Ecopure Water Softener Reviews: The Perfect Home Water Softening Solution

Hard water can make life miserable. Yes, it doesn't feel right when you find your clothes all rough. Now, if you are looking for a product that will help you keep your hair smooth and the fabrics soft, check out our Ecopure water softener reviews.

The brand has produced a few softener units. Among them, we chose two softeners along with a cleaner to review. Upon doing our research, we have included in this article every information we could find, good and bad. Read on to know whether we've done the job right.

Top 3 Picks for Our Ecopure Water Softener Reviews

These products should help you reduce the hardness of the water. They come with several impressive features. Check these out.

1. Ecopure EPHS007 EPHS Conditioner-Water Softener & Filter System in One

If you are looking for a good water softener that will keep the water suitable for regular uses, here’s one option you should check out. And the way this softener can keep itself clean is brilliant.

The device looks quite good. It comes with 31,000-grain capacity. What's cool about this unit is that it's quite easy to install with the installation kit included in the box. It shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes before you can start using the tool. The device will go with any 110V outlet.

I liked the fact that this filter comes with an impressive technology called Demand Initiated Regeneration. Thanks to this, you won't have to worry about water wastage. It will monitor water usage.

Therefore, the softener will work only when there's a need. And that’s why we chose this unit to be in the Ecopure water filter review.

Another worth mentioning feature is the low salt light. With this in place, you will be informed whenever the salt level runs low. What's more, the filter will remove iron in the water even if it's in a ferrous form. Now, as for drawbacks, the plastic used in this model could've been sturdier.

Pros & Cons of Ecopure EPHS007 EPHS Conditioner-Water Softener & Filter System


  • Low salt light will let you know when the salt level falls low
  • Prevents water wastage with the Demand Initiated Regeneration technology
  • 31,000 grain capacity for serving the purpose for a family of five
  • Easy installation with the included kit


  • Not the sturdiest plastic construction

2. EcoPure EP42 42,000 Grain Softener

Here’s another top-quality product we chose for our Ecopure water softener reviews. The unit will save you water and salt efficiently. Yes, its Autosense technology is brilliant in monitoring water usage. When you are on vacation, you can be content knowing this feature got your back by saving power.

Another cool feature is the low salt indicator light. It keeps you informed about the salt level. Therefore, you won’t have to go through much hassle in terms of maintenance. And the fact that there’s an installation kit included in the model should please you.

The capacity of this unit is 42,000 grain. And it will remove iron in the water up to 11ppm. So, no matter how hard the water gets, this device should be of considerable help. Now, you will need connectors, drain, tubing, etc. to get the best out of this bad boy.

And the softener will deal with the chlorine of the city water and ferrous iron of the well water. Thus, you will have pleasantly soft water to keep your skin, hair, and cloth clean and soft.

Now, there’s an issue with the package. Sometimes, this product comes with damaged parts, which wouldn’t happen if the plastic construction were a bit more robust.

Pros & Cons of EcoPure EP42 42,000 Grain Softener


  • Impressive 11ppm water cleaning capacity
  • No need for any extra tool for installation
  • The salt indicator light keeps the user informed about salt level
  • Doesn’t regenerate unless there’s demand


  • An issue with the packaging; damaged parts are found at times

3. Ecopure Water Softener

Designed to function up to individuals, EcoPure-EP7140 works beautifully with most taps and contains a 1-year component and labor warranty.

Pros & Cons of Ecopure Water Softener


  • Simple to include electronics
  • Having bypass valve and installation kit
  • Engineered for removing the highest levels of iron and hardness
  • Super quality resin handles
  • Demand initiated regeneration ensures most salt efficiency


  • Nothing worries about

4. Ecopure EPCL Universal Water Softener Cleaner

Now we are talking about the cleaner that will keep your softener in good condition. This formula will get along with numerous water softeners apart from those made by EcoPure. So, it will be versatile, alright. The solution will deal with any deposit you will find on the resin bed.

It will also remove rust and iron from the filter. This way, your softener will last a long time. And since you don’t need to use it too often on the filter, the maintenance of the softener will seem easy. Yes, it will be enough if you use the cleaner thrice every year.

Using this cleaner is also a breeze. All you’ve got to do is pour the contents inside the bottle into the softener’s brine well. Then once the system is regenerated, the cleaner will take it from there. So, you don’t have to go through the powder mixing and measuring process.

We didn't find any significant drawbacks to this product. So, you should be cool. I would recommend this universal cleaner for the versatility and ease of use it comes with.

Pros & Cons of Ecopure EPCL Universal Water Softener Cleaner


  • Easy to use; doesn’t require mixing and measuring of powders
  • Lasts quite long; using it thrice a year should do the job
  • Goes with numerous softeners made by different brands
  • By removing the mineral deposits, extends the life of the softener


  • Couldn’t find any significant drawbacks

How to Choose Your Ecopure Water Softener

There are few aspects of a good water softener. When you are trying to find the best unit for your house water, keep these in your mind.

Grain Capacity

The product must come with a high grain capacity. 30,000-45,000 of grain capacity should do the job excellently.

If your household consists of 5-6 members, you are cool with a softener with about 30,000-grain capacity. But, it's needless to say that a bigger household will need a softener with a larger capacity.

