Zero Water vs Brita

Water filters are meant to remove dangerous particles which could spoil the flavor of water and also for  endanger health. With replacement filters broadly accessible for both and excellent reviews on each side. So, picking one might be difficult.

Both filters are supposed to remove traces of chlorine and eliminate dangerous heavy metals such as mercury and lead. With filter contest fierce, both firms have come out with the big guns to provide the customer a high-quality filtered water.

Difference Between Zero Water vs Brita

The Basics of ZeroWater and Brita Water

If you are searching a good type of water filter then zero water filter reviews or Brita may do your job. In Brita water filter there is an activated carbon made of coconut having ion replace the resin. It can remove zinc, copper, chlorine, mercury, cadmium and some others according to its official websites.

ZeroWater adds a five-stage filter which can take out heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Same as the Brita, it is made of activated carbon as well as ion exchange resin.

The basics of ZeroWater and brita water

Moreover, the additional three stages are unclear and  offering on the website along with website normally stating .

Three stages are used to remove impurities  and ensure you fresh water within  a  very short period.

Filtration Quality

The reason to choose a water filter is to get pure water.  sSciences which are used in both of its are different, but the aim is the same.

In Brita, there is an ion resin and carbon filter that can remove cadmium, chlorine, lead, zinc, and mercury. Zero water is a little bit different filtration system. It uses five steps filtration system.

Each stage has different features. In the first step, there is an active carbon that removes chlorine. The next one is the ion exchange step that eliminates dissolved metals like Aluminum and Zinc.

The remaining three stages remove other impurities from water. The aims of the filters are the same but something in different ways to offer fresh, pure and clean water.


The Brita sponge-like filtering system can remove the smell of chlorine or taste. The same function is possible to perform the Zerowater activated carbon which  adds chlorine electrons.

It can neutralize equally. Both of them can offer clean water, but the taste of the water is different.

The ZeroWater offer you a good taste of water which  is same like the taste of pure H20. You may feel plastic like the taste if you do not clean them thoroughly. Some people like this taste very much.

This is like the taste of bottled water. The taste comes from the personal view of the drinker.


The Brita and the ZeroWater filters are ergonomically formed, slim and aesthetically pleasing. You may add the filters easily fit inside the slimmest spots even in the refrigerator or even in the refrigerator door.

Brita comes to the market with the new version named Brita Slim Pitcher that serves five 80z glasses of water.


The ZeroWater lacks a slim model. The Zero water ZD 023 Water Dispenser offers twenty-three 80z glasses of water from counter top or refrigerator.

There is easy opens mouth that pours water each time. The Brita is simple to fit and a little bit more ergonomic. The zero water offers more refined water.

Filter Longevity

How long will it last? It depends on some factors. The most important factor is how dirty your water is. Most of the manufacturers claim, they can filter effectively up to 40 gallons.

This means that the lifespan is three to five months. Though the lifespan and replacement filters are equal. Longevity is the factor between ZeroWater and Brita.

Watch The Video on Zero water vs Brita

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Which is more better water filter? Zero water vs Brita

Both of the filters are simple to perform the action. They can also process the water with the same process. The technology is the same, and they are free from BPA. There are more filters in the ZeroWater.

So, the performance is great than the other filtering stages. There is a TDS meter with the Zero water. It will ensure you the filtration process to an acceptable level.Which is best water filter Zero water vs Brita

The price of the filtration is reasonable. ZeroWater takes longer time than the Brita to process water. The taste is not better than Brita. When you remove more element from water, the taste of water will be less.

Some users say that the water comes from the Zerowater is fishy taste after few weeks of using. The cost of ZeroWater is more than the cost of Brita.

ZeroWater is the best filtration system for the people who like to have a good level of filtration with more hydrating. Besides Brita will provide you the acceptable level of filtering system.

The taste of water will be better. With a small amount of money, you will get the great amount of water from the starting level.

Why Filter Your Tap Water With Zero Water or Brita?

The Environmental Working Group is doing work earnestly to test tap water of 45 states up to a couple of years, and they got 202 chemical pollutants present in the water. They are not good in the standard for drinking.

In those water, there are pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals and some byproducts of the chlorination process.

Some residue such as bacteria, particles, and microorganisms may cause illness.

In these water, you will find mercury, lead and cadmium and some more particles. Lead can enter the water after the pipes have been used for a long time or water flowed from the municipal water treatment plant, and this may be the largest source of poisoning for the children.

Why Filter Your Tap Water With Zero Water or Brita

What do you think about bottled water? The bottle washer is not safer than the tap water. The cost of bottled water is 1900 times more than the tap water.

This is the report where it was found  that up to 44% percent of bottled water is taken from the tap water. they are kept inside the bottle without filtering and tainted with similar pollutan.:

We have combined all the energy inputs total, and after that we think to make bottle water it requires as much as 2000 times energy cost to process tap water.

In the USA, the annual reports tell that in the consumption of 33 billion of water need energy input same as between 32 to 54 million barrels of oil and the third person of US preliminary energy consumption.

We think that the amount is three-times was needed to fulfill global bottle water emand.

