an electronic timer that controls the automatic regeneration of these resin beads.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler and Water Softener Alternative

The Eddy electronic water descaler is one of the best-advanced water softener alternatives. It requires no salt in crystallizing hardness minerals present in water. Here are some of its benefits:

Softening Capability

Water softeners are systems used in removing calcium and magnesium from hard water. Eddy water descaler does not remove hardness minerals from water. So, it is best referred to as a water conditioner or descaler. This is because it turns hardness minerals into crystals, while still preserving the mineral content in the water.

Although Eddy will not remove calcium and magnesium from hard water, it does a long way in reducing lime-scale build-ups without the challenge of undergoing several maintenances.

Installation & Maintenance

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative

Eddy water descaler is every easy to install. Eddy manufacturing company gives a step-by-step method of installing this product in three ways in the instruction manual that comes alongside the product. Here is how:

  • Attach two wire coils to your cold-water supply pipe. The positioning is not essential as it will not affect how the product functions.
  • Mount the Eddy product to a wall or panel close to the two-wire coils with adhesives.  
  • Then, plug in the red and yellow cables to the central unit of the product.
  • Plug the unit to an electric supply
  • Switch it on and ensure the light comes up.
  • More so, Eddy water descaler does not require any maintenance. All you need to do is to install it and go to bed while it does the job.

Click here to learn more about how to install salt-free water softener


Eddy electronic water descaler system is useful in conditioning water. Because of its benefits, it is very suitable for quite a large number of homes. Apart from being a highly low cost, it has been successfully installed and used in many homes and businesses for over 15 years. More so, the company guarantees complete satisfaction, or you get your money back.

How the Eddy Works

Usually, the leading cause of lime-scale build-up is dissolved calcium, magnesium, and manganese compounds in water. These hardness minerals settle in faucets, pipes, and inside water appliances. They form hard deposits that prevent the free flow of water and reduce the lifespan of the water appliances.

Eddy electronic offers a practical solution to this problem. Instead of adding sodium to the water, it uses electromagnetic waves. These waves reduce the effects of scaling in hard water caused by hardness minerals.

The product has two coils within, which alters the composition of minerals in the water, turning them to crystals. This will make the minerals unable to stick to surfaces and easy to be flushed away. Additionally, Eddy descaler is effective on both well and tap water.

Why Do You Choose Eddy Electric Water Descaler

The Eddy is different from another water descaler as it uses magnets places round the water supply pipes. The function of the electromagnetic wave is to reduce calcium and magnesium from water.

The system suspends the method of lime scale to grow up and accomplish in hard water. The process ensures no lime scale deposits in the pipes. What the power uses in it are very low 110 volts. To run the function, it requires 5 watts only.

Magnetic Water Descaler

Magnetic water treatment or magnetic water descaler is now commonly being used to remove the contamination from water. These magnets are mostly liked in agriculture irrigation. There are lots of benefits of installation these magnets in agricultural irritations which are stated below:

  • Reduction of water usage
  • Diminution of fertilizer usage
  • Reduction of pesticide usage and herbicide
  • Augment in yields
  • Enlarge in the taste of produce
  • Increase nutrient content

Effect on your home appliance

Bathrooms: You will see a decrease in the urinal, toilet bowl, discoloration and sink stains. There will be no limescale forever. Mildew and mold caused by the hard water may be the thing of the past. The bathroom fixtures will rinse easier, saves money for your maintenance bill.

Dishes: Your dishwasher is more efficient as the ScaleMaster moves hard scale which holds wash jet or rinses head is raising equipment, pumping or supply lines. Spotting glassware or dishes may be reduced dramatically.

You will see that the detergent would not clot in conveyor and rack type dishwashing equipment. You may hope up to 20% reduction in detergent use. All the appliance come into contact with water ensures a long lifespan.

Daily Use Of The Eddy Electric Water Descale 

The Eddy water descale generates an electromagnetic wave from two coils that you attach around your primary inner water inlet tube. The magnetic field changes how limescale connects to ensure it no more residue as quickly as you’ll be accustomed to.

And that is it. There’s not anything else to do. There’s not any cost in upkeep through purchasing salt or filters. You do not need to use salt or substitute it. There’s nothing to do.

You may need to know: The difference between salt and salt-free water softener

It runs quietly and intrusively. It could sit quietly at a cabinet or little area rather than be seen or heard it at all.

The sole issue with daily usage which you may understand is that if your water is challenging, then this item will only have a limited influence on it.

Sometimes, individuals in areas with severe water won’t detect any benefits from using this system. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to examine the hardness of your water before buying.

In addition to this, another drawback of everyday use is that if you’re anticipating this product to prevent limescale buildup your plumbing permanently then you’ll be let down. After the water is in use if it passed through the coils, then yes it’ll be treated.

However stagnant water sitting in the pipes or appliances will return to its regular condition and continue building up limescale because it did until

What People Says About Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

An electronic water softener is all the rage, and as you are a customer who has a total sympathetic that the soft water meanings are rivaled after that go for it. The painless installation offers the ideal set up for the buyers which may touch the plumbing to the exact place.

The apartment dwellers should know that it is attached to the coil to the pipe with the plug and outlet is the best solution where the process may be cramped as it is bigger, so perfect for the larger family.

There is no perfect satisfaction level of the product. There are some best testing points to try the water softener rather than buying a large saltwater solution as the level is very low. This is the best product for the customers of all kinds.

If you want to narrow down more-

Eddy is very simple to add, does not need plumbing change, need no salt and saves the money to a traditional salt-fed water softener. The Eddy makes the electromagnetic wave that is applied to two coils place round the incoming water supply pipe.

By this process, water may change to a magnetic field as it goes through the coils. This eliminates the adhesion properties of the limescale so that it does not deposit on the clean surface of the appliance or pipework.

Eddy fails to alter chemical hardness (TDS) from the water and for this calcium as well as some other particulates can retain.


How To Install the Eddy Water Descaler with a Master Plumber - Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler FAQs

What Does the Eddy Eliminate?

Eddy electronic water descaler is a water conditioner that acts on hardness minerals by crystallizing them, rather than eliminating them. When these minerals are crystallized, they retain their mineral composition, which is healthy for the body. 

Can Eddy Descaler Be Installed Outside?

No. The Eddy descaler is an electronic and is not resistant to water. So, it should be installed and used only indoors to prevent damage.

Are Salt-Free Water Conditioners Produce Healthy Water?

Salt-free water conditioners are an excellent alternative to water softeners. They can be said to offer better water quality than water softeners. They reduce lime-scale effects by crystallizing hardness minerals in the water, while still preserving their mineral composition.

Does This Descaler Work Well on Copper Pipes?

Yes, the descaler works well with other pipes, with exception to lead and iron pipes.

Is This Product a Permanent Hard Water Solution?

No. Eddy descaler is not a permanent hard water solution. This is because, after 48 hours, the water is likely to revert to its former nature. 

Final Thoughts

Water conditioners are very different from water softeners. Water softeners are systems that obliterate the hardness minerals in the water.

Eddy water descaler is a conditioning system that changes water quality by making it better. It does not remove hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium, as these minerals are needed by the body. It crystallizes and retains the mineral composition in water.

More so, it does not require maintenance to keep it running smoothly. All you need to do is to install it and go about your business.

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review is a guide to the benefits and features of Eddy water descaler.


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