Salt Indicator

You need to use salt in your softener. It keeps the device running. Now, if the machine runs out of salt, it will stop working. Therefore, you must be informed about the salt level so that you can know when the softener needs salt supply. And that's where the salt indicator feature comes in handy.

Prevention of Wastage

Check out if the softener comes with any feature to deal with the issue of water wastage. We’ve reviewed products that come with an impressive demand initiated regeneration technology. With this feature in place, the softener only works when it’s needed so that there’s no water wastage.

Installation Kit

Make sure that the product you are buying comes with the installation kit. This way, you can easily start with the unit right away. Also, the installation process shouldn’t be too complicated.


As for the cleaner, check if it requires mixing and measuring the powder. If it doesn't, then you are game.

Why You Choose Ecopure Water Softener

These models are the super type. The efficiency rate is valid for the minimum salt dose.

The softener comes with demand initiated regeneration feature which complies with the specific performance specifications aiming minimize the amount of water and regenerate brine used to operate it.

These softeners have top rated softener power not less than 3350 granules of sum hardness swap over per pound of salt. The positive thing is that it does not deliver more salt than the listed amount or ensures a mentionable maximum service run rate the mentioned lists.

The ability of the water softener to deliver water is at least ten non-stop minutes with the mentioned service flow rate.

The salt is tested by ANSI or NSF, and it is up to 44. This result implies that the softener has topmost efficiency. The rate under this may happen for water hardness, water usage and other pollutants that lessen the ability of the softeners.

It won’t waste water from regenerating (like competitor versions) while you’re on holiday and you won’t run from the soft water should you use more water than usual. Softeners arrive with electronic equipment that is easy to program and include a salt index light and operate on city water or well water.

Safety Guide of Ecopure Water Softener

The water softener needs a minimum water flow rate 3 gallons per minute. The mostly found inlet water pressure is 125 psi. At night pressure may exceed the maximum limit, but in the daytime, it is 80 psi.

You can use a press reducing valve if necessary. When you have a back flow preventer in your home, you have to install an expansion tank by local laws and codes.

The softener is operated by 24 volts, 60 Hz electrical power provided by a straight plug in transformer.

Be confirm to use the added transformer and set it with 120V, 60 cycle household outlet which is in a dry location, well protected and grounded by an over current device like a circuit breaker or a fuse.

Power adaptation is 1.35 W maximum and 1.0 W minimum. When the transformer is replaced, use only CUL, UL, CSA approved Class two transformers with the following characteristics:

Input: 60 Hz, 120 VAC, 13.5 W

Output Current: 400 mA
Output Voltage: 24 VAC
Do not try to use the method to treat water as it is microbiologically unsafe or it gives unknown quality except more disinfection downstream or upstream of the method.

Maintenance Since the softener is set up where it may freeze; you have to drain all water from the system to avoid probable freeze damage. To remove water from the softener:

Add the shut off valve to the house main water pipe, close to the pressure tank or water meter.

Undo the faucet in the soft water pipe to expel force in the softener.

Shift the trunk in the solitary bypass valve to bypass. Shut off the inlet and outlet valve in a three valve bypass scheme and expose the bypass valve. If you desire water in the house pipes once again, open the shut off valve with the chief water pipe.

Disconnect the transformer from the wall outlet. Carefully open the salt cover and take out the top cover of the softener. Disconnect the drain hoses as they interfere with moving the softener to the position over the drain.

Remove big holding clips carefully from the outlet and inlet of the softener. Take the softener from the link of plastic installation adaptors or out of the bypass valve.
Keep a two inches thick board close to the floor drain.

Keep the softener near to the drain. Softly and slowly, tip it over as long as the rim rests on the wood block along with outlet and inlet on the drain. Do not permit softner’s weight on outlet and inlet fittings or they can destroy.

Tilt the lowest point of the softener up only some inches and catch until water is completely drained. Keep the softener in this way as long as you are ready to use it. Plug the outlet and inlet with clean rags to preserve bugs, dirt and so not out.

Water Softener Installation Tutorial

Ecopure Water Softener Reviews FAQs

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Ecopure water softeners:

1. What does regeneration mean?

It refers to the cycle that takes place when there are excessive hard particles on the resin bed. Through this process, the softener makes itself usable for serving the purpose right.

2. Does softener use too much electricity?

Not necessarily. It uses electricity as an alarm clock does. Therefore, it won’t add much to the electricity cost at the end of the month.

3. What are the suitable salts to use for the softener?

You will be good with the nugget-style salt. Also, clean pellets won't be bad. You can also use some other salts depending on the requirements.

4. What should be the grain capacity of a softener for a family of 6 members?

It should come with around 30,000-grain capacity. But, if you can manage to buy a unit with a larger capacity, it would be great.

5. What’s the easiest way of measuring the water hardness?

Using a water test kit should do the job with ease. Also, you can contact the people who know about this in your locality to avoid any hassle whatsoever.

Final Words of Recommendation

I hope our Ecopure water softener reviews were of help. You can choose any of the two softeners, for they aren’t much different from each other. However, I would recommend the Ecopure EPHS007 EPHS Conditioner-Water Softener & Filter System in One for the multiple purposes it serves.

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