In the bottled water, you will get poor quality water and energy expenditure to manufacture it. The best is to escape bottle water and buy a high-quality water filter that eliminated the greatest number of pollutants and reserve energy for processing it. So we must use a water filter.

Comparison between the working of zero water vs. brita:

Working of Zero water

The Zero Water purifier operates with a 5 phase, second ion exchange filter that’s said to practically eliminate all traces of dissolved solids out of tap water.

It’s also fitted using a digital TDS meter which measures the degree of TDS (total dissolved solids) in water, and the filter system yields water which has zero parts per million of suspended solids. It’s also certified to get rid of lead and chromium.

How the Brita Water Filter works

The activated carbon innovative filter technologies of this Brita eliminate chlorine odor and flavor in the water, together with mercury, cadmium and aluminum impurities.

A digital decal filter index is used to allow the user to know when it’s time to modify the filter, typically around every two months. Altering the water filter does not take a lot of time and may be replaced immediately.

Benefits of the zero water vs. Brita

  • Benefits of the Zero Water
  • Is NSF accredited to remove chromium and lead?
  • Eliminates about 99.6% of solids.
  • The advanced purification method provides a better filter compared to carbon filters.
  • The TDS meter indicates if the filter is still altered.

Benefits of the Brita

  • Is Easily constructed.
  • Efficiently made to conserve space when put in a fridge.

Zero water vs. Brita consumer reports

ZERO filter

I picked this brand of plain water filter after reading reviews here, and on Consumer Reports Online, of that, I am a contributor. I noticed that neither Brita nor  Zero were advocated, although both brands are most likely the most frequently sold/known.

Additionally, unlike any rival filters, the plastic pitcher of this ZW is BPA-free. The cost was in precisely the same ballpark for the pitcher. However, the filter cartridges are more expensive.

Thus far I’ve been happy with the operation of the item. My tap water tested at a comparatively clean 75, regardless of the tester’s geographic map asserting my nation averaged 300-400! I guess the tester provider prefers to utilize the maximum amount for each state to pay their backsides.

Whatever the case, because of the low TDS score of my tap water, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the filters will continue the asserted 25-40 dispenser range.


Brita’s fundamental pitcher functions well. However, is much more awkward to use than their finer pitchers. I have envisioned this periodic Pitcher alongside the expensive Monterey version (both are 10-cup potential).

The water circulates form of gradually. Pouring out the previous few cups demands upending the pitcher. If you have just filled the cover of the pitcher, then you are going to need to wait for this to filte as unfiltered water escapes substantially in the surface when you attempt to pour.

There is nothing fancy about this model. No joints or hinges, no filter-change index. Straight forward also entails nothing to break mine which has continued through significant usage for almost three decades. I take it away every month or two and wash everything.

The only notable sign of aging is that a buildup of dark gunk beneath the crystal-clear sticker on the outside/bottom of this pitcher. That sticker is hard to remove but has split enough to permit water/etc.

Ergonomics of each water filter pitcher

The ergonomic of water filter container is significant. The pitcher is very easy to catch or hold and simple to pour. Moreover, the pre-filter water pitcher should be big enough to fill within half an hour.

The ZeroWater and the Brita can fill within half of the pitcher, so we are looking for the ergonomic factors to determine between the two.

We get the Brita pitcher is awkward to pour or hold. The weight may not be clearly balanced, in conjunction with the handle of the pitcher. Overall, the Brita is the best and useful product without giving more importance to the ergonomic or aesthetic elements.

Ergonomics of each water filter pitcher

We do not hope that Zerowater will win the award for artistic inspiration. We get the zero water picture is a more ergonomic experience. The pitcher is simple to hold and simple to pour, and the handle is more convenient for our hands.

Moreover, the ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher contains a spout on the beneath of the pitcher . It  helps to pour water quickly into the glass without out the pitcher from the refrigerator thoroughly.

The older people and the young children both may struggle with the wrist strength .; I think the ZeroWater is the best pitcher to use.

  • Annie says:

    Sorry, I meant to say that the inside lining of the well is made of stainless steel!

  • Annie says:

    Does Zero Water or Brita improve the quality and taste of well water? The water is stainless steel and is tested regularly for safety. I use salt tabs for softening but no other systems like reverse osmosis. Thanks

  • Jemse Hopper says:

    If anybody asks me to compare between ZERO and Brita water filter I will suggest them to read this article. You can find the details comparison here, so you can decide which should you go for.

    On the other hand, both filters are quite effective for supply water. And those are very suitable for small family size.

    The price of the filters is relatively cheap and almost the same. And one thing from my end that zero water filter takes little higher time than the Brita and that not considerable. Otherwise, everything seems similar.

  • Craig Miller says:

    Pitcher filter on of the easy portable water filter in our modern life. If very easy to use and maintenance. However, we must conscious before choosing among the lot of pitcher filter those are available in the market now. Among many of pitcher filter Zero and Bitra filter is best. The question which one you finally choose. Here this article will help you to comes to a happy end.

    Besides compare with the ZeroWater and Brita filter pitchers, here author mainly used four primary metrics: water filter quality, ergonomic design, speed rate of water filtration and a taste test.

    We also used our general impressions of the product during everyday use over the course of a month of in-home testing.

    Worth reading!